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Our Staff Techno - President Techno (Props if you get the name reference) is the computer brains behind the operation. He has knowledge in all sorts of platforms including web, programming, and publishing software. He is involved in B.E.S.T., and SADD.

Bossman - Editor-In-Chief A freshman, Bossman saw a need for change in the current publication at CHS. He organized the group and published this publication to promote change and show that citizens have the right to do this sort of thing. Bossman is involved in the B.E.S.T program at CHS.

Wonder Woman - Managing Editor Wonder Woman, junior, is involved in one of the many publications that has been selectively left out of the current publication at CHS. She also saw the need for a change. She involved in B.E.S.T., band, madrigals, show choir, and tennis.

Aviotech-Managing Editor, Layout Manager Aviotech, freshman disagreed with many of Circle High’s current publication’s story choices, layout designs and the amount of left out clubs. Aviotech is here to make a change at Circle. Aviotech is included in B.E.S.T. at CHS.

Our staff has decided as a group to stay anonymous for opinionated reasons and to not form offense towards the Circle Vision staff. Letters to the editor may be written. Please leave your name and a locker number/classroom number for letter responses from us. Also if you have any feelings of being left out please include that in the letter. Please email all letters to:



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ThunderGround Staff

Obama could put you without guns President Barack Obama looks at guns in a negative way, not a positive one as stated in many campaigns. Obama wants to get rid of guns. That is a terrible idea because it would leave the citizens of the United States defenseless, and with a lack of food. People kill people, not guns. The 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the United States says we have the right to bear arms. If President Obama took away guns, the biggest issue would be the lack of defense for the citizens of the United States. There would be almost no defense for us to use against attackers, burglars, or situations where a gun would be necessary. Without guns, there would also be a lack of meat because that’s the easiest and most painless way to kill an animal for meat. There would also be less hunting, which could also make living hard if you didn’t have much money because that could be your food supply. Obama has stated his gun views many times over the last four years, and most democrats agree with him on the issue. “If you take a look at the gun itself, someone has to pull the trigger,” said social studies teacher Doug Odom. President Obama often looks at the problem from the perspective of guns killing people. That is false. A gun cannot just automatically fire on its own. Someone has to be there to fire it. Obama is so busy with being president, that he cannot get out and see the good use of guns. If he realized the benefits of firearms, then he would not have the same views. Obama is also against multi-round magazines, but that does not make any sense either. People could just pull out another magazine and put it right into their gun.

According to, Obama said in October 2006 he wanted all guns out of inner cities. He would have an issue controlling that unless he sent people into every house to seize the guns. The inner cities of the United States are the ones that have the biggest issues with crime and murder. According to, Detroit, Michigan is the 18th largest city, and is known for the highest crime rate of the United States. Taking away firearms from big cities would not make logical sense because the non-crime ridden people would have no reliable way to defend themselves. We have the right to bear arms as stated in the 2nd amendment. It would be immoral right to take that amendment away from the citizens. This is the biggest issue that Obama fight while trying to take away firearms. Removing an amendment from the constitution requires a lot of arguing, time, and hard work. Obama does not have enough time to get that done in the next four years. “I think that the people that put the 2nd Amendment into the Constitution knew what they were talking about, so it should not be changed,” said freshman Jonam Gibbs. It’s not right for President Obama to take away our guns because we have the right to keep them. To provide a solution to Obama’s opinion, which could lead to no guns in the United States, requires the citizens of the United States to persuade him differently. We need send letters to Obama or Senators. We need to persuade him to go out and look at the good of firearms. We also need to start national campaigns to stop gun control. If you want to keep firearms in your home, it is time to take actio

Circle B.E.S.T, the program for everybody Circle B.E.S.T. (Boosting, Engineering, Science, and Technology), is a program at CHS for students in grades 7-12. This program is also known as the robotics team of Circle High School. Our school is in the division of B.E.S.T. called the Prairie Trails division. B.E.S.T. is a 6 week season (For local competition) that you have to build the robot, a display to explain the process of building and everything done in the season, a game floor; a course for the robot and drivers to practice on, and a notebook, which includes technical directions on how the team operated. The B.E.S.T. team goes to the kick-off day at Wichita State to learn the theme of that year’s game, and the other teams. The team will also receive a kit to start building the robot. In six weeks, you are expected to have the robot finished, along will all the other elements of the competition. On game day, team members go to Wichita State University to compete with other

local teams in our division. If our team places 6th or better, which this year’s placed 3rd locally, the team advances to regionals in Ft. Smith, Arkansas to compete with other teams across the nation. This year’s team placed well enough to go to regionals, and placed 11th in robot, and 3rd overall in everything combined at regionals in Arkansas. “This year’s B.E.S.T. team was one of the best teams as well as one of the most challenging games. These students spent 700+ hours after school and sport practices to compete at regional levels. According to the Circle Board of Education, B.E.S.T. was known to them as the most successful program in the district for the past 13 years. The dedication these students have to focus on designing robots, display booths, technical manuals, websites, computers, and professional presentation. There is something for every student to do in a given area of interest.” said Matt Hogoboom, head B.E.S.T coach.

Homecoming 2013 King and Queen announced On Friday, February 15, all homecoming candidates anxiously lined up hoping that one of their names was going to be called to be named the King or Queen for Circle’s 2013 winter homecoming. There were a total of 6 candidates, 3 girls and 3 boys. The couples were grouped together as follows: Jacy Gibbs and Scott LaMunyon, Megan Reece and Tanner Wilson, and lastly Derek Dahl and Bailey Counterman. Derek Dahl was crowned King, and Bailey Counterman was crowned Queen. “I wasn't really sure if they said my name or not so I asked Bailey and she said that they said it. With a big grin on my face, I walked up to get the tiara and then gave it to bailey who ended up winning queen. Overall, I had an awesome week that was topped off on Friday night when I was named homecoming king,” said Derek Dahl. Dahl was/is involved in many activities at Circle and is proud to be a T-Bird and is always there to support at events. “It was the most shocking

moment of my life! The feeling of being cheered on by all of your closest friends is a wonderful one; one I will always remember!” said Bailey Counterman. Counterman is also involved in many activities at Circle. She is very involved in the music department, singing in Madrigals. She never fails to be nice and caring to everyone around her. Circle is very proud to name these two candidates king and queen of 2013. Overall, homecoming was a very eventful week, with spirit week, basketball games, Iron Man volleyball, and the crowning. A big thanks goes out to all the people that make it happen.

About ThunderGround ThunderGround is an “underground” magazine ran by 4 students with the insight of the student voice wanting to be heard. These 4 students are not particularly in favor of CHS’s recent magazine “Circle Vision,” but are not particularly against it either. The goal of our staff is to get student voice heard, but not only from us, from the rest of the CHS student body. A functional magazine requires the staff to be involved with the student body, not too busy writing to not be involved. Our staff has decided to stay anonymous throughout the next few issues of ThunderGround. Our goal is to put out 1 magazine a month starting in February throughout the rest of the year. If you have any complaints, compliments, or comments, please feel free to send an email to us at, post or message us on Facebook, or Tweet us, @thunderleftouts. We are always open to any opinion, parents, staff, and students especially. We would like to thank you for reading this. - Circle Thunderground Staff


First issue of the underground magazine "Thunderground" at Circle High School.


First issue of the underground magazine "Thunderground" at Circle High School.