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Marcel Sauer Eisenberg ’04 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Consistently ranked #1 in international business education —U.S. News & World Report, Bloomberg Businessweek


I believe that even though T-birds come from different places, from different parts of the world, we’re all the same.

We are all one. We are all human beings with the need to develop ourselves. We have a sense of respect and a desire to build a better world than where we are today.” Marcel Sauer Eisenberg ’04 Development Director, Amsterdam Sauer Jewelers Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Business has globalized. Economies have globalized. The modern marketplace is interwoven, interconnected and interdependent. To drive success in this dynamic environment, you need more than traditional management skills. You need a global mindset, a global skillset and an intrinsically global point of view. You need Thunderbird.

London Financial District

The increasing pace of globalization, emerging markets, accelerated innovation and intensified competition have increased the need for leadership.

To truly lead, I needed to learn from top-in-class educators, have access to the best resources, take part in real international experiences and develop a true global perspective. Thunderbird is the

best in the world for helping me establish distinction and achieve this professional competitive advantage.” Andrea Doakes ’10, Taylor Miller ’11 and Haleema Molberg ’10 on the Thunderbird campus, Phoenix, Arizona USA

Robert Graham ’13 President and CEO, RG Capital Scottsdale, Arizona USA

Only Thunderbird gives you the competitive advantage to take on the world. > Learn how culture, traditions, regional regulations and political economy affect business and business interactions

>A  waken your entrepreneurial spirit and unearth sustainable solutions to challenges in both business and society

> Discover how to adapt to diverse world markets through 100% global instruction in every business discipline

>T  urn your passion for travel and your penchant for language into professional tools that connect and drive global business

> Turn your innate curiosity about the world into a professional outlook that leverages cultural differences, preferences and styles

>P  repare yourself to take the professional and personal risks needed to thrive in global management

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Since our inception in 1946, Thunderbird has focused exclusively on educating global leaders in the intricacies of international management. While other business schools scramble to add global curriculum and keep pace, Thunderbird remains firmly at the forefront. That’s because all we do, all we are, is global. It’s not part of what we offer. It’s everything we offer.

Thunderbird grew out of the rich history of its campus grounds — Thunderbird Field, a historic airbase steeped in multicultural tradition where American, Canadian, British and Chinese pilots trained during World War II. The original air traffic control tower is still a central fixture on the Thunderbird campus.

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At Thunderbird, professors are equipped with extensive international experience – whether they’ve taught around the world or worked in international corporations.

Kishore Dash, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Global Studies

They share their experiences in the classroom, so you learn not only the hard skills like accounting and statistics, but also how to understand different cultures, etiquettes, tactics for dealing with other nationalities, and skills for negotiating across cultures.” Rachel Tam ’08

With rigorous business curriculum and culture studies, Thunderbird prepares you for the global marketplace.

Regional Manager - Asia Pacific, Hamilton Beach Commercial Hong Kong PRC

> Every course taught through a global lens > Renowned global faculty with real-world international business experience and expertise > Student cohorts made up of classmates from more than 60 nations > E xtensive, experiential study-abroad options > Unparalleled, hands-on learning opportunities in established and emerging markets > Robust and accessible global alumni network

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Students with Associate Professor of Global Marketing John Zerio, Ph.D. (far right) during a Winterim in Brazil

Thunderbird is built on the premise that profitable success and social good are not mutually exclusive. We believe that one engenders the other. Business done right has the ability to foster both economic prosperity and human development. It can drive profits that ultimately benefit organizations and communities. Individuals and societies. The global economy and the world population. It’s not an empty claim. It’s our mission.


Anyone can make a dollar, but the world needs more people focused on making a difference. Thunderbird challenges us to discover ways to do business using a win-win approach.

Joanne Chan ’09

Changing the world – and the world of business – one global leader at a time. > Countless Thunderbird graduates put their business skills to work in international relations and global affairs

>O  rganizations seek T-birds for both their global skills and their determination to make lasting change

> T-birds are as likely to pursue work in NGOs and nonprofits as they are to launch their own companies or land C-suite jobs

>T  -birds share the common belief that business doesn’t just make money; it creates global stability

It is refreshing to know that an institution that stresses business etiquette could be recognized as a top program in international business.” Dewan Simon ’12 Managing Director/Owner, GCI Experts Consulting Phoenix, Arizona USA

> T hunderbird alumni are not intimidated by the challenges of emerging markets – they’re drawn to them

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Islamshah Amlani ’11

Using Thunderbird’s exclusive, scientific Global Mindset Inventory tool, we measure and enhance your aptitude for global leadership. Learn more at


There’s something different about the students who come to Thunderbird. A different kind of passion. A different kind of purpose. They come from all reaches of the globe, but they are kindred spirits. They see the world with open eyes and open minds – and they share a common desire not only to experience everything the world has to offer, but to harness its opportunities as well. They are the caliber of leaders businesses want and the world needs. They are T-birds.

The SHARE Fellowship is an alumni-funded scholarship/mentorship program for students from emerging markets. Learn more at


When I think about the common characteristics that all T-birds bring to the table, what comes to mind is a real desire to help one another be successful. I think that’s a common differentiator in the type of leaders that Thunderbird attracts. We’re

probably more like servants who would rather lead from the bottom and enable others to succeed. SHARE Fellows: Juan Pombo ’11, Costa Rica and Colombia; Pellagia Gambiza ’10, Zimbabwe; Hao Diep ’10, Vietnam; Tettey Wilson-Tei ’09, Ghana; Reem Nassar ’11, Jordan; and Lilian Mramba ’10, Tanzania.

You leave Thunderbird a much more holistic leader.” Stephanie Fuhrman ’11 Executive Vice President, Riverstone Residential Group Phoenix, Arizona USA

Do you have a T-bird mindset? n Curious about the traditions and customs of other cultures

n Passionate about travel for both pleasure and personal growth

n Drawn to global challenges and energized by the opportunity to address them

n Fair and accepting, believing every person, everywhere, is entitled to success

n Fascinated by all things global: business, people, history, products and experiences

n Multilingual and confident that language is a bridge to connect cultures and business

n Eager to take risks and discover new solutions others might be too cautious to attempt

n Driven to make changes that will have a positive global effect

n Observant about the world and the wide range of individuals and ideas within it n Non-judgmental, open-minded and welcoming of differences n Intrigued by the thought of becoming part of an influential global community of change-makers

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THEY GRADUATE INTO IT. Students at a networking event at Nestlé Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland

The world of global business is immense – stretching across continents, from bustling cities to rural villages. Connecting this expanse of industry and economic development is a network of global professionals who have one primary thing in common: They are T-birds. The Thunderbird alumni network has a profound presence around the world. From day one, students gain access to these successful, pioneering global leaders – and upon graduation, they join them. Being a T-bird is about more than earning a degree. It’s about becoming a member of the world’s foremost network of professionals who are leading the way for business across the globe. Hear firsthand how Thunderbird changes lives. Connect with a T-bird at


The most influential global alumni network in the world. > T hunderbird is ranked #1 for “Internationalism of Alumni” and #2 for “Potential to Network”*

> Chapters participate annually in “Super First Tuesday” events that welcome prospective students worldwide

> We have more than 40,000 alumni around the world

> Countless alumni mentor students during and after their degree studies

> T-birds live or work in over 140 nations

> Alumni are accessible in virtually every region for personal, professional and expat support

> More than 170 alumni chapters are active worldwide > T here are over 100,000 past participants from our executive education programs > Global alumni chapters host “First Tuesday” networking events every month

> T-birds actively recruit students for internships, consulting work and career opportunities

*The Economist

Our alumni network is the envy of business schools worldwide. We have

As a T-bird, you join a community that is global. Whether you’re in Bombay or Bangkok or Bogotά, you know there is a chapter there – and you know there’s a community there to help you. chapters around the globe.

People change jobs and careers, but Thunderbird is a constant. It’s a safety net that’s always there throughout your business career.” Kevin Rohrer ’82 Founder and Managing Director, Matex Technologies Hong Kong, PRC Regional Chair of Thunderbird Global Council Asia and member of the Thunderbird Alumni Network Board

Kevin Rohrer ’82 in Hong Kong

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T-birds at a Mexico City market during a Thunderbird Emerging Markets Laboratory (TEM Lab)

At Thunderbird, you don’t just learn global business. You live it. Long before graduation, you can put the skills and theories taught in our classrooms into hands-on, real-world practice in locations around the globe. You can polish your cross-cultural relations aptitude by interacting with peers and professionals worldwide. You can use your entrepreneurial spirit and your management prowess to develop solutions for global organizations and communities. It’s experiential learning with exponential impact.

Real-world, experiential learning > Interims/field seminars take you on multi-week global excursions to visit corporations and observe international business firsthand. > Modules abroad allow you to conduct required core business courses in global locations. > E xchange programs let you study for one term at one of Thunderbird’s 18 partner schools in 14 countries. > International internships broaden your professional experience at a global corporation. > Thunderbird Emerging Markets Laboratory sends you and a team of fellow T-birds on a six-week, on-location consulting engagement with a client in an emerging market. > Summer language abroad programs give you two weeks of intensive language courses on campus and six weeks of international immersion. Study-abroad opportunities vary by degree.

Debra Wheat ’10 during a TEM Lab consulting project in Ghana

Thunderbird Emerging Markets Laboratory: An unforgettable experience in culture and consulting Howler monkeys, tumultuous cab rides through herds of goats, front-row seats to a tribal dance or a pickup soccer match against an entire village of schoolchildren: it all comes with the assignment when consulting teams step out of the classroom to apply theory in the TEM Lab. This innovative Thunderbird program gives students an unparalleled opportunity to turn their studies into solutions during a six-week, on-location consulting assignment in an emerging market. Since the program’s launch in 2010, TEM Lab teams have served clients in Cambodia, Ghana, Guatemala, Indonesia, Uganda, China, India, Mexico, Peru, Angola, Kenya, Liberia, Vietnam and more.


It is one thing to read about how business is done in another country, but at Thunderbird you get firsthand knowledge of how business is really done.

There are many places to get a graduate business degree, but only Thunderbird gives you such incredible hands-on experience.”

Rahul Handa ’02

Head PMC Cognizant Technology Solutions India




Sherwood Neiss ’96, Zak Cassady-Dorion ’10 and Jason Best ’96 were responsible for small-business crowdfunding legislation signed into law and made part of the United States’ JOBS Act in 2012.

When you pursue your graduate education at Thunderbird, the world benefits. The world of business benefits. Your return on investment has a far more powerful reach than you can imagine. Your career opportunities expand globally. Your network expands globally. And the impact of your work has an effect worldwide. With Thunderbird’s ROI, your investment touches not only your life, but the lives of individuals in organizations and communities around the globe. The way T-birds see it, there’s no greater return.

Doing business right is the right way to do business. In 2006, Thunderbird became the first-ever graduate business school to institutionalize a professional oath of honor for responsible management.

THE THUNDERBIRD OATH OF HONOR As a Thunderbird and a global citizen, I promise: I will strive to act with honesty and integrity, I will respect the rights and dignity of all people, I will strive to create sustainable prosperity worldwide, I will oppose all forms of corruption and exploitation, and I will take responsibility for my actions. As I hold true to these principles, it is my hope that I may enjoy an honorable reputation and peace of conscience. This pledge I make freely and upon my honor.

Seth Page ’11 and Jacqueline Krain-Lindgren ’11

With a Thunderbird education, your value as a leader is unmatched. Global leaders are entrusted with authority, governance and influence over people and profits. But more than that, leaders are entrusted with responsibility and accountability. Their actions hold great power – to create or destroy value; to build communities or tear them down; to establish a society of stability or one of volatility. Thunderbird develops leaders grounded in global ethics and driven by global citizenship. That’s because conducting business as ethical global citizens is paramount. And at Thunderbird, it’s our pledge.

Karissa Seltz ’11



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