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Importance of Leadership Development at Organizations Every organization seeks an able leader who can propel the company forward and take strategic decisions which have long term impacts. While some companies look for talent outside their organization to spearhead innovation, many companies believe in harnessing their in-house talent to create leaders of tomorrow. With this objective in mind, many organizations formulate leadership development programs aimed at identifying top talent and fostering organizational growth. Building Leadership Capabilities within the Organization Most organizations strive to identify talent within their organization. They seek employees who have leadership qualities to develop strategic roadmaps for their company. By implementing a leadership program, organizations can not only identify untapped talent but also encourage more employees to discover their potential. Comprehensive leadership programs enable employees to take up more challenging assignments and go beyond their job responsibilities. A leadership program must also ensure that the budding leaders understand the corporate vision and mission. They must understand the corporate culture and the values their organization wants to uphold. Unless they understand these critical aspects, they will not be able to lead with confidence. Team Building Activities to Motivate Employees A competent leader is expected to be a good team player. He/she must command respect from his/her peers. Team building activities help future leaders to network with their peers and improve their collaboration skills. Many organizations encourage team building activities at different levels to identify leaders who can manage teams and stimulate innovation. Such activities also help future leaders build their expertise around crisis management. For organizations, leadership skills development is a strategic need that can help them devise a road to success. In a highly competitive business scenario, organizations need able leaders who can drive the organization forward with their vision and hard work. Keeping these things in mind, organizations are focusing on leadership programs to grow from strength to strength.


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