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Tonya Henderson Tonya’s Creation Salon (214)000-000 5562 I Own This Dr. Dallas, TX 76612

Global Beauty Salon is changing the way beauty professions do business. Everyday more and more people are searching the web looking Hair Salons, Beauty Salons, Barbers, Nail Technicians, Braid Technicians, etc. & Global Beauty Salon is here to make sure that get found on the web. We are a salon advertisement website that allows beauty professions to post ads with images, description of service, name of business and contact information. How can you benefit from this? When you register to the website, you are assigned a url which can be searched by search engines. Also when you post an ad you are given a separate url that can also be searched by search engines. In the description of your ad, we provide a list of keywords and phrases that people are using every day to find your service. Using the provided keywords help potential clients find you on the web. If you’re going to be found by search engines, you must know what keywords to use in your description. We help assist you in doing just that. Our site is fully optimized for search engines and we’re constantly using new measures to make sure you get found on the web. For more information about posting an ad on our website, visit

First ten stylists to purchase a page in the Global Beauty Salon magazine will get the chance to win the front cover page. Each stylist will submit an image of their work and the visitors to the site will vote. Users must be registered to the site in order to vote, this helps us to ensure that no one votes more than once. Although Stylists can encourage votes, no one can vote more than once. Participants are not allowed to vote on their own image. The stylist with the most votes wins. The winner will receive notification prior to the photo shoot so they can really bring it. The winner will also be announced on the website and in our newsletter.

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