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WORDS: Selebogo ‘DrLifesgud’ Molefe

The Start-Up Founders Blog “Do everything in love.” 1 Cor 16:14




e’re self-contradictory, ambiguous & sometimes delusional. We sell dreams, mostly unproven, often want proof? Look around you, Apple, Black Like Me, Microsoft, FNB, Facebook, Virgin, Google, yeah in our quest for glory, we create a shit load of jobs along the way.

& working professionals. This is home, feel free, have fun, mingle! Just be interested to be interesting.

What is The Hookup Dinner? An initiative borne out of frustration in the networking game. We are all about authenticity, connectedness, community & collaborative efforts. This gave birth to our networking mantra... Connect, Engage & Contribute. We give individuals the opportunity to test drive their ideas in a competitive elevator pitch platform and then get feedback & constructive criticism directly from the audience. As a corporate, we provide you with the opportunity to connect & engage in a number of ways with an upwardly mobile, socially savvy captive audience through sponsorship partnerships. The biggest benefit for anyone who plugs into this tribe is that you really get ‘hooked up’ with awesome people. We have an actively growing database of over 3500 start-ups

Capacity, how do we do it? This tribe is unique, has locked itself into Client-Supplier SLA’s with like-minded start-ups specializing in videography, design & branding, audio-visual equipment, advertising, new media, venues & PR. Individually we’re limited & vulnerable; collectively we’re untouchable and create magic. As you can see, our DNA is deliberate; diversity is our strength in this start-up culture. “As you can see, our DNA is deliberate; diversity is our strength in this start-up culture.”

Vision If America with their ailing economy can teach us how to network through their technology & seminars, imagine what we can do for the world with our inherent spirit of We are the Davids and we’re coming after ubuntu. We are #MadeinAfrica, locally relthe Goliaths and they know it. evant with global appeal. By 2020 we will have an active tribe of over 1 million startWe make our own rules, create our own ups in every Metropolis in Africa gathering platforms and invite the world to come monthly to network informally like us here. and play. We are the connection economy Our global footprint will be deliberate, discentred around DOING & BEING SOCIAL... tinctly African and unapologetic. driven by passion to contribute positively to People, Planet & Profit. Speed of access to How? information and execution through our digi- We are targeting people like us, who think tal networks is what makes us relevant. like us and share similar values. They will We’re fast, young, hungry, agile & well con- run local chapters in their cities whilst we nected. We can get you anything in a few lead and manage the brand @ macro levhours, from chicken eggs to national air el. (Speaking of which, we’re launching in force landing pads... just ask the Guptas. Pta, Dbn & CT in the last quarter of this You want it, we’ve got it!!! We have a big year (2013) to coincide with the spirit of place in the minds & hearts of connected Global Entrepreneurship if you’re people in urban & peri-urban spaces glob- corporate and want in on the action, make ally. They just don’t know it yet. We’re com- sure you get in touch with us... we have big ing. dreams.


My Quest: I want to be remembered as that brother who connected people and made magic happen.


WORDS: Selebogo ‘DrLifesgud’ Molefe

g n i k r o w t e N The


The Hook Up Dinner for June 2013 focused on Networking and was attending by an overwhelming amount of guests.


e’ve all attended a myriad of networking sessions where we’ve thought: “I could have stayed home, I don’t know anybody here. If we are honest with ourselves, it’s not that it was boring, it’s just that approaching total strangers and trying to network is such a daunting task. The whole point of networking is built on the premise of increasing your network,

which should in turn, impact your net worth. But this is no easy task unless you’re a born networker. In comes a new movement, borne of this frustration. Dr Lifesgud, the master connector and serial entrepreneur decided to change the rules of the game. He decided to create his own network and founded an initiative called The Hookup Dinner. He and his business partner, Phakiso Tso-



See Photo Gallery on page 8 & 9 tetsi, decided to do things their own way. Little did they know that they were serving a huge need in the South African entrepreneurship start-up eco system.They attracted like-minded entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and hooked up on a monthly basis to chill-out and talk about business, frustrations and the start-up culture over food and wine. Word spread quickly about these informal dinners and a movement was born. Since 3 August 2012 when these informal networking monthly dinners started, The Hookup Dinner has become the hot spot every entrepreneur wants to find themselves in. Almost a year later, The Hookup Dinner has


become a shopping ground for corporates looking for quality entrepreneurs to plug into their procurement as well as enterprise development programs. At the dinners, entrepreneurs are collaborating, bartering services, doing business together, peer-to-peer mentoring, sharing contacts and hooking each other up with potential business leads. The movement has attracted quality speakers who come and share their success stories by giving topical insights into their industries. The dinners feature elevator pitch competitions, which are judged by the audience.


Pic Gallery of 7 June Photo Gallery from the Hook Up Dinner held on 6 June 2012 at OPEN Collaborative Workspaces.



Pic Gallery of 7 June



Peaceful Shopping s d i K i n i n i k i P h t wi


hando Ngubane, is a single mom and the founder of Pikinini Kids. As a single parent, the most frustrating thing is going to the mall with kids. The nagging, constant asking of a thousand questions whilst the other child is running around and screaming, is enough to drive any parent insane. Realising this, and knowing how easy it would be if a parent could just

leave the children somewhere safe, whilst shopping, Pikinini Kids was born. The main idea behind Pikinini is to have a space where parents drop off their kids while they do their shopping in peace. The kids will enjoy fun filled activities that will keep them busy, entertained and stimulate their minds. The main activity will be baking, where kids come in and bake muffins, cupcakes, biscuits and pizza. Their creations will be photographed so they can share their “good time� with friends and family. They also get to take home their Pikinini Kids’ apron and little recipe book.






Simplyfying Proces s



n individual with a passion to create systems which symplify the way processes are currently handled, Obakeng Manopole founded his start-up LegacyPad.

methods such as newspapers, the government gazette and the justice department website.

The Deceased Estate Contact Manager is unique because it provides two way search With aim of assisting Deceased Estate Ex- communications between executors and ecutors to achieve a way in better dealing third parties such as creditors, insurance with communications that can help avoid companies, unit trust companies. estate administration problems such as reworking the estate, late claims, poor This two way communication system service from third parties (i.e. Insurance makes it possible for the executor to know Companies, Unit Trust Companies, Credi- about anyone who is looking to get in contors etc.), missing assets and so forth, he tact with him and also makes it possible developed the Deceased Estate Manager for those people trying to make contact to System. know when the executor is available and the status of the estate. This is regardless Third parties (such as Insurance compa- of whether these people were looking for nies, Creditors, Unit Trust Companies etc) the executor prior to listing on legacypad. business processing environments are ac- or yesterday or today. commodated through a digitally responsive search environment rather than static It all happens on



Concept Car Pixley S.N


he future of the automotive industry lies in the development potential of the emerging markets, with Asia well positioned to lead. If we in Africa are to reach our potential of being a leader in the industry, we have to start thinking about manufacturing and developing our potential to the level that it is meant to be. The creation of Pixley SN began with simple dream, that we have to start building a place in the world that shows the true essence of who we are.

the first time. This design had great potential and class. The Pixley SN Team is made up young men working on building the future and the dream of this nation. In a place where opportunities seemed far from them, their Township, they realised that the need to change their world should start from them. armed with passion, love, courage and ambition, they started building the car. Pixley SN uses a straight 6-engine, the car is designed to look like a Panther/ Cheeter, the car in its design it embodies the charFrom this came the birth of the concept car acter of our continent. that is sleek, smart, “Pixley S.N” which we created and built. stealthy and beautiful. the car’s base is On 1 August 2012 our dream to make our broad denoting the hips of our woman, it’s proudly South African car was partially real- height is short further entrenching the feel ized when our go-cart moved & stopped for of stealthiness and agility.



r u o y g n i l l e T y r o t S d Bran


uramai “Rudo” Musekiwa is a driven 28 year old woman with a passion for brand architecture and driving positive social change through creative solutions. She is the passion behind Studio Rrr Design (PTY) LTD and soon-to-be-launched BSN magazine & BSN brand architecture. She was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, spent a small portion of her childhood in Australia, with the remainder in South Africa to date. She describes her “sampling” of different spaces as a myriad of colourful experiences that have influenced her broad world view and approach to creativity.

writing, digital illustration and a touch of music production. Ruramai left formal employment in July 2011 and began her entrepreneurial journey not only to build a powerful presence in the market but to dedicate more time to youth and community development. Ruramai heads a youth development initiative called “The Niks Mapha Movement”; a campaign promoting self-love and dignity (http://www.facebook. com/NiksMaphaMovement). With a good balance of agency and printhouse (desktop publishing) experience, Ruramai offers her clients comprehensive creative solutions and encourages them to She is a trained graphic designer with a push the envelope when telling their brand background in fine art, photography, copy- stories.




h t i w p l e h Ne ed quoting your Tender?


scentric Trading and Projects deals working in projects worth more than with tendering service, we will help R50 million and also project managing a you quote correctly and profession- R17million Department of Social Developally. ment offices in KwaZulu Natal, North. AsLesiba Lekgau is the owner of Ascentric centric Trading and Projects offers the folTrading and Projects, a consultation com- lowing services, BOQ/ Tender Document pany working in the civil and building in- Pricing which includes estimating, project dustry. Having completed his Diploma in management, project establishment and Building and Civil Technology he worked site establishment. for over five years in this industry working Contact Lesiba Lekgau (0765959474) for various companies and also Gauteng Louisa (0738364734) Department of Housing as an assistant Fax: 0867646489 Project Manager gaining his experience Email:




e all have those moments in our lives where it feels as though the we have hit a dead-end and have nowhere further to go with our business or career, or perhaps that feeling that the rug has suddenly been tugged out from under us. It could be a business setback, like a top employee resign, a deal we were relying on not coming through, losing a key client, or a more personal setback like heartbreak or a health condition, perhaps even a death in the family, all these moments can be devastating. For many of us, we need to just keep going, our kids still expect to eat dinner every night, and see us smile as we collect them from school, speak about their day, and pretend ours was perfect. As entrepreneurs, and even most business professionals if you decide to ‘check-out’ for an indefinite amount of time your business would surely die, or career would take a fall. We constantly are told just to soldier-on, but is this how to regain your equilibrium? In my experience, there needs to be a way to take time out, to mourn the loss or sadness that has landed in our lives. Give yourself a little space to heal before moving right back into the fast pace of modern life. I’m not saying take a few weeks off, but just by a small one hour break in routine you could feeling a whole lot better.

Here are my five ‘Why Me? Why Now?’ Tips:

Meditate: I know, I know. Often meditation feels like a great idea, but your really don’t have the time for it, I mean, with all those proposals and deadline looming, you cannot take that time out. Well, the truth is that even just 5 minutes of focusing on your breathing instead on how horrible your life is at the moment, can be a mini ‘stress vacation’. After which things seem slightly less awful than before. If you’ve never done it before, it really is simple, find a comfortable chair to sit on with your feet planted on the floor, and focus on taking deep slow breaths in and out. Counting helps to bring your attention to the breathing. If your mind wanders, just note it with the label ‘thinking’ and move back to counting. Although meditation can sound very new-agey or Buddhist like, I could cite hundreds of highly regarded research studies showing powerful and proven health and stress benefits from meditation.

Eat Chocolate Preferably dark chocolate. If you know me personally, you know that this is definitely a tip that I live by. Besides having proven health benefits (in moderation), we’ve all heard about the feel-good boost we can feel after chocolate. . Apparently dark chocolate stimulates the production of endorphins in our brains which bring on feelings of pleasure. It also contains



g n i o g e h t When Gets Tough... the chemical serotonin which acts as an anti-depressant. Does this mean you should binge on it? No way! But a tiny bit of this decadent treat while sitting down and focusing on how good it tastes can be a break for your brain stress while your senses enjoy.

Take a Time out While most of us lead highly scheduled and structured lives, in trying times it’s worth it to clear out an afternoon or even a full-day to give yourself a break. Whether it means rescheduling a few meetings or hiring a babysitter - there are truly times when it is worth it to give yourself time for some of the simple pleasures you rarely enjoy. Two of my favorite guilty indulgences are going to a movie mid-day alone (usually one my husband would never agree to see) or reading a total beach-read quality novel for more than 20 minutes at one time. Sinking into a comfy armchair and checking out for several hours into another world - whether in a movie chair or your favorite cafe - can have benefits that last long after you return back to your “normal” life.

Sleep Although we acquire knowledge when we are awake, we use our sleep time to integrate and process that knowledge. That means that sometimes just getting some quality shut-eye can help you make sense of a difficult situation and find alternatives that might have eluded you before. Often


we can be our own worst enemies and believe that we need to always keep doing what we are doing now (i.e, staying up late to get more done.) Emotional upsets can give us the reason we need to re-evaluate our current commitments and let go of activities (and possibly even relationships) that no longer make sense and support us.

Do Something New If all the advice above is old hat, or even if some of it feels novel, perhaps what you really need to do is not just think ‘out of the box’ but get ‘out of the box.’ The best way to regain our equilibrium can often be to find a new trajectory. So if an afternoon off and some chocolate won’t cut it, what about zip-lining? Learning to scuba dive? Planning a trip to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go? While people often turn to acquiring things (i.e.,retail therapy) when they feel down, it is actually the acquisition of new experiences and ways of being that can help us climb out of the hole we feel stuck in. Trust me, I know what it is like to feel as if you are in the midst of a life earthquake, and while my favourite tips might not be exactly the answer for you, getting into action is! Moving forward towards where you want to be, even if the journey is slower and harder than you thought, is always the right first step. PS: When all else fails… have a glass of wine, and just relax!


WORDS: Michele Smith


10 000



outh Unemployment in South Africa is amongst the worst in the world. Statistics SA figures for the third quarter of 2012 show 71% of the unemployed are aged 25-34 and the unemployment rate among youth is 36%. About 3,3m youth aged 15-34 are not employed, going to school or studying. These are only the official figures and unofficial figures are thought to be about double this. At KidiWorld we believe that the only way to assist in solving this problem is by creating more entrepreneurs, and therefore in the long term creating more jobs. In order to create more entrepreneurs we had research conducted on what is prohibiting people from being entrepreneurs and in most cases it was found that people are afraid of becoming entrepreneurs due to the negativity surrounding it, as well as not being exposed to it enough as a child or being educated on it. It’s in our human nature to do what we know, and what we saw happening around us as children. In light of this problem, KidiWorld developed the KidiPreneur Program with the primary focus of exposing chil-


COMMUNITY dren to entrepreneurship at a young age, and creating sustainable micro-businesses for these children, whilst remaining in school and realising the importance of education. As a Kidipreneur myself, I realise how this has impacted my entrepreneurial journey. There are many Kidipreneurs around the world whom have achieved phenomenal success, and to get our youth to this level we need to educate them and ensure they consider entrepreneurship as a choice when faced with unemployment. We partner with corporates around the world to make this a reality. Mkhize Matata is a 13 year old boy that attended the Kidipreneur Program in October 2012. A young boy with a passion and determination to make his life a success. Being just 13 years old, Mkhize needed someone to g i ve him a opportunity to prove what he is capable of. After completing the Kidipreneur program, Mkhize wanted to start his own little business where he provides a service to the community of cleaning and slaughtering chickens so that they do not have to do it themselves. Mkhize needed R280 to buy the tools he to start his business. The Kidipreneur team then got a voucher sponsored from a hardware company for him, and he bought everything he needed. 6 weeks later we did a follow up with him, and he was making between R600 and R800 a week from his business. Mkhize is now as-

sisting his family financially as well as helping put himself and his four siblings through school. Without the Kidipreneur program and sponsors from corporates, Mkhize would never have received this opportunity. During the past few weeks, we have actively been working with 35 kids from Nkone Maruping Primary School in Soweto, who have learnt about entrepreneurship and various life skills and are now ready to start their businesses. At the end of each 12 week program, the children get to put their business skills to test and sell the products to the public supported by their peers and other corporate businesses that we invite to participate to ensure that we have a successful trading day. Our goal for 2013 is to create 10 000 KidiPreneurs in both private and underprivileged schools. We believe that by doing this we are creating a brighter future for South Africa, and impacting the economy in a positive manner. The KidiPreneur program affords children a choice, so when that day comes that they cannot find employment, they have enough faith in themselves to know that they can start their own business, and they did it successfully when they were a child. Join us at the next Kidipreneur Market Day on Saturday, 3 August 2013 at Nkone Maruping Primary School. Like us on Facebook, Follow Us on Twitter, and watch our videos on our Youtube Channel.




y m g n i u s r u p f o r a e My y Entrepreneurial Dreams




e live in an age where we have all the informative resources to leave our jobs and pursue the things that we love. Why don’t we? There are many that do and I’ve figured it’s best to learn from them. This is something I’ve studied for over a year now and I have followed the most successful people in their businesses to try and understand what they do. There’s a common theme in all of this. One, They are not afraid. Many of us ‘think’ we have a lot to lose if we were to one day just make the decision to do what we’ve always wanted. But when you write down on a piece of paper exactly what’s at risk when you make life changing decisions you realize it’s not that bad! I did this about a year ago and guess what I ended up doing? Quitting my job! And I did it with no real idea of what I was going to do to fund my adventurous next year but I did know I was going to learn about it. You see there isn’t much certainty when pursuing lifes dreams. You never know you’re going to achieve them but there is something that IS certain. And that is you will learn how you can get there and through application of what you learn you’ll get closer and closer until it’s almost impossible for you NOT to succeed. For example, when I was looking for a job after my university I applied to over 200 jobs online and got rejected by all of them. They weren’t just 2 minute emails but almost each of them were a long drawn out process of writing a cover letter, editing my resume to suit each job descriptions, taking tests and some would even take me 2 hours! I did this throughout the space of a year but did I give up? Nope. One day I cold called 400 companies from the phone directory and asking for work whether it be vocational, casual, part time, permanent, voluntary, anything to get something on my resume. I got 100+ companies ask me to send in some information and 30 companies keen on seeing me! I eventually found a placement this way which landed me in the biggest construc-


tion companies in Australia. Why I’m telling you this story is because I learned something very profound throughout that experience. I learn that persistence towards anything and the ability to take criticism and refine your model time and time again till it works is THE key to success. If I spent a whole year looking for a job, then why did I have tendancies to give up my entrepreneurial pursuits within just days? I took a year off work after 2 years being employed and have dedicated my year to learning about the successful people of our times. From Steve Jobs to Bill Gates, they all have that in common and I’ve come to learn to be persistent in your conviction. Whatever that may be. I’ve also learned to be fearless. What’s the worst that can happen if I go a whole year with no income? Nothing! I may be judged from my friends and family for ‘wasting time’ but I know how much I have improved, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and just because I haven’t shown any outward financial improvement, in my opinion shouldn’t invite so much negativity. I’ve come to a stage that I enjoy learning and this something no one can take away from me. Throughout the year, I’ve been following HEAPS of people and learning from all of them. It’s given me X-Ray insights to how the businesses around me work, be it the online world, the phone app business world, local trades and services, I can estimate how much their making, what drives their business, is it a good business idea, can they improve their business and most of all, can I replicate it? The answer is usually yes. Now, all that’s left is me choosing something, sticking with it and being persistent till I can reap the rewards. I can’t wait for that breakthrough feeling. I’m just here to wish you guys all the best. I know how it is being an ‘entrepreneur’ and I respect and commend every one of you’s. It’s a tough world so lets be tough people.


frica urship - South A ne re p re nt E of e tr tise The Branson Cen centre of entrepreneurial exper applit t is an independen le and can attract the very bes nno ib ’s ex fl in meaning it is Virgin Unite, Virg leaders by t ar p in ed business cants. It is fund dition to global t foundation of ad in n io at d un n profi profit fo rgin Unite, the no ppor ts the Branson Vi s. or st ve in d an su par t funds and itiatives. the Virgin Group s premier global leadership in it ve vision Centre as one of tenacious entrepreneur, and ha rand, ar t of the B If you are a bol ply now to be p ap , ld or w e th r to conque . ntrepreneurship son Centre of E

Do you… Need a place to work from? Do not want the hassle of se office? Prefer to work arou tting up your own nd other people doing interesting and related th ings? Need access to fas t Internet, Great coffee, Pr inting, Boardrooms and meeting rooms? Would lik e to part of a thriving Precinct? Then OPEN is pr obably the place for you. Come see us and find ou t. Located on the 4th floor of the MAINCHANGE build ing, Kruger Street, Mabo neng Precinct, OPEN is in the hub of Maboneng.

f The home o entrepreneurs, re, n a ic fr onnect, sha , c s r South A u e n re p entre spired where SA’s , teach, inspire, be in rn d. debate, lea e empowere b d n a r e w www empo

A great resource centre for entrepreneurs. It showcase s entrepreneurial programs business tools, events and , online learning specifically for entrepreneurs.



The Hook Up Dinner (THUD) Magazine - Preview Issue 1  
The Hook Up Dinner (THUD) Magazine - Preview Issue 1  

Alcoholics go to AA Meetings, Entrepreneurs come to The Hook Up Dinner. - Selebogo (DrLifesGud) Molefe. This is the Preview Issue - July 2...