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Who Keeps the Event on Schedule Behind The Scenes?

Of course the whole team has to work together to keep an event running smoothly, but the people at the sharp end come rain or shine are the trackside Marshals, Recovery Crews and Technical staff. When incidents happen, their quick actions are essential in ensuring that things don’t escalate. They are armed with the tools to do the job of course:- Radios to communicate with Race Control, Flags and Boards to communicate with the riders, Shovels, Brooms, Detegents and Dust to deal with spillages and most importantly EXPERIENCE, TRAINING and TEAM SKILLS so that their actions are both reflex and coordinated to minimise any risks or delays. The skills required to do this do not come naturally to anyone and that Many hands make light(er) work... and less Red Flags! is why constant training is carried out as the season goes on. A lot of it might not look like training, it looks like incident handling, but that is the very best kind of training because we learn far more from real life incidents than we can ever learn from made up scenarios. So when you are finished with your days racing and you see the team coming in from their posts, a simple Thank You goes a long way towards reminding them that you appreciate their efforts. Thanks from the rest of the Team too



The sense of achievement at the end of a busy weekend is on a par with that experienced by even the most ardent adrenaline-junky rider. If you’d like to find out more about becoming part of the team, just contact our Chief Marshal - John Pedersen ( or by using the link on the Marshals & Officials page of www. or leave your details in the Paddock Office and we will contact you. You won’t regret it and it could change your life.

We’re not sure quite what the yardstick is for, but we think that the Tech Boys need some of those snazzy shoes!

Fallen off your bike? No time to wait for the AA? We’re the kiddies for you then!

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Brands hatch (full programme)  

Thundersport GB Race Day Programme for 5th & 6th March 2016 @ Brands Hatch.

Brands hatch (full programme)  

Thundersport GB Race Day Programme for 5th & 6th March 2016 @ Brands Hatch.