Thunder Roads Mid-Atlantic September 2018 Vol 7 Issue 1

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NE OF OUR favorite yearly events to support is the Joint-Base Andrews Motorcycle Safety Day, an event designed specifically to promote motorcycle safety and awareness for our men and women sacrificing their freedoms these United States. The day started with a group ride followed by advanced skills and riding demonstrations by Prince Georges and Fairfax county Motor Units with braking, throttle control, body and head positions and even proper techniques to upright your bike in the event of a drop. Also providing advanced skill demonstrations was the Moore Racing team who have been a part of the event from the beginning with demo consisting of figure 8s, speed and cornering control by Milayla and William while Dad Will orchestrated the duet action with the finesse of a maestro. This year brother William not only showed some knee dragging skills, but also a little elbow dragging action. An event favorite is the Slow Ride, where throttle, braking and balance all come together challenging riders to roll as slow as possible without stopping. Having won this contest previously on a sportbike I thought this would be a piece of cake. Unfortunately, I didn’t factor in going up against pro riders. Not being afraid of a challenge, young Mikayla and brother William stepped up to the line to test their slow ride skills with sister Mikyala leaving William a little flat footed, but it was all in family fun and love. At the end of the event, veteran Pro Dave Russell of Ride Like a Pro Maryland slow rolled his way into another victory



Thunder RoadsÂŽ Mid-Atlantic

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