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On the Cover: Bike Created by Cleveland Motorcycle Company Photo by Craig Fetherolf, RHS Images See the feature on page 48

Thunder Roads® Magazine ohio


The Thunder Roads Ohio Team has returned from an action packed Daytona Bike Week to unbelievably warm weather. When I left I was still stoking the wood burner to keep warm. Ten days later I come home to temperatures as warm as it was in the Sunshine State! The motorcycle shops are already jamming and there are bikes out on the road everywhere. Loving it! We had great weather in Daytona as well. After a few rain showers the first couple of days, it was clear skies and balmy temperatures the rest of the week. On the first Saturday of Bike Week, my friend Claudia Dunk and I rode to the 8th Annual Deland Bike Rally, which is located between Daytona and Orlando. Historic Downtown Deland has some great antique shops to browse, as well as several unique art galleries and gift shops. There are numerous sidewalk cafes/restaurants and a wine shop offering food and drink to keep you happy while you are looking around. It brought to mind our own Ohio Bike Week Block Party where the streets are blocked off for “motorcycle only” parking. And the café’s are overflowing with partiers. Deland’s activities included two stages with live entertainment, oodles of vendors, and a bike show. It wasn’t long after we parked our bikes that we noticed a sectioned off row of antique motorcycles. While checking out these vintage bikes, Claudia struck up a conversation with David Wasserman, owner of one of the bikes and a long-time friend of hers. He is part of a great group of guys from all over the country that have been meeting in Daytona for decades. Dave graciously invited us to their annual beachside Ride-In Antique Bike Show and party in Daytona later that week. Once there, I marveled at the array of classic motorcycles, from rat bikes to fully restored mint condition machines. Thanks to Dave and the rest of his gang for the warm welcome. More new friends to visit while in Daytona…what fun! Meeting new friends is great, but there is nothing like the camaraderie of riding and hanging out with your old friends from back home. I was lucky enough to be guided around the Daytona area by Tom Billman and Rick Rogers, both 30+ year veterans attending Daytona Bike week. We couldn’t have found better tour guides to lead us to those little out of the way biker-friendly establishments that make the trip special. We rode North to St. Augustine, West to Deland and Ocala, and South to Edgewater. Check out the Gator Country story on page 18, for some local Florida backcountry flavor. Keep your eyes peeled for more coverage on our Daytona travels and the “Ohio Faces in Daytona” Thunder Cam in upcoming issues. Before we knew it the week had ended. As we said goodbye and wished each other safe travels home, I knew I would remember and cherish our time together forever. Riding in Daytona has me so pumped up for Ohio Bike Week! In next month’s issue we’ll have full details on the new “Thunder Roads Passport Ride” during the rally. The ride is designed to lead rally attendees around to all the Bike Week hot spots, and to all the little out of the way biker-friendly destinations and favorite hangouts in our own backyard. Thunder Roads Ohio and the Ohio Bike Week committee have been working hard together to make this year’s event bigger and better than ever! Look for a full list of our “Thunder Zones” in the May issue of Thunder Roads Ohio which will be the official Ohio Bike Week Rally Guide. The Thunder Zones, located throughout the rally area, will feature vendors and entertainment all week long. We are excited to be working with The Original Margaritaville in Sandusky as our Thunder Zone Headquarters. Their newly expanded deck next to the waterfall and additional parking , is sure to insure that Margaritaville stays “party central” for Bike Week and Beyond! (See ad on page 53) If you haven’t begun making your plans for Ohio Bike Week, it’s time to get started! Now let’s get out there and RIDE!


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As told by

The Iron Cowboy Well, riding season certainly seems upon us – and far earlier then we expected. It’s certainly a great thing, especially for those in the business. So, we’ve been busier then ever with people wanting to talk about Poker Runs, Rallies, and Bike Nights! We’re not complaining. It’s great to see so many shops and biker joints doing well this time of year. DAYTONA We raced home from an exciting time at Daytona Bike Week in order to complete this edition of Thunder Roads Ohio. We snuck in a quick story from the Boss, but most of the coverage Hitting the road in Daytona. will be in next month’s edition. We ran into A LOT of Ohio folks while down there, and we have a lot of pictures to share! While we were in Daytona, we had the chance to spend some time with folks from our sister publication – Thunder Roads Florida. They really have a great magazine – covering year-round bike events there in the sunshine state. We would like to thank everyone from TRF for a great time at the White Eagle as they hosted a great bikini contest! I must admit, though, that as pretty as the gals were – the highlight of the night was meeting Grizzly Adams!

The Thunder Roads Ohio Team had a great time hanging with our Florida counterparts!

We had some fun times and we are already working on some joint stuff for Biketoberfest this Fall. Biketoberfest 2012 will be the 20th Anniversary of this event in Daytona Beach, and we would like to cordially invite as many Ohio riders as possible to join us there. It’s October 18th-21st, and features many of the same players that make the Spring Bike Week such a great party! We will be working on some cool Ohio themed events as well, including a possible Thunder Run Stop and special RV / Camping location for Ohio folks! Keep an eye out for updates on this here and on facebook. You can also email us and ask to be put on a special list of Biketoberfest participants for special updates.


Favorite Riding Destination for Something to Eat? Everyone has their favorite little spot to hit when they are feeling a bit hungry. We break from the office and hit The Dog House in Bedford – you’ve already heard me rave about their chili dogs! But we would like to hear your favorites – and we might even include them as a feature spot on the Buckeye Thunder Run! We’re looking for the best Biker Dining Destinations in Ohio and we’re looking for our readers to help point us in the right direction. At the end of the summer we want to crown someone as the BEST of, but we don’t want to miss considering anyone. So – do you crave Hillbilly Hot Dogs? Snuffy Burgers? Or something from The Lion on Lorain? Send us your nominations and we will just have to check them out. You can email us at: Include a picture or two, and we may even include your shots in an upcoming mag. We will also draw a few nominations for Thunder Roads t-shirts and other cool prizes! So, let us in on your secret biker dining destinations. THUNDER ROADS OHIO served up fresh on The Treasure Coast! We are proud to introduce Treasure Coast HarleyDavidson in Stuart, Florida as a new promotional partner. For those “Snow Birds” out there or simply displaced Ohio riders, you now have a Florida connection for your Thunder Roads Ohio! They have several Fly-Buy-Ride promotions now available and even offer free shipping to Ohio on Pre-Owned Bikes! Cool stuff! You can check them out online at

Hanging with Dan Haggerty - aka Grizzly Adams - at The White Eagle

The Marketplace is Booming! Please make sure you take the time to check out our Marketplace section in the back of the magazine. It is swelling as more and more businesses discover how effective a means it is to reach riders all across Ohio. We have a number of new online retailers and manufacturers featured there; including Nasty Baggers, F4 Customs, Platinum Air Suspension, and many more. If you offer online sales or upcoming event, email us for more information on The Thunder Roads Marketplace at We can even arrange for your ad to run coast to coast in more then 350,000 issues every month! There isn’t a more cost effective method out there for reaching riders all across the nation.

Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

Cool Customs from the Thunder Roads Florida Bike Show

ROAD REPS As you pick up this magazine, you may notice that we are continuing to grow. Thunder Roads is covering the State of Ohio like no other – and we are in need of more reps. If you enjoy riding across the countryside (or city) and hanging with bikers, this might just be your dream job. You don’t have to be a salesman, because our magazine sells itself. We are just looking for people that can help spread the word and cover events for us. And the best part is that you can even make some cash doing so! It’s a pretty good deal, for more information – please contact PHOTO CONTEST Thunder Roads will be hosting a Photo Contest this summer and we would like to invite photographers, camera shops, and other interested parties to get involved. We will be announcing the details in an upcoming issue; but we are looking for judges, sponsors, and other contributors to help get the ball rolling. For all you amateurs photographers out there, dust off that camera and get ready to start shooting! If you are interested in getting involved, please email: DIGITAL EDITION We have introduced a new digital edition of the magazine online. With a single click of the mouse, a vibrant – fully interactive copy of the magazine will appear on the screen. We are still in the process of updating our website and fully integrating these new digital copies, but we would invite you to come by and check out our work in progress. We have partnered with one of the industry leading providers in order to offer some pretty amazing features. You can

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digitally search the magazine, directly link to the websites and even facebook pages of advertisers, and you can place “sticky notes” on pages to mark interesting spots. If you’ve ever struggled to read an article on a digital copy before, you might appreciate the special “pop-out” feature. Simply click on the headline of any article and the story “pops-out” in an easy to read format. It’s pretty slick. Of course, I prefer the hard copy in my hands – but for those of you that have trouble getting copies before they fly off the shelves, this is the second best solution (second only to a subscription!). SUBSCRIPTIONS Speaking of subscriptions, we would like to remind everyone that subscriptions are available for Thunder Roads Ohio. You can have Ohio’s #1 Biker Mag sent directly to your home or office for only $24.95. Chances are that we will have to raise that price shortly, due to increased postage costs – so we wanted to make sure that we warned you in advance. That prices already barely covers the cost of postage, let alone the packing materials and handling. So, we still consider that you’re getting the magazine for free. You’re just paying for the postage. It’s a pretty good deal. You can subscribe by emailing ThunderRoadsOhio@gmail. com with your address and Subscribe in the subject line. We will reply back with a PayPal request. Paypal is an easy way to securely pay for things online, and you don’t need to set up an account or anything. You can also subscribe by sending a check for $24.95 to 24381 Aurora Road, Suit B-8, Bedford Heights, Ohio 44146. We always start new subscriptions on the next new issue, so you don’t have to pay for one you’ve already received.



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APRIL 2012

LEGISLATIVE REPORT ABATE of Ohio, Inc’s May Awareness Ride is coming up on May 5. Please get as many proclimations from your local governments as you can get. The efforts we make on this every year has gotten the attention of ODOT and ODPS and our government officials. The Look Twice advertising they do on television and billboards is largely the results of the efforts we make in getting May recognized as Motorcycle Awareness Month. The best result of having a month as Motorcycle Awareness Month is one that you may not see. It is the accident that didn’t happen, because a driver was reminded to look twice and didn’t have an accident. Currently I am working on putting together a Voter’s Guide for Ohio Legislator Candidates. The info I accumulate will be published in the Outspokin and . I have put together a survey for candidates that will reflect where they stand on the issues we are working on. It will have the candidate’s personal info and three questions requiring one word responses. The survey should take less than 60 seconds to complete. I need your help. I will be distributing hard copies of the survey at March’s board meeting. I also can email an attachment. Send me an email requesting a blank survey to and I will get you one. Take a blank survey to your candidates’ public appearance. Ask the candidate to take 60 seconds and complete it. After it is complete, scan it and email it to On H.B. 316 (handlebar bill), we had proponent testimony. Imre Szauter(AMA) and I gave testimony in support of the bill. We were both very clear that both ABATE and the AMA are in favor of the bill with the proposed amendment, which removes the turning radius clause and makes the limit shoulder high. We spoke with the chairman of the committee after the hearing. He is planning on having another hearing after their break for the primaries. I have been informed by the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Rosenberger, that the Chief of Police Association has submitted a letter in opposition to the bill. I will let everyone know details on this opposition as I learn it. On S.B. 92 (ROW), I talked to Rep. Joe Uecker, who has agree to sponsor a companion House bill. He told me that he would get the ball rolling after the break for the primaries. I will let everyone know when we have a bill number for a House bill. I’m still working on getting a Purple Heart motorcycle license plate in production. The new idea is to introduce language that changes the wording in the law from permissive to mandatory. The word “may” will be replaced by the word “shall”. Changing the wording would eliminate the DMV’s option on making the plate. This is still a work in progress. Until next month, get out and meet all the candidates you can and let them know we are out there and voting. Email me at legislativedirector@ with any comments, questions, suggestions, or complaints. Scott “Woody” Wood Government Relations Director ABATE of Ohio, Inc.

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SEASON’S FIRST RIDE Yes, it’s here, the first ride of the season. I’m hoping you did your winter-time homework. That would be visualizing in your head all the proper steps in clutch operation, shifting and braking. To help keep your skills sharp, it would also be wise to hit a parking lot for some practice to help get that feel back and be smooth with our techniques.

where to go. Then I execute, by doing a quick swerve around it in the safest path. The breeze feels great on my face and the sun is warming my back. I’m hooked again with the pleasure of riding.

Riding Safe

As I’m riding I realize a child’s ball is rolling into my path. I’m thinking, OK where are the kids? The young girl chasing the ball doesn’t run into my path of travel and I go around the ball with no problems.

So I’m on the bike, its running. It sounds so with good and ready to go. I pull in the clutch and shift to first gear, apply the rear brake firmly and ease out the clutch just to where the friction I have to stop up ahead so I begin to squeeze zone begins. I can feel the back end of the bike the front brake progressively. As I press a little lower a bit, letting me know I’m entering the harder on the rear brake. As I come to a stop friction zone. I do this a few times to get a feel for I’m making sure I keep my head and eyes up, where the friction zone starts. I don’t ease the clutch out farther looking ahead and keeping the handlebars straight so I make because with my rear brake firmly applied I’d stall the bike. a controlled balanced stop. Perfect! All of this and I’ve made it

Kit Hedges

I have to make a tight left turn from a stop so I turn the bars to the left, turn my head fully to the left to look where I want to go, and keep it turned. As I start to ease out the clutch to the friction zone slow and smoothly, I lean the bike a little to the left as I reach the friction zone and gradually ease off on the rear brake, as the bike begins to move.

Whew!! I now take a right turn and enjoy my ride to the training course behind the local HD dealership to get some well needed practice after being off the bike during winter. It’s surprising what can happen in just 120 feet of driveway let alone in traffic. Keep alert and have fun. Kit


As the handlebars and the bike straighten I immediately go to my SEE strategy (search-evaluate-execute). As I’m riding I see a large branch in my path of travel which requires me to evaluate

safely to the end of my driveway at a frantic speed of 15 MPH.


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The Dalton Haul Road

’ve been staying at the University dorm now for 3 nights touring the town. I have been meeting lots of riders, all on dual-sport models (mostly BMW’s) traveling to and from the Dalton Haul road.  I solicited and received widely varying reports about the road conditions.  One was, “You won’t have any trouble up to Coldfoot Mile Post 171, beyond that the roads’ pretty bad”.  Another, “The worst part is from the beginning to the Yukon River, Mile Post 57”.  I asked another returning BMW rider about the road condition.  He looked at my heavy touring bike, turned up his nose and as he walked away sarcastically spit out, “Good Luck”! The Dalton Haul Road was open only to commercial traffic until 1981 when the state allowed access to Mile Post 211.  In 1994 access was allowed to the entire length of 414 miles to the town of Deadhorse near Prudhoe Bay.   The state of Alaska brochure for “Driving The Dalton Highway” reads as follows, “Gas, is available at Yukon Crossing (mile 56) in summer, Coldfoot (mile 175) and Dead horse (mile 414) year round.  There are NO Medical Facilities, grocery stores or banks. There is no cell phone coverage outside Fairbanks and Deadhorse”. From Fairbanks it is 200 miles to the Arctic Circle and another 300 miles to the end of the highway at Deadhorse. The highway is narrow with soft shoulders that drop off steeply on 12

either side. Hills can be long and in excess of 12 % grade. Watch for pot holes, dips, ruts, pavement breaks and long stretches of gravel that may have washboard or sharp rocks.   Slow down for dangerous curves and loose gravel.  You may encounter slick mud, clouds of dust or snow and ice-- even in summer.   Flash floods or uncontrolled wildfires may create extreme hazards” Sounds inviting, no? I resolved to ride at least to the Arctic Circle and possibly on to the town of Coldfoot Mile Post 175 and Wiseman at Mile Post 189. Beyond that it is 241 miles with no services to Deadhorse. The Arctic Circle is located at Mile Post 115, latitude 66 degrees 33 minutes North.  One of the fellows I met at the campground in Anchorage was returning from his ride to the Arctic Circle.  He said the Arctic Circle had “mystical feel” to it!  Now, my deepest concern is, I won’t recognize mystical when and if I actually experience it!  I took a few tissues along just in case. I waited until 8 AM when the temperature warmed to 45 degrees before leaving.  I was happy to don electric gloves and ride after hearing Ohio was reporting record 95 degree temperatures‘. Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

conspired to expound on the horrors of the Dalton in order to exalt and glorify themselves the honor of conquering it where no others can. The first 175 miles is through the Boreal Forest. Notice the short, scraggly Spruce trees.  They claim some are more than a hundred years old their growth stunted by the cold dry climate and short growing seasons.  The mountain range beyond is the EVENTS

From Fairbanks it is 81 miles of paved road out to Mile Post Zero of the Dalton Highway. Indeed, it was intimidating.  The first 89 miles were wet, rough, steep, and littered with pot holes.  Then, PAVEMENT!  No one mentioned that.  The next 100 miles were paved.  Not great pavement, frost heaves and some sections with shabby gravel repairs, open pot holes etc. but still pavement.  Evidently all the BMW and KTM riders have

Thunder Roads® Magazine ohio


Brooks Range which Extends over 700 miles from east to west. After many stops for photos, I had lunch at the Arctic Circle. From here my GPS showed a direct route back to Vermilion, Ohio to be 4,114 miles. I arrived at Coldfoot at 4:30 PM. It consists of a Post Office, (open Mon, Wed, Sat) a truck stop with fuel, a restaurant and a construction crew type motel.  A dozen or so riders were gathered here.  We all happily chatted about the ride while standing in the dirt parking lot in soiled clothing, next to filthy battered and abused bikes, filling our tanks with $5.50 per gallon for regular fuel. Some of the riders were staying at the shabby motel priced at $199.00 per night.  I was reminded that all of us were a minimum of 300 miles from any medical attention or repair facilities. If we broke down, towing service is $2.00 per mile each way.  All of this made me recall a sign I once saw. “We’re all here because we’re not all there” I rode a short distance down the highway to the new million dollar Arctic Interagency Visitor Center.  I asked the ranger about the condition of the next 200 miles of the road north.  “The pavement ends in 20 miles, then “good” gravel all the


way to the end.” I pressed him, “If you didn’t have a problem with the first gravel, this section is better”. I rode on to Mile Post 189 and 3 miles of gravel into Wiseman.  It was established in 1907 when miners discovered gold in nearby Nolan Creek.  This place is totally off the grid.  Some residents have solar panels but most have generators.  They subsist by hunting, trapping and serving tourists.  I found 2 nice small lodges, one nice B&B for $70.00 a night, including breakfast, a whopping one third the price of Coldfoot 20 miles away. Had I been given an honest appraisal of the road conditions I would have planned on continuing to Deadwood.  Instead I left Wiseman at 5:30 PM and completed the 555 mile round trip back to Fairbanks at 11 PM with the temperature back down to 45. Reflecting; the ride was great, the road not all that bad but it was dry except where they had over watered it to keep the dust down. Now I wish I’d had better info and ridden it all.  Just don’t try it with street tires if it’s wet.  Spent 5 nights at the dorm.  Time to move on.

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EVENTS Thunder Roads速 Magazine ohio


Gator Country Cruisin’... There’s a gator in the bushes, he’s calling my name (and he says...) Come on, boy, you better make it back home, again Many roads I’ve travelled - they all kinda look the same There’s a gator in the bushes, Lord, he’s calling my name Oh, Gator Country Little of that chomp, chomp….Gator Country by Molly Hatchet

By Julie Roeder Finding destinations to ride to while in Daytona for Bike Week is never a challenge as there are hundreds of things to do, places to go, and people to see. What can be challenging is trying to get the gang rolling to leave at “ass in seat” time, as our Daytona leader and tour guide Tom Billman refers to our departure time. (Some of us aren’t much into waitin!) One particular morning during at Bike Week this year we were headed to the Black Hammock Restaurant in Oveida, FL. for lunch. We decided that everyone would rendezvous at the Foxhead Saloon in Osteen, which is included on our list of places to go every year. Since their slogan is “Where Good Friends Meet”, it seemed a logical choice. Foxhead’s is the home of the world famous Bloody Mary’s (and we can attest to that fact!), still only a $1.50 every Sunday, 8am til noon. They also offer a free BBQ on the first Sunday of every month, prepared by the “Just Add Smoke” crew, Doc, Tom and Scotty. In 1979, Buddy & Al bought the bar, previously known as CJ’s and changed the name to the Foxhead. They were trying to decide on a name, when a customer walked in with a mounted foxhead, and the rest is history. That fox is still hanging on the wall to this day. Since Al’s passing, his widow Linda and Loretta, a long time 18

employee, are now the proud owners of the Foxhead Lounge. They also have the first liquor license issued in Volusia County after prohibition ended and still operate under that historic license. Over the years it became a well known stop for riding or driving from Orlando to Daytona. So if you are traveling through that area stop in Foxheads at 280 North SR 415, where you can also see Osteen’s largest collection of spam. While waiting for the rest of our group to congregate, we visited Skip’s Boots located next door to Foxheads. Skip’s has had the largest selection of boots in Florida for over 30 years. Whether you are looking for a great pair of Western, work, casual dress or even motorcycle boots, Skip’s is your one stop destination. It has grown from a small retail store in downtown Osteen, to a chain of retail stores throughout the state. You can also shop their online store at www. Needless to say, we managed to fill up our saddlebags before barely getting on our way that day. Sporting new boots and with a couple of Bloody Mary’s under our belts, we were onward to our lunch destination. The Black Hammock Adventure complex is east of Orlando and just north of Oviedo, at the end of a winding road through citrus groves. The complex includes fantastic airboat rides, a gift shop, the Lazy Gator Bar, and a display of live gators, including a 35-year-old gator named Hammy who inhabits a cage all to himself near the lakeside docks. On Sundays you get to see the gators being fed (weather permitting). The Black Hammock Restaurant is right at the entrance of Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

the complex. Its where you can find baby gators lounging in an aquarium that backs up against a booth in the dining room. This casual family dining establishment on beautiful Lake Jesup is open every day for lunch and dinner. The menu claims that it is “Oveido’s Best Kept Secret”. While we were waiting for our lunch to arrive, we had the pleasure of a visit from Black Hammock Adventure’s owner, Joel Martin. Joel arrived in the dining room of the restaurant with Max, one of the baby alligators. One by one, Joel gave all the girls in our group a chance to hold Max for a photograph. Joel was born in Paris, France. His family moved to Africa when he was young, and there he grew up surrounded by the magnificent wildlife. He spent a lot of his youth out in the jungles hunting snakes, alligators and other creatures. His unique survival skills were learned from his many African and Malgache friends. He eventually returned to France to serve in the military. He Thunder Roads® Magazine ohio

chose to be in the Navy which had their base at Toulon, in the beautiful south of France. After his tour of duty was over, he settled in Corsica, where he opened a restaurant and nightclub. He also had a small ranch where he could ride his horses. The lure of the French Riviera drew Joel and family. Once there, he started a real estate company. But all plans changed in 1995, when he won a green card and was allowed to immigrate to the USA. Without hesitation, he packed up the family and moved to the States. Joel chose Florida because he enjoys the heat and humidity, so reminiscent of his youth. His choice of lifestyle led him to the Oviedo area where he could live in the country and keep his horse. On a morning walk one day he discovered that just 5 minutes away was the Black Hammock Restaurant. With its mangroves and alligators, Joel realized he had found his paradise. He is at home just as he was in Africa. Joel obtained his American 19

Citizenship, and is now living out his personal American Dream. After lunch, which included Gator Bites of course, we walked to the rear of the complex to the Lazy Gator Bar and the surrounding docks, where the alligators lounged along the banks of Lake Jesup. You can have a cold beer here at the Lazy Gator Bar’s patio deck or at The Baby Gator Bar while enjoying the view of the Lake. There is a Deck Party with a live band every weekend, rain or shine. In the heart of Seminole County along the middle basin of the St. Johns River, Lake Jesup encompasses an area of approximately 10,000 acres and has a circumference of 28 miles, eventually connecting with the St. Johns River. This 100,000 year old lake is home to over 9000 alligators — the largest concentration of the magnificent beasts of any lake in the U.S. Many species of birds, Bald Eagles, wild boars, bobcats, and alligators call Lake Jesup home. The highlight of a stop at this Black Hammock destination, however, is the airboat ride. You can enjoy a ride on one of three airboats leaving on tours of heavily gator-populated Lake every 30 minutes. Our group decided not to take the airboat tour that day as we had already planned a gator watching trip later in the week on a pontoon boat up the St. John’s River. So a few days later we rode over to Castaways Boat Rentals in Astor, Fl where we rented two pontoon boats to accommodate our group. Astor Florida is located north of Orlando between Silver Springs and Daytona Beach on Hwy. 40 by St. Johns River and Lake George. Fishing hunting and boating dominate the activities on the St. Johns River. Winding its way through the westernmost reaches of Volusia County is the historic St. Johns River. At 310 miles in length, it is Florida’s longest river and is one of only three in the United States that flows from south to north. But beyond the current is a world too extraordinary to ignore. Dominated by a shady assortment of live oaks, magnolias, pine, and palmetto, and colored with dazzling azaleas and camellias, the lush scenery provides an ideal home for native wildlife such as white tailed deer, gray fox, gentle manatees, toothy alligators, gopher and tortoise with over 200 species of birds. Everyone enjoyed a relaxing afternoon as we lazily motored through the pristine areas of the St. Johns River to the mouth of


the Lake George. Along the way we were fortunate enough to see numerous alligators, dozens of turtles and even a manatee in their natural habitat. We made it back to dock the boat just before a “lake-effect” downpour hit us. We made a mad dash to rescue our boots from getting drenched, which were sitting out by our bikes. I later discovered that I should have also grabbed my helmet which was hanging upside down from my handlebars. It took a few days for it to dry out. While we waited out the rain, we walked across the bridge to the other side of the river to grab some lunch at Castaways Restaurant. Our waitress highly recommended the homemade Lobster Bisque and she didn’t steer us wrong. A bowl of this bisque in itself is worth the ride over to Astor from Daytona. Florida’s alligator population had once dwindled to the point that the reptile was placed on the federal list of endangered species. They have since rebounded to perhaps a million or more across the entire state, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. They can now be killed during seasonal hunts conducted by the commission. So odds are that you may encounter an alligator even if you don’t venture out onto Lake Jesup or the St. Johns River. Here are a few helpful tips If an Alligator attacks you: Run away in a straight line. An alligator will outrun you for about 10 meters (30 feet) after which they will need a bit of a lie down. They will out-swim you all day long. If an Alligator grabs you: Hit it repeatedly on its relatively sensitive nose, poke it in the eyes and scream. Gators don’t like resistance. Don’t try to pry the jaws open. You won’t be able to. Play dead. They stop shaking their prey when they think that it’s dead, wedging the body in their pantry for later consumption. This is when you escape becoming “People Bites”. Hopefully! As you can see, we were not at a loss for things to do or places to ride to while we were in sunny Florida for Daytona 2012. If you want a break from the crush, don’t be afraid to hop on your bike and explore beyond the hubbub and bright lights. Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

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Riding Armed By Nick Russell Thunder Roads Contributor A frequent question posed by motorcycle travelers is whether or not they should carry a firearm on their road trip for personal protection, and if so, what kind. It is a question that does not have one answer that fits every situation. There are too many variables. As a long time gun owner, shooter, and advocate of personal protection, I have always said that every American who can legally own a firearm should have the right to do so. But I always qualify that statement with the addendum that just because we should all have that right, it does not mean that all of us should exercise it. A firearm is a dangerous weapon, and in the wrong or untrained hands, it can cause far more harm than it ever can good. Gun ownership carries with it a terrible responsibility. Only you can decide if you are willing and able to accept that responsibility. Before you make the decision to carry a gun, you must understand the legal ramifications that come with gun ownership and use. Understand that the possibility of ever having to use a firearm for self-defense is very remote, and that if you ever do, you will probably find yourself facing criminal prosecution to prove you were justified in your actions, as well as civil litigation from whoever you used the weapon against, or their heirs. You can be completely in the right and still face a prison sentence and years of legal battles and mountainous legal fees.

In over eight years on the road, and many nights spent camping in out of the way places, we have never felt threatened enough to feel the need to put a gun in our hands. That said, we also have a firearm or two within reach, and that has probably added to our sense of security. But long before I would ever consider using a gun against a threat, I would ride away from the situation if at all possible. Having a firearm carries serious responsibilities. Make sure that it is unloaded and locked away out of sight when not carried on your person. If you stop at a shop for service, do not leave the gun in your backpack or saddlebags, where it is accessible to mechanics or service technicians.

Nobody should CARRY a firearm unless they are well trained in its safe handling, as well as the circumstances where it can be legally used for defense.

Be aware also that the emotional impact of using deadly force will stay with you the rest of your life. Are you willing to shoulder that responsibility? Only if you are completely aware of the consequences using, or even possessing a firearm can bring, and are completely willing to deal with those consequences, should you carry a gun in your travels. Nobody should carry a firearm unless they are well trained in its safe handling, as well as the circumstances where it can be legally used for defense. The laws vary from state to state, and you must comply with the rules where you happen to be at the time. Some states, including Arizona , will issue a concealed carry permit to non-residents who take the necessary training course, and the Arizona permit is valid in at least 24 states. The excellent website has a lot of information on the legalities of carrying a firearm in every state in the nation. In some states, firearms laws are fairly easy to understand, 22

and many states will issue concealed carry permits to residents who meet the legal criteria, pass a background check and training class. In other states, the mere possession of any firearm, even unloaded and carried in a case in your saddlebags, can lead to stiff penalties. Know before you go.

The first rule of firearms ownership is safety, while the second is discretion. Nobody has to know you have a gun, and the fewer who do, the better. Never display your weapon except when you feel a real threat to your life or safety. The rider who brandishes a gun to “scare away” suspicious characters is looking for trouble and will more than likely find it. That person you find suspicious may well be a fellow biker or local citizen out for an evening stroll to work the day’s kinks out of his back, or possibly even a police officer checking on the welfare of people parked in a roadside rest area.

Even if someone is busily engaged in taking the luggage off your motorcycle, they are not a threat to your life. Move away, call the police on your cell phone, yell for help, do whatever you need to get assistance. Or, if you are outnumbered, fade into the background. Being a hero looks good on the movie screen, but getting stomped, or worse, is no fun in real life. Whatever you do, do not get into an armed confrontation. There is not a material thing in this world worth a human life. The only time I would consider using deadly force is when somebody is actually attacking me or directly threatening the lives of myself or someone else. The type of firearms best suited for motorcycle travel are varied. Unlike in a house or apartment, where you can keep a shot barreled shotgun handy, your choices while traveling on a motorcycle are pretty much limited to handguns. Unfortunately, handguns carry the most severe penalties if discovered in states with strict gun laws. While you may be able to convince a policeman or judge that you have a shotgun for sport hunting in a motorhome, it’s hard to explain that you go after squirrels or ducks with a short barreled .38 revolver. Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

a firearm, I want it to stop the threat, not make somebody mad enough to do me even more harm. Whatever you decide, if you do feel the need for a weapon, do your homework first. Go to a good gun shop and look over the selection. If possible, find a shooting range where you can try and compare several different firearms before you make your purchase. Then enroll not just yourself, but anyone you travel with, in a firearms safety course to become comfortable with your weapon. And if worst comes to absolute worst, and you find yourself reaching for your firearm; first ask yourself if there is any way to avoid its use. If there is, choose the alternative. You can find additional material from Nick at

The type of handgun also varies with the user. What works for me may well not work for you. For a relatively inexperienced gun owner, my first recommendation would be a .38 revolver with a two to four inch barrel. It makes a combination that is relatively easy to carry concealed, easy to point, and accurate at close range. The four inch model would be the one I would suggest, since the shorter barrel revolvers lose some accuracy and bullet velocity.

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Thunder Roads Magazine strongly recommends that you take a firearm safety course and obtain a Concealed Carry Permit before you carry a firearm. You should never carry a weapon unless you feel confident in your ability to properly use it. Thunder Roads features numerous certified instructors in our Marketplace Section, in the back of the magazine. We would encourage you to contact them for additional information.  

I feel that any handgun less than .38 caliber is too small for defense, while most heavier caliber handguns are either too hard to control in inexperienced hands, or have the risk of over penetration that can harm innocent people nearby. Magnum calibers run too much risk of over-penetration to be considered in most situations. Semi-automatic handguns are the favorite of the military and most modern police agencies, and the high capacity models are the current rage in all of the shoot-em-up Hollywood movies. That may be fine on the big screen, but in real life, if you can’t get the job done in two or three shots, you’re probably dead anyway. Semi-autos are harder to master and their safety features can confuse inexperienced shooters. Those who may have become familiar with semi-automatics in the military would probably feel more comfortable with their use than first-time gun owners. While the 9mm is popular in a semi-automatic handgun, a .40 or .45 delivers much more punch. I recommend the use of Glaser Safety Slugs in handguns. They are designed to provide maximum stopping power while not penetrating bodies or walls to endanger people in neighboring motel rooms or vehicles. If Glasers are not available, my next recommendation would be hollow point or round nose bullets. Some people have told me they carry snake shot in their handguns for defense. Their feeling is that the small BB sized shot will ward off an intruder while not being lethal. To me, this is foolish thinking. If things get so bad that I have to use Thunder Roads® Magazine ohio


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Harescramble Sunday, April 1 Big Valley Raceway, East Palestine, OH Saturday, April 7

Coal Hollow, Wellsville, OH

Sunday, April 15

Pymatuning Holeshot Raceway, Linesville, PA

Sunday, April 22

State Line Farm, Hubbard, OH

Sunday, April 29

Mansfield MC Club, Mansfield, OH

Sunday, May 6

Big Valley Raceway, East Palestine, OH

Sunday, May 13

Malvern Motocross Park, Waynesburg, OH

Saturday, May 19 TBA Big Game Event Sunday, May 20

TBA Big Game Event

Sunday, May 27

Lightning Raceway, Tippecanoe, OH

Motocross Sunday, April 1 Pymatuning Holeshot Raceway, Linesville, PA Friday, April 6

Pymatuning Holeshot Raceway, Linesville, PA

Saturday, April 7

Malvern Motocross Park, Waynesburg, OH

Saturday, April 14

Pymatuning Holeshot Raceway, Linesville, PA

Sunday, April 15

Big Game Raceway, Hubbard, OH

Friday, April 20

Pymatuning Holeshot Raceway, Linesville, PA

Saturday, April 21

Malvern Motorcross Park, Waynesburg, PA

Sunday, April 22

Amherst Meadowlarks, Amherst, OH

Saturday, April 28

Pymatuning Holeshot Raceway, Linesville, PA

Sunday, April 29

Big Game Raceway, Hubbard, OH

Friday, May 4

Pymatuning Holeshot Raceway, Linesville, PA

Saturday, May 5

Malvern Motocross Park, Waynesburg, OH

Sunday, May 6

TV Land, Pierpont, OH

Friday, May 11

Pymatuning Holeshot Raceway, Linesville, PA

Sunday, May 13

Lightning Raceway, Tippecanoe, OH

Friday, May 18

Pymatuning Holeshot Raceway, Linesville, PA

Saturday, May 19 Malvern Motocross Park, Waynesburg, PA Sunday, May 20

Amherst Meadowlarks, Amherst, OH

Friday, May 25

Pymatuning Holeshot Raceway, Linesville, PA

Saturday, May 26

TV Land, Pierpont, OH

Sunday, May 27

TV Land, Pierpont, OH

Flat Track Saturday, April 28 Western Reserve MC Club, Salem, OH Saturday, May 12

Western Reserve MC Club, Salem, OH

Saturday, May 19

Big Game Raceway, Hubbard, OH

All schedules are listed based upon the information provided. Please contact the listed track to confirm details and obtain specific times. Thunder Roads速 Magazine ohio


Presenting the

Thunder Run!

Thunder Roads Ohio is proud to announce that this summer; we will be introducing the 2012 Buckeye Thunder Run (BTR). This is a state-wide, summer-long riding contest hitting the coolest riding destinations and events across Ohio, presented by Ohio’s #1 Biker Mag - Thunder Roads Ohio! . This is a riding contest like no-other and features great prizes and cash pay-outs every month!

Thunder Roads will announce a list of Thunder Run Stops each month. These stops are selected based upon the recommendations of our readers and confirmed by our editors. Riders can then hit these locations and present their Rider Cards in order to earn points for each stop. Additional points are given for purchases made and distance ridden to the stop. Some stops and local sponsors will be hosting specific giveaways for their stops. These added prizes will just build on the excitement, by allowing participants to win all summer long! Riders will be eligible to win prizes several ways. As mentioned, some locations will be offering prizes for their specific locations. For instance a shop in Mansfield may be offering a free leather jacket to one lucky rider that registers in their shop a particular month. A Harley dealership might offer the chance to come back and stay at a local Bed and Breakfast. Popular hangouts might offer t-shirts every month to riders that register at their stops. Thunder Roads is also teaming up with regional promoters to include several motorcycle give-aways in the Run. Ride participants making their way to these stops will be eligible to win bikes – including several custom HarleyDavidson™ motorcycles! These winners will be randomly selected from amongst the riders registering at these locations. Riders will also have their points tracked. Based upon the number of stops, distance ridden, and certain bonuses offered at the locations – riders will earn points every month. Thunder Roads will track these points and award prizes throughout the riding season based upon the run rankings and points being added during specific periods of time. For instance, we may issue a points challenge for the month of August. The Rider with the most points in August will win a special prize. Plans are already under weigh for a special Fall Run challenge.

Bikes of all makes and models are welcome! 26

Thunder Roads will also be selecting rider checks-in’s randomly each month from across the state for special incentives. During the month of May, Thunder Roads has teamed with Ohio Bike Week to offer several VIP Bike Week packages that include hotels and meet n’ greets with national performers! It all may sound confusing but it really boils down to a simple process: 1. Get your card. 2. Get the list of stops each month from your Thunder Roads Magazine, the website (, or facebook. 3. Ride out to these stops and show them your card. 4. And then you win cool prizes and cold hard CASH! It’s really that simple.

for all E E R F is n u r The


Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

One of the beauties of this program is that people can win both through the accumulation of points and through random drawings. This way, both the dedicated rider that can trek across the state each month and the couple that can only get out a few days a month to ride – can win. Even if you don’t start the run until August or even October – you will have the chance to win prizes. Of course, the more you ride – the more opportunities you will have to win! That’s the whole idea – to encourage everyone to get out and ride! The first step will be for riders to register for their Thunder Roads Ohio Ride Cards. A number of select locations will serve as Registration Centers. Riders can easily register at these points – free of charge. They will then receive their Ride Cards. The Ride Cards, presented by, will allow participants to easily and safely check in at all stops. Some Thunder Roads Sponsors will also be offering discounts to readers that present the cards. Thunder Roads will be listing special discounts and offers in the magazine throughout the year as an added value to readers and means of encouraging our partners to offer these extra savings. Thunder Roads will also be registering riders for Ride Cards at specific events throughout the year as we distribute magazines. Key events, such as Ohio Bike Week, will have special booths for registration and offer special incentives both for those registering for the cards and those checking in with their previously issued cards. Thunder Roads will also be working with charities and various non-profit events to include them in the Run schedule as well. This will be an easy means of encouraging participation and attracting riders from outside the local communities. In many cases, we will have specific prize drawings for those at these events.

One key aspect of the BTR is that we will be limiting the number of stops to a reasonable amount each month. We are NOT simply adding anyone willing to write a check. We will be considering stops recommended by our readers and editors, and we will only select those that offer a legitimate interest to riders – making them worth the ride to visit. We are not hosting the run as simply a means of supporting the magazine, but as a fun way to promote partners and cool destinations all across the state. This is not simply a “Chinese fire drill” or mad-dash across the state. This is a Ride program. It is meant to be a means for readers to discover new riding destinations and enjoy the ride there. In fact, we have designed the program to encourage folks to break out of their local routes and trek to the furthest corners of the state. The program includes extra bonuses for distance rides. In many cases, we will be developing specific weekend rides to feature stops. Thunder Roads has already begun working with key partners to organize rides to other stops on the Run. For instance, a popular hangout in Marion is planning rides down to a cool destination in Ironton. Thunder Roads will be assisting and helping to promote rides like that all summer! One of the really exciting aspects of the program is that the Buckeye Thunder Run can be modified and added to throughout the summer – if not the entire year. We will be adding and dropping stops each month. Readers will be able to nominate stops, we’ll investigate them, and if we agree that it’s a suitable stop – they’ll be invited to join the run. Some stops will only run a few months – and possibly not consecutive. A cool winery in Geneva might be a stop early in the season, and then we bring them back during the harvest season! We can also modify the run if it turns out that something just isn’t working.

arded for w a e r a s t in o Bonus p nt stops! a t is d e r o m hitting Thunder Roads® Magazine ohio

May 2012. in s in g e b n u The r s will Registration April, begin in late cebook or on fa check online ting of for a lis Stops. Registration 27

We want to keep things exciting for you – the readers and riders on the run. We’re bikers and it’s all about the ride. We want to help create fun experiences for you and share some cool spots in our state. And we want to discover new spots as well, which is why we are encouraging everyone to nominate their favorite riding destinations. Again this is not simply a sales tool for us. We have designed this run to entertain and challenge our readers – as well as promote our partners.

We also have a number of unique opportunities for branding - including being featured on contest motorcycles, jackets, shirts, and other opportunities. The exact number and nature of these options will be determined as details are finalized and as the promotion develops over the summer. Sponsors will ALWAYS have first priority in these placements. Sponsors will also have the opportunity to team up with Thunder Roads to help promote various charity events across the state. The Buckeye Thunder Run is a great vehicle to help promote non-profit events in communities all across the state. With the support of regional and state-wide sponsors – Thunder Roads can help promote these community events to a larger audience. Thunder Roads is involved in countless charitable events all across the state already – but with the support of our sponsors, we will be able to assist even more. Partners can assist in the sponsorship of specific events, areas of concern (such as breast cancer, child abuse, or animal shelters), or other specific areas. For more information on sponsorship, please email us at Of course one of the key components in this whole program, second only to the riders themselves, is the stops. The Thunder Roads team has spent the last several months collecting nominations and researching stops for the Run; but there are undoubtedly plenty of more stops out there. If you have a venue or event that you would like to get involved in the run, please don’t hesitate to let us know about it. If it’s your place, we will get in touch shortly with more information on the run and what’s involved. If you are recommending a spot for someone else – we will reach out to them and let them know they have been nominated. If you can suggest a contact person, that can help expedite the process. You can send information to

As with the magazine itself, the Buckeye Thunder Run is presented through the support of our sponsors and partners all across the state. We have secured several key sponsorships already, but opportunities remain. If your business would like to get involved, this is a great way to promote yourself all across the state in a positive manner. Even if your organization is not a riding destination you might become a sponsor for the tremendous promotional value it offers through the constant media attention it will receive. Obviously this will be a heavy focus within the magazine but we are also working with radio and other media outlets to help spread awareness of the run. Sponsors are able to tap into this network and enjoy great exposure.


The 2012 Buckeye Thunder Run will begin in May, with all necessary information and additional details in the May issue of Thunder Roads Ohio. We will also have a complete listing on our website – and our facebook pages. We will include a listing of registration stops – including a wide variety of events in May; including Bike Nights, Bike Blessings, and rides. As we mentioned, this is a dynamic event – intended to be tweaked and developed over time. If you have ideas, suggestions, or concerns – please don’t hesitate to let us know. You can email us at

Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

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ASK THE EXPERT “We know that you carry Full Coverage Insurance on your Motorcycle, but do you know what type of Full Coverage Insurance you purchased?” Brian Demeter - Regional Sales Manager of Rider Insurance By: Brian Demeter Regional Sales Manager of Rider Insurance I speak with hundreds of people each year about their motorcycle insurance. There is always one question that I ask everyone; “What type of coverage do you carry on your motorcycle”? Nine times out of ten, I get the same answer; “We carry full coverage.” What most people do not understand is that there are very different kinds of full coverage insurance. With motorcycle insurance, as with many things in life, what you do not know can seriously harm you! In Ohio, everyone who drives a car or operates a motorcycle on roadways is required to carry insurance. However, the minimum amount that we are required to carry is not very much insurance. The state minimum required by law is what is known in the insurance industry as 12.5/25/7.5 What this means is; $12,500 bodily injury per person / $25,000 bodily injury per accident and $7,500 in property damage. If you are in an at fault accident, this is the highest amount the insurance company will pay on your behalf. 12.5/25/7.5 can also be known as liability limits. Many people carry the state minimums without even knowing it because it can be considered “Full Coverage”. It is often purchased because it is what is presented at the point of sale and is less expensive than better coverage. You may be asking yourself, “If it is what is required by law and is the least expensive, then what is wrong with this picture?”

bike and a distracted driver runs into him. John is injured and spends five nights in the hospital, where he receives the best treatment. A week after he returns home, he receives a bill from the hospital in the mail for $85,000. The at-fault motorist who hit John had the state minimum 12.5/25/7.5 and this is what John carried on his policy too. What are the realities of this situation? Well John owes the hospital $85,000. If his health insurance doesn’t cover the whole bill John will have to get the money from somewhere. And even if his health insurance does cover it, he may be out of work for a while or suffer a permanent injury. His total damages could be over $100,000. The at-fault driver’s insurance company is going to pay $12,500 towards John’s injuries and John’s underinsured section of his policy is going to pay $12,500 too. That totals $30,000 and leaves John well short, so he will have to pay for everything else himself. Sure he could sue the at fault driver for the difference but chances are this person doesn’t have any money. What is the point of all of this? If you are like most of my customers, you should consider carrying a minimum of 100/300/50 for your liability limits. Translated in layman’s terms, this is $100,000 bodily injury person and $300,000 per accident and $50,000 in property damage. Basically, it is more than four times the coverage of the state minimum and does not increase your insurance premium by anywhere near that. Not sure what type of coverage you carry? Give me a call at 614-301-7973 or e-mail me at and we can make sure that you are protected properly.

Well there are two other important parts of your insurance policy that are very important too. These are the Uninsured and Underinsured components of your insurance policy. You see if someone has 12.5/25/7.5 for their at fault liability limits then they usually have 12.5/25/7.5 for their Uninsured and Underinsured liability limits. You could be the best driver on the road but what if someone hits you on your motorcycle? This is where the Uninsured and Underinsured sections of your insurance policy protect you. But, if you have the state minimum full coverage of 12.5/25/7.5, you are not protected very well.

Rider Insurance offers Low Cost, Best Service, No Hassles Motorcycle Insurance. Visit the company on the web at - Please use (Dealership Referral #5A Brian Demeter)

Consider this hypothetical example: John Williams is the best motorcycle driver in the world. One day he is cruising on his

Thunder Roads® Magazine ohio

Please call or email me with any questions Brian Demeter Regional Sales Manager Rider Insurance 614-301-7973


A sneak peak into

By Baby Bear So I’ve been hearing more and more through the grapevine (or cornfield if you will) about this cool event coming this summer to Van Wert, Ohio.... Rally In The Corn. Naturally, we here at Thunder Roads wanted to give our readers a little more info on something that has the potential to be a great recurring summer destination rally.  To do this, I contacted none other than Tony DiLalla, part owner of the rally alongside CJ Van Wart.  Tony had a lot to share about the event being held this year June 14th-17th, and how he plans to kick off this first-year annual event. TRO: What can riders expect to see at Rally In The Corn? Tony: Simply said.. TOTAL entertainment from open to close! We’ll have live music and biker games all weekend long... ranging from Tricycle Races, to “Honey I’m Home”, to Keg Tosses.... No talent needed! The tricycle races are pretty entertaining. Imagine a 250 lb biker riding to the finish line on a tricycle.. it’s a great time!  The best part is that all the games are at no extra cost and include prizes.  And don’t skip out early, Sunday Henry “The Pit Bull” Rife will be 32

attempting a world record jump! Like I said, we’ll have constant entertainment and just fun stuff! TRO: So then what are YOU most excited about for the rally? Tony: I’m excited about the opportunity to bring a large rally to the west edge of Ohio.  There hasn’t really been too much going on out there and not many opportunities for riders but now there will be.  Plus, it’s a great ride to Van Wert no matter where you’re coming from. Open roads with a lot of hills and turns. TRO: I know with the economy a lot of riders are concerned about the high cost of some of these events. What are we expecting to pay for this rally? Tony: Well that’s a great thing we have going for us.  We priced this event especially with the hard economic times in mind.  We wanted to make this a fun affordable event all riders could attend.  That being said, tickets are now on sale at Discount Drug Mart for a discounted rate. For the ENTIRE WEEKEND if you purchase in advance at DDM it will only cost you $30! It’s still only $35 at the gate.  If you can’t

do the weekend and just wish to come on Saturday it’s $20 in advance and $25 at the gate for a whole day of entertainment. It’s hard to beat that! I should also note that unlike other rallies, our custom bike and tattoo competitions are free to enter. These are judged by actual bike builders and tattoo artists that will be present. TRO: What’s the story as far as camping and bringing the kids goes? Tony: Thursday through Saturday is 21 and over.  However, Sunday is Father’s Day and if you wish to come out just for that day, it’s only $5! Kids under 12 are free and we’ll have a Kid’s Zone set up.  As far as camping goes, we are RV friendly and have 1200 available spots.  Two different zones will be set up, and prices are listed accordingly on our website.  We have free primitive tent camping available all on grass and if you’d like an electricity hookup it’s only $15.   TRO: Sounds awesome! Well we are more than excited to extend our rally time over to Van Wert after the Ohio Bike Week Rally! Thunder Roads can’t wait to be apart of this new event for years to come. Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

Thunder Roads速 Magazine ohio




& Blues:

South Western Ohio’s Best Benefit Ride The Preble County Historical Society’s  Annual Motorcycle Ride Fund Raiser BY Chris A

Thunder Roads Contributor

It’s one of the newest but possibly the best benefit rides in Ohio, offering beautiful scenery, small town hospitality plus a rare chance to cross one of the oldest double-barrel covered bridges in America. In its second year, “Bridges, Bikes and Blues” kicks off on June 16th putting Preble County Ohio’s rural landscape and historic covered bridges on display. The ride then transitions into a great party and concert, complete with smoking hot-blues bands, great food and an outdoor beer garden. It’s a perfect day out for folks who’s seeking a comfortable ride with plenty of amazing historic scenery. The inaugural event received rave reviews from participants, residents and local businesses. Organized by and for the benefit of The Preble County Historical Society, the “Bridges, Bikes and Blues” cruise is designed to take riders on a relaxing, scenic ride of approximately 75 miles, showcasing Preble County’s beautiful landscape and an almost unmatched collection of historic covered bridges. Over the years, Preble County has had a total of 29 covered bridges. Today seven covered bridges survive and are preserved, including the Roberts double-barrel covered bridge. It is the oldest covered bridge in the state of Ohio, built 34

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SPECIFICS: WHEN: 16 June 2012 WHERE: Preble County Historical Society, 7693 Swartsel Road, Eaton (off SRT 122, 1 mile NW of Gratis, 6 miles SE of Eaton) ROLL OUT: 12:30 From Historical Center END: Downtown Eaton, Ohio approximately 4 p.m. MUSIC AND PARTY ENDS: Approximately midnight COST: $20 per bike (Includes 8 raffle tickets) HOW: Pre-Register online now or e-mail your entry form to FREE T-SHIRT: For Every Volunteer and Participant QUESTIONS: Call 937-787-4256

in 1829, its the second oldest in the US, and one of six remaining double-barreled covered bridges in the US. For the 2012 Bridges, Bikers & Blues, riders will have the chance to travel over the brand-new Hueston Woods double-barrel bridge which is currently under construction an expected to be open in time for the June 16th ride!

The “Bridges, Bikes and Blues”organized ride will end in the afternoon when the riders converge on downtown Eaton, Ohio. There, local vendors, music, food and a beer garden will be waiting. Riders will be able to enter their scoot in a bike show and like every good party, there will be contests and raffle opportunities.

Typically, the Roberts bridge is closed to public traffic but on June 16th, for “Bridges, Bikes and Blues”, the bridge will be open and motorcycles will be permitted to cross. As riders visit each of the bridges, they will certainly notice that each offers a unique visual appeal, charm and individual history. History buffs and riders who like to document their rides will want to pack a camera. At most of the bridges there is an opportunity to stop and snap a photograph.

From an entertainment perspective, the performers scheduled for “Bridges, Bikes and Blues” are top-notch . Again, headlining this years event will be blues-rock guitarist Scotty Bratcher, who mesmerized the packed downtown square with his incredible guitar playing. Bratcher’s a known entity who’s opened for Styx and many other national acts. Added to this years bill is fellow blues rocker Noah Wotherspoon and sultry blues crooner, “Miss Lissa and Company.”

Riders are invited to arrive at the Preble County Historical Center for a pancake breakfast and registration starting at 10 a.m Roll out from the Historical Center is scheduled to begin at 12:30. Last year over 250 riders participated in the event criss-crossing the county, visiting historic sites and exploring a county that lives and loves motorcycles. Event organizers are confident they can easily handle twice that many participants so the society is ramping up its marketing efforts to get maximum participation.

For more information on “Bridges, Bikes and Blues”, visit the website of the Preble County Historical Society at www.pchs. There you can download bike show entry forms, rider registration forms and get the low-down on this great ride.

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Chris A is a Staff Writer and Photographer for Guitar Digest and new contributor to Thunder Roads. You can find more of his work on facebook via:



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The Blessing of The Bikes What is behind the growing popularity of Bike Blessing’s, and more importantly, what are they?


he cold weather is breaking early here in Ohio and motorcycle riders like to take advantage of that. This is the time of year when most of us are itching to put some miles on our bikes. It is also one of the most dangerous times of the year to ride. A lot of the larger vehicles that we share the roadways with haven’t quite adjusted to us being out there with them yet. I know what most of you are thinking: When are they ever paying attention to us? Which brings up a good point. With more distractions these days for drivers, it is becoming increasingly dangerous for bikers to do what we love, and that’s RIDE! There are many things you can do to help keep yourself safe while riding: wear a helmet, drive defensively, ride in a group, wear high visibility clothing, stay mentally alert, practice riding skills, ride to your ability, perform safety inspections, perform regular maintenance, pray for safety, and get your bike blessed. Get your bike blessed? What, you have never heard of a bike blessing? If you look at any biker magazine, website, or most group’s schedule of events, you will likely see a bike blessing advertised or listed this time of the year. Many motorcycle riders have heard of them but may be apprehensive to attend one of theses events. Yes, most are true biker events with hundreds, even thousands of bikers attending! These blessings have all the activities you expect from a fun, safe, and well organized motorcycle event. They usually have vendors, bands, speakers, food, door prizes, stunt teams, bike show’s, 50/50’s, poker runs, charity rides, etc. Jackass Flats in Dayton, OH (Jackass Flats MC and Broken Chains MM) will be hosting their 1st Annual Bike Blessing, Bike Show, and Charity Poker Run on Sunday May 6th, with many of these Thunder Roads® Magazine ohio

activities. The annual “Blessing of the Bikes”, also in Dayton, attracts 7-8,000 bikers every May! Now that you understand the popularity of bike blessings I will explain what they are, and more importantly, why you should attend one. A bike blessing is simply an opportunity for bikers to get their rides and themselves blessed for safe riding throughout the season. Some are held at a church or large venue, but most are at well-known biker spots. Usually it is performed by a minister, preacher, pastor, rabbi, or priest from a local church, some of whom may also be a rider. Sometimes it is simply Christian riders with holy water (water that has been prayed over by a pastor) performing the blessing. Most of these events offer individual (and more personal) bike blessings, while others may only offer a mass blessing by a priest tossing holy water on the crowd of bikes. An individual blessing consists of a pastor with holy water “drawing” a cross (usually on the headlight) with his finger and speaking a prayer of safety over the bike and its rider.

Motorcycle riding is inherently dangerous, and the odds of arriving safely to our destinations often seem stacked against us. More motorcyclists are involved in accidents and tragically killed every year! Now with texting, GPS, and cell phone distractions – motorcyclists are increasingly the victim of accidents caused by distracted drivers. We need all the extra help we can get, especially from “up above”. Whether you believe or not in a higher power, ask yourself this question next time you are riding, what will it hurt to get my bike blessed? Many motorcyclists may not believe in a “higher power” but will gladly welcome a prayer of safety. I can assure you that you will not be struck by lightning simply for attending a bike blessing. However, your odds of being involved in a motorcycle accident are significantly higher than being struck by lightning. More than likely there is a bike blessing near you. You have nothing to lose, and a lot to gain, by attending one of these events and getting you and your bike blessed. Stay safe and have a blessed riding season. Your Brother In Christ, Lee E. Helton Broken Chains Motorcycle Ministry Ginghamsburg Church Tipp City, OH Broken Chains is a church based motorcycle ministry established in 2003, with 3 main goals: Safety, Organization, and Outreach. You can find out more about Broken Chains at www.facebook. com/BrokenChainsMotorcycleMinistry EDITORS NOTE: Thunder Roads Ohio welcomes spiritual contributions from ministries of all faith. Material must be positive and nondivisive. For more information, please email: 37

Fuel tank with stock paint dropped off for re-paint.

Fuel tank after repaint. Sanded for airbrushing

Faering wet-sands and ready for airbrushing.

The Custom Painting Process

Exposed by Donn Shanteau Once you have acquired a motorcycle, it is time to start thinking about making it “your” motorcycle. While there are a plethora of chrome goodies, exotic seats, custom wheels and other accessories that can be put on the bike in various combinations to modify the stock appearance, nothing makes a statement like a really unique paint scheme. Re-painting your bike is not complicated. Qualified painters will do the job right the first time to give you a great paint job in a reasonable time. Cost depends on many factors such as, how many parts there are to be painted, what is the condition of the parts, the cost of the paints and materials, how detailed any custom graphics are and of course, shop overhead. How does one go about getting a re-paint on their scoot? What’s involved and how long does it take? Let’s start by talking about the stock paint that came with the bike. Pretty much all factory paint is a high quality 2-stage urethane that is extremely hard and very durable. 2-stage paints require that a “color coat” to be sprayed over the primed metal or fiberglass surface (stage 1) and then a “clear coat” is sprayed over the color coat to protect and preserve it (Stage 2). For the purposes of this article we will be talking about 2-stage paints since they are far and away the most commonly used in today’s custom paint shops. When a vehicle is shipped from the factory to the dealer the finish often exhibits what is called “Orange Peel”. The reason for the name is that the factory paint is often not perfectly smooth. It has a dimpled texture that closely resembles the surface of an orange. Orange peel is evident in almost every 38

Front Fender with airbrushing after clear-coating. factory new car and motorcycle paint finish. Noted exceptions are exotic cars and motorcycles from high-end manufacturers. Their finishes are perfectly smooth and mirror-like because of the hand sanding and polishing that is done during the final processes of the paint job. This higher level of quality is often referred to as a “show finish”. Repainting factory parts isn’t complicated. First, all of the parts that are to be re-colored need to be taken off the bike and all fluids emptied completely from the fuel and oil cells. This is so the entire part can be easily accessed by the painter during all stages of the job and the potential for contaminants leaking is eliminated. Next the paint needs to be sanded to completely to remove any evidence of the factory stripes or lettering. If they are not removed, their outlines will be evident under the new paint. Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

Faering during the airbrushing process.

Airbrushed Faering.

Fuel tank after airbrushing and before clear-coating.

The sanding process also eliminates any imperfections in the factory paint’s surface in addition to removing any unwanted graphics. The sanding creates a “tooth” in the paint that insures that subsequent layers of paint have proper adhesion. In most cases, eliminating the factory graphic forces you to re-paint the base color because the primer coat of paint that lies below the base Airbrushed color has most likely been exposed Helmet after by the sanding process. clear-coat.

paints are sprayed over a base paint in only one layer and change color depending on their formula and the angle of the viewer. Candy, Pearl and Color flip paints can be used in various combinations and over different base colors to render thousands of unique colors and effects.

If you want some custom graphics or airbrushing, now is the time to spray what is known as an inter-coat clear. Inter-coat clear protects the base paint from the taping, gluing and cutting that occurs during the application of the custom graphics. One or two layers of this special clear is sprayed over the fresh base color, then wet-sanded with very fine grit wet-sandpaper (1000-1200 grit) until there are no shiny spots. The airbrush artist doing the graphics, lettering or murals can now do their thing without worrying about affecting the base paint. Once the artwork or lettering is completed, it goes to the clear-coat process described below.

If you are re-coloring your parts without putting graphics in between the base paint and clear-coat, once the base paint is sanded , it is ready for the new color. Your choices for new paint colors and effects are almost unlimited. There are thousands of base colors to choose from. Some base colors are opaque and can have metallic powders or flakes included in the formula to provide a degree of sparkle. You can also opt for pearl paints, candy paints or color flip paints. Pearl paints are translucent and are applied in multiple layers over a base coat until the desired effect is reached. Candy paints are fairly transparent and also must be built up layer by layer until the desired level of coverage is attained. Color flip Thunder Roads® Magazine ohio

Once your parts are re-colored, they need to be clear-coated and polished. Acrylic Urethane clearcoats are recommended because they dry fast and super hard. Because they are so hard, they can be polished to a brilliant shine. Before clear-coating begins, the parts are cleaned with a gummy “Tack Cloth” to remove dust. Then a mild cleaning solution like Pre-Kleeno or Prep-Sol is wiped over the base paint to eliminate any greasy hand prints or other contaminants. Now you are ready to begin clear-coating. Three coats of Acrylic Urethane clear are sprayed over your new paint job. You don’t need any more coats of clear-coat than that. In fact if it is sprayed any thicker, it could lead to complications down the road due to slow drying times or excess paint thickness. Once the clearcoat has dried completely (usually overnight), it can be wet-sanded with an ultra- fine grit sandpaper to remove any dust or flaws. After wetsanding, the parts are polished or “buffed” with polishing compounds and polishing wheels or by hand. The super hard clear-coat polishes to a brilliant finish, just like a diamond. The sanding and polishing process is what brings the paint to life and makes the distinction between “factory finish” and “show finish”.

V-rod tailpiece clear-coated and assembled.

The painted parts are now ready to be re-installed on the motorcycle. Be ready for all of the attention you and your bike will get once you hit the streets. Motorcycle aficionados will appreciate your deviation from the stock paint scheme and your bike will truly be “yours” 39


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The Parts Slinger’s Counter is


OPEN Recently, I was asked if I wanted to get involved in contributing to Thunder Roads Ohio and even though I had to think about it, not because I didn’t want to work with the great people and friends on staff but because I never really saw myself as a writer. I wasn’t sure how I would contribute to this great publication. Then after looking back at several issues I noticed one thing that was missing, THE PARTS! Next to buying your ride, what is the one thing every owner needs? PARTS! Whether servicing or customizing, you need parts to do it. With that, the Parts Slinger’s Counter was born. You now know the why, how about the who? My friends call me “Deano” and I have been riding Harleys for the last 15 years with a ‘08 Street Glide as my current ride. Now I would like to state right off the rip that I have been slinging HarleyDavidson parts for roughly 10 years and I am currently at one of the largest dealerships in northern Ohio. Having disclosed that info, the majority of my articles will be based on Harley’s P&A and the aftermarket products produced for them. Over the coming months we will explore the world of this custom culture, review the products you want, cover topics and the trends that 50

you have questions on. Before we get rollin’, I would like to thank T.R.O. for asking me to get involved with a project that allows me to share something that is near and dear to my heart, the love of motorcycles and the creativity that makes your bike yours and my bike mine! Alright, enough of the speed dating “Hello My Name Is” stuff, let’s get the first edition of the Parts Slinger’s Counter going. Right around the time most of us were enjoying the Super Bowl and dreaming of warmer weather, new parts from the Factory and the Aftermarket world were hitting shelves at your local Harley hangouts. Today we will be taking a look at what top quality pieces the Factory has for us and how they have done a superb job of reinventing the proverbial wheel. Making rider safety a priority this year, the new Headlight Modulation kit will give you the ultimate road visibility. This reinvented product pulses the low beam of your headlight 4 times a second, offering an attention getter that even those Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

cages will see. An easy “plug and play” set up gives you a worry free installation for models dating back to 1987 without having to cut into that expensive wiring harness. The kit also features a daytime light sensor to ensure the system is only functioning during the daylight hours and a convenient on/off switch to give the rider full control of the system. I have heard recently “black is the new chrome,” with more and more of your favorite pieces being converted over to the dark side. The most recent offerings come in the way of the custom auxiliary passing lamps and turn signals for your touring bike, coated in a durable deep rich gloss black. When combined with the black LED headlight and passing lamps, they give you the ability to find your ride in that sea of chrome and light the way all the way back home. Don’t worry all you Chrome-Aholics, the factory didn’t forget about you. Now you can trick out that 103 cubic inch power plant with the newly redesigned Flame, Live to Ride and Number One Skull derby covers. These bad boys are tattooed to let everyone know the size of your stroke. Thunder Roads® Magazine ohio

You bobber fans will trip over your chain wallets to get the new nostalgic round air cleaner cover that features a low profile design coated in Harley’s rich chrome and a cut-away bottom to expose the filter for more air flow. Now for all the kats out there who are still living in the ‘70s, Harley has gone Retro with their Hard Candy Flake Color Shop Core series. They are offered in a dozen killer color combinations featuring those old school scallops in either a silver flake or vivid black and with fitments in the 4 veteran model families. There are sure to be some cool bikes burnin’ up the road this year. Well that is just a small taste of what has recently come available this year. To expand your mind on these and other quality items visit or better yet slide into a dealership to talk with your personal parts slinger. He or she will be more than happy to help you take your ride from mild to wild in no time! – Dean “Deano” Whitmire 51


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Easyriders Bike Show Tour Columbus Ohio Invitational

Peoples Choice Paint Winner

by Donn Shanteau It’s a pretty good recipe. Custom motorcycles, pretty girls, celebrities and rock and roll music. These ingredients are combined every February in Columbus Ohio and after a bit of simmering, the Easy Rider Invitational is ready to be served. The Invitational hosts all the winning motorcycles from the previous year’s Easy Riders shows. These bikes come from all over the country to slug it out for the title of “best of the best”. The venue is vastly improved from past years when it was held in Columbus’s Veterans Memorial Hall. It was moved to the Columbus Convention Center last year with great success. The infamous “Short North” restaurant and entertainment district is just steps away as you walk north along High Street from the convention center. When the show is over at the end of the day, the party doesn’t just stop. Show attendees and exhibiters can often be found in the clubs, bars and restaurants lining North High well into the wee hours. The streets adjacent to North High also host a bevy of entertainment and food choices, so don’t just stick to High Street when you check out the area. Take my advice, this is one great riding destination to keep in mind for later in the season. Oh yeah, I’m supposed to be writing about the show. The guest stars were actors Tommy Flanagan (Chibs) and Winter Soli (Lyla) from the Son’s of Anarchy television series. Mike Ballard from Full Throttle Saloon fame was on hand signing autographs as well. The bands that provided entertainment on and off all day long had good playlists that kept the show floor lively as everyone walked around checking out the bikes or shopping for the multitude of cloths and accessories that were available from the vendors. I’m going to let the photos tell the story about the bikes on 54

display this year, but I think it would be safe to say that highly customized baggers with big 26-30 inch front wheels are still in vogue. Their prevalence was complimented by the “Indian Larry” style of bobber that is becoming more common at these shows. The features that are signature to this style are custom one off hand fabricated parts or ones that are recycled from another application. Twisted frames and spoke wheels are also common on these nimble machines. These bikes can be built to be a showpiece or a rat. Either way, the design is limited only by the imagination of the builder. I also got to see the Harley that Evel Kneval jumped with at Wembly Stadium in England. That day ended badly when Evel executed the most famous motorcycle crash ever filmed. The slow motion replay of that crash will forever be etched in my mind. There was a ton of top quality paint and airbrushing this year. I noticed bikes that were sporting work by custom painting Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

notables, Chris Cruz, Cory St. Clair, Pamela Shanteau and Crazy Horse. There were also quite a few old school metalflake/scallop paint jobs in the mix. Many managed to put a fresh spin on the classic old school theme. This year’s show contained an entertaining cross section of old, new, custom and novelty motorcycles. The awesome venue provided plenty of opportunities for fun and food within walking distance. I would say that is a perfect prescription for cabin fever. Thunder RoadsŽ Magazine ohio


Stinger’s DIY Fairing Stingers Heavy Metal- Go from wind buster to bar hopper in under 5 minutes, for under 200 bucks? How to make your own removable fairing for your FL with all Harley parts!

Suggested parts list for removable fairing: 1. Five, ¾” ¼ x 20 bolts (We used stainless Allen button head bolts) 2. Ten, ¼ x 20 ½” flat washers (We used stainless) 3. Five, ¼ x 20 nylon lock bolt 4. One, full size Road King, or Softail windshield (We used a stock full size HD Road King windshield but others may work) 5. One, FLHT/FLHX outer fairing ABS style (Fiberglass old style is way to difficult to bother with) Below 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

are optional additional parts that may be used: 1 can semi gloss black spray paint 1 can clear coat 1 piece 800 grit sand paper 1 piece 1200 grit sand paper Buffing compound Buffing pad Electrical tape Chrome plated 1/4x20 spike shaped nuts (replaces 3 of the nylon lock nuts) 9. Blue liquid thread locker (for above chrome nuts) 10. Brukus Shieldshackle locking windshield hardware ( $65.00) 11. 6” Blacked out FLHX windshield from a vendor on Ebay $35.00

Tools needed for the modification: 1. Drill 2. ¼” drill bit 3. Sharp dike cutters 4. Rotary cutting tool with bit for plastic 5. Coarse sand paper-Wood block/Belt sander/ reciprocating circular sander etc. 6. ¼ “crescent wrench, ¼” socket etc. 7. Wax pencil or similar for marking cut lines on fairing shell 8. Adhesive remover 56

Here we are again! No, you’re at the right place, no music coverage this month. Instead in this issue I bring you a do it yourself article for those wishing to add a cost effective and simple removable fairing on a Road King and/or Softail with removable windshield mounting hardware using all HD parts! Have you seen the price tag on those removable fairings? WOW! Some don’t even look good or at the very least look “correct” as were used to seeing them on our iron. Now granted some come with one hell of a great stereo in them, however for those of us that don’t necessarily need the extra junk and wish to hold on to our cash for say something like, Ugh… gas money to actually ride somewhere, or have a drink afterwards… Here is an easy way to keep the wind off of you on the trip, and change into fresh bar hopper in minutes when you arrive! All the parts used for the modification are easy to find if you’re thrifty and determined. The parts I used were picked up in just a few days using the internet, Craigslist, E-bay, hardware store, and a local HD dealer. I would put the difficulty level of this modification at a 5 only because of the cutting and sanding to the outer fairing, as well having a good eye for not drilling the first pilot hole off center. Other than those things, you can put as much or as little effort as you want into making this look really good, and/or merely functional. The basic concept uses a stock removable full size Harley windshield that acts as the framework, & mounting for a stock Electra Glide style fairing fascia. 5 holes will be drilled through the windshield to attach the fairing once it’s cut out to accommodate the stationary headlight mounted on the bike forks. There will be 3 holes for the windshield, and 2 along the lower fairing area just behind the passing lamps if your bike is so equipped. It goes on just fine with passing lamps, or without so no worries…I did my homework. Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

As mentioned earlier to locate parts I flipped through Craigslist in a few close locations under the motorcycle category, I looked on E-bay for the main 2 pieces needed for this accessory at reasonable prices. If you look long enough you will find them on there. I even tried to contact a few local shops to see if they had scratch n dent or take off parts for this. BINGO! How about a few slightly wrecked parts? If they are in useable shape why not right? More money for a beer while you’re building it, double score! I was able to negotiate a slightly tweaked and scratched stock full size Road King windshield with frame, and a 2008 FLHX gloss black outer fairing for 80 bucks plus tax from a local dealer in their wrecked bike parts bin. The fairing is PERFECT for me as my RK is well…black. This one has a few scuffs in it that can be buffed out/color waxed somewhat easily, the cracked and broken area under the headlight mounting ring will be cut away anyhow so I’m in business with my finds.

some time but with some charcoal lighter fluid, it softened the glue enough that I was able to clean it off with no damage to the ABS. * NOTE: Acetone may cause the plastic to become brittle, Xylene will melt the ABS so be careful what you use to clean the surface!

Once I had the padding out and glue cleaned off, I gave a close inspection to the rest of the fairing looking for anything else that may need attention. The were some abrasion marks on the front that I can always try and buff out later, and the broken section under the headlight area that I merely just broke off and tossed in the trash. Next was to mark the area I was looking to cut out. I held it up to the bike so I could get an idea of just how much material I wanted to take out. I then decided that I should probably use some sort of template to get as nice of a line as I could. In my case I had an FLHT headlight backing plate lying around so I used it. You may try a headlight trim ring or just wing it, it’s up to you. Just remember you can always take more off but it won’t glue back on!

Once I cleaned up the parts I straightened out the mounting brackets and support frame of the windshield so it has reliable fitment to the bike. This is something you’ll want to assess before starting this project. Make sure your windshield fits smoothly in the grommets before you do anything else, especially if you’ll be pulling it on and off a lot. Those four rubber bushings are about 30 bucks to replace, if yours are warn and don’t grip securely replace em! The grommet for all FL models is a 67621-94… so you know.

Once marked off I drilled a couple holes along the line for starting and stopping places for the cutting tool bit. I want to note that as you make your line from the headlight area towards the back of the fairing stop about half way down before continuing your line. Flip the fairing over and note that there are two brass inset nuts molded into the bottom edge where you would naturally want to make a straight cut with your marking nine on the front. You’ll want to mark where those are on the front, and then move your cutting line off to the edge of those so they are removed in your cut off material. Not a good idea to cut through them unless you like a fight and a dull cutting bit.

I then began removal of the foam sound padding on the fairing, some will have this and some won’t. Pulling it away however left adhesive from the padding on the fairing, it took Thunder Roads® Magazine ohio


Once you have the area rough cut out like picture 12 and 13 you can then begin to carefully set the fairing up to the Headlight or Nacelle to see if it clears the largest area where it may sit later when bolted up. Again remember you can always sand, and trim as needed later. On the back side of the fairing there are two (right and left) molded reinforcement lines running from the bottom to the middle. PIC16 These ridges will need to be removed between the horizontal surfaces as shown.

hardware. Mark this area, double check it PIC23, and then with the ¼” bit drill your mounting hole through the FL windshield. As a reference for you here also, the drilling point should be on center with the center horizontal windshield brace bolt hole, and just about 3 and ½ inches above it. Install one of the ¼”-20 bolts, with a flat washer on both the nut and bolt side, and snug but don’t crush the fairing to the windshield so it holds it securely.

With your dyke cutters a starting cut and a tearing motion with the cutting edge against the surface will be all you need to remove this plastic ridge.

This is the area where the bottom of the windshield will sit, and where you will be drilling holes later for the bottom attachment points. Sand these areas flush with the fairing so the shield sits tight against this area. With this reference point noted, now you may want to position the windshield against the fairing to get an understanding of where your drilling points will be on the fairing and windshield. Install the windshield on the bike now that we know approximately where it needs to sit. Now is the time you should do final trimming of the opening for the headlight so that nothing rubs while you’re rolling down the road. You may end up trimming some more later so don’t get so detailed with your sanding just yet. Once you have some clearance to work with now comes the crucial part. You may even want someone’s help with this. Knowing that the bottom of the windshield will sit on the bottom lip of the fairing, center and level the fairing so you can mark the center hole for the windshield mounting 58

At the bottom edges physically familiarize yourself with the contact area between the windshield and fairing, opposite the headlight as seen above. Mark these areas with your marker on the fairing where the two pieces meet PIC 28. This will be where you will drill your bottom holes for the second and third attachment point. I will recommend to you at this point to add a drill stopping point on your ¼” bit as shown here with many wraps of electrical tape. This way you don’t have any accidents. Only leave enough of the bit to make it through the 2 pieces you’re drilling through. Its simple and quick to do, and a lot less expensive than a new tank, or fork tubes! Carefully while it’s still in place on your bike drill through the fairing and then into, and through the windshield. You may want to again have someone hold the other side so it does not scoot over while drilling. You can always remove both completely from the bike prior to drilling, the choice is yours, but you risk moving the alignment and having a crooked fairing. Just take your time and don’t push to hard so you don’t drill out more than the fairing and windshield. Once you have one hole done add the hardware snugly to hold the alignment in place for the second lower hole to be drilled, then add your hardware to this hole. Carefully drill out the right and left windshield mounting holes at the fairings windshield lip by holding the windshield and together fairing in a pinching action so the two pieces meet BEFORE you begin to drill. Then add your hardware snugly to these holes. Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

Now you should have the fairing attached to the windshield and its time to make any more adjustments to the headlight opening you need to. Once that’s complete unless you intend on just using the stock clear windshield, lets move on to cutting it down for an Electra glide windshield insert. This way you can choose what look and function you want, if you change your mind later. Since your hardware is snug use the top of the fairing as a guide to mark a line across the windshield, this is where you’ll simply cut it off. Remove all your hardware. Following the line you just made, hack it off with a jig saw or similar. You may want to sand and round off the cut edges a little to suite you.

The FLHT windshield will simply slip between the windshield and fairing , then tighten your hardware snug.

At this point you are pretty much finished with any modifications, now its time to clean up the mess you’ve made, and put any finishing touches on that you like, install it and possibly test ride it. Since I went through this and it looks so good, it dawned on me that someone else may think that too and want it for their bike…while I’m not around. I remembered seeing an advertisement in our publication by a company called Brukus that made a windshield securing bracket. I ordered one of their Shieldshackles and, wow what a great product! It was easy to install, quality made, and does exactly what it is designed to do. It keeps your windshield or fairing securely on the forks, and is almost imperceptible once installed!

Thinking further into this, you could sell off your windshield for another one someday, reinstall your stock hardware and move the Shieldshackle to your new one! If you don’t already have one, I really suggest you look into Brukus and grab a Shieldshackle. You can find them on the web at Something else taken into consideration as I was writing this is that not everyone has a black bike, and most of the painted fairings have paint splatter on the back side that you normally can’t see. However because of the way we are using this, you’re going to see any blemishes on the interior surface. You may find or know of alternative ways to address this however let me just entertain a very simple approach for those that don’t. You can lightly sand the interior surface of the ABS fairing with 800 grit sand paper to smooth over any questionable areas, or paint splatters. Once cleaned up and dust removed, mask off the front side of your fairing and use some quality semi-flat black spray paint to coat the interior surface. Once you have that done you could lightly wet sand it all again with some 1200 grit, clean, dry, then clear coat with an automotive grade clear found at just about every auto parts store. If your really into perfection, wet sand with the 1200 grit again to remove some of the orange peel look, then re apply the clear several times like this. Finally buff with a polishing compound to a mirror surface, hey who knows maybe you won’t need mirrors then? I finished off my fairing with some spikes to hold the bolts in place up top (they just go with the attitude of my King) and some black hot toppers from the auto store that cover the bolt heads on the lower part of the fairing. All said and done this project cost me a total of $200.00 with the new rotary cutting bit, new sanding belt, black toppers, Brukus kit, and chrome spikes. So let’s see, $800 for a plain Jane correct looking fairing minus my $200 gives me $600 dollars to ride to the next rally, pay for my room, pay for my food, drinks, and gas! I’m always looking for projects to do in the garage, and save some money while creating something very cool. As much as I love heavy music, concerts, playing with photography, or out riding; I love wrenching on things! I’ll be investigating adding audio to this setup for you guys that still want tunes and get back with you when I find something. We have lots of great stuff coming up for you this summer here at Thunder Roads like the Ride ‘n Win! I hope to catch you at a concert, bar or on the road soon! Have any ideas you’d like to share, or shoot the breeze about a great METAL show you’ve seen? Shoot me an Email at That’s all for this one, I’m off to test ride this again…I missed a few bugs. Ride safe and remember STAY HEAVY AND LOUD! \M/ -Stinger HEAVY METAL DECAL

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Walneck’s Motorcycle

swap Meets & shows • woodstock, Il

We are still at the “OLD FAIRGROUNDS” - Rt. 47 and 1049 Country Club Rd.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

RAIN or SHINE 8AM to 3PM 350 Vendors • 5,000 Buyers Antique, Classic, American, British & Modern, Too Better than the Internet! Search for it, find it, inspect it Buy it!...and then BRAG aBout it!

630.985.2097 •Come early•

Admission $7, under 14 FREE • FREE Parking • VENDOR spaces $40 Indoors or Outdoors Call early to reserve Inside • Vendor Setup 6am and you can pay at the gate Motorcycle Show - 13 Categories • Trophies by public judging • Show entry for a bike is $5 Trophies awarded about 1:30pm • For Sale signs OK • NO Alcholic Beverages

Woodstock, IL - April 15, June 24, Aug 19, 2012


Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

Emergency Bike Night with Heels n Wheels Austintown

and The Fast & Hairy Bike Show!

Photos by FireDoll Photography & Iron Cowboy

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Thunder Roads速 Magazine OHIO

Thunder Roads速 Magazine ohio



Thunder Roads速 Magazine OHIO

EVENTS Thunder Roads速 Magazine ohio



Thunder Roads速 Magazine OHIO

Thunder Roads速 Magazine ohio



Thunder Roads速 Magazine OHIO

A Nationally Recognized Dealer In The Heart Of The Ohio Valley



Phone: 330.308.8900 Toll Free: 877.308.8900

Thunder Roads® Magazine ohio


We Have A Full Retail Store With Police, Fire, EMS & Military Items Since 1989

Specializing In Custom





Open Mon.-Fri. 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

Thunder Roads速 Magazine ohio


Biker Friendly Directory

Attorneys Motor Eagles 1-888-75-BIKER Ralph Buss 1-800-ON-A-BIKE Biker Bars & Restaurants 306 Lounge 7377 Lakeshore Blvd Mentor, OH 44060 (440) 257-3557 Anchor Bay Carryout & Pub 12328 County Rd 27 West Unity, OH 43570 (419) 237-2728 At Witz End 38501 Lakeshore Blvd. Willoughby, OH 44094 (440) 942-6520 Blue Eagle 218 ½ State Bettsville, OH 44815 (419) 986-5639 Bluto’s Sport’s Bar & Grill 33 E. Seminary St. Norwalk, OH 44857 (419) 668-8862 Crazy Fox Saloon 112 W. Mansfield St. Bucyrus, OH 44820 (419) 562-1256 The Dog House 589 Broadway Ave Bedford, OH 44146 (440) 786-2260 Frog Town USA 2515 S. 3rd St Ironton, OH 45638 (740) 532-8337 Fuzzy Duck 100 Center St Coal Grove, OH 45638 (740) 532-3223 72

Jackass Flats 6024 Rip Rap Road Dayton, OH 45424 (937) 236-4329 Kate & Al’s 105 S. Main St Gibsonburg, OH (419) 637-7326 Little Bar on the Prairie 400 N. Stone St Fremont, OH 43420 (419) 334-9244 Main Street Saloon 1481 South Main Street Akron, OH 44301 (330) 724-8855 Margaritaville 212 Fremont Ave Sandusky, OH (419) 627-8903 Millstone BBQ 12790 Grey St Logan, OH 43138 (740) 385-5341 Nowhere Tavern 106 E. Main St Bellevue, OH 44811 (419) 483-2110 Portage Inn 355 Rice St Elmore, OH 43416 (419) 862-9942 Quaker Steak & Lube 5800 Interstate Blvd Austintown, Ohio 44515 (330) 349-9464 7834 Reynolds Rd Mentor, OH 44060 (440) 954-9464 6073 Dressler Rd, NW North Canton, OH 44720 (330) 433-9464 4900 Transportation Drive Sheffield, Ohio 44054 (440)934-9464

Great Lakes Gun Worx 419 Superior St. Rossford, OH 43460 (419) 754-9265

5935 Canal Rd Valley View, OH 44125 (216) 986-9500 5150 Liberty Avenue Vermilion, OH 44089 (440) 967-3724 Regulators Bar & Grill 2827 Marion Marysville Rd Marion, OH 43302 (740) 382-6054 Scotty’s 6224 East Livingston Ave Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068 (614) 755-9407 Scoundrel’s 826 Front Street Berea, Ohio 44017 (440) 234-3455

High Caliber Pistol Instruction LLC (440)984-4551 Mike’s Gun Sales (937) 570-0437 Ohio Carry Conceal (740) 225-0643 Ohio CCW4u (740) 621-1584 Phoenix Center (440) 285-9512

Snuffy’s Reloaded 1313 St. Rt. 6 Bradner, OH 43406 (419) 288-1718

Right To Carry LLC (216) 469-0866

Sportsterz 5422 Lake Rd E. Geneva, OH 44041 (440) 466-2361

Scooterz-N-Shooterz (330) 563-4683 The Gun Teachers (419) 349-6787

Towne House Tavern 199 David St. Marion, OH 43302 (740) 383-9887

Ohio Self Defense (614) 537-2262

Bike (& Cage) Washes Wet Willy’s 21813 Aurora Rd Bedford Heights, OH 44146 CCW Classes D&D Firearms (330) 645-6978

Walsh Defensive Firearms Training Center LLC 5335 Broadview Rd Parma, OH 44134 (216) 339-3824 Custom Paint & Airbrush Fat Daddy Tadpole (740) 591-5543 Athens, OH

Dayton CCW (937) 486-4229 Freedom Health and Safety Training Center (740) CPR-LIVE

FlameThrower Customs Doylestown, OH (330) 658-2805

Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

Biker Friendly Directory

Pamela Shanteau (419) 644-5147 Toledo, OH Wizard Graphics 11497 Youngstown Pittsburg Rd New Middleton, OH 44442 (330) 542-4444 Gym & Fitness Centers King’s Gym 24775 Aurora Rd Bedford Heights, OH 44146 (440) 439-KING Insurance Rider Insurance 1-800-595-6393 RJ Smith & Associates 18850 E. Bagley Rd Middleburg Heights, OH 44130 (800) 886-0305

(330) 297-7755 F-4 Custom Windshields (330) 968-4644 Nasty Baggers Orlando, FL 1-800-649-0884 Pandemonium Choppers 8936 Christy Rd Defiance, OH 43512 (419) 576-6812 Retail 911 Clothing 5011 Brookpark Rd Cleveland, OH 44134 (216) 398-7088 Bison Leather 7409 W. Central Ave Toledo, OH 43617 (419) 517-1737

Smith Insurance Services, Inc 4942 Reed Rd Columbus, OH 43220 (888) 644-2232

Boot Corral 7747 Mentor Ave Mentor, OH 44060 (440) 918-1332

Taylor Insurance 3982 St. Rt. 43 Kent, Ohio 44240 (800) 211-6723

Cycle Leather 9156 SR 14 Streetsboro, OH 44241 (888) 827-5562

Lodging Camp Sandusky 3518 Tiffin Ave Sandusky, OH 44870 (419) 626-1133 Parts & Accessories Arts Parts Custom Cycle & Service 35 E. Church St. Marshallville, OH 44645 (330) 855-3762 Bear’s Vintage MetalWorks 408 West Main St Ravenna, OH 44266

Erie Street Leather 416 Erie Street N Massillon, OH 44646 (330) 833-2672 Granny’s 2443 S. 5th St. Ironton, OH 45638 (740) 534-9463 Military Pride 29348 Euclid Ave Wickliffe, OH 44092 (440) 944-5180 Norton Sporting Goods 100 Norton Rd Waldo, OH 43356 (740) 726-2616

Thunder Roads® Magazine ohio

Pride Leather 24189 Front Street Grand Rapids, OH 45322 (419) 832-7433

Honda of Marysville 640 Coleman’s Crossing Blvd Marysville, OH 43040 (866) 645-4080

Scooterz-N-Shooterz 1840 Town Park Blvd Suite D Uniontown, OH 44685 (330) 563-4683

Integrity Cyles 156 Dering Ave Columbus, OH 43207 (800) 969-2005

Vivid Jewelers 27217 Wolf Rd Bay Village, OH 44140 (440) 835-0111 Sales Adventure Harley-Davidson 1465 State Rt 39 NW Dover, OH 44622 (330) 364-6519 Apex Powersports 938 Cookson Ave, SE New Philadelphia, OH 44663 (330) 308-8900 Bair’s Polaris Victory 6956 Portage St. NW North Canton, OH 44720 (330) 499-4544 Buckminn’s D&D Harley-Davidson 1213 Cincinnati Ave Xenia, OH 45385 (866) 218-1452 Carlton HarleyDavidson 11771 State Route 44 Mantua, OH 44255 (330) 274-3141 Century HarleyDavidson 3053 Eastpointe Drive Medina, OH 44256 (330) 721-1702 Competiton Accessories 343 W. Leffel Springfield, OH 45506 (937) 323-0513

Iron Hogz Power Sports 6387 N. State Route 48 Lebanon, OH 45036 (513) 836-3824 Mad River Harley-Davidson 5316 State Rt. 250/ Milan Rd Sandusky, OH 44870 (419) 502-2244 Motorcycle Maxx 5838 Columbus Blvd Lewis Center, OH 43035 (614) 883-5800 Napoleon HarleyDavidson 862 County Rd R3 Napoleon, OH 43545 (419) 592-7123 Rubber City HarleyDavidson 32 E. Cuyahoga Falls Ave Akron, OH 44310 (330) 535-9900 Signature HarleyDavidson 1176 Professional Dr Perrysburg, OH 43551 (419) 873-2453 South East Harley-Davidson 23105 Aurora Rd Bedford Heights, OH 44146 (440) 439-5300 Toledo Harley-Davidson 7960 W. Central Ave Toledo, OH 43617 (419) 843-7892


Biker Friendly Directory

Treasure Coast HarleyDavidson 4967 SE Federal Hwy Stuart, FL 34997 (772) 287-3871 Warren Harley-Davidson 2102 Elm Rd Cortland, OH 44410 (330) 395-4700 Western Reserve Harley-Davidson 8567 Tyler Blvd Mentor, OH 44060 (440) 974-6900 Service Arts Parts Custom Cycle & Service 35 E. Church St. Marshallville, OH 44645 (330) 855-3762 Cheshire Choppers 5750 St. Rt. 37, E Delaware, OH 43015 (740) 362-0695 Cleveland Motorcycle MFG Co. 4327 Lorain Ave Cleveland, OH 44113 (216) 961-5151 Cycle Analysis 4984 West 150th St Cleveland, OH 44135 (216) 362-9060


Don’s Garage 8625 Harrison Pike Cleves, Ohio 45002 (513) 353-1446 Driven Classics & Customs 4230 Coonpath Rd Carroll, OH (740) 756-7776

My Museum Tattoo 209 E. Ohio Ave. Dover, OH 44622 (330) 343-8500

Tattoo Shops 546 Tattoo 53 Benedict Ave Norwalk, OH (567) 424-6200

Pain & Pleasure Tattoo 6015 Milan Rd Sandusky, OH 44870 (419) 625-0069

Art Bomb Tattoo 32 N. Erie St Massillon, OH 44646 (330) 834-2781

Route 42 Tattoo 201 S. Franklin St. Ashley, OH 43003 (740) 413-4042

Iron City Choppers 1119 ½ 3rd St. Ironton, OH 45638 (740) 534-9487

Bad Ass Tattoo 46065 Telegraph Rd Amherst, OH 44001 (440) 986-3845

Performance Engineering 4327 Lorain Ave Cleveland, OH 44113 (216) 961-5151

The Dragon’s Cachet #2 320 N. Gaver Monroe, OH 43311 (937) 599-2258

Roeder Racing & Service 3684 U.S Rt. 20 Monroeville, OH 44847 (419) 465-2247

Empire Ink 335 E. Cuyahoga Falls Ave. Akron, OH 44310 (330) 928-9833

Steel Core Customs 1104 S. Washington St. Circleville, OH 43113 (740) 412-9349

Iron Clad Tattoos 36221 Lakeshore Blvd Eastlake, OH 44095 (440) 951-4-INK

The Bike Shop 750 East Glenwood Ave Akron, OH 44310 (330) 940-2453

Lazy Dave’s Tattoo 27084 Lorain Ave North Olmsted, OH 44070 (440) 777-4465

Twin Visions 4520 Alum Creek Dr Columbus, OH 43207 (614) 409-1060

Main Street Ink 529 North Main St Findlay, OH 45840 (419) 420-8282

Stained Skin 1255 N. High St Columbus, OH 43201 (614) 297-SKIN Sudden Urge Tattoos 9360 Mentor Ave Mentor, Ohio 44060 (440) 368-3529 Tri-State Body Art 418 S. 2nd St Ironton, OH 45638 (740) 237-4500 Zebra Tattooz 8934 State Route 14 Streetsboro, OH 44241 (330) 626-9776 Trikes Paradise Bikes, Trikes, and Trailers 1673 E. St. Rt. 73 Waynesville, OH 45068 (888) 505-4090

Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

K.I.S.S. page composed & edited by: Toni McCoy Shearon of Tennessee

This is my birthday month, so this page will pay homage to just some of my all-time comfort foods. GRILLED PEANUT BUTTER & MARSHMALLOW MELT 2 Thick Slices of Either Sour Dough Bread, Potato Bread or French Bread Quality Brand of Peanut Butter; smooth or w/ nuts Quality Brand of Marshmallow Creme A cast iron skillet works best when grilling any sandwich.Take real butter and spread generously and thoroughly both sides of each side of slices. Turn onto counter and then spread really generously one side with marshmallow creme and the other with quality peanut butter. Slap together and you may need to scrape some butter off of counter and re-apply to outer sides. Your skillet should be hot, but only medium hot. But it should definitely be heating up while you’re preparing skillet because you want that sizzle when you put sandwich down. Throw in a pat of butter to coat the bottom of skillet evenly. Gently place sandwich in and DO NOT TOUCH IT. This is essential. If you push or tug at it you’re just tearing the bread and ruining that golden brown caramelizing that occurs. So, just let it go and keep watch on it......after about 2 minutes, gently lift a corner with a spatula and if it all appears to be a gorgeous golden brown, then hold the sandwich up in the air on spatula, take your other hand and add another pat of butter, let it melt outwards, then flip the sandwich over and in the pan to grill the other side.Take it out of pan, place on a plate and just let cool for 1 full minute before cutting as it lets the sandwich “rest”, just as meat needs to and all the juices blend together beautifully. OMG! I was making this sandwich when I was 7 years old, by myself, and it was and always will be one of my Top 5 Yummies. *Note: If you don’t use a cast iron pan, then you’ll probably need a weight while grilling. Just use a really heavy lid that is apprx. the size of your sandwich. Something like a porcelain coated cast iron lid or, like .R.R. does; wrap a brick in aluminum foil. As with anything else in life, whatever it takes to make it all come together makes the end result even better. Thunder Roads® Magazine ohio

REALLY SIMPLE & FAST CHILI CONQUESO DIP 1 Bottle of Walmart’s Brand of Conqueso Cheese (found by the chips aisle) 1 Can of No-Bean Chili 1 Can of Ro-Tel (brand name) Original Style Canned Tomatoes With Green Chilies *These can be found in any grocery store in the USA (Be sure & drain off liquid) 1/2 Bottle of Chopped Pimentos Mix all together in a ceramic or glass bowl; cover with Glad Press N’ Seal (leave small corner pulled back slightly to vent) Nuke for apprx. 3 minutes and stir well when done. Eat w/ your fave chips. Our preference is those super crispy Tostido’s Scoops. Olay! CARROT CAKE CUPCAKES WITH BUTTER CREAM FROSTING 1 Pkg. of Betty Crocker’s Super Moist Carrot Cake Mix 2 Tubs of Betty Crocker Buttercream Frosting 1/2 Cup of Dark Raisins 1/2 Cup of Chopped, Roasted Walnuts 1/2 Cup of Pure Pineapple Juice Just prepare mix as directed, adding in the raisins, walnuts and pineapple juice. Spray a pan with butter spray and medium-chop walnuts. Sprinkle them really heavy with cinnamon. Place in preheated 350 degree oven. When pull from oven dump directly into mix, give it a little mix up and spoon mix into muffin liners in a cupcake pan. The mix should make apprx. 24 cupcakes. I always remove the wrappers so it’s easier to just dig in. Cool them completely on a wire rack and I get 2 tubs of the Buttercream frosting because I am excessive about frosting and let’s face it, if you’re going to blow it out and make your own cupcakes, then gorge on them, you might as well go all out. Like Paula Deen says, everything in moderation. I chose Sundays a long time ago and I don’t go crazy, but Sunday is my day to eat my fave food without the guilt. You have to reward yourself for eating so damn goodie-goodie all week long. At least, that’s how I justify it. Happy Birthday to all you Aries RamHeads. Oh yeah, we’re stubborn as mules but also highly romantic, passionate & loyal. We love bikers because they have all those qualiteis no matter what sign they are. Happy Spring!




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Thunder Roads速 Magazine OHIO




Thunder Roads速 Magazine OHIO




Thunder Roads速 Magazine OHIO


Market your business to local bikers.

Thunder Roads速 Magazine ohio


Call 440-785-7331 for more info. or email



Thunder Roads速 Magazine OHIO




Thunder Roads速 Magazine OHIO


Market your business to local bikers. Call 440-785-7331 for more info. or email

Thunder Roads速 Magazine ohio



Upcoming Events All events are listed as per the information submitted to Thunder Roads Ohio. TRO is not responsible for inaccuracies or the specifics of the information provided. If you would like your event listed, please email details and your contact information to: April 1, 2012 Giant Motorcycle Swap Meet Birch Run Expo Center Birch Run, MI 11am-4pm Adults-$9 Children (6-12)-$2 Parking-Free! April 1, 2012 Akron Motorcycle Swap Meet Tallmadge, OH 10am-4pm Admission: $5 Children Under 12: Free! Parking: Free! For More Info Call: (330) 324-7230 April 5-7, 2012 Open House! Bair’s Polaris Victory North Canton, OH 8am-7pm/ 8am-5pm/ 8am-3pm Free Demo Rides For More Information Call Brad @ (330) 499-4544 April 7, 2012 Easter Egg Hunt Toledo Harley-Davidson Toledo, OH Egg Hunt & Easter Bunny 1:00pm April 7, 2012 Adult Easter Egg Hunt Buckminn’s D&D Harley-Davidson Xenia, OH 11am- 3pm For More Information Call: (866) 218-1452 April 7, 2012 Blood Drive Harley-Davidson Sales & Service Napoleon, OH 9am-2pm For More Information Call: (419) 592-7123 April 7, 2012 Easter Egg-Stravaganza Southeast Harley-Davidson Bedford Heights, OH Pictures with the Easter Bunny 9am-5pm April 7, 2012 All Day Egg Event Western Reserve Harley-Davidson Mentor, OH 9am-5pm Biker Bunny Photos 11am-2pm For More Information Call: (440) 974-6900 88

presented by

April 7, 2012 Kingdom Knights Blessing of the Bikes & Ride Bill Denton Center Akron, OH 10:30am For More Information Call: (330) 203-4865 or e-mail

April 15, 2012 Giant Motorcycle Swap Meet Suburban Collection Showplace Novi, MI 11am-4pm Adults-$10 Children (6-12)-$3 Parking-$5 (Free If You Ride In!)

April 10, 2012 Women’s Garage Party C&A Harley-Davidson Plain City, OH For More Information Call: (614) 764-2453 or e-mail

April 15, 2012 V-Twin Cruisers Blizzard Run Western Reserve Harley-Davidson Mentor, OH 11 am For More Information Call: (440) 974-6900

April 11, 2012 Men’s Boot Camp C&A Harley-Davidson Plain City, OH For More Information Call: (614) 764-2453 or e-mail

April 15, 2012 Ohio Valley H-D Parts-O-Rama Swap Meet Serbian Cultural Center Weirton, WV 9am-5pm Admission: $5 Under 16- Free! Parking- Free! For More Information Call: (740) 381-8602

April 13-14, 2012 Wounded Warrior Poker Run Frog Town USA Ironton, OH 5pm Friday- All Day Saturday $1000 Poker Hand Camping For More Information Call: Mark @ (740) 646-2131 April 13-15, 2012 Season Opener Century Harley-Davidson Medina, OH (330) 721-1702 April 14, 2012 Freedom House Fundraiser Dinner Sponsored by VFW Post #7490 Louisville, OH 4pm-10pm For More Information Call: (215) 609-5942 Email: April 14, 2012 Spring Open House Lake Erie Harley-Davidson Avon, OH 10am-6pm April 14, 2012 Free Cookout Rubber City Harley-Davidson Akron, OH April 15, 2012 Walneck’s Motorcycle Swap Meet McHenry County Fairgrounds Woodstock, IL 8am-3pm Admission: $7

April 15, 2012 Hog Brunch Ride A.D. Farrow Co. Harley-Davidson 10am-5pm April 20-21, 2012 Demo Days Motorsports of Dayton New Carlisle, OH 9am-7pm For More Information Call: (937) 849-1838 April 21, 2012 Jenifer Scott Memorial Ride Powder Keg Harley-Davidson Mason, OH Registration at 9am $10/bike For More Information Call: (513) 305-8205 April 21, 2012 Spring Wing Ding Event Cleveland Harley-Davidson Cleveland, OH 10am April 21, 2012 ABATE of Ohio 8th Annual Firefighters Run Woody’s Place 2575 N. Court St Circleville, OH $15/couple $10/single Registration 11am

April 21, 2012 The Blacktop Blues Racing Rhythm & Rock Festival Toledo, OH 2pm April 21-22, 2012 Kidsafe Event Buckminn’s D&D Harley-Davidson Xenia, OH Get Kids Finger Printed 9am-4pm/ 11am-4pm For More Information Call: (866) 218-1452 April 22, 2010 Hog Roast Benefit Bike Run ARCA Racing 5639 Benore Rd Toledo, OH $20/rider $10/passenger 12pm-3pm For More Information Call: (419) 389-2213 April 25-29, 2012 Laughlin River Run 30th Anniversary Laughlin, NV April 26, 2012 Ladies Only Garage Party Century Harley-Davidson Medina, OH RSVP to Amanda Rae @ (330) 721-1702 Or email: April 28, 2012 Women’s Garage Party Thiel’s Wheels Harley-Davidson 350 Tarhe Trail Upper Sandusky, OH 4:30pm-6:30pm April 28, 2012 5th Annual Ride for Veterans Quaker Steak & Lube Columbus, OH Registration 9am April 28, 2012 Demo Days! Buckminn’s D&D Harley-Davidson Xenia, OH 9:15 am- 3:45 pm For More Information Call: (866) 218-1452 April 28, 2012 Pancake Breakfast & Blessing of the Bikes Century Harley-Davidson Medina, OH Breakfast 9:30am-11am Blessing follows after (330) 721-1702

April 21, 2012 April Customer Birthday Celebration Buckminn’s D&D Harley-Davidson Xenia, OH 9am-4pm For More Information Call: (866) 218-1452

April 28, 2012 Safety School Harley-Davidson Sales & Service Napoleon, OH 10am-11am Free! RSVP to Kathy by April 27th. (419) 592-7123

Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

April 28, 2012 6th Annual Preble County Humane Society Run Camden Whiskey Bar Camden, OH 11am For More Information Call: (937) 452-5881 or e-mail camdenwhiskeybar@ April 28, 2012 Armed Forces MC Spring Shake Down Poker Run Grove City Inn (Start) Grove City, OH Register: 10:30 am- Noon $20/person or $30/couple For More Info Call: (614) 607-3631 April 28, 2012 5th Annual Ride for Little Readers Poker Run Forest, OH Breakfast 9am, Bikes out 10am $10 donation April 28, 2012 Battle of the Biker’s Blood Drive Lake Erie Harley-Davidson Avon, OH 10am-4pm April 28, 2012 Buckeye Bike Blessing Buckeye Harley-Davidson Dayton, OH 10:30am April 29, 2012 Rally For The Troops American Legion Post # 627 Newburgh Heights, OH Pancake breakfast @ 7am Kickstands up 10:15 $5 Donation Email: April 29, 2012 Hog Skills Harley-Davidson Sales & Service Napoleon, OH 11am-4pm Safety Demos For More Information Call: (419) 592-7123 April 29, 2012 10th Annual Rally For the Troops Cleveland Public Square Cleveland, OH 11am-Noon Free Parking Post Rally Food & Entertainment Cleveland Harley-Davidson Sales Company 12:30pm-2:30pm For More Information Call: John @ (440) 263-8121 May 4-6, 2012 Demo Days Century Harley-Davidson 3053 Eastpoint Drive Medina, OH 44256 (330) 721-1702

presented by

May 4-6, 2012 Hell City Tattoo Fest Hyatt Regency Downtown Killombus, Ohio

May 12, 2012 3rd Annual Child Abuse Awareness Ride Mason, OH

May 5, 2012 Annual Blessing of the Bikes South East Harley-Davidson Bedford Heights, OH Starts @ 9am For More Information Call: (440) 439-5300

May 12, 2012 The Annual Joe “Hug” James Memorial Run Plain City, OH Registration 9am $20 per person - all day, live music, food

May 5, 2012 Grand Opening & Bike Cruise in for Breast Cancer Metal Fab Mafia & Driven Classics and Customs Carroll, OH 11am-4pm $10 Bike Registration For More Information Call: Bob @ (740) 689-5780 May 5, 2012 Lady Riders Against Cancer Poker Run Powder Keg Harley-Davidson Mason, OH 10am May 5, 2012 State Awareness Rally Sponsored by Abate of Ohio AD Farrows Northstar Sunbury, OH. Registration: 9:30am-11am Kickstands up @ Noon for the Ohio State House in Columbus After Rally @ AD Farrows Downtown Columbus until 5:30pm For More Information Call: (614) 319-3644 May 6, 2012 1st Annual Bike Blessing Hosted by Jackass Flats MC Jackass Flats Dayton, OH 12pm-6pm May 6, 2012 Bike Blessing Bethel Baptist Church Ravenna, OH 4:00pm For More Information Call: (330) 235-3592 May 9, 2012 Victory Demo Truck Demo Day Motorsports of Dayton New Carlisle, OH 9am-7pm For More Information Call: (937) 849-1838

Thunder Roads® Magazine ohio


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May 12, 2012 3rd Annual Scrabble Run/Bike & Car Show Proceeds to benefit Family Promise OHIO CYCLEWORX LIMA, OH Bikes out-10am $20 entry(includes run entry & raffle) Bike and Car show- Free! For More Information Call: (419)331-2333 May 12, 2012 First Annual 100 Mile Charity Legion Rider Legacy Run Starts @ Starbucks, Howland, OH Ends @ Leon’s Bar, Howland, OH 9:30 am-4:30 pm $10/rider $5/passenger May 12-13, 2012 MLMC Spring Swap Meet Mt. Sterling, OH $4/day May 19, 2012 Wounded Warrior Poker Run Medina, OH 11am-11pm Prizes @ 7pm Pig Roast $5 May 20, 2012 12th Annual Blessing of the Bikes Welcome Stadium, Lot D Dayton, OH Starts @ 10am $2 donation For More Information Call: (937) 429-2721 May 20, 2012 Reptile Run Benefiting Juvenile Diabetes Start: Quaker Steak & Lube Mentor, OH or: Lake County Speedway Bikes Out- 11am Bikes In- 5pm $10 entry (includes coupon book, run, raffle, gate) Bikes & Cars Welcome! For More Info Call: Steve (614) 390-5977

May 20, 2012 Hocking Hills Motorcycle Ranch Round Up! Rockbridge, OH 10am-6pm For More Information Call: Michelle @ (740) 385-4467 May 20, 2012 4th Annual Blessing of the Biker’s Upper Sandusky, OH May 27, 2012 Ye Olde Mill Rod Run & Picnic Registration 9am $10/person May 27, 2012 8th Annual Firefighters Memorial Ride Cleveland Firefighter’s Memorial Cleveland, OH 10:30 am-3pm $20/person (before May 6 & Includes shirt) $25/person (after May 6, no shirt) Ride Concludes @ Lake Erie H-D Avon, OH For More Information Call: John @ (440) 263-8121 June 1-10, 2012 Ohio Bike Week Sandusky, OH June 1-3, 2012 Rally on the Rock Put-In-Bay Resort & Conference Center Scavenger Hunt Sunday @ 3pm For More Information Call: (888) 742-7829 June 2, 2012 6th Annual John Hollywood Watts Poker Run & Bike Show Fairborn, OH First out 11am $15/person, Spectators FREE June 1, 2012 Abate MC Awareness Rally Sunbury, OH June 2, 2012 8th Annual Brandy Winfield Memorial Poker Run Marion, OH Registration 9am $20/single $25 double June 2nd, 2012 6th Annual Vietnam Vets MC SHOOTOUT Canton, Ohio Starts at 11:00am For More Information Call PhotoBob @ (330) 484-2565 Or E-Mail: 89


Thunder Roads速 Magazine OHIO

A man goes into a bar and seats himself on a stool. The bartender looks at him and says, “What’ll it be buddy?” The man says, “Set me up with seven whiskey shots and make them doubles.” The bartender does this and watches the man slug one down, then the next, then the next, and so on until all seven are gone almost as quickly as they were served. Staring in disbelief, the bartender asks why he’s doing all this drinking. “You’d drink them this fast too if you had what I have.” The bartender hastily asks, “What do you have pal?” The man quickly replies, “I have a dollar.” --------------------------------------------------------------------A biker and his ole lady are shopping in their local Wal-Mart. The biker picks up a case of Miller Lite and puts it in their cart. ‘What do you think you’re doing?’ asks the ole lady. ‘They’re on sale, only $10 for 24 cans’, he replies. ‘Put them back, it’s a waste of money’, she demands, and so they carry on shopping. A few aisles further on along, she picks up a $20 jar of face cream and puts it in the basket. What do you think you’re doing?’ asks the bike. ‘It’s my face cream. It makes me look beautiful,’ she replies. The Biker retorts: ‘So does 24 cans of Miller Lite and it’s half the price.’ ---------------------------------------------------------------------A biker arrived at his bro’s house to get ready for the big run that weekend. His thoughts were on the run as he walked up to the porch, he couldn’t help but notice the hugh dog sitting next to the door. When his bro answered the door he asked, “is that your dog?” “Yea, I got him for the ol lady”, was the response. “No kidding. I always kept my mouth shut bout your ol lady but, I gotta say, nice trade” --------------------------------------------------------------------A tough looking group of Bikers were out riding when they saw a girl about to jump off a bridge so they stopped. The leader, a big burly man gets off his bike and says “what are you doing?” “I’m going to commit suicide” she said While he did not want to appear insensitive, he didn’t want to miss an opportunity so he asked...”well before you jump, why don’t you give me a kiss?” So she does....And it was a long deep lingering kiss. After she’s finished, the biker says, “ Wow! Tha was the best kiss I have ever had. That’s a real talent you are wasting. You could be famous. Why are you committing suicide?” “My parents don’t like me dressing up like a girl” Thunder Roads® Magazine ohio



Thunder Roads速 Magazine OHIO

Thunder Roads速 Magazine ohio


Apr. 2012  
Apr. 2012  

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