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Saturday, february 2, 2013

Featuring sons of anarchy star ryan Hurst "opie" signing autographs and taking pictures.

Nashville, TN

Nashville Convention Center 601 Commerce St • Nashville, TN 37203 Gates Open 10am • Close 8pm

★ Hundreds Of The World's Hottest Bikes On Display ★ People's Choice & Judged Classes - 59 Total Awards ★ Win Trophies, Cash, and Prizes ★ Meet The Editors of Easyriders - The World's Best-Selling Motorcycle Magazine for Men From The hit Tv show - “Full throttle saloon” Michael & Angie will be on hand to sign autographs, take pictures, and meet guests.

★ Enter Your Bike In The Show For A Chance To Have It Featured In One Of Our Magazines ★ Meet The Planet's Top Bike Builders ★ David Mann Original Art on Display ★ Roadware Fashion Show


The Planet's Coolest Bikes, hottest Babes & Killer entertainment Purrfect angelz - From NBC's - america's Got talent

Vendors and bike entry call: 800-962-9857 or go to for complete information Applications can be downloaded. Tickets can be purchased online in advance or at the gate.


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2013 – Wow! Time certainly flies when you dreams and prayers have wings…..Angel wings. I am writing this on Christmas Eve as the magazine has be to the printer by 3pm and “Biskit” is going to rush home from her day gig and wrap it up. We’ll do a final edit and off it goes. Yay! I hope all of you had a memory-filled Christmas and that your NewYear’s Eve will be true joy for all the positive people and events you wish to bring or stay in your life. We were so very blessed to have “Super B.” here with us for Christmas. That was the single gift the entire Family wished and prayed for and it was magical. A day of gag gifts, laughter and delicious food….you really can’t get any better than that. Truth. We’ve got some great National Articles in this issue for you that came from other Publishers in our Thunder Roads Network, but thought you’d enjoy reading and seeing what goes on across this vast Biker U.S.A. It’s amazing to me the collective collaboration and goodness we can all attain just by joining hands and becoming one mighty force. Incredible! Brian and I would like to take this opportunity at the beginning of a brand new and exciting 2013 to say THANK YOU to all the advertisers whom, without their support and belief in the magazine, we would not be able to bring it to our loyal readers. They are the only reason that Thunder Roads Tennessee has existed for 14 years, come this March. Amazing . So, just keep that in mind when you’re shopping for parts or going with a group of friends out to dinner, or just out on your bike and wanting to stop in a Biker Friendly bar or needing new leather on your seat, or custom or stock parts, just support those who support this magazine. Loyalty begets loyalty. We personally thank our readers as they are so loyal and steadfast. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. NO PART OF ITS CONTENT MAY BE REPRODUCED WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION. PUBLISHER ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY AND IS NOT TO BE HELD LIABLE FOR ERRORS BEYOND THE COST OF THE SPACE OCCUPIED BY THE ERROR, SLANDER OF ANY GROUP OR INDIVIDUAL, FAILURE TO PRODUCE ANY ISSUE AS SCHEDULED DUE TO REASONS BEYOND OUR CONTROL, ANY AND ALL SUITS FOR LIABLE, PLAGIARISM, COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT AND UNAUTHORIZED USE OF A PERSON’S NAME OR PHOTOGRAPH. OPINIONS AND CLAIMS MADE BY ADVERTISERS AND AUTHORS ARE THEIR OWN, AND DO NOT NECESSARILY REPRESENT THE POLICY OF THUNDER ROADS MAGAZINE OR THUNDER PUBLISHING. PUBLISHER DOES NOT PROMOTE THE ABUSE OF ALCOHOL OR OTHER DRUGS.

And whatever your goal may be for 2013, ANYTHING is possible, anything whatsoever. You just have to want it bad enough and have the balls to step up to the plate and make it happen. Enough with the excuses. The only person that can actually change your life and has total control over it is you. Y O U. If you truly want it and it’s what you’re putting out there on a daily basis and have that mental mindset and dream/wish/pray continually, it WILL come to youif you provide the dedication and determination. Life is better with solid, positive goals in your life. 2013, we’re so ready…..bring it on! We love y’all bikers. toni & brian

Benefit for Tennessee Biker Medical Clinic Submitted by Jennifer Tapia “Thanksgiving is a time when the world gets to see just how blessed and how workable the Christian system is. The emphasis is not on giving or buying, but on being thankful and expressing that appreciation to God and to one another”. ~ John Clayton A long line of bikers from across Middle Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama gathered together to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal while also coming together to provide for two great causes.   The Tribe of Judah Motorcycle Ministries spent several days preparing the feast that was hosted by the Outlaws MC, Nashville Chapter.   Turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, corn bread dressing and gravy were topped off by homemade desserts all served by members of the Tribe of Judah Ministries. Cash donations for the meal totaled more than $1,000.00 which was gratefully accepted by Pastor Ron of the Covenant Conformers Ministries to benefit the Tennessee Biker Medical Clinic.   The Clinic has been operating since 2006 with the mission  to meet the health care needs as well as the spiritual needs of the people who are physically challenged and have no insurance or any monetary means. As the riders arrived, the spirit and generosity of the evening became apparent with  donations of warm coats and jackets that went to the Nashville Rescue Mission.   It took two van loads to make the delivery which will help provide many adults and children with the warmth that our local bikers fostered. The event has now become an annual tradition where the Outlaws MC,  The Tribe of Judah Motorcycle Ministries, Covenant Conformers Ministries, Nashville Rescue Mission, patch holders from various clubs and non patch holders come together to share the intent of Thanksgiving and remember to support each other and those in our community that are less fortunate.

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K.I.S.S. page composed & edited by: Toni McCoy Shearon aka “MaMa Thunder” of Thunder Roads Tennessee

the scrumptious sauce all over the steaks generously. Top with parsley. This is so easy and tastes like a steak you’d order in a 5-star restaurant......but tastes NEW YEARS’ SIRLOIN w/PEPPERCORN SAUCE better because it’s home. (inspired by Michael Symon’s recipe on The Chew) GINGER ALE GLAZED CARROTS 1-1/2 lbs. of Beef Sirloin; sliced into 1/2” thickness 1 Bag of Peeled Baby Carrots (in fresh produce sec*If you ring the bell and ask the Butcher of any tion) supermarket chain , they will gladly do this for you. 3/4 Cup of Quality Ginger Ale Drizzle of High-Quality Olive Oil Next, mix up the following ingredients: 3 Cloves of Garlic - leave skin on, but smash with 2 smashed cloves of garlic middle of knife blade so it’s garlic bulb is flat. 1 Tbls. of Ginger (dried is o.k.) 1/3 Cup of Cognac 1/4 Cup of Chopped, Toasted Hazelnuts 1/3 Cup of Quality Beef Stock (in nut section of grocery) 1/2 Cup of Drained Green Peppercorns (in spice aisle at 1/4 Cup of Parsley (dried is o.k.) large chain supermarket) Olive Oil for drizzling 2 Tbls. Spicy Brown Mustard 2 Oranges; zested and juiced; divided 2 Tbls. Real Butter Salt & Fresh Cracked Pepper 1/4 Cup of Fresh Parsley or dried will work, just rub it Preheat oven to 400 degrees. In a large bowl, toss the between hands to release the potency. carrots with 5 Tbls. of olive oil and salt & pepper genSalt & Freshly Cracked Black Pepper *I do this recipe w/ Filet Mignon, but Sirloin is def. a much erously. Zest 1 orange over & juice over top carrots. Add garlic cloves and toss up good to coat evenly. Get more financially feasible way to go, especially if serving a non-stick skillet heated up over medium-high heat. more than two. “If” you have a large (10 or 12”) cast iron pan, this is the Arrange all the carrots in an even layer. Pour in the Ginger Ale and cook on the stove top until they begin way to go, if you don’t, then just use a highto turn bright orange. Place skillet in oven (if handle quality non-stick skillet pan. Get your pan screamin’ hot is not oven-proof, just wrap it in aluminum foil). Cook over medium-high heat. Drizzle in high-quality Olive Oil or30 mins. in oven. Remove and in a small bowl take to completely cover bottom of pan. Salt & fresh black pepper season both sides of your steaks generously. Place 2nd orange and juice, hazelnuts, parsley and salt & pepper and pour all over the hot carrots. Drizzle with them one by one in the pan and DO NOT TOUCH them once placed. This allows for perfect carmelization. At this honey if want. These are festive & fab! time, toss in your smashed garlic cloves to get that flavor SNOW ON THE ROOF BROWNIES into the steaks. Cook exactly 2-1/2 mins. on each side for Buy your favorite brand of box Brownie mix. medium rare, 3 minutes for medium. Once each side is beautifully browned, remove and let the steaks rest on a Make it up in the bowl, add in any of your favorites; side plate. Add your Cognac to the pan; (step back so you chopped pecans, chopped macadamia nuts (my fave), raisins, cranberries, chocolate chips, whatevs....bake don’t singe your eyebrows); turn down to medium heat, as directed; making sure to spray pan down well with let the alcohol burn off, remove garlic pieces and any skins, add peppercorns and beef stock and mustard. Stir non-stick, then flour lightly. When done, invert onto a plate, the re-invert onto another plate so you have until all well incorporated together, then add butter and brownies upper side up and not the bottom. Let cool swirl around until totally melted. Turn off heat and add steaks back into pan and take a large spoon and repeat- totally. Then take a full jar of quality Marshmallow Creme’ and swirl it all over the top very heavy & genedly keep covering each steak with peppercorn sauce. erously.Yo-Yum Take your tongs and place each steak (total of 5) onto a HAPPY NEW YEAR’S BIKERS! OWN 2013! serving platter with all steaks in a row, pour

Happy New Year to One and All!


Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs of the The Great State of Tennessee Officers for the 2010-2011 year Tenn COC are as follows: State Chairman Byrdman 1%er A.O.A. Outlaws M.C. COC Chaplain Pastor Ron Baptiste Covenent Confirmers M.C. (615) 384-9010 State Treasurer Doc 4 Way In MC

Legacy Vets M.C. Velvet Hammer MC. White Bikers M.C.

ORGANIZATIONS BACA Volunteer State Chapter-Lebanon, TN (865-951-4224) E Volunteer State Chapter-Vonore, TN (615-715-5039)

BIKERS WHO CARE Bikers Who Care is a organization of motorcycle enthusiasts dedicated to

supporting The Dream Factory of Clarksville, TN by sponsoring Camp Rainbow, a summer camp for seriously ill children


State Secretary Webmaster Infidel T-Rat US Military Vets MC Nashville

The BLUE KNIGHTS® is a non-profit fraternal organization consisting of active and retired law enforcement men & women who enjoy riding motorcycles.

AIM/NCOM Attorney Tom Monceret 1720 Plaza Tower Knoxville, TN 37929 (865) 546-0405

CMT/ABATE, Inc. is not a •Biker Club”, but a nonprofit, political organization that was formed to preserve feedom and safety for all Tennesseans who enjoy motorcycling. Our major goals are to modify existing laws that are detrimental to motorcycle safety and enjoyment, and to enact new legislation in support of motorcyclists who ride in Tennessee. If you are concerned about preserving personal freedom and motorcycle safety, we urge you to join. Local charters play a major rote in making CMT/ABATE, Inc. an effective organization by contacting their area legislators to inform them of how the local membership feels about issues affecting motorcyclists. PO BOX 1991 MADISON, TN 37116 615-860-1991 Office Toll Free 866-462-2283 (866-GOABATE) (615) 6838616 - Fax Email; Information: lnfo@cmtabate. com

AIM/NCOM Richard M. Lester 7334 Topanga Canyon Blvd. Ste.200 Conoga Park, California 91303 800-531-2424/1-800-on-a-bike

Tennessee Member Listing 2011-2012 4 Way In M.C. American Steel M.C. AOA Outlaws M.C. Black Pistons M.C. Bond Slaves M.C. Bikers for Christ Confederate Drifters M.C. Copperheads M.C. Covenant Confirmers M.C. Currahee M.C. Grim Reapers M.C. Highlanders M.C. His Laboring Few M.M. In Country (Vietnam) M.C. Iron Horseman M/C Keltics M.C. Mountain Rebels M.C. Nashville Firefighters M.C. New Attitudes M/C Peacemakers M.C Rock Foundation M.C. Southern Souls M/C Southern Journeymen M/C Sons of God M.C. Sons of Pennyrile M.C. Southern Sons M.C. Tri Cities M.C. True Sons M.C. US Military Vets M.C. Vietnam Vets



MAFT is a non-profit 501-C-3 tax-exempt organization. We believe that educating the public to have the proper respect for motorcyclists as well other highway users will reduce accidents and deaths on our highways. We hope to reduce motorcycle accidents caused by inattentive drivers resulting in avoidable right of way collisions. Our Campaign Save A Life program is teaching new drivers in our High Schools awareness and defensive techniques to avoid these accidents. MAFT honors the survivors, the lost and the families of these accident victims at a Vigil each autumn. = Awareness, Respect and Education MAFTINFO@AOL.COM 615-799-8600

Motor Maids, Inc.

A diverse group of women motorcyclists united through a passion for riding while fostering a positive image and promoting safe riding skills.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact PGR State Captain Annette (Dreamcatcher)  615974-3046

ROLLING THUNDER TENNESSEE Rolling Thunder®, Inc.’s major function is to publicize the POW-MlA issue. To educate the public of the fact that

many American prisoners of war were left behind after all past wars. To help correct the past and to protect the future veterans from being left behind should they become prisoners of war-missing in action. We are committed to helping American veterans from all wars! ROLLING THUNDER®, INC., CHAPTER 1 TN Pres. Jay Barnes, Murfreesboro 615-364-1029, ROLLING THUNDER®, INC., CHAPTER 2 TN Pres. Gerri Tramel , Soddy-Daisy 423-843-1061 ROLLING THUNDER®, INC., CHAPTER 3 TN Pres. Clay Tumlin, Knoxville 865-457-4507 ROLLING THUNDER®, INC., CHAPTER 4 TN Pres. Alan Sipe, Johnson City 423-329-3152, ROLLING THUNDER®, INC. Rolling Thunder Chapter 6 Pres. Mike Morel, Martin City 731-431-2411 SONS OF LIBERTY RIDERS Action Not Words - NOW! Riders organizing to support and defend this country. A political movement of riders. All riders welcome! In addition to welcoming members of any other organization or affiliation. Welcoming non-riders and supporters as well.


The Tennessee Honda Riders Club

Kerbela Motor Corps Donnie Anderson 865-806-2097


Fayettevilte,TN Web page: Doesn’t matter what you ride or who you are everyone welcome. No dues, Fun Riding Group helping those in need. For more info  


We are the world’s largest single-marque social organization for owners and riders of Honda Gold Wing & Valkyrie motorcycles and, some would say, the world’s largest family. Dedicated to our motto, Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge, GWRRA members enjoy the freedom of belonging to a not-for-profit, non-reigious and non-political organization.


Meetings held the 2nd Sunday of the month @ Shady Rest Biker Bar,Timbte,TN

ASSOCIATIONS Christian Motorcyclists Association

Organized in 1975 for the purpose of reaching the motorcycle world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The only requirement for becoming a member of CMA is that you be a Christian. Tennessee State Coordinator: Dan Neal, 615-7589773. or

TENNESSEE CHAPTERS Inspiration Riders/ Knoxville #64 Rays Of The Son/ Kingsport # 199 Choo-Choo Wheels OF Worship/ Chattanooga #204 Christian Motorcyclist Association Lakeway Warriors / Morristown #999 Lions of Judah/ Nashville #405 Knights For Christ/ Columbia #448 Prayerborne Eagles/ Clarksville # 467 Blood Bought Bikers/ Cookeville # 614 Gatekeepers/ Cleveland # 615 Outriders For Christ / Tullahoma # 616

Steelhorse Prophets/ Jackson # 709 Wheels Of Grace / Memphis # 710 Cumberland Cruisers For Christ/ Crossville # 802 Rescued Riders / Dayton # 856 Holy Spirit Reigns / McMinnville # 887 Tennessee River Disciples / New Johnsonville # 896 Reelfoot Light Riders/ Union City # 897 Ransomed Riders / Covington # 898 Forming chapters / Murfreesboro, Pulaski, Dyrsburg

Revelators Motorcycle Ministries

Bristol TN Meeting and ride 1st Sat each month @ Burger king on west state st @ 830 am more info frank@ 423-963-5850 chaplin john @423-323-8812  

Road Riders for Jesus Ministries

Road Riders For Jesus is an independent, Christian faith based, motorcycle ministry that began in 1999 near St. Louis, MO. We now have over 4,000 members world-wide. To find a local chapter, call Mike at 615-828-6446 or go to the national website at Also check us out on Facebook!

Confederate Sons Association

Cookeville, Tennessee see our web site for more info or e-mail

931-374-8368 or visit the web at

Christian Motorcyclist Association Lakeway Warriors / Morristown #999 The Biker Church

Covenant Confirmers Ministries Inc.

Three Degrees Masonic Motorcycle Club

Contact: Grang Chapter Secretary @ e-mail: ironmason@hotmail. com or Past President: Free Bird @

Southern Cruisers #435 Beech River #282 Highland Rim #273 Bristol #000 Memphis #034 Chatanooga #006 Middle #058 Clarksville #059 Montgomery Bell #410 Copperhill #077 Northeast #323 Covington #483 Northwest #285 Crossroads #153 Shiloh #320 Cumberland Gap #246 South Central #423 Eagle Bluff #001 Tennessee Valley #211 Golden Circle #130 Upper Cumberland #250 Greenville #193 West Tennessee

Wheels Of Faith Ministry

A nondenominational organization with the purpose and goal of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through word & work, and to provide a Christian atmosphere where we gather and ride our motorcycles.


Women on Wheels Cool Lady Cruisers Chattanooga, TN

Cornerstone Riders #940 Murfreesboro, TN Meets 3rd Thurs 7pm Shoney’s on Broad Street 615-631-6295 Dwight Bond

Mercy Hands Street Ministries

P.O. Box 1515 Dickson, TN 37056 931-670-2351

Hog Heaven Ministries Harley Riders for Jesus

Vic Richardson 931-729-1091

GOLD WING TOURING ASSN. CHAPTER HARPETH VALLEY RIDERS Contact Damy & Joyce Emter, Chapter Directors Phone: 615-244-1456 e:

American Legion Riders

(Post 95, Eastridge,TN) Open to American Legion Members and

Associates. We participate in parades, ceremonies, and promote motorcycle safety. We also provide a social atmosphere for Legion members who share the same interests. Join us for Fun, friendship and interesting motorcycle rides.

Black Sheep

Black Sheep Harley-Davidsons for Christ is more than just a motorcycle club. It’s a motorcycle ministry of men and women that ride for Jesus: helping and serving H.O.G. members and chapters across the country. For more information contact Jeff Pierce 615.653.5065 or visit our web site:

Road Riders for Jesus Motorcycle Ministries

Chattanooga, TN. Meeting and ride 3rd Sat each month @ City Cafe on corner Lee Hwy and Bonny Oaks @ 11:00 AM more info Johnny @ 423 605 5026 ,

Sons Of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry

If you would like to learn about history and can prove a Confederate ancestor then you should join the Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry. We tour battlefields. museums, pubs, and more with our knees in the breeze. We raise funds for non-profit groups, put up historical markers, defend Southern Heritage, and much more. For more info on the SCV call 1-800-MY-SOUTH or visit the web page at For more info on the Mechanized Cavalry call Ronny at

HOG CHAPTERS Mule Town Chapter The Dragon Chapter, Maryville 931--540-0099 865-977-1669 Eastern Tennessee Chapter Nashville Music City 865-457-7893 Chapter 615-242-6067 Ghost River Chapter Collierville, TN Northwestern 731-885-1792 Golden Circle Jackson Chapter Thunder Creek 731-627-2288 Chattanooga Chapter 423-892-4888 Middle Tennessee 615-771-7775 Tri City Chapter 423-283-0422 Murfreesboro Chapter 615-849-8025 615-242-6067 Tuckessee Clarksville Chapter The Dragon Chapter, Maryville (931)648-1607 865-977-1669 Golden Circle Jackson Chapter Twin Lakes Morristown Chapter 731-627-2288 423-586-5343 Memphis Chapter Upper Cumberland Chapter 931-526-3139


2012 STREET VIBRATIONS: Reno/Sparks September 19-23: This was the time of year that a lot of Nor Cal riders make a quick hop over the summit to Reno/ Sparks for Street Vibrations. It was a transitional year for this event as changes were made that would make this year a bit different than previous events. Any privately owned business has the right to set policy within their establishments. I do not envy the position that Roadshows (the promoter) must have been in when stuck between the local governments and casinos that undoubtedly applied great pressure for their support of the event. Customers (bikers) can decide whether they like the policy or not based on where they spend their hard earned money. I want to believe that over the next couple of years that all parties will be able to get things smoothed out, so that all of us can get back to enjoying this great event regardless of how we might dress. Initially, it seems to be human nature to over react when a tragic incident occurs. My opinion for what it is worth is that there are people from walks of life that will act out for all kinds of reasons like a bad business deal, a jilted lover or whatever that will make people act crazy. Really if we think about it logically, for as big as the biker community is…there are really very few incidents. So hopefully we can all take a deep breath and move on with the confidence that things will all work out. I will admit that I heard more than a few people that were wishing it could be like it used to be; but for the most part, folks still said that they had a good time. We ran into a guy that was here for the first time as a fairly new rider from Northern California. He was having the time of his life – it was his first Street Vibration experience (remember yours? Back when?) He could not believe all the exciting sights and sounds of Street Vibes. You have to admit that the buildings down town make the bike sound off just a bit better as the thunder of hundreds of bikes echo off of the buildings. This is why we all love Street Vibrations, lots of nice bikes on the street (some extreme and some more on the practical side), whatever your taste - you can find it here. The bike show was at the Silver Legacy again; where we met Angelo who pointed out the newest bikes to check out. On Friday and Saturday, there were fireworks and concerts downtown; the Sands Resort had their annual wet t shirt contest with an entertaining John Dawson Band. Chester’s Reno Harley-Davidson put their stamp as a visible “must stop” Street Vibes venue off of Hwy 395 as they got into the act with plenty of vendors and live music. Different this year in Sparks was the vendors were located in the Nugget parking lot to the west of the hotel and casino in order to implement their “No Colors” policy. The nice thing about that was that you did not have to walk very far to get to see all the vendors. Honestly, it was a bit strange to see the other Victorian Square businesses that were normally bustling with activity from bikers on this weekend. Personally, we hope that it is taken back to Victorian Square so it will feel less congested and surrounding Sparks businesses can profit from our presence. We heard some riders and vendors were having difficulty getting their bikes through the excessive security to the vendor booths

that require on site bike installations. Bike installations are a huge part of these vendor businesses and the very reason these vendors come to events like this - so hopefully this gets worked out and will run smoother next year. Although there were some changes this year, there is still something for all to see when you come to Street Vibrations. We need to take into account - the fun that the local casinos offer, the great music that comes to town and the bikes and vendors that come to support this passion that we all love, you can count on it being here for us all to enjoy next year.

Carson City Harley-Davidson and Virginia City The Party is Always at Carson City - this slogan was a true statement during Street Vibrations weekend as this place was packed with vendors and bikers. There is no doubt that Carson City Harley-Davidson has become a must see destination during Street Vibrations. Live music, some of the best custom builders in the world and the big boys in accessories were on hand too. Carson City Harley-Davidson’s vision was to invite bikers to party in their 5 acre beer garden and roam free with no limits and no hassles. That was a warm welcome to all bikers that wanted head south, leaving behind the restrictions of the neighboring towns. The beers were big and cold and the atmosphere was laid back. The general consensus was that CCHD was an ideal place to come and shop and be entertained by all that was going on there. Highlights were the police department’s motorcycle skills demonstration that was most defiantly impressive and the high flying thrills of the Liv Fast team that were launching their motocross bikes so high that it looked like they were as high as the sierra mountains that surrounded us. Next up, Jason Pullen always attracts a huge crowd as he and his crew joined in with their Harley stunt riding show that is off the hook. Most of this stuff would be unbelievable on a sport bike, but on a big HarleyDavidson? If you ever get a chance to see this guy ride, do not miss it! Mad skills, that’s the only way to describe Jason’s bike handling ability. We went into the dealership and they were packed, hopefully with people getting their T-shirts and other riding gear, it also looked like more than a few bikes were being purchased as well. cont. on next page

Virginia City After leaving Carson City, we had to make a swing by Virginia City to experience what was going on there. And I have to say that the party had defiantly crept up the hill and was in full swing with beads exchanging hands as they will do for “a view”. Terry had her fair share of the “Wet Woodys” (Gar Wood’s signature libation) being served outside of the Bucket of Blood and she was feeling no pain or inhibitions, which was fine with me as she managed to entice more tops to drop than any of the guys. I took a couple of sips from her cup and have to say even though I prefer Jack they were quite good and needed to be avoided by me since I had to navigate the bike back to Reno at some point. I have no plans on becoming a statistic anytime soon either by winding up in the ditch or on a police report for DUI. Unfortunately for a few riders they threw caution to the wind and ended up having to deal with the boys with badges. I do have to give a shout out to the Storrey County law enforcement. The officers in charge of crowd control did an outstanding job and could give other departments a few tips with their methods. They were friendly and having fun with a large and rambunctious crowd; still keeping things in line but the crowd seemed way more compliant to their requests because of their non-threatening and non-confrontational approach. I think people are much more relaxed and easier to deal with when they don’t feel threatened. Okay, it’s time to head back over the hill and check out all the photos that I can’t show you! Article by Stan Hill. Photos contributed by Stan & Terry Hill, Dan Griffin and Rae Lynn Flippo

NEWS BYTES NCOM BIKER NEWSBYTES Compiled & Edited by Bill Bish, National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM) SUPREME COURT STRIKES DOWN LAW AGAINST FILMING POLICE The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected an Illinois prosecutor’s appeal to allow enforcement of a state law barring ordinary citizens from recording police officers as they do their jobs. A lower federal court had found that Illinois’ anti-eavesdropping law violates free speech rights because it was being used by police and prosecutors against people who tape law enforcement officers.

In three cases, the motorcyclists admitted to a trooper that they knew their headgear was not the real deal. One helmet even had a label identifying it as a “novelty helmet,” not for road use. For those three riders, the trip to the Court of Appeals proved fruitless. Convictions affirmed. An admission of guilt, while always ill-advised, doesn’t always equate to a conviction, however, as the 3-judge panel drew a fine line with one remaining defendant who told the trooper he knew he was wearing a novelty helmet -- but that statement alone was not enough to establish it failed to meet any of the safety standards, the court held. That biker’s conviction was reversed, as reported in Virginia Lawyers Weekly.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) had filed a lawsuit against Cook County in 2010 to halt prosecution of ACLU staffers for recording cops in public spaces, an activity promoted by the ACLU all over the country, but when Chicago officials objected the legislature passed a law outlawing the filming of them. The so-called “anti-eavesdropping” measure was designed to prevent covert recordings without consent, but the State of Illinois has applied that statute to mean any photography in a public zone; meaning no photographing or recording a cop on a public street while he/she is making a traffic stop, arrest, or for any other reason. Most other states don’t have laws prohibiting the filming of anyone or anything in public places, and the Illinois law had some serious teeth, carrying a 15-year prison term.

TRAFFIC FATALITIES LOWEST EVER Deaths of bicyclists rose 8.7% and fatalities of occupants of large trucks swelled 20% last year even as total traffic fatalities dropped to their lowest level since 1949, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently reported in an analysis of 2011 traffic deaths.

But the High Court has sided with a lower court decision protecting the rights of Americans when it comes to privacy under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and they refused to take action on the appeal. In rejecting the state’s plea to criminalize videotaping police, the Supreme Court apparently agrees with the lower court, and police officers have no more expectation to privacy in public than any other person in America.

The increase in bicycle deaths likely reflects more people riding bicycles to work and for pleasure as our culture begins moving toward healthier and greener modes of transportations, but the increase in deaths of largetruck occupants is more puzzling though it may be due to more trucks returning to the road as the economy improves.

Harvey Grossman, legal director of the Illinois ACLU, was “pleased” with the result; “The ACLU of Illinois continues to believe that in order to make the rights of free expression and petition effective, individuals and organizations must be able to freely gather and record information about the conduct of government and their agents -- especially the police.” The National Coalition of Motorcyclists has presented various seminars during past NCOM Conventions on proper procedures for recording law enforcement officers in the performance of their duty, and although the Supreme Court has now given their blessing to such exercises of our civil rights under the United States Constitution, be aware not to interfere with, disrupt, or cause delays for police officers in their official duty while doing so. VIRGINIA BIKERS SCORE HELMET VICTORY IN COURT A dozen motorcyclists convicted of violating Virginia’s mandatory helmet law have had their convictions reversed by the state Court of Appeals, while three others had their helmet convictions affirmed by the court. All 15 defendants were wearing headgear of some kind when they attended the 2011 Virginia Beach Bike Classic, but police claimed the riders’ helmets failed to meet the state’s standards. Each of them was convicted in general district court and in circuit court, but on appeal the state acknowledged the lower courts were in error in 12 of those 15 cases. Virginia’s helmet law, Code §46.2-910, requires helmets to meet any of three published standards but does not require any marks or labels to show compliance. Ten of the convictions addressed in Bennett v. Commonwealth were based solely on a lack of labeling, so those convictions were reversed. One rider wore what a trooper described as a “toy” helmet with a plastic chin strap held together with a key ring. The state argued the key ring flunked one published standard, but the court of appeals panel said the state failed to rule out compliance with the other standards, so that conviction also was reversed.

Overall traffic fatalities dropped 1.9% to 32,367. The decline came as the number of miles driven by motorists dropped by 1.2%. Last year also saw the lowest fatality rate ever recorded, with 1.10 deaths per 100 million vehicle miles traveled in 2011, down from 1.11 deaths per 100 million vehicle miles traveled in 2010.

Motorcycle deaths also rose 2.1%, marking the 13th time in the last 14 years that motorcycle rider fatalities have risen, reflecting more than a decade of record sales levels and escalating registrations nationwide. NEED FOR SPEED Florida #1 for Speeding Tickets, Wyoming #1 for Speed Deaths. As you may know, Texas drivers can now legally outrun the rest of the U.S. with a new 85 MPH speed limit posted between Austin and San Antonio, now the fastest stretch in the country. But it’s in Florida that you run the greatest risk of getting slapped with a speeding ticket. Georgia, Nevada, Texas and Alabama follow Florida as the Top 5 states for speeding (Texas ranks a mere #4). Wyoming drivers, meanwhile, have the highest rate of speeding-related deaths in the nation. 25 million speeding tickets are issued nationwide each year, and drivers pay an average of $150 per ticket. These findings are part of newly-released data just published in the “Need for Speed” infographic on Bankrate’s Insurance Quotes website. These statistics are for all vehicles. TEXAS JUSTICE: WOMAN JAILED FOR WARNING OF SPEED TRAP A woman in Houston was arrested and jailed for 12 hours after she held up a make-shift sign to warn drivers about a speed trap. Natalie Plummer was officially charged with walking in the roadway -- jaywalking, essentially -- though she says the police officers who arrested her were just angry that she had tipped off speeders. Plummer was riding her bicycle along a road near downtown when she spotted police officers pulling drivers over. She told KTRK News that it looked like the officers were targeting cars at random, so she recorded some of the activity on her cell phone. Then, she said, she turned around and wrote “Speed Trap!!” in large letters on a piece of grocery bag to warn oncoming traffic. “I was simply warning citizens of a situation ahead,” she told the TV station. The officers didn’t see it that way. Shortly after she took up her post, a squad car pulled up to Miss Plummer and an officer grabbed her backpack




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off herAIM-2622-F-Ad shoulder and rifling through it. Then, he handcuffed her for began Tennessee.indd 1 and told her she was under arrested for felony obstruction of justice and that she would spend three to five years in jail, at minimum. She ended up being charged with misdemeanor “walking in the road where a sidewalk is present,” though she was in jail 12 hours before she was able to bail out. Plummer said she wasn’t obstructing justice, and she wasn’t in the roadway, either -- she was on the sidewalk. “He couldn’t take me to jail for holding up this sign or he would have. So all he could do was make up something fake about it,” she said. A KTRK legal analyst says Plummer should not have been arrested, but the Houston Police Department stood by the officer’s report that she was walking in the road and a danger to herself and others. ANGRY BIKERS WARN TRAFFIC OF APPROACHING SPEED CAMERAS A group of cheesed-off French bikers have taken to painting their own road markings warning motorists about upcoming speed cameras. The Federation Francaise des Motards en Colere (FFMC), literally the French Federation of Angry Bikers, angered by a particular speed camera, decided to take direct action. About thirty “Angry” bikers took to the streets of Toulon, brazenly taking matters into their own hands with a pot of paint. And these aren’t just crude daubings either - these Gallic agitators have made their new markings look like a pro job, effectively communicating to drivers of speed cameras ahead; at least until local law enforcement catches on. LANE SPLITTING SUPPORTED BY LANDMARK REPORT Motorcyclists should be allowed to weave their way to the front of stationary traffic and car drivers should have to study up on motorcycle safety, according to a “landmark” parliamentary report recently released by Australian lawmakers. It is currently an offense there, and in most developed countries, for motorcycles to “filter” (lane split) between cars at red lights and in slow traffic, but the report by the Road Safety Committee said that behavior could cut commuting times, slash congestion and should be legalized. The report, applauded by the motorcycling community but given a mixed reception by other road users, also recommended questions about safety around motorcycles be included in future car license tests.

(800) ON-A-BIKE

11/1/11 5:06 PM

Rob Smith, of Motorcycles Australia, told the Herald Sun newspaper that the report was a big win for motorcyclists but it might be some time before new laws are introduced. He said he understood concerns from other motorists about safety, but agreed with the government officials that filtering through traffic could be a solution to congestion. “Filtering motorcycles benefits every road user by saving travel time,” Smith said. “People should be concerned about road safety, but there is no evidence anywhere in the world that lane filtering is actually dangerous.” Victoria Motorcycle Council deputy chairman of data and research Rob Salvatore said the report was a landmark recognition of motorcyclists as legitimate road users. Committee chairman Murray Thompson MP said there has been a 66% increase in registrations of motorcycles in the past decade and passenger vehicle drivers needed to be more aware of them. “GANG LAW” CHALLENGED DOWN UNDER The Finks MC in Australia is challenging the constitutionality of a law that would make it easier to declare them a criminal gang, and have asked Australia’s highest court to overturn laws they say are draconian and threaten civil freedoms. Under the laws, police in Queensland state have sought to have the Finks declared a “criminal gang”. Similar laws have been used elsewhere in Australia, and have been met with similar resistance from organized biker clubs. “This legislation can be used against any organization which the police or the government may target to say they are criminal in nature,” Finks lawyer Bill Potts told reporters ahead of the High Court challenge. “We say it’s a law too far, it’s a law that’s unnecessary. We say that in total that large sections of it are in fact unconstitutional,” he told Reuters. The laws have been successfully challenged by other so-called “gangs”, including the Hells Angels, in two other states; New South Wales and South Australia, “frustrating governments who have tried to link rival gangs to the illicit drugs trade, trafficking of illegal firearms, robbery, murder, extortion and prostitution,” the news agency reported. New South Wales and South Australia subsequently recast their laws after the High Court of Australia decided that new powers allowing lower court judges to hear evidence in secret and to prevent legal appeals went too far under the Australian Constitution. QUOTABLE QUOTE: “America is at that awkward stage. It’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.” Claire Wolfe, author of “101 Things to Do ‘Til the Revolution” (1996)

More important is that the modern, no-nonsense look I designed for the bike was meant to reflect the opposite of everything I see on the street: Thus, the bike is white

Time Took To Build: It took me three months to customize this bike. Since I know nothing about fabrication, paint, or engine building, I had to think of a creative way to customize this stock bike without doing any of those things. As a result, this bike is as much about what isn’t there as what is. In brief, I removed over 25 stock items and accents (e.g. from pinstripes to the seat) and then added back or replaced over 50 items and accents, all of which I chose for form, function, and most of all, style! The good news for other ‘ham n’ eggers’ like me is that I found all my accents and add-ons, ‘over-the-counter’ from hardware stores, catalogues, and dealers.

Year Built/Model: The bike is a white, stock, 2009 Yamaha 1300 V-star.

Fabrication (who did it): I (owner) did all the work

Name of Bike/Description: The name of the bike is “Replete” (definition: ‘well-filled or plentifully supplied’). Name is also the vanity tag of bike.


11. Painting (what is it): No custom paint 12. Molding (who did it): No custom body work. Commercial black plastic molding on tank and tins. The only fabrication is the custom matte black axle and bolt cover I made for the drive-train side.

10. Seat (if custom who did the work): Mustang solo only. No passenger pillion, pegs, or bracket.

6. Engine Year: Stock 80 cu. in. (1304cc) liquid cooled, V-twin, SOHC 4 valves/cylinder; No custom engine work. 7. Engine Model: 8. Engine Builder: 9. Engine Displacement:

not black, surgically clean, super spare, very sleek, and devoid of any doo-dads, trinkets, flames, skulls, stickers, logos, or badges. In fact, my ultimate goal was to customize a stock bike so subtly that it would be nearly impossible to tell that anything was done at all. This is an absolutely terrible strategy for winning bike shows but makes for an absolutely gorgeous bike! I like to consider it the ‘anti-biker’s bike’ even though my friends just call it the “The yuppie bike from Hell!”

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American Honda Press Release For more information, contact American Honda Motor Co., Inc. (310) 783-3745


Honda Unveils Brand-New 2013 Motorcycles and Many Returning Models Torrance, CA: As Honda’s lineup of 2013 motorcycles grows, the excitement is building as well. This latest announcement features brand-new models as well as a large assortment of returning favorites that carry strong demand among riding enthusiasts. “This most recent release of wide-ranging brand-new models along with returning favorites is really exciting news for all riding enthusiasts,” said Powersports Press Manager Bill Savino. “The six new models we’re introducing today in the U.S. include five allnew motorcycles that represent some very innovative thinking on the part of Honda’s engineers and product planners, and they all bring their own distinct appeal to separate portions of the market. We’ve got the Gold Wing F6B, an ultra-cool big-displacement bike with a powerful six-cylinder engine that’s ready for cruising around town or weekend trips; an affordable, nimble-handling middleweight CBR500R sport bike that’s just the right size for newer riders moving up in displacement categories as well as for more experienced riders; the CB500F naked bike for riders in search of a mid-sized entry-level sporty bike that’s also a convenient daily ride; the middleweight CB500X adventure-style bike for newer or experienced riders who want to add a little escapism to their lives; a fresh take on the timeless air-cooled four-cylinder Honda performance machine, the CB1100, which boasts a muscular 1140cc engine; and a substantially redesigned CBR600RR, the newest and hottest iteration of the bike that singlehandedly redefined the 600cc sportbike class. We’ll also see three more favorite big-displacement Hondas return for 2013: the VFR1200F, CBR1000RR, and CB1000R. The return of the CRF450X and CRF250X will please the off-road crowd, and the Silver Wing and Ruckus, which are long-time Honda favorites among scooter riders, also return.

“Together, these machines represent an amazing array of models that appeal to different segments of the market, varying in basic concept, engine displacement, individual styling and more.” Bill Savino, Press Manager, Honda Powersports Press

“Together, these machines represent an amazing array of models that appeal to different segments of the market, varying in basic concept, engine displacement, individual styling and more. And there are plenty of Honda Genuine Accessories to go along with these bikes too, which will allow owners to add those special custom touches to their bikes. With more choices and varieties than ever before, Honda showrooms are going to be a great place to shop around and let your imagination roam before you finally make your new-bike purchase decision in 2013.” 

Gold Wing F6B: Exceptional Performance, Extraordinary Style

Whether you have an hour, a weekend or a week to leave it all behind, here’s a new bold and blacked-out-styled machine to satisfy that urge to get away from it all—the brand-new Gold Wing® F6B. This machine is loaded with all the good looks and key features you want, and it’s all set for short hops or weekend trips. It starts with a powerful fuel-injected 1832cc six-cylinder engine that provides an unrivaled level of performance in the class. Honda’s unique, horizontally opposed six-cylinder layout also contributes to an exceptionally low center of gravity. That design, along with a large and stout twin-spar aluminum frame plus a sophisticated suspension system, gives the Gold Wing F6B remarkable nimbleness and maneuverability for superior handling. The blacked-out styling treatment with long and low lines gives the Gold Wing F6B an aggressive look, while large-capacity saddlebags, a comfortable gunfighter-style seat, premium audio system and more means there’s no need to rough it on the road. Available in standard or deluxe trim and offering a wide assortment of Honda Genuine Accessories, the 2013 Gold Wing F6B leaves plenty of room to add your own personal touch. Available in Black or Red on both standard and deluxe models. Price: $19,999; Deluxe $20,999. Availability: February 2013. Black (Standard model shown)

Red (Deluxe model shown)

suspension system, gives the Gold Wing F6B remarkable nimbleness and maneuverability for superior handling. The blacked-out styling treatment with long and low lines gives the Gold Wing F6B an aggressive look, while large-capacity saddlebags, a comfortable gunfighter-style seat, premium audio system and more means there’s no need to rough it on the road. Available in standard or deluxe trim and offering a wide assortment of Honda Genuine Accessories, the 2013 Gold Wing F6B leaves plenty of room to add your own personal touch. Available in Black or Red on both standard and deluxe models. Price: $19,999; Deluxe $20,999. Availability: February 2013. Black (Standard model shown)

Red (Deluxe model shown) 

CBR500R: Boldly Redefining Middleweight Sport Bikes

With the introduction of the all-new CBR500R, Honda boldly redefines the middleweight class and infuses a whole new level of excitement for sport riders in search of superior value along with great fun. The CBR500R delivers plenty of performance to all sport riders, including riders moving up from the sporting, entry-level Honda CBR250R as well as more experienced riders who will appreciate the CBR500R’s light and nimble handling. Credit its thoroughly modern, torquey fuel-injected 500cc parallel-twin DOHC engine that’s wrapped in a great-handling chassis featuring a full fairing spawned from Honda’s much-acclaimed CBR600RR and CBR1000RR sportbikes. This aerodynamic bodywork also provides significant advantages in air management for added rider comfort, along with a low drag coefficient and effective engine cooling. A sophisticated chassis with Pro-Link® single-shock rear suspension, stout 41mm fork, sporting 17-inch wheels and a 320mm wave-style front disc brake and 240mm rear disc help round out a package that looks as good as it rolls. Standard model available in Black, Pearl White/Blue/Red or Red. ABS model available in Red only. Price: $5,999; ABS $6,499. Availability: April 2013.

Red (ABS model shown)

Black (Standard model only)

White/Blue/Red (Standard model only)

CB500F: Modern, Sporty And Naked

There’s an aura of independence and nonconformity that riders gain when they sling a leg over a modern naked bike—and that’s especially true when that naked bike is the all-new Honda CB500F. This modern and sporty 500cc naked bike not only carries a full load of attitude and style, it also delivers a gratifying level of performance and versatility. Whether you’re riding on your daily commute, headed for a weekend backroad blast or just hanging out with your riding buddies, the CB500F serves as a great option for just about any kind of street ride. Its slim profile and comfortable, neutral riding position let riders feel right at home in the saddle, and a sophisticated Honda Pro-Link rear suspension and big 41mm fork add to the comfortable ride and agile handling. For a unique ride that’s stylish, fun and affordable, it’s tough to top the new CB500F. Standard model available in Black or Pearl White. ABS model available in Black only. Price: $5,499; ABS $5,999. Availability: April 2013. Black (ABS model shown)

Pearl White (Standard model only) 

For Riders In Search Of A Little More Adventure: CB500X

If you could use a little more adventure in your life—and who couldn’t?—the CB500X can deliver on that idea at a surprisingly affordable price. That’s the beauty of owning an adventure-style bike like the CB500X; every time you look at this bike it just about begs you to take it out in search of new roads, undiscovered places,

Matte Black Metallic (Standard model shown) 

For Riders In Search Of A Little More Adventure: CB500X

Matte Black Metallic

If you could use a little more adventure in your life—and who couldn’t?—the CB500X (Standard model shown) can deliver on that idea at a surprisingly affordable price. That’s the beauty of owning an adventure-style bike like the CB500X; every time you look at this bike it just about begs you to take it out in search of new roads, undiscovered places, fun sights to see. And the CB500X is not just a great ride, it’s also equipped with a load of features that give it an extra dose of versatility. The compact windscreen can be adjusted to varying heights, the open riding accommodations are extra roomy and the larger-capacity fuel tank has been carefully shaped to give the rider an unrestricted riding position. The long-stroke 41mm front fork yields a full 4.9 inches of travel and a wide handlebar allows for easy steering inputs. Also, a wide assortment of Honda Genuine Accessories lets riders personalize their bike with ease. But you don’t have to save up your CB500X for that once-in-a-while adventure tour; it also serves as a versatile ride to fulfill those everyday needs. Available in Matte Black Metallic on both standard and ABS models. Price: TBD. Availability: July 2013. 

CBR600RR: A Proven Winner

The lineage behind the CBR600RR boasts ongoing track-tested, championship-winning advancements in form and function that have kept this machine at the forefront of the 600cc Supersport class. This newly redesigned CBR600RR delivers stronger engine output for an elevated level of performance, a brand-new front suspension featuring Honda’s 41mm Big Piston Fork for exceptional handling and supple action, plus all-new MotoGP-inspired bodywork that’s a product of race-tested aerodynamic design. It all adds up to a sportbike that leads the way, whether it’s at the track or just a fun afternoon ride on your favorite backroads. Standard model available in Red, Repsol Edition or White/Blue/Red. C-ABS model available in Red only. Price: TBD. Availability: March 2013. Red (C-ABS model shown)

Repsol Edition (Standard model only)

White/Blue/Red (Standard model only) 

CB1100: Timeless Look, Inspired Performance

Candy Red

For many riders, a motorcycle with a timeless look retains its own special place in the sport—and that’s what the CB1100 is all about. Better yet, with this bike it’s not just about sleek lines and a purist approach: check out the powerful 1140cc air-cooled DOHC engine that hearkens back to so many classic high-performance Hondas. The twin-shock rear suspension and 18-inch wheels build on the classic bike theme while still delivering sporty performance, and the powerful, thoroughly modern triple-disc-brake setup offers the option of ABS. There’s also the dual-overhead cam layout and four valves per cylinder for superior engine breathing, Honda’s sophisticated Programmed Fuel Injection for the latest in accurate fuel metering and consistent power production, plus more contemporary touches. All these modern highlights complement the CB1100’s timeless style to create a fresh category of motorcycle that’s just right for the times. Available in Candy Red. Price: $9,999; ABS $10,999. Availability: March 2013. 

Forward-Thinking Technology: VFR1200F

The VFR1200F embodies a futuristic sport motorcycle created for the sheer joy of riding. Packed with loads of advanced technology developed for the world of MotoGP racing and created with Honda-style innovation, the VFR1200F has written a whole new chapter in the lore of Honda V-4 machines. Innovations such as Traction Control and an optional Dual Clutch Transmission make this bike the standard-bearer for forward-thinking technology in motorcycles. At the same time, there are still plenty of qualities such as an impressively strong engine, comfortable rider accommodations and excellent handling that make the VFR1200F the perfect ride, here and now. Available in Metallic Black. Price: $15,999; DCT $17,499. Availability: February 2013.

Black (Standard model shown) 

CBR1000RR: The Sweet Spot In Superbike Design

qualities such as an impressively strong engine, comfortable rider accommodations and excellent handling that make the VFR1200F the perfect ride, here and now. Available in Metallic Black. Price: $15,999; DCT $17,499. Availability: February 2013. 

CBR1000RR: The Sweet Spot In Superbike Design

Finding the sweet spot in Superbike design means attaining that perfect balance between power and handling—a balance point that allows the bike to function as an integrated, complete package for superior feel and performance. And that’s exactly what the Honda CBR1000RR brings to the table. Credit the race-proven 999cc engine that smoothly pumps out huge midrange power and torque for class-leading real-world muscle. And the lightweight aluminum frame is equipped with a modern-design Big Piston Fork and Honda’s Unit Pro-Link® rear suspension system that features a patented Balance-Free Rear Shock—all to sharpen the CBR1000RR’s renowned ultra-responsive middleweight-style handling. The aggressive bodywork isn’t there just for good looks; it’s also been designed and tested to provide the correct aerodynamic flow that aids high-speed handling. In short, the CBR1000RR simply defines the pure essence of all that a liter-class sportbike should be. Standard model available in Red, Repsol Edition or White/Blue/Red. C-ABS model available in Black. Price: Starting at $13,800; C-ABS $14,800. Availability: December 2012. White/Blue/Red (Standard model only)

Repsol Edition (Standard model only)

(Standard model also available in Red, not shown) 

All-Around Performer: CB1000R

Just one look tells you the CB1000R recreates the well-established Honda formula for high performance in an unfaired four-cylinder bike—a design that has been thoroughly tested and validated over the years. The clean, essentials-only format perfectly frames the fuel-injected four-cylinder 998cc powerplant that’s fairly overflowing with loads of right-now power. The unique chassis incorporates a single-sided swingarm with a high-performance single-shock rear suspension that helps make the CB1000R an exclusive choice in today’s market. Whether you call it a naked bike, a street fighter or a race bike in civilian clothes, the CB1000R serves as an all-around high-performance machine that’s ready to take you where you want to go. Available in Cool Pearl White. Price: $11,760. Availability: December 2012. 

CRF450X: Impressive Credentials, Awesome Performance

Black (C-ABS model only)

Cool Pearl White Red

Having won the world-renowned and ultra-rugged Baja 1000 and Baja 500 races multiple times—enough to rightfully earn its reputation as the King of Baja—the CRF450X boasts some pretty impressive credentials in the world of off-road racing. At the same time, if you’re planning a weekend of relaxed trail riding rather than aiming for a prestigious off-road racing victory, the CRF450X offers equally impressive credentials for a weekend of fun rides. So the choice is really up to you; no matter how seriously or how relaxed you want to approach your weekend ride, the CRF450X is more than up to the task. Available in Red. Price: $8,440. Availability: March 2013.

CRF250X: Striking The Ideal Balance Red

Honda’s CRF250X stands tall as the machine that delivers a just-right balance of light weight, exemplary handling and tractable four-stroke power. Thanks to its handy size and weight and delightfully agile handling, this thoroughly capable offroad mount flat-out sets the standard for 250-class performance among off-road mounts. Whether you’re into off-road competition or you just enjoy leisurely explorations through the woods, the CRF250X is a great companion to have along for the ride. Available in Red. Price: $7,410. Availability: March 2013. 

Redefining What A Scooter Can Be: Silver Wing

Thanks to a unique pairing of a sophisticated liquid-cooled fuel-injected fourstroke 582cc twin-cylinder engine and a fully automatic transmission, the Silver ®


Redefining What A Scooter Can Be: Silver Wing


Thanks to a unique pairing of a sophisticated liquid-cooled fuel-injected fourstroke 582cc twin-cylinder engine and a fully automatic transmission, the Silver Wing® has redefined the concept of what a scooter can achieve. This is a machine that can take you as far as the open road calls, by merit of its incredibly competent road-going credentials, plus its equally easy operation. While the Silver Wing serves perfectly well for everyday transportation duty, thousands of satisfied riders have created what is virtually a revolution in riding as they crisscross the USA in search of adventure, year after year, aboard this amazing ride. Available in Black. Price: TBD. Availability: March 2013. 

A Cool Little Scooter With A Dose Of Attitude: Ruckus

Go on, admit it: You can’t help but smile when you see the Ruckus®—right? And there’s no need to feel guilty about that. After all, the Ruckus is one cool little scooter with an extra dose of attitude. The fact that you’ve decided to go with an amazingly economical ride doesn’t mean that you have to disappear into the crowd. Go ahead and set off on your own course with the scooter that says it all—the Honda Ruckus. Available in Black and White/Red. Price: TBD. Availability: February 2013. Black


About Honda American Honda Motor Co., Inc., is the sole distributor of Honda motorcycles, scooters, ATVs and MUVs in the U.S. American Honda’s Motorcycle Division conducts the sales, marketing and operational activities for these products through authorized Honda dealers. For more information on Honda products, go to ©2012 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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a clue what God was about to do. Lot represents carnal Christians, Lot couldn’t know the destruction that was coming; but God told Abraham because he was a Friend of God. God told Abraham of impending judgment. A person can be a “born again Christian” and be in the “servant” level and not know what God is up to, then there are those that done the “whatsoever I command you,” and they know exactly what God is up to and what He is about to do. In this day and time with all “Servants or Friends” We find Jesus at the end of His earthly ministry, He has the doomsday predictions going on it’s the Christian’s had the “Last Supper” Judas has betrayed him; Jesus is advantage to know what their God is up to! James 4:4 “Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye now giving His final instructions to His disciples.

John 15:14-15 “Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you. Henceforth I call you not servants: for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known into you.” God’s definition of the word “Friend” is a covenant term,

not that the friendship with the world is enmity with God? Whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.” Once again the word Friend is a

covenant term, a person cannot be in covenant (friend) with the world and with God at the same time. The Bible is very clear; this makes that person “an enemy of God.” The world and religion have watered the Word of God down so far down that they are more interested in being politically correct than Biblically correct. Religion is now ordaining people that do not line up with the Word of God. The modern day church is a wreck at a time when the people need God more than ever and they can’t find Him in the church because of all the entertainers, religious pimps and con artists. God said; “return unto me and I’ll return unto you.” Jesus said;

not as we use the word friend today. But we must first take notice of the word “henceforth” implying that there has been a shift, a type of change. Jesus said that “He used to call them servants” then He defines that level; “the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth.” A servant’s knowledge is limited to their duties. Then He defines the level of friends; “for all things I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you.” But then Jesus gives a qualification to being a Friend; “If you do whatsoever I command you.” Abraham was a Friend of “you can not serve two masters…chose whom you will God; God told him that He was going to destroy Sodom serve”. He also said; “you are either with me or you’re & Gomorrah . Lot was a righteous man but didn’t have against me!” The world system is designed to put fear in your heart, remember that fear come from hell and is the opposite of faith. The Bible also says that in the last days; “men’s hearts will fail them” I know that no matter what happens in the future, those of us who are the “Friends of God” will be alright. God has always taken care of His covenant people through out history. God is still on the throne and He changes not, He is the same yesterday today and forever, God is bigger than any doomsday predictions!

Until next time, keep your face in the wind and your kickstand up. To be found faithful, Pastor Ron

Dear Fellow Veterans and Patriots of Tennessee: Well, here we are in January. Generally this is a month of lousy biker weather leading into February which has worse weather. Christmas is over, many are still taking medications for the New Year’s Eve aftermath, my living room floor has pine needles imbedded in the carpet and I guess I’m just in a grumpy mood. So to make myself feel better I’m going to address one of my pet peeves. Rush hour traffic!! I bike to work as much as I can. My drive is about 20 miles down interstate 40. I’m sure that many of you are content to pull onto the highway, find a slot in traffic and accept whatever fate the morning commute may bring. Well, I wish I could do that but it’s just not in my DNA. To me the commute to work is more of an obstacle course meant to produce surges of adrenaline to supplement the morning coffee and let me practice my profanity. On my normal commute I can expect at least half a dozen self appointed speed enforcers. You know who I’m talking about. Those few cars who pull into the fast lane and drive exactly the speed limit and delight in building up a mile of empty road ahead of them and a mile of bumper to bumper raging commuters behind. I’d like to do a survey to find out what is going through their heads. Do they think they are saving the environment by restricting everyone’s gas pedals? Are they saving us from ourselves by slowing us to a sane speed? Maybe they lead such down trodden lives that this is the only way they have of exerting power in the world – who knows. All I know is that it makes hundreds of people mad, jams up traffic, creates road rage, car crashes and raises our insurance rates. When will Harley mount rocket pods on motorcycles so we can blast these people off the road?? We live in the Bible belt. Wouldn’t you think brotherly love and kindness to strangers would be evident on the streets when we are all

gathered together headed to work? Hell no!!! You get on the highway in the right lane and want to go across two lanes to get to the HOV and encounter every jerk in Tennessee. I can put my blinker on and run 5 miles trying to get over before anyone will give me enough space to get over. What does everyone do when they are trying to change lanes? They slow down to indicate they want to move over. What does that do to everyone else? It makes everyone slow down and then it compounds and before you know it we’re all at a dead stop wondering where the wreck is. People do us all a favor – let people in. Blocking lane changers wasn’t on the driving test and may actually show up on your record when you reach the pearly gates. If you let people in the traffic runs faster, tempers moderate, the birds start singing, flowers bloom and harmony warms us all. Those of you who like to text and drive – please just glue your cell phone to the end of your nose, hit a road sign and get it over with. Distracted drivers are a biker’s worst enemy. Why do women have to put on makeup at 70 miles an hour while reading the latest love story on the Kindle Fire sitting on their steering wheel? And to the government official who was driving the white SUV east on I-40 who got my attention by riding my rear fender and then pulled alongside to try and debate me about whether motorcycles are allowed in the HOV lane - Please bring your bone headed butt to my place of work so we can resume the debate. I promise to use my hands and not my finger this time. Ride safe brothers and sisters, keep a sharp eye out for the misguided and less capable who careen between the guard rails for they know not what they do. Thanks for listening – I feel much better now. Keep the faith. Thank a vet for the freedoms we still enjoy and support politicians who will bring back the ones we’ve lost. Fly the flag of the people and be proud you’re an American. Hug the families of those still missing because their quest for closure has not ended. Live the good life and ride for those can’t. Bulldog

TENNESSEE MOTORAMA Date: 01/05/2013 - 01/06/2013  Time: 9:00 AM  Location: Middle Tennessee Expo Center 1209 Park Ave Murfreesboro TN 37129  Contact email:  Contact phone: 615-364-1828  Hosted by: Bothe Barrels Promotions & Grease Monkey Magazine. Motorcycle Show & Swap Meet. Pre 1972 Hot Rods, Customs, Rats, Muscle Cars and Motorcycles.  WINTER HAPPENINGS INSIDE THE SHED  Date: 01/19/2013 - 02/23/2013  Time: 8:00 PM  Location: Smoky Mtn H-D 1820 West Lamar Alexander Parkway Maryville, TN 37801  Contact email:  Contact phone: 865-977-1669 ext. 35  All of these shows will be inside The Shed. There will be no seats at these shows. General Admission only and space is limited.  Saturday, January 19, 2013 - Fred Eaglesmith’s Traveling Steam Show - $20 - This show is INSIDE The Shed. General Admission, standing room only, limited to 250 people.  Friday, January 25, 2013 - The Jompson Brothers with special guest Cathouse Prophets $10 - This show is INSIDE The Shed. General Admission, standing room only, limited to 250 people.  Saturday, February 9, 2013 - The Vespers with special guest Caleb  $15.00 - This show is INSIDE The Shed. General Admission, standing room only, limited to 250 people.  Saturday, February 23, 2013 - The John Cowan Band $15 - This show is INSIDE The Shed. General Admission, standing room only, limited to 250 people.  Saturday, March 16, 2013 - Elizabeth Cook with special guest The Barstool Romeos - $15.00. This show is INSIDE The Shed. General Admission, standing room only, limited to 250 people.  For more information on ALL shows at The Shed and to purchase tickets  please visit EASYRIDERS BIKE SHOW  Date: 02/02/2013 - 02/02/2013  Time: 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM Location: Nashville Convention Center 601 Commerce St Nashville TN 37203  Contact phone: 800-962-9857  Presented by Geico and Dennis Kirk. Hundreds of the worlds hottest bikes on display. Peoples choice & judged classes. 59 total awards. Win triphies, cash & prizes. Meet the editors of Easyriders. Enter your bike in the show for a chance to have it featured in one of our magazines. Meet the planets top bike builders. David Mann original art on display. Roadware fashion show. The planets coolest bikes, hottest babes & killer entertainment. Featuring Sons

Be sure to check all the ads in the magazine for any additional events. [Look for the event tab]

of Anarchy star, Ryan Hurst “Opie” signing autographs & taking pictures. 16TH ANNUAL MID - SOUTH MOTORCYCLE SHOW  Date: 02/09/2013 - 02/10/2013  Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Location: Agricenter International Building 7777 Walnut Grove Rd Memphis TN 38120  Contact email:  Contact phone: 901-652-1727  Dealers Displaying all the New Year Models, Vendors Selling Products and Services. Peoples Choice Motorcycle Show. Plus Much Much More.  Hours Saturday 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Sunday 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  SPRING THAW BIKE SHOW  Date: 03/23/2013 - 03/23/2013  Time: 9:00 AM  Location: Calsonic Arena 721 Whitthorne Street Shelbyville TN 37160  Contact email:  scooter@bothbarrelspromotions. com  Contact phone: 615-364-1828  Both Barrels Promotions. 11th Anniversary Bike Show & Huge Swap Meet.  New & Used Bike Parts - Accessories - Bikes for Sale - Biker Clothing - Much More.  TWO WHEEL’N THE SMOKIES CUSTOM BIKE SHOW & RALLY  Date: 04/12/2013 - 04/13/2013  Time: 10:00 AM  Location: Tally Ho Inn 8314 Tennessee State Hwy 73 Townsend TN 37882  Contact email:  Contact phone: 800-487-3333  Join us in the Great Smoky Mountains for the premier custom bike show, drive and rally featuring the finest professional and amateur bikes. One-Off Customs, Cruisers, Touring, Cafe Racers, Antique and Sport Bikes battle it out for cool trophies and other valuable prizes. Designed to be more than just a show, family-friendly events, both at the grounds and in the area. Vendors, raffles, contests, seminars, activities for the kids, organized sightseeing rides and more! Pre-registration and info visit  CANEY/FORK CMT/ABATE OF TENN BIKE SHOW, CAR SHOW & SWAP MEET  Date: 04/13/2013 - 04/13/2013  Time: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM Location: Tennessee National Guard Armory 100 Transport Drive Gordonsville TN 38547  Contact email:  Contact phone: 615-281-7279  Bike show, car show, vendors of every kind, food, & music.  We will have a special guest who is author of “The Probate”’ W.T. “Roadblock” Harrell.  Trophies for winners and best in class. Ride in only and 10.00 per bike. 

2012 Motorcycle Cannonball II Endurance Run: The Raz Report Sept 7 -23: The run... Roll the clock back to late morning Friday, September 7th... the place... Newburgh, NY on the east coast... this was the start of the Pre 1930 (as in 1929 or older) Motorcycle Cannonball II Endurance Run Coast to Coast which would end 17 days later on the west coast at Dudley Perkins Harley-Davidson. The history... Ninety-seven years ago a young woman named Effie Hotchkiss traveled coast to coast from Brooklyn, New York to the World’s Fair in San Francisco on a 1915 3 Speed V-Twin Harley-Davidson with her mother, Avis in a sidecar. Roads being what they were in those days, the ride took them about two months. Effie had her toes in the water of the oceans on the east and west coasts and the story has been told that she carried water from the Atlantic Ocean with her and dumped it into the Pacific Ocean when she arrived. The bikes... Bikes are eligible if powered by an original 1929 or earlier engine; reproduction chassis or parts are ok; the original ignition source and carburetor(s) need to be used (spares allowed); brake improvement is recommended (even adding a front brake); clincher rims and tires are not required, spares allowed; each motorcycle must have a headlight, taillight, and brake light; and, of course, current registration, insurance and licensing is required. The route... A relatively direct route which was also scenic: includes four nationally recognized motorcycle museums, a dozen national parks, and forests, the great lakes, the Mississippi river, the plains, the Black Hills, Rushmore, Devils Tower, Yellowstone, the Rockies, the high desert, Shasta, the Avenue of the Giants, Pacific Coast Highway, and the Golden Gate Bridge to name a few, averaging around 300 miles per day with a one day lay-over at the half way point in Sturgis. The winners... Of the 69 contestants, 1st to the finish line on Sept 23rd was Doug Feinsod (#18) of Santa Cruz and ranked 44th overall on a 1920 Henderson Deluxe; 2nd was Erik Dunk (#2) of New York and ranked 32nd overall on a

Final Stage ends in South San Francisco at Dudley Perkins Company H-D

Final Stage winner Doug Feinsod of Santa Cruz

Henderson Big X

Shinya Kimura (#80) of Los Angeles

2012 OVERALL Winner Brad Wilmarth (Virginia)

California or Bust – Dave Kafton of Lodi

Santa Rosa’s Bob Bellino of Circle Bell Motorsports

South Carolina’s Jim Petty (#55) rolls into SF

6 Drip…Drip…Drip

1929 Harley Davidson JD; however, winners were based on placements at the end of each of the 16 stages: 1st place going to Brad Wilmarth (#1) of Virginia on a 1913 Excelsior Twin (the oldest bike on the run) and 2nd place going to Joe Gardella (#14) of Michigan on a 1914 Harley Davidson. The comments... Although Steve Barber’s (#74) 1915 H-D V-twin was observed at 75mph, a rider when asked “what kind of speed was typical on the ride?” replied “we occasionally were able to cruise at speeds up to 40 mph.” Talking with another rider and saying that “cruising around 45 to 50 mph on mountain roads is my favorite kind of ride” replied “in the mountains we rode as fast as we could.” The finish... When Dudley Perkins Harley-Davidson ( hosts an event you can expect a 1st class event, and this was another glowing example. Bikes lined both sides of Corey Way from the cul-de-sac at the dealership all the way down to Utah Avenue and Utah Avenue was lined with many riders’ team’s support vehicles. Riders were provided cardboard to place under their bikes as they rolled in to keep their bikes from “marking their spot” with oil drippings - some of these machines ran exposed push-rods and many riders’ legs were oil covered from the knees down. There were many vendor booths, an extraordinary bar-b-q rig with tri-tip, a whole pig, and burgers. And, of course, there was a great band playing rock & roll classics! Would you like to know more?... Visit the 2012 Motorcycle Cannonball web site at for more history, route, rules, results, stops and rider profiles. Would you like to see more?... Click on the “finish line” link at Article and photos contributed by Russell “Raz” Holder / KNUCKLEHEADS FOREVER!

A lady is throwing a party for her granddaughter and had gone all out – a caterer, band and a clown. Just before the party started, two bikers showed up looking for a donation for one of their charities. Feeling sorry for the bikers, the woman told them that she would give them a donation if they would help chop some wood for her out back. Gratefully, they headed to the rear of the house. The guests arrived and all was going well. The children were having a wonderful time. But the clown hadn’t shown up. After 30 minutes, the clown finally called to report that he was stuck in traffic and would probably not make the party at all. The woman was very disappointed and unsuccessfully tried to entertain the children herself. She happened to look out the window and saw one of the bikers doing cartwheels across the lawn. She watched in awe as he swung from tree branches, did mid-air flips and jumped high in the air. She went up to the other biker and said, “What your friend is doing is absolutely marvelous. I have never seen such a thing. Do you think your friend would consider repeating this performance for the children at the party? I will pay him $50.” The other biker says, “Well, I dunno’ lady. Let me ask him. ‘Hey bubba! For $50, would you chop off another toe?” The actions and legislation passage via several states brought this to mind: It all makes sense now. Gay marriage & marijuana being legalized on the exact same day. Leviticus 20:13- “If a man lays with another man he should be stoned.” We were just interpreting it wrong all this time. Who Knew? WHY? do drugstores make the sick or elderly walk all the way to the back of the store to get their prescriptions filled, while smokers can buy cigarettes at the very front, right next to the door? WHY? isn’t there mouse flavored cat food? WHY? is ‘abbreviated’ such a long word? IN HIS INFINITE WISDOM……………. A man was sick and tired of going to work every day while his wife stayed home. He wanted her to see what he went through so he prayed: “Dear Lord: I go to work every day and put in 8 hours while my wife merely stays at home.I want her to know what I go through, so please, allow her body to switch with mine for a day. Amen. “ God, in his infinite wisdom, granted the man’s wish.

The next morning, sure enough, the man awoke as a woman. He arose, cooked breakfast for his mate, awakened the kids, set out their school clothes, fed them breakfast, packed their lunches, drove them to school, came home and vacuumed the entire house; upstairs and downstairs, took the cat to the vet, and stopped at the bank to make a deposit, but ended up having to go inside, went grocery shopping, loaded up 12 bags of groceries and then drove home to put away all the groceries, paid all the bills and balanced the checkbook. Drove to the Post Office; cleaned the cat’s litter box and bathed the dog. Then it was already 1 P.M. and he hurried to make the beds, do the laundry, dust, and sweep and mop the kitchen floor and sweep off the front porch and use the leaf blower and blow off the back deck and refill the bird-feeder. At 3:30 drove to the school to pick up the kids and got into an argument with the daughter the way home, which was added stress. He never dealt with the kids on this emotional level before; it was very strange to him and made him question everything. At 4:00 he set out milk and cookies and got the kids organized to do their homework, then actually got to sit down for a minute on the couch and watch t.v. while folding 3 baskets full of laundry and then running around to various rooms putting folded clothes in various dressers and hanging up shirts, pants, etc.At 4:30 he began washing vegetables for salad, breaded the pork chops and snapped fresh beans for supper. Cooked the supper. After supper, he cleaned the kitchen, ran the dishwasher, folded even more laundry, bathed the kids, read them all stories and put them to bed. At 9 P.M. he was exhausted and, though his daily chores weren’t finished, he went to bed where he was expected to make love, which he managed to actually stay awake through but then passed out; comatose. The next morning, he awoke and immediately knelt by the bed and said: “Lord, I don’t know what I was thinking. I was so wrong to envy my wife’s being able to stay home all day. Please, oh Lord please, let us trade back, I beg of you. ”The Lord, in his infinite wisdom, replied: “My son, I feel you have learned your lesson and I will be happy to change things back to the way they were. You’ll just have to wait nine months, though. Apparently, you got pregnant last night.”

DEALERS Reservations and Information Write or Call: Bill Langford 1645 Gratton Rd. Clarksville, TN 37043 (931) 320-2921

10 x 10 Spaces $40.00 (In Advance) Also Have Outside Spaces Open to Public – 10:00 a.m. Open to Dealers – 7:00 a.m.

Left Behind – But Not For Long!

An estimated 60 million people and 30 million animals including 14.5 million dogs, 15.3 million cats, and 1.5 million horses were caught in the path of killer Hurricane Sandy. Hundreds of thousands are still without heat or light and many beloved pets have been lost or left behind when their families had to flee to shelters that don’t take animals. American Humane Association’s 82-foot mobile command center and Red Star Rescue team are on the ground right now with the support of Mars Petcare US, makers of PEDIGREE® Brand and WHISKAS® Brand, to rescue, shelter, comfort, and reunite frightened animals with their families. Please help us help them NOW by making a donation through our website donate or by texting HUMANE to 80888. Every minute counts when you’re cold, lost, hungry or not with your real family! Help us act quickly to save and shelter all those in desperate need now.

Thunder Roads Magazine Tennessee January 2013  

Thunder Roads Magazine Tennessee January 2013

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