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volume 51 no. 3 • dec. 14, 2011

Enjoy Christmas break Dec. 19-Jan. 3

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tiger times dec. 14, 2011

mark your Math honor society inducts members calendar John David Goins news editor

STUCO It’s that time of year again. The Student Council dinner theater will be taking place Sunday, March 4 in the Dan Haskins Student Center. The theme is Reeling Through the Decades. StuCo will be performing various songs and movie scenes through the years. A complete meal will be served with the show. Tickets will cost $15 each and can be purchased from sponsor Susan Waldrep in Room 23.

Prom News Attention seniors, pull out your calendars and mark the date many of you have been waiting for. On May 5 prom will be held. The theme is Enchanted Evening. Watch for further details.

ON SALE Yearbooks are still on sale for $55 until the end of this week. The price will increase to $60 after Christmas break and then to $65 once they arrive in May. Students are encouraged to purchase the books early. Order forms are available in Room 50.

SENIORS There is still a small amount of

senior ad space available in the yearbook. The space will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Ads range in price from $40 to $300. For more information, please see any yearbook staff member or come by Room 50 for an order form. -from staff reports

Mu Alpha Theta’s annual induction ceremony took place Nov. 29 at 6:30 p.m. in the John Thomas Theatre inside of the Sullivan Performing Arts Center. The Mu Alpha Theta officers president Sam Vaughn; vice president Johnathan Luna; secretary Claire Norton; treasurer Caitlin Yarberry; and historian Hannah Klopper all took place in the induction of the newest members. “The induction went very well,” Mu Alpha Theta sponsor Lindsay Skinner said. “I am very proud of all the new members; it takes a lot of work to maintain the needed GPA to get in Mu Alpha Theta.” The new full members are as follows: Carley Amox, Gabriella Bermea, Cavan Bilyeu, Sirena Bock, Kelly Burnett, Andrew Chirwa, Alli Clayton, Natalie Copeland, Kara Crane, Jenifer Dotson, Mallory Greene, Jordan Johnson, Michaela Johnson, Kelsey Kennemore, Hannah Klopper, Makenzy Larsen, Amy McCoy, Hailey McGuire, Clay Miller, Melissa Minter, Alexa Murphy, Morgan Norfleet, Mary Claire Norton, Zachary Oldham, Ashley Osborne, Ryan Peavy, Christian Pennington, Krista Petty, Mackenzie Phillips, Logan Porter, Allye Prather, Caroline Prieskorn, Blake Purtle , Joseph Quinnelly, Riley Rogers, Madeleine Russell, Sarah Scales, Nicholas Sehy, Brit

Sophomore Kourtney Sanderson is inducted into the Mu Alpha Theta Honor Society. photo by haley rushing

tany Shipp, Macy Shirley, Alexis Williams, Caitlin Yarberry, Morgan Young. The new associate members are as follows: Zachary Baker, Montana Beall, Connor Beliew, Matthew Cantin, Carlie Clem, Miles Coleman, Donovan Davis, Jeffery Davis, Laura Davis, Kately Dobbin, Chau Dong, Garrett Dudley, Brandon Fredrick, Vernicia Griffie, Kristen Hall, Kristen Herron, Brennan Hile, Tariq Hill, Taylor Jackson, Whitney Jaynes, Jessica Johnson, Marissa Johnston, Precious Kendricks, Kyle Kennedy, Joshua Klein, Andrew LeGrand,

Luke Loe, Shelby Lynch, Riley Madlock, Katelyn Markham, Braden May, Warren MacDaniel, Dawson McGonagill, Lamonica Morgan, Ben Norton, Madison Norton, Sean O’Guinn, Paige Oliver, Karla Penate, Taylor Potter, Christopher Radomski, Anthony Rhone, Ashley Ritchie, Kourtney Sanderson, Sydney Schoen, Sarah Shoultz, Alexander Simpson, Kelsey Smith, Sydney Steed, Jordan Stovall, Aimee Tran, Bailey Vaughan, Stephen Vaughan, Antonia White, Brittani Wiggins, Choctaw Williams, Joshua Wilson, Noah Woolery.

Fall semester exams begin today Semester exams begin today through Friday. Breakfast will be served each morning. However, regular lunches will only be served today. Students may purchase sack lunches on Thursday and Friday at 12:40 p.m. Students who are exempt from A2 and B2 exams will be required to sign in and attend a short session in the Performing Arts Center from 9:30-9:50 a.m. each day. Students who are exempt from an exam today are not required to attend that class. Those who are exempt and stay on campus must go to the cafeteria. -from staff reports

Fall Exam Schedule Today 8:30-9:50 9:55-11:00 11:05-1:05

Period A1/B1 Exam Period B2 Period B3

1st Lunch 2nd Lunch 3rd Lunch 4th Lunch 1:10-2:20 2:25-3:45

11:05-11:35 11:35-12:05 12:05-12:35 12:35-1:05

Period B4 Period A5/B5 Exam

Thursday 8:30-9:50 Period A2 Exam 9:55-11:15 Period A3 Exam 11:20-12:40 Period A4 Exam Friday 8:30-9:50 Period B2 Exam 9:55-11:15 Period B3 Exam 11:20-12:40 Period B4 Exam

tiger times dec. 14, 2011



Wall street protest gets up close, personal Daniel Pellegrin staff writer Last week a small group of organized citizens descended on the steps of the Texarkana post office and straddled Stateline with their collective, yet diverse, opinions. The organizers claim to be aligned with the Occupy Wall Street Movement which has recently taken the country by storm. The initial protests began with students in New York, objecting to the recent pattern of corporate greed, but has since expanded into a global effort to spread ideas and outrage. “I believe people have the right to go outside and do what they believe in,” sophomore Choctaw Williams said. “All the people on Wall Street, they’re taking money from the people who work hard every day trying to make ends meet.” The Texarkana group has an interesting mixture of both old and young, coming together to collectively display their dissatisfaction with the current unemployment rate, and the financial practices of Wall Street bankers using taxpayer funds. The Texarkana organization shares the same

views as those in the rest of the country. “They need to feel what it is like to get out of the air-conditioned areas and come outside to feel what it’s like to be in the American public and to live like the rest of us,” said a Guy Fawkes masked protester. While it is a small unit of protesters, it has attracted the attention of the U.S department of Homeland Security, who oversaw the protests on Dec. 7. The Homeland Security agents refused to answer questions, but were on hand to handle any situation that would arise from the protesters’ presence. The Texarkana protest is mostly assembled by young people in their mid to late 20’s, but it has a fair amount of older adults who have come out to show additional support. These protesters will show up on a public plot of land and shout their ideas toward anyone within earshot. To cope with the strict city megaphone regulations usage and public noise laws, the protesters have developed a technique that they use nation wide. They call it “The Human Microphone,” as the leader of the protesters will yell out a phrase and the other members of the group will repeat him, thus making the small group sound

like many. They also organized a method of hand signals to show the groups’ collective agreement. “I’m here to support the idealist young people. I think its a wake up call for the government to clean up their practices; and citizens to re-enter the world that they’re a part of,” Dr. Jane Morris said. While Texarkana’s financial district doesn’t contain any major bank centers or financial investment groups, the simple idea that this wave of cooperate mistrust and demand for government action has made its way to our town portrays the sheer magnitude of the issue and the growing activism contained in our city. “I agree that people should have their own opinions, but what’s the point in taking it so far?” junior Carly Amox said. “I think it’s kind of pointless.” Despite how the protesters’ motives are viewed, the protesters have brought the issue to light and have forced people to pay attention to their demonstrations. It’s a political issue that has been brought up close and personal. “I think it’s a good cause,” World History teacher Meredith Jones said. “I think that anybody who feels strongly about an

issue has the right to question it.” While some people feel strongly one way or the other, most don’t fully understand what’s going on. Sophomore Justin Lewis feels out of the loop about the whole thing. “I didn’t even know we had an Occupy Texarkana,” Lewis said. “I’ve heard about Occupy Wall Street, and I really want to read up on it because I’m not really sure what they are about.” However, some people offer great insight about the whole problem. U.S. History teacher Chuck Zach shared his opinion on the situation. “They are bringing to light an issue people didn’t know existed,” Zach said. “Do wealthy people have a different set of rules than non-wealthy? Capitalism cares about profits above the workers. Take for instance the Cooper Tire Union in Texarkana. If Cooper Tire feels they are losing money by paying the workers too much, they can easily just move to China. While this will help raise profits, it will severely hurt the workforce in Texarkana. I agree with the message, but they won’t get anything changed. They are complaining about the people who make the rules.”



tiger times dec. 14, 2011

staff editorial

spare the rod, spoil the child Child abuse calls for evaluation of discipline tradition

The world reacted vigorously to the 8 minute YouTube video depicting a Texas state judge allegedly beating his daughter for illegally downloading music. The video depicts a then 16-year-old Hillary Adams, being hit 17 times by her father and being verbally abused by both her father and mother. We later learn that the victim, Hillary Adams, is accusing her father of doing this on multiple occasions, and in many interviews her father defends his actions and believes he did the correct thing by disciplining his daughter. An unrelated dispute caused the daughter to come forward with the tapes she had been holding onto for 7 years, and she claims what she went through should be considered child abuse. The story hit world headlines and brought back old debates about the proper discipline for children. One side believes a healthy upbringing for a child will involve at least a small amount of corporal punishment. While the other side, which in the last 40 years is increasing in supporters, determines that putting the choice of whether to hit a child up to a parent is irresponsible and opens the door for further abuse. Most of the country agrees with the idea of corporal punishment. After all, that’s how people were raised. We live where the mantra is “spare the rod, spoil the child.” And this mantra has always piloted theories about raising children. The country, while it has lived by this idea forever, is suddenly facing new figures about child abuse, and these figures are on the rise. A child abuse report is filed every 10 seconds, five children die every day because of child abuse, and 80 percent of those deaths involve children under the age of 4. It is estimated that child abuse is costing the United State $104 billion a year. Now, this doesn’t mean corporal

tiger times Texas High School 4001 Summerhill Rd. Texarkana TX, 75503 ( 903 ) 794 - 3891 F ( 903 ) 792 - 8971 The Tiger Times is a student-run publication. The contents and views are produced solely by the staff and do not represent the opinions of the faculty, administration or TISD board of trustees.

punishment caused all these numbers or was a contributing factor in all of them. In fact, some psychologists believe corporal punishment leaves no lasting effect on children. But here is where the problem lies. The judge mentioned before, even after beating and verbally abusing his daughter (who has cerebral palsy) on many different occasions, is now able to avoid prosecution because he has hidden behind the veil of simple discipline. The fear is that we are now unable to draw a line between discipline and abuse; it’s

of simple child discipline doesn’t seem to be flawed, but some traditions have to be reexamined before more children become victims. Corporal punishment used sparingly with constructive intentions isn’t what is harming the future generations. The problem is irresponsible parents who take punishment beyond its intended principle, cause immutable damage to their children, and are able to escape their own needed punishment because they claim their transgressions were in the name of discipline. While the tradition has been with us

While the tradition has been with us forever, now we are seeing more careless generations get away with horrible malefactions simply because of the old ways. It’s time to start getting deliberate in our efforts to crack down on child abuse. Maybe we can save a child’s life if we take away the excuse of malicious parents that their actions were simple discipline. just a matter of opinion. When does discipline become counter-productive and cross lines, and how do we even come to measure those lines? For example, if Bill lets Tim borrow his lawnmower, and Tim returns the lawnmower broken, and Bill proceeds to take off his belt and beat Tim for breaking his lawnmower, Bill would be sent to jail. But if Bill’s child does the same thing and Bill beats his child with a belt, he is considered a good parent. There seem to be flaws in this logic. Should we really consider, in the face of rising child abuse statistics, still allowing parents to hit their children and not be subject to prosecution? The idea editors in chief Emily Hoover Carlye Hudspeth managing editors Elizabeth Cook Ashley Diggs advertising manager Natalie Banks news editor John David Goins

viewpoint editor Brianna Sellers feature editor Wynne Tidwell sports editor Autumn Sehy entertainment editors Mary Claire Boudreaux Davis Payne photo editor Hannah Patterson

forever, now we are seeing more careless generations get away with horrible malefactions simply because of the old ways. It’s time to start getting deliberate in our efforts to crack down on child abuse. Maybe we can save a child’s life if we take away the excuse of malicious parents that their actions were simple discipline. The intelligible fact is, while most can act responsibly, it’s the few that can’t that children need protection against, and while we would sacrifice a long standing rule of thumb–spare the rod, spoil the child–we might just see justice for abused children and protection for the many that have yet to come. staff writers Zachary Baker Angela Derrick Christina Harris Jacob Hill Casey Hitchcock Shayla James Shelby Kelley Josh Klein Dawson McGonagill Abigail O’Gorman Daniel Pellegrin Taylor Potter Riley Rogers

Speak Out Should parents spank their children? “It’s necessary for discipline, but not all parents are responsible enough to administer it to their children.”

Joshua Wilson, 10 “Spanking is bad, it’s too close to physical abuse, but a parent sometimes needs to do it to keep children in line.” Zalen Cigainero, 12 “No, it doesn’t change the child’s attitude, and it doesn’t teach them a lesson. “

Brittany Shipp , 11 “Coming from a spanking victim, spanking is a cruel and harsh punishment.”

Travis Whitfeld, 10 “Yes, because when you’re young, you don’t understand the logic behind right and wrong.”

Claire Norton, 11 compiled by Daniel Pellegrin & Ash Diggs

Isabella Saporito Sydney Schoen Madison Sewell Hannah Wren

Caroline Prieskorn Haley Rushing Brianna Sellers Hailey Woods

photographers Ruth Arnold Katie Black Taylor Coleman Allison Fahrni Alex Garner Casey Hitchcock Amy McCoy Claire Norton

advisers Rebecca Potter Clint Smith principal Brad Bailey members ILPC, NSPA, CSPA The Tiger Times is the

official student publication of Texas High School. The primary purpose of the Tiger Times is to inform the students of the school, while practicing the ethical canons of journalism. Letters to the editor may be dropped off in Room 50. Each letter must be signed and include the student’s grade. Letters are subject to editing.



tiger times dec. 14, 2011

Up in smoke Officials should take Libertarian approach to marijuana Last year, I was elected vice president in my opinion of the Texas High Teenage Republicans. I decided that the Republican Party followed my political interests, and my time would be best invested working with their political organization. However, I can’t identify with most of the Republican presidential hopefuls, simply because I feel most of them are too right-winged. I wouldn’t say my views are radically different from the typical Republican, they are just a little daniel pellegrin/staff writer more skewed to the left. You see, when marijuana in order to separate individual the country divides into sections of choices from the regulatory arm of the conservatives and liberals, I fall into a government. Libertarians say that a middle group called the Libertarians. person has the civil liberty and right to Libertarians are usually considered Republicans because of their fiscal strategy, choose what he puts in his body. Whether but on subjects such as individual liberties, it be a healthy or unhealthy choice, Libertarians say the government shouldn’t they usually differ. A Libertarian could be able to prevent you, as an informed be defined simply as someone who feels American, from living the way you choose. that a person should be able to live Regardless of how harmful a drug like their lives without constant government heroin or marijuana may be, the choice to intervention. One such issue that the Libertarians are use them should rest with the person, and often spotlighted on is the legalization and not the current feelings of the government. While Libertarians do advocate the recreational use of marijuana (or any other legalization of marijuana for medical and drug for that matter). Marijuana since the 1930s has been limited or outlawed by the recreational purposes for people over the age of 17, they don’t recommend government. Marijuana is a crop that can be smoked in order to gain a physical high, the use of marijuana, just like they don’t recommend the use of tobacco or alcohol. and recently has been found to have fewer But, the Libertarian party doesn’t place harmful effects than cigarettes. The drug has become a hotbed issue, one side saying its focus on the safety of these vices. It it’s immoral and unhealthy, while the other simply separates the government from the individual decision process. side says it’s not potentially harmful and, The Libertarian viewpoint makes more in some cases, helpful. sense to me every day, as we see in America Most of America would fall on one of the government constantly stuffing people those two sides. However, the Libertarian into our already overcrowded prisons viewpoint has a completely different way for being found with a quarter ounce of of framing the issue. Libertarian Party pot. Drug violators already account for members argue for the legalization of

two-thirds of inmates in prison, which is a 1100 percent rise from 1984. Prisons were not built to sustain such a dramatic increase; in California, they are now releasing people sentenced to life after only serving 20 years because of overcrowded prisons. We’re not talking about repeat offenders here. A first offence in Texas with less than a gram of any type of drug is a state felony and is punishable with up to two years in prison with a $10,000 fine. And let’s not forget about where marijuana comes from. A huge amount comes from the drug cartels of Mexico. The same cartels who have a strangle hold on the entire country of Mexico, and are responsible for the deaths of Texas border patrol agents, state police, state politicians, and tourists. So, when marijuana is sold (at its super inflated price) on the black market here, all the money goes straight to the cartels who use it to make more drugs and kill more people. Recent estimates show that from the underground drug trade, Americans have channeled more than $9 billion (that’s billion with a B) to the Mexican drug cartels. Marijuana is illegal to grow and sell here. So instead of the funds going back into the U.S. economy, they become blood money, further encouraging the killing happening only a few miles from Texas’ border. If the government were to function with a higher respect for our civil liberties and allow us to make our own choices about what we do with our bodies, we wouldn’t be staring down problems from drug prohibition. In May of this year, the FDA ordered a

raid of an Amish community in order to prevent the citizens from that community from drinking raw or unpasteurized milk, and imposed a fine on many members of this Amish camp. Even though these people don’t have access to modern pasteurization techniques because of their lifestyle, the FDA still came in and charged them with federal health code crimes. My question is the same one I have been asking: Why is the government concerned with citizens drinking unpasteurized milk if the citizens know the consequences and chose to anyway? Shouldn’t Americans have the right to decide for themselves what is bad for them, and shouldn’t the government be there to protect these rights and not prosecute them? “More government is not the solution to our problems; government is the problem.” Ronald Reagan The Libertarian viewpoint on drug issues is not a complex one. Simply stated, it just wants the government to allow the people of this country to function under their own decisions about what’s best for them, contrary to the government making choices for its people on what it believes is moral or safe. People make bad choices in their religious and philosophical beliefs, but we don’t regulate their thinking if they aren’t harming other people. Individuals should protect themselves, because government can’t protect individuals from themselves without falling into a tyrannical state. It seems that the war against marijuana causes so much hardship and accomplishes nothing, and it only reflects the problems that arise when government tries to play too heavy a role in the lives of citizens.


An October Gallup poll showed a record-high of Americans think marijuana should be legal


Marijuana is the largest cash crop in the United States, beating out corn, wheat and sugarcane


Caused by aspirin yearly; zero caused by marijuana


Drug arrests for possession as opposed to growing or selling


There’s an arrest related to marijuana



tiger times dec. 14, 2011

Libya-an end to a regime, Electronics policy finding strength in pain isn’t all that bad The revolt of the Libyan people which led to a six month struggle, including NATO intervention, has brought a violent end to a socialist dictator and his Utopian government after 40 years of aberrant leadership. After years of oppression under Col. Muammar el- Gaddafi, Libya has broken free. They captured and killed their dictator, Gaddafi, and are isabella saporito currently setting up staff writer a new constitution and implementing a new government. But what will the people of Libya do with this responsibility called freedom, and how will they cope? As history shows, their vulnerability makes them weak to outside forces. Will a new regime infiltrate their now free country, or will a democracy truly work with many years of development? As students, we might wonder how any of this applies to us. It affects our future generations, our economy and our alliances with other countries. There were people over there getting killed, separated from their families and sent to prison on a whim of a dictator and now it is over. History is happening before our eyes but we are just not opening them to watch it. Situations like this are occurring all over the Middle East, and it is about time we see the terror unfolding. I could not imagine a life without rights, a life without freedom. But there are people

in the world for which this is a reality. We treat rights as if they are trivial and we take them for granted, while people in other countries are dying for fundamental rights. Last year, the United States intervened in Libya. We are not trying to help a distressed people, we are simply doing the bidding of many European countries. We need to stop trying to be the police of the world. In Syria, a similar thing it occurring. Why would we help Libya but not Syria? We took the easier route, Syria being harder to infiltrate than Libya, and we just wanted their oil. It makes me wonder what people are capable of and if their motives are good. Currently, we are trying to implement a democracy in Libya. But we are ignoring the fact that establishing a strong government and a true democracy takes time and the desire of the people of Libya to want it. I am concerned if a democracy is feasible. Sometimes when we think we want something, we fight for it, but when we finally have it, it doesn’t seem as great as what we thought it’d be. The same could be the case for the Libyan people. Someone has always controlled them, told them what to do. We cannot expect them to just take the reigns of their own lives automatically. Things take time to develop and people take time to change. If democracy is to ever work there, it will need time and there will be many hindrances along the way. It’s hard to get used to something new, and freedom certainly is a new thing for Libya.

You place your purse in your lap. It’s not a dead giveaway. Some people have pens, pencils, things you need for school in there. You slowly unzip the purse and unlock your phone. As you finish typing the last word of your witty text that can absolutely NOT wait until later, you hear the harsh tone of your teacher and decide it’s best to look like you’re paying attention. As she extends her hand, you sigh. You’ve sydney schoen been caught. It seems that, as staff writer the years go by, students get angrier and more aggravated about the electronics policy implemented here. The rule is infamous by all. If a teacher sees any sort of electronic device or headphones, he/she has the right to “take it up.” In some cases, teachers prove sympathetic and will only keep said belonging until the end of the class period, but most of the time students are subjected to a fine and other restrictions. Let me clarify, that for as long as I have been a part of TISD, this policy has always been in effect. And as a student who has, yes, sent a few secret texts, I’m okay with this policy being in place. To me, it’s like the popular TruTV show, Bait Car. If you aren’t familiar with it, the show’s premise is to catch people stealing a car that they (they being cops) plant specifically for that

purpose. Everyone, with the exception of newborn babies, is aware that stealing is illegal (much like every student is aware of the electronics policy). Yet, when caught in the act, most of them judge their accusers as being in the wrong. Some even blatantly deny the claim, even though there are cameras documenting their every move. Even more ridiculous to me is when students deny they were texting when they have been staring and poking something in their pocket for a good 20 minutes. I have sent my fair share of texts in class. Some that were necessary and some that could’ve waited. But I do understand the consequences if caught. I will pout. Oh, yes, there will definitely be pouting, but as an informed student, I will hand over my phone. The level of anger some students have when talking about this subject is almost laughable to me. Most don’t seem to realize that we are not the only school that upholds this rule. Furthermore, we aren’t even as strict as some schools, where students who are caught texting in class can be suspended. So next time you think about picking a fight with a teacher who caught you using an electronic device, don’t. Just remember the popular Bait Car phrase uttered after the perp is caught and realizes he’s on TV: “I’d like to say not to do anything dumb that can get you in trouble. It’s not worth it.” Well said, car thief. Well said.


student life

tiger times dec. 14, 2011

MustList THE

By Mary Claire Boudreaux, Taylor Potter, Jacob Hill & Christina Harris


The top 5 things to watch for in December

4 WE BOUGHT A ZOO Matt Damon stars in this heartwarming movie about a struggling family that comes together while trying to get a rundown zoo up to standards for a grand reopening. This movie is perfect both for animal lovers and those who enjoy cheesy romance. If you want to spend quality time with family, relax with your friends or hang out with that special someone during the holidays, this is a mustsee. The movie is rated PG and comes to theaters on Dec. 23.

WRITE A LETTER TO SANTA This holiday season I encourage you to write a letter to Santa and bring it to a nearby Macy’s. For every Santa letter Macy’s receives, they will not only deliver to the North Pole for you, but also donate $1 to Make a Wish Foundation, a charity for children with serious medical conditions. Although Texarkana doesn’t have a Macy’s, you may be going out of town this holiday season, so it’s always good to be prepared.

HALPERIN’S 2 TIM RISE AND FALL Former contestant on American Idol, Tim Halperin’s new album Rise and Fall is coming out in December. Even though he didn’t make it to the top 10 of the season, he’s coming back. This album features his song “The Last Song”, which is about his trials and troubles with love. Even if you’ve never heard him, his voice alone will put you in a favorable state of mind. This album is worth listening to.

TABLET 3 NEW FROM ANDROID This December Android is stepping up their game and calling the Decepticons out with their new Asus Transformer Prime Tablet. It comes decked-out with a portable, snap-on keyboard and an 8 megapixel camera. Not content to have just the gadgets, the Prime tablet will have more memory and a faster, quad core processor that will put an 80’s cartoon robot to shame.

5 ONE YEAR LEFT Come Dec. 23, the world will end in exactly one year. Excited? Devastated? Indifferent? No matter your feelings, you need to go out with a bang. So find a group of friends to party with, eat until you pop, shop until you drop or hole up in a Chinese nuclear war bunker with your favorite teddy-bear and good book to try and ride it out. No matter what you do, make sure you make this last year something super amazing.



tiger times dec. 14, 2011

Break dancing in Baghdad Iraqi kids pick up rap, hip-hop trademarks from U.S. soldiers by wynne tidwell feature editor For more then eight years the now departing US military has left its dire mark on Iraq: a new constitution, bitter memories... and the third a bit more surprising. The generation of Iraqi youth have picked up the trademarks of the American rap industry, which includes none other than the infamies that currently plague the halls of Texas High- sagging, break dancing, tattoos and slang. The Iraqi kids picked up on the Lil Boosie attire due to the stationed U.S. military. With cropped hair, and saggy camo, the U.S. troops patrol the streets of Baghdad and the kids look up to them in admired inspiration. Bushara Juhi of the Associated Press refers to the US military impact as “the good, the bad, and the ‘punky’”. They call themselves “hustlers” and mimic the tough guy appearance of

American pop. Drake and Lil Wayne blare in their eardrums, hoodies and caps adorn their faces, and even the sparkly Edward Cullen from the Twilight series makes his debut in Iraqi pop culture. The influence of the so called “hustlers” is enormous. A quarter of the population has been born since the 2003 U.S. invasion, not to mention half of the country is under the age of 19. Just type in “Iraq Rap” on Facebook and an assortment of pages endorsing rap artists or groups will pop up with the leading page currently having 1,718 likes. The war torn country of Iraq has left the new generation with a dream, an American dream. “I love the American soldiers,” said Mohammad, a 15 year old Iraqi. “ I will go on rapping till I reach N.Y.” The infusion is partly due to the removal of Suddam Hussein (former dictator of Iraq). Facebook, cell phones, TV, and Internet are now all

accessible in Iraq, which grant the society many more freedoms. However, these freedoms come with consequences: “Young Iraqis now reject school uniforms, engage in forbidden love affairs and otherwise rebel against their elders,” said Juhi. Teen angst and Facebook are only a smidgen of what could hit the streets of Baghdad. The Iraqi teens are seeing and hearing some of the culture that the Americans are bringing over that will definitely alter their own. “Any time you have multiple cultures coming together there’s going to be a change. You’ll have a hybrid of culture,” history and psychology teacher Chuck Zach said. “I think it will change language a little bit, I think it will change clothing a little bit, behavior a little bit. It never fails; change always happens when two cultures come together.” Influenced by Bushra Juhi, Associated Press and stats from Brett McGurk, Council of Foreign Affairs

Behind the counter Ever wondered what the people behind the lunch counter were really like? compiled by Jacob Hill

Name: Marketta Battle Do you enjoy being a lunch lady? Yes I do. I enjoy preparing food for the kids because this is possibly the only food they will get. What is your biggest challenge working here? Knowing how many burgers to cook. I start at 8:00, and I usually have to cook about 400 burgers before lunch. What do you want to say to the kids? Enjoy your lunch food because we work hard on it every day.

Name: Ruth Giles Do you enjoy being a lunch lady? Yes. Lunch lady has actually been disbanded because of all the jokes behind it, and the serious work we do. We are now Child Nutrition Servicers. But of course I love my job. What is your biggest challenge working here? That would be managing such a large crew. Someone is always gone, plus I have to be here at 6:30 every day. What do you want to say the kids? I have been a service to children for 20 years. Thank you for coming and eating, without you we wouldn’t have a job.

Name: Joanna Leeks Do you enjoy being a lunch lady? Sure, why not? I mean the hours are great, and we get weekends and holidays off. What is your biggest challenge working here? Saying “no” if they don’t have the money to pay for the food. I just want to give it for free. What do you want to say to the kids? Before you complain, think about the hard work we put in.

“It’s a big job, but we love what we do. I start at 6:30 every day. Our main line serves 800-850 kids, and our snack line serves more than 500 kids. We are also cooking all the time. Mrs. Battle cooks over 400 burgers every morning. Most kids just see us as food to go, but we are real people. I’m really glad you guys are taking the time to get to know us.” -Ruth Giles



tiger times dec. 14, 2011

Don’t stop praying Norton family keeps faith, waits for miracle by elizabeth cooks managing editor Holly Norton still has cancer. She still has stage four, inoperable colon and liver cancer. But Holly, her family, and just about everyone who knows of her journey are still praying for her miracle. “[The tumors] cover every area of the liver, and there is one that’s almost strategically placed so that it cannot be operated on,” said Linda Smith, Holly’s mother and Texas High librarian. “[Her doctor] says he always consults other physicians to get their opinions, and in his opinion, it is still not operable. He doesn’t think it will ever be operable. We don’t go with what he says. It’s just what we pray and hear from the Great Physician.” With scans every 4-6 weeks at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and over 20 rounds of chemo under her belt, the family has every reason to feel defeated. “She started out taking one of the strongest forms of chemo which has pretty strong side effects,” Smith said. “She started losing her hair. Your memory changes and you start having extreme, extreme fatigue.” Along with the chemo, the fatigue and the fear, Holly has a 6 year-old daughter, a 1-year-old son, and a support group about the size of Texarkana. It’s no wonder that her last doctor visits have been positive ones. “Each time she’s had great results about the tumors,” Smith said. “She has low tumor marks [which determine your tumors], which is wonderful. She was able to stop [the heavy chemo] after the first 5-6 rounds and was allowed to go on another kind that was just kind of a maintenance, so she has had tremendous shrinkage. All of her tumors have shrunk at least 50 percent or more. The tumor in her colon has shrunk to a minimal amount. It’s just wonderful.” The Norton-Smith family has come a long way from the terrified, dismayed state it was in just a little over a year ago. “On Feb. 2, she had the scan that they discovered it. It was a Wednesday. I could tell as soon as I walked [into Paul’s office],” Smith said. “Just the look on her face. Holly wanted to wait ‘til her daddy got there so they could tell us together, but she went ahead and told me because she could


questions with freshman Robert Hoover

by taylor potter staff writer

The Norton Family, superintendent Paul Norton, Holly and their daughter, Julia, and son, Caleb, are thankful for those have continued to pray for their family and Holly’s healing. photo by caroline prieskorn

see I was about to fall apart. It was the most devastating news I’ve ever heard in my life. Holly’s my only child and we were married seven years before we had her. All children are special but she was extra special. It was devastating.” But through the suffering, the family has found peace. “It was probably a month before I could function and trust in God,” Smith said. “He has given me a total peace about this: that it’s a journey and I don’t know how long it will last, but I have a great peace that my daughter will be healed. Whether it’s miraculous healing, whether

healer, our precious family, and amazing friends that are so faithful to pray for us. We have a lot of fun things planned during Christmas break, making cookies, decorating gingerbread houses, family game night, and anything else the kids decide to do. These are the things that make life important, being together and making memories. This is definitely worth living for.” Despite the obstacles, the family is glad God is working in their lives. “I wish it never happened, but to know God has made us stronger and trust him more through it, I can’t really go back and want to change it,”

“My tumors are continuing to shrink. The doctor today even said that my results are unbelievable, which we are excited about but not surprised. God is amazing.” Holly Norton it’s through medicine, whether it’s through surgery, it doesn’t matter to me. I just know she’s going to be healed and raise her children and that’s what’s kept us strong.” Strength has certainly proved to be what the Nortons need. “My tumors are continuing to shrink,” Norton said. “The doctor today even said that my results are unbelievable, which we are excited about but not surprised. God is amazing. “We are looking forward to Christmas. This will be the most special one we have ever had. We truly have the best gift in Jesus our

Smith said. “I’m glad God has used us and used her and that there’s other peoples’ lives that are being affected and changed. I’m not superhuman, I just trust him every day that he’ll get us through it.” It has also given the family a new perspective. “Devastating is not a high electric bill like I’d thought at one time. Devastating is not that you missed a big sale,” Smith said. “Devastating is stage four cancer when you’re 36 years old and have kids and a life ahead of you. That’s what can be devastating if you let it. We’re going to have our miracle.”

Freshman Robert Hoover, a member of the LincolnDouglas debate team and a Star Scout in the Boy Scouts of America, shares a few of his experiences. Q: “How did you get started in debate?” A: “My mom was a debate champion and taught debate for a couple years. She’s always been talking to me and telling me how good it is. So I thought I’d give it a shot.” Q: “How did you get started in Scouting?” A: “Cub Scouts, pretty much. My friends were all in it, so I decided that I might as well try it. It was pretty weird at first. They pretty much tricked me. I got a little mad whenever I got the pamphlets saying that we were going to play soccer and baseball, then we ended up just doing arts and crafts. It was disappointing. Scouting is a lot better than Cub Scouts, so I’m glad I stuck with it.” Q: “Which do you like better?” A: “Right now I’m enjoying Scouting better, but we haven’t done much in debate, yet. It’s still been a lot of fun. I’m trying to get my cases together and I’ve been to a meet. Debate’s just different. With Scouting, you kinda know what you’re doing. In debate it’s... Yeah. Yeah.” Q: “What’s your most memorable experience from Scouting?” A: “All the years up at Camp Pioneer, either as a Scout or just being a staffer. They’re both terribly fun, I guess you could say. When you’re a camper, everyone has to be nice to you. The staff has to pretend like they’re all happy and enjoyable. When you get on Staff Row, it’s just all... Yeah. They’re kinda out there.” Q: “What are your goals for both activities?” A: “In Scouting, I want to eventually get my Eagle. In debate, I want to win a couple meets, without shaming myself. I want to be a champion.”



Dear Santa,

He won’t be there

All I want for Christmas is my dad’s safe return

by angela derrick staff writer She’s standing impatiently. Second after second. Tick tock. Tick tock. She has the jitters just waiting for him, ready to see him. Is he scruffy? Did he shave? The time passed slowly. She finally sees him. Her face glistens, smiling from ear to ear. She runs up to him and gives him a hug. As she looks her dad in the eyes, tears just roll down her face. “I love you Kara,” he whispers. After 5 months, 23 days, 13 hours, and 3 minutes, they are finally reunited.

Dad’s death leaves empty space during holidays by brianna sellers viewpoint editor He won’t be there to take my pictures. He won’t be there to see me graduate. He won’t be there to see his grandchildren. He won’t be there ever again. Flashback: A 6-year-old, no taller than waist length high with long, dark golden blonde hair. Her snaggle tooth smiled as big as Texas: Daddy’s little girl. She sat in a 250-pound man’s lap as he drove down the dirt road in an old, white, Chevy pick-up. An accumulation of rocks flew up and hit the sides of the windows as they made their way home. She liked pretending she was driving, as if she was the one in control of the wheel, and hearing the clicking sound of the blinker turning on and off. BABOOOOM. She flipped the gear changes instead. “Oh my gosh!” As soon as the truck completely broke down, she bailed out of the car and hauled down the street to make it to her house as quickly as possible. He’s going to kill me. When that 250-pound man walked through the doors, daddy’s little girl hurried over to him and wrapped her arms around his legs. “I promise, I’m not mad. I just thought ya broke my truck.” She cried and cried and cried. But he promised her everything would be okay. That girl’s name is Gabrielle Palmer. July 29, 2011 Today was Mark Palmer’s first doctor’s appointment. Previous symptoms had left their family questioning his health, and finally, getting a checkup was their last resort. The doctor told him he had a huge mass behind his heart and esophagus, but it shouldn’t be anything too out-of-the-ordinary. They still had no idea what it was or even how it got there, but instinct was not to worry until the next doctor appointment two weeks later. It wasn’t any better. “Gabbie, your dad has cancer.” She started breathing rapidly. I can’t do this. Huffing and gasping for air, she searched for her inhaler. Your dad has cancer. Your dad has cancer. She couldn’t find it anywhere. She laid on the floor hoping everything would go away and she could put it all behind her. Your dad has cancer and it’s terminal. It only got worse from then on. He did chemo and radiation, but there was little hope because his cancer was terminal. He was going to die soon. Everyone could tell he was sick, but nobody wanted

to talk about it. Especially Gabbie. He was her best friend, and the thought of losing him was a knife to the heart. She prayed every night that he would be okay. Every night that God would relieve him and their family of this monster. Beginning of November: Coming home to find her dad lying back in the chair while the doctors fed him was not what she expected. Watching him waste away to skin and bones while they taught her own mom how to feed a grown man down a tube was it’s own mental abuse. His quick descent from 250 pounds to less than 150 just struck her. Other dads were walking around feeding themselves. I’m watching my dad being fed by a tube. He just smiled her way. She just prayed. He couldn’t lie down at night because the fluids from his lungs would come through and prevent him from breathing, so they put a recliner in the family room so he could be around his family and carry on with life. He wanted to be there as long as he could, as much as he could and be there for his family, for Gabbie. Smiles ran as common as his cancer. I hear my friends talk about how much they hate their parents. It’s so selfish. So many people have dads and take them for granted. It’s not fair. November 13, 2011 Her dad was getting worse as the cold days went by. Not just losing his hair or weight. Losing his liveliness and spunk. Gabbie and her mom helped him up as they made their way to the stairs. He could no longer walk up by himself. He would never admit it though, trying to live up to his promise to keep fighting. As they began their small journey up the stairs, he quickly became out of breath, trembling at the effort it took to raise one foot on the first step, and he could barely do that. He was so weak. She looked into her mother’s eyes and back at him. “Would you rather go to the back bedroom instead?” He nodded. “All right.” November 14, 2011 As soon as Gabbie got in the car when her mom picked her up from school, she knew something was wrong. More wrong than the usual “wrong.” Her stomach did front flips as she sat in the passenger seat of her mom’s gold Chevrolet truck, originally her dad’s. No one was prepared for the long line of cars that sat on her street in front of her house or the long hours of pure agony and sorrow. “Dad’s not good...”

They walked in together as floods of relatives, children, friends, and about anyone else known to their family swarmed Gabbie and her mom’s entrance. Overwhelming was an understatement. It was almost like normal. She walked in and saw her dad sitting in his chair. He looked different, though. Even more different than the usual “different.” And Hospice had just arrived. I can hear them talking to my mom. I know what they’re saying. I hear every word. They try and hide it, but I know. I know what’s going to happen. “Hey dad, it’s me.” She sat with her dad and talked to him, even though he couldn’t talk back. But he could sure hold her hand. He held hers like nobody else’s. Gripping it tightly with every word she said. He didn’t have to say anything back, because as soon as he squeezed, she knew exactly what he meant. “I love you,” she told him. He gripped tightly. “Dad, I’m gonna go talk to everyone else...” As she sat up, he gripped her hand a little harder, and gently pulled her down. “I love you too.” Tears fled her eyes and the breakdown came. She sat with him, crying. This was almost it. “But I was still his little girl.”

Junior Kara Crane’s father is stationed in Beghran and won’t be home for the holidays.

“I hear my friends talk about how much they hate their parents. It’s so selfish. So many people have dads and take them for granted. It’s not fair.”

Dear God, I know I’ve asked you many times to heal my dad, but I understand all the pain he’s going through. If you are ready for him to go, then take him. We can make do and fend for ourselves, but you can take him. I don’t want him to hurt anymore. It hurts me when he hurts. So take him. I love him so much. And I love you, too. So you can take him. Amen. Gabbie’s sister relieved her from all the crying in her room that night so she didn’t have to be alone. They went back to her house as they waited impatiently for time to go by. One hour. Two hours. Three hours. She fell asleep only to wake up around 3 o’clock, popping up at the buzzing sound from her phone. It was a text from her mom. Silence filled the room. She looked at her phone in anticipation, waiting for the message to load. Tears began to flow down the crevasses of her cheek. Her heart stopped as she let go of the phone. “Gabrielle, Mark is in Heaven. He won’t be there for any more holidays. He won’t be there when I get my cap and gown. He won’t be there to walk me down the aisle. He won’t be there ever again.


The ugly word

Junior Kara Crane’s dad is in the military, managing the people who work the machines. He is currently stationed in Baghran. “We were really close before he left,” she said. “I miss the country things we used to do, like hunting, truck rides taking the back roads while listening to country music, and even the few times we went fishing. Almost every country song reminds me of him, but the main one is, Lucky Man by Montgomery Gentry.” But I know I’m a lucky man. Gods given me a pretty fair hand. Got a house and piece of land. A few dollars in a coffee can. Only getting to see her dad every now and then, Kara makes sure to spend as much time as she can with him when he is here. “I miss going hunting with him,” Kara said. “I miss having that Dad you can talk to if you have boy problems.”

Kara’s dad isn’t only her dad but also one of her friends. “I told him everything,” Kara said. “He was my buddy when I was younger, we did everything together.” Kara has not only had to deal with her father being overseas, but also her brother, who just got back from serving a year. “I am proud of what they do for our country,” Kara said. “They not only fight for our country, but they fight for what they believe in.” Kara’s father tries his hardest to keep in touch with his family. “He calls my mom every night, and they talk for about an hour,” Kara said. Though her father does what he can to keep in contact with his family, Kara feels as if he can’t take care of his family when stationed thousands of miles away. “I feel like I am being raised by a single parent,” Kara said. “The holidays are the worst without him.” Not being able to give thanks with him on Thanksgiving, not being able to celebrate Jesus’ birth on Christmas. Family dinners with his family are kind of weird, considering they’re with his family. Opening gifts without him is worse. “I feel like opening presents should be with the whole family,” Kara said. “After two years, I have gotten used to it.” Even though Kara’s dad misses every holiday, she doesn’t get mad. “I appreciate the time he is home,” she said. “I do wish he was here on Christmas and Thanksgiving. I just know they need him more over there than we need him at home.” Kara is counting down the days until she can see him again. He should be back by Mid-March or at the beginning of April. “I can’t wait until he gets back, and I can spend more time with him,” Kara said.

Divorce can’t take away meaning of family

A cold wind blows, chilling me to the bone. I walk to my car, hands tucked tightly in my letterman. I can see my breath. An icy Christmas morning. I look back and see my mom looking out the window, clutching her robe, impeccable sadness in her eyes. I’m going to see the son natalie banks she hasn’t seen... Her baby, my staff writer brother. Slam the car door, cling to my jacket tighter. The chill is everywhere. It’s inescapable. I awoke at eight. It was like any other morning. The thought saddens me. Hadn’t I been the kid who stayed up all night listening for Santa? Had an alarm set for 5 a.m? Who’d meet her brother and run down stairs to see if Santa had eaten those cookies, drunk that milk? Now, nothing was special. My room was icy cold, I laid in bed. We had no Christmas tree. No cookies set out. No brother to meet at the stairwell.

Just bitter loneliness. Opening presents with my mother and my dog. Fake smiles abound. Our first Christmas since... I give her a hug, kiss her on the cheek, and thank her for the presents. As I slip on my Ugg boots, she asks “Where are you going?” I hesitate. “Too see Jackson.” I get up and grab my keys. “Will you get him to come back with you?” I bite my lips, “I’ll try, Mom.” Blasting artificial, hot air, I press down on the gas faster and faster. The drive out to L.E was still foreign. It wasn’t my fault, it wasn’t my brother’s. It just happens. Divorce. Such an ugly word. The destruction of a family. Seventeen years of Christmas’s with both parents and my brother. And it abruptly stops. Tradition goes up in flames, bitterness on both sides. Unimaginable by those who don’t know.

Pain, anger, tears, sadness, spite. There’s nothing you can do to change it though. Swallow your hate and move on. Knock on the door. A gush of frigid wind. Clutch my jacket closer. My brother answers. “Merry Christmas.” A smirk, a laugh, a game on Xbox. Like old times. Through it all, he’s still my brother. An ugly word can’t change that. Won’t destroy that. Brother and sister, always. My best friend that I called annoying... who kicked my tooth out when I was eight. who ripped the ear off my favorite stuffed animal. who I watched Spongebob with every day after school. who I punched a kid in the mouth for after he made fun of him. True siblings ‘til the end. I love my brother. He is my family. No hateful word will ever break my family.



tiger times dec. 14, 2011

Why women aren’t bad drivers Putting an end to feminine driving stereotypes Girls always get the slack. How we’re bad drivers, slow drivers, bad with directions, whatever the complaints may be. Yet, men are more than 70 percent more likely to get in serious car crashes than women. Bad drivers, huh? I think not. Another plus? Well, here’s a story for you. I’m driving down North Kings Highway at around eleven on a Friday night. I’m in my zone with the music turned up, Lil Boosie to be specific. I slam on my brakes as I almost miss the turn onto Jones Lane, a shortcut to Wamba, when I see it. Those dreaded red, blue and madison sewell white lights flashing in my rear-view staff writer mirror. Oh my God. I’d already gotten one ticket, but I hadn’t been breaking the law, had I? This can’t be happening. I search my car for my license and registration. I know

the drill. Then it hits me. I don’t have my license. My friend only lives 5 minutes away. I didn’t think to grab it. Absolute panic. Mom’s going to kill me. Now I was for sure going to get a ticket. My eyes welled with tears. I was so frustrated. I see the police officer walk up to my car and roll the window down. “You were going 80 in a 50.” I look at him, tears going down my face. Had I really been going that fast? All I could think about was my mom saying, “Madison slow down! You have a lead foot.” He goes on to say, “And your left break light is out.” I lean my head back, biting my lip. I’m doomed. Then the worst part, “Can I see your license and registration?” I hand him the insurance and look at him, teary eyed. “I don’t have my license.” He asks my date of birth and walks away. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I just want to bang my head on the steering wheel. How am I supposed to explain this to my mom? He comes back. I look up, expecting a ticket, tears running down my face. “I’m letting you off with a warning.” He hands me the slip of white paper. Four offenses: 30 over, no license, expired license, break light out. I’m dumbstruck. “Renew that license, fix that light, slow down, and just be careful.” He walks off and I suddenly remember I can speak to thank him. So boys, what have we learned? A. Girls don’t drive slow. B. We know shortcuts. C. Men are statistically more than 50 percent more likely to be cited for reckless driving, seat belt violations, speeding, failure to yield, and stop sign/signal violations. If I were you, I’d let the girlfriend drive a little more often. Maybe then the world will be a safer, less citationfilled place.

photo by hannah patterson

STEP 1: Decrease your speed

Every 5 mph over 60 mph is like paying an additional 24 cents per gallon for gas.

STEP 2: Avoid idling

Idling gets 0 mpg. It’s a waste of gas, and if you have a large engine, you’re wasting even more. Instead of waiting in the mile long line at the Chick-Fil-A drive-thru, park your car, go in and order to go.

STEP 3: Use cruise control


tips to save money at the pump

With gas prices fluctuating and the growing need to save money, these helpful tips are guaranteed to save you a buck, or two compiled by Madison Sewell

Cruise control is a miracle. It cuts fuel consumption and gives you one less distraction while driving.

STEP 4: Turn down the air

Operating the air conditioner on max can reduce mpg by 5 – 25 percent compared to not using it at all. Park in a garage to keep your car cool in the summer and to keep you from using the defrost in the winter.

STEP 5: Take a back road

Yes, like in the Rodney Atkins song. If you know there’s going to be bumper to bumper traffic, you can actually save more gas by taking the long way.The “shorter” way home is not always the best for your fuel economy.

Alternative fuel-powered cars Fuels of future become reality of tomorrow mackenzie phillips staff writer Gas isn’t cheap. Anyone who drives a car or ever goes anywhere near a person who does drive knows that. But there are other things that we can use to power our car besides the ‘traditional’ petroleum most people use today, that can save you some money in the long run. Battery power- Now you can go to just about any car dealership and find an electrically powered car. Electric cars can cost about the same as gasoline powered cars, but in the long run, the cost of an electric car is usually cheaper. Gasoline powered cars have to continually be refilled with fuel while electric cars have rechargeable batteries. The downside to electric cars is their travel distance before needing to recharge and the time it takes them to recharge. However, there are hybrids, electric cars that switch to a gasoline source when the battery runs out, that are a nice medium. Vegetable oil- Yes, there is a way to use vegetable oil as fuel. I know, it sounds a little crazy, right? Vegetable oil can be put into a diesel car and it will run. There

are a few ways to do this. Used vegetable oil can be filtered to be used as fuel, but it must also be heated to make it less thick and more like diesel gasoline. There are also a few companies that have designed engines that can use straight vegetable oil. So now your car can smell like your favorite fast food restaurant. Solar power- Solar power is popping up everywhere, including cars. Solar powered cars can only gather a certain amount of solar power because of the limited amount of space for panels on the surface of a car, but there are obviously some advantages to these cars. No money is needed as far as fuel goes and there are no emissions from them. Solar powered cars are still in their infancy stage and are usually only made to be raced in solar powered car races, like the North American Solar Challenge. Hopefully some day solar powered cars will become commonplace in our lives. There are many other possibilities of sources of alternative fuels. Most of them are still works-in-progress. Someday we might be able to totally leave behind the petroleum fueled car, hopefully before we’re forced to.



tiger times dec. 14, 2011

What HAPPENS at deer camp, STAYS at deer camp Cold weather. Camo jackets. Lots of ammo. Food wrappers and drink cans everywhere. A tiny space you rest in for about a week. Not many know this setting, but to the people who do, it is paradise. Being a girl raised in the South, I know a few things about it. In this place, I’m the only girl surrounded by about 10 guys for shelby kelley a week. Well, except staff writer for the girls who decide to stay the night after a good day of scoping out deer. It is not a comfortable setting for the girls who can’t have their hair messed up, and must at all times have their make-up perfect. It’s for the girls who aren’t afraid to get a little dirty. About two years ago I found out just how dirty deer camp can be. Before going, I make sure I have everything from my playing cards to plenty of bullets for my 270. All the guys and myself met at my uncle’s before we left to go over “The Deer Camp Rules.” No 1: Always have a gun ready to go. No 2: You can never be too stupid at

Scenes from camp Hunters share some favorite pictures from their hunting adventures


camp. No. 3: Arguments will be settled over a game of darts. No. 4: People who are not campers staying the night must be gone before the first shot is fired. No. 5: No pictures are published unless approved by the person in the picture. No. 6: What happens at deer camp, stays at deer camp. After going over all of our usual rules, we loaded up and left. As usual, we cranked up Brantley Gilbert and Lynard Skynard in the truck, and anyone who didn’t like it kept their mouth shut and pretended they did. After a jam session and a good nap, we arrived. You would think we’d pulled up a mansion by the looks on the guys’ faces, but the tiny building was plenty for us. It was a boy’s dream. Deer antlers, Megan Fox posters everywhere, a fridge full of nothing but bacon and various kinds of meat, and the smell of manliness surrounded me. I immediately put my stuff away and put my overalls on to go scope out the land. I grabbed the four-wheeler keys and told the boys where I was going. I began to see signs of deer, but I could feel myself getting tired and cold, so I decided to go in one of the stands to sit down and rest before I went back.

Big mistake. I woke up with my phone ringing in my pocket. My uncle was calling to make sure I was okay, and I assured him I was fine. I hadn’t noticed how late it was. Three hours had passed. When I got back to camp, I noticed the guys just having fun by the fire. “I think we should move the deer feed bags out and jump on them from the roof,” one said. This was not a good sign. No matter how much I protested they insisted on continuing with their “marvelous” idea. Immediately, they began to move the bags into a “firm bed”. Trying not to break the rules, I allowed them to be stupid. Each lined up by the ladder, telling each other how fun this was going to be. The first one jumped, and landed on the bags. I expected to hear, “OH MY GOSH, THAT HURT SO BAD.” But instead I heard, “Beat that landing.” They began to see who could do the coolest tricks in the air before they landed with no protection onto bags 30 feet below them full of hard deer feed. Only boys would see the enjoyment in this. A few rounds had passed and I began to think, “Well, maybe I won’t have to drive anyone to the hospital tonight.” I was


wrong. As soon as I started feeling relief, I could hear something rattling in the gutters. As soon as the cute guy I had been eyeballing decided to have a turn a flock of black, screeching bats flew up at the guys. Me being the dingy girl quickly grabbed my gun, sighted the bats and took them out one by one. Among all the chaos I hadn’t noticed my gunfire had frightened my new crush, and made him jump. He missed the bags and cried out in pain, holding his leg. Turns out I did have to drive someone to the hospital that night. Not the ending to deer camp I wanted. I could have ended up with a new rack of antlers or even a decent fish. But no. I ended up with my crush’s leg broken and a truck full of guys having too much fun. I’m banned from the all-guys deer camp, unless I only come before “fun time.” But I didn’t break the rules. I had a gun ready, I let them be stupid, we weren’t there long enough for an argument, no pictures were taken, and nobody stayed the night. I did break one rule. You can’t expect to kick me out of deer camp without consequences. I might be telling what happened at deer camp, but boys, you can’t expect anything less from a silly girl. 4


1 Sophomore Josh Field 2 Junior Hunter Hatfield 3 Sophomore Madison Duncan and senior Hillary Humphrey 4 Seniors Addison Porter and Austin Byrd

gift guide


tiger times dec. 14, 2011




It’s hard to sum up in a few short words the absolute joy these animal tattoo hand puppets will bring you. Leave plenty of room for imagination. $6.25

A pasta lover’s dream, the Self-Twirling Spaghetti Fork is the ideal utensil for all of your spaghetti-slurping needs. $12.95




Nothing beats Harry Potter. Nothing. So for all Harry Potter fans, the best gift that you can ever imagine would be a invisibility cloak, but we all know that we are far off from that kind of technology. So I will settle for the next best thing, Magic Wand Remote Control. While you watch your Harry Potter Marathon, and secretly wish you are J.K. Rowling, you can control the TV though your wand. Exactly what I would want under the tree on Christmas morning. $89.99



Editors pick their favorite holiday gifts compiled by Wynne Tidwell



A complete set of goggles, cap, and suite with groundbreaking technology. Speedo also guarantees it will maximize your swimming performance. $395


If you love incredibly awesome/tasty drinks with cool pictures on the bottle, then Jones Soda is for you. It is the BEST drink in the entire world and we definitely recommend the root beer flavor. $18.99 for a 12-pack





Add some funk to your chip bag. Get a chirpy clip. The bright-colored clips bring flare to any old chip bag. Simply clip it, and… well that’s pretty much all a clip does. $2.98



What’s the best gift in the world? Season tickets to see America’s team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Guys find excitement through the unnecessary roughness while the ladies enjoy the moves of handsome men so, what more could you ask for? $680

SOUL BY LUDACRIS Soul by Ludacris SL300WB. Pretty much everybody knows about the successful headphone line Beats by Dr. Dre. Now rapper “Ludacris” has also made his way into the market of celebrity endorsed products with his own headphone line, named Soul. Delivering a nice bass that doesn’t overpower the rest of the song, the Souls are a good pair of headphones for any genre of music. $299.99


To name your tablet “Fire” sets up some lofty expectations, and Kindle delivers with this fantastic iPad alternative. The Kindle Fire has Internet access, a huge app store, stores music and videos, and also holds thousands of books. The Kindle Fire is the ultimate gift for the tech savvy book worm. $199

Snoopy’s jaw harp. You can plan on creating the next great symphony with this delicate instrument. Around $8





Never again have to deal with the hassle of taking off your gloves to answer a text or call on your touchscreen phone again! “Black Touch Glove” touchscreen compatible gloves allow you to text with warm fingers. Available at Target. $9.99




The Deluxe Star Kit from the International Star Registry includes a framed certificate, an astronomy booklet and a letter of congratulations for the recipient. The package also includes a personalized wallet card imprinted with the star name and coordinates. $109.95

Cheering shouldn’t stop just because team is behind It’s my senior year and my last football game. In a matter of 12 minutes it’s going to be over. I’m surrounded by foam and fur. With a small opening right in front me, I look out at the scoreboard and glance back at my squad. Tears are flowing and ironically, red is the only natalie banks color they’re seeing. advertising manager My duty is to keep the crowd pumped and make the little kids smile, but how can I do that when our team is basically in defeat? I overhear my coach say, “Okay girls, lets do a cheer or something to keep the spirit up.” The girls turn around and begin a disappointing rendition of keep it up, keep it up, keep that tiger spirit up. That seemed hard to do–for the cheerleaders, for the drill team, for the some of the band. But not for me. It was me and the drumline, a few parents, and a few coaches still in it to win it. The drumline continued to play, and I kept on dancing. I mean, I wobbled, dougied, drove my fake mustang and bernied. I was having a good ole time because, unlike the party-poopers, I believe in perseverance. Just because our team was losing, doesn’t mean everything stoped. Cheerleaders shouldn’t stop cheering, band shouldn’t stop screaming and yelling, drill team shouldn’t stop dancing, and our players shouldn’t slam helmets down and head straight to the lockerroom once the time is 00.00. A wise coach once said, “We play until the last whistle blows and the last second is up.” Being a senior and the mascot hurt. I couldn’t even cry or be upset. Not only was I disappointed in our loss, I was disappointed with my squad and my fans. It was like every one drove for nearly two hours to freeze their tails off. I was in character and I still had a chill. I kept cheering, dancing, screaming. I wasn’t going to settle for a lousy 1446 lost, I wanted to go out a loser that won with spirit. So to my cheerleaders, band students, drill team, football players, and fans I know it hurts and I know the pain you’re feeling but that doesn’t mean we stop doing our job and give up. During those last 50 seconds is when we should’ve been the loudest, craziest, and most spirit filled team John Tyler has ever seen. Yeah, we may have looked like idiots, but we would have been in the game until the final second sounded.



tiger times dec. 14, 2011


Junior guard Trey Tucker dribbles the ball looking for a shot during the game against Arkansas High Dec. 6 at the Arkansas High gym. Going up for a shot, junior Harold Stoker, who plays post, tries to score points for the team during the Arkansas High rivalry game.

photo by taylor coleman

After tension led to a disturbance at the basketball game with Arkansas High, some wonder if the traditional game should be suspended Jacob Hill staff writer At the Texas High verses Arkansas High basketball game, tension came to a boiling point last Tuesday when security guards had to spray mace at a group causing a disturbance around the concession stand. Now, some are wondering if this incident has caused some uncertainty as to whether this rivalry game will ever be played again. “I want everyone to understand that it had nothing to do with the athletes from either school; it all comes down to a couple of extremely immature individuals making really poor decisions,” head coach Barry Norton said. “We as an athletic department love competing with the pigs and will look forward to doing so in the future, when we feel it is in the best interest of our programs and our kids.” The incident occurred during half time when fans from both teams nearly came to blows.

“Well, it was a really close game throughout the first two quarters, and when half-time came up, you could tell something was going on,” junior Aaron Jones said. “I saw about 50 Arkansas kids file into their really small concession area, then about 50 Texas kids followed them. The next second, all of them came out running onto the court, yelling, coughing, some even threw up. They were all falling over each other and clutching their eyes.” A few minutes after the fight occurred, the faculty thought that it’d be a good idea to turn on the fans and vents in order to get rid of the lingering mace. However, instead of clearing out the air, the mace circulated through the gymnasium, spreading throughout the court and stands. “It was a stupid idea,” Jones said. “Instead of helping, it just circulated the mace around the entire gym. Even the people in the stands started to cough and our eyes began to water. My friend and I started to gag, so that’s when I decided to

get out.” Students feel that this incident should not affect future games. The rivalry has always caused conflicts, and it has never been enough of a problem to warrant canceling the games. “Really, I got the impression that it wasn’t even a fight,” Jones said. “The guys just bowed up to each other before the security started shooting mace everywhere. It’s a good rivalry with great games every year. Just because something like this happened doesn’t mean we should cancel the whole tradition. We just need more precautions at the games.” Currently, this game is up for review. Play or pass, it’s up to the coaches and schools now to figure out what it is that needs to happen in years to come. “A game like this is something the community looks forward to, but a few bad apples can ruin it for the bunch,” coach Jacob Skinner said. “There’s never been a problem in the past; I really don’t know how it will work out in the future.”



Easy ways to stay fit

BANANAS If you’re a dancer, bananas are good way to keep your energy up and avoid leg cramps. If you eat two bananas before you start dancing, it helps you to burn through the dance, and you won’t have painful reactions afterwards.

Hiking/Walking Living in Texarkana helps a lot with this one. We have a bunch of parks around town like Bringle and Spring Lake Park. Hiking and walking can be really simple, and it’s even better if you wear tennis shoes.

CARBS Carbs are the best thing you can eat before swimming. Things like bread, pretzels and noodles help you keep enough energy to continue in high intensity sports. Swimming can drain your energy easily, and carbs are the best way to battle that.

Zumba Zumba mixes boxing and dancing to create a fun alternative to an intense workout. It is fun, and it can be a interesting way to spice a party or small get together.

PROTEIN Protein is probably the best idea for high contact, high focus sports like football. Many coaches and instructors advise their teams and players to drink protein shakes or eat protein bars. Protein helps build the muscles and maintain focus during football practice or games. LOW-FAT, HIGH CARB Soccer involves a lot of movement and quick thinking. Low-fat and high-carb foods are the best for a soccer player’s concentration. Foods like egg whites and lean meats, like chicken or turkey, help players keep energized and not lose too many nutrients during a game. FRUITS Fruits are high in antioxidants are great for tennis players. Berries and apples, along with nuts and dried fruit, are great for tennis. They keep your body clean and swift on the court. Having a well-rounded diet with a larger amount of fruit will help a lot. stories by Casey Hitchcock staff writer/Photographer

tiger times dec. 14, 2011

Yoga Yoga is a flexible, calming exercise you can do to keep fit. It helps you focus and eases stress as you stretch your muscles. Yoga can be a relaxing part of a hectic life. Recreational Swimming Swimming is a great workout. Even just walking around the pool burns more calories than walking in general. If you do this with friends, it makes your workout a lot easier to do. Ultimate Frisbee Ultimate frisbee can be intense for those who don’t like contact sports, but it is a fun, sociable event that can replace harder sports. All you really need to bring is a frisbee and a few friends.

Pick-up Baseball Similar to baseball and softball, pick-up baseball can be a fun way to stay fit. Grab your friends or family and go. Biking Bicycling can be an easy alternative to running or even walking. Riding your bike around your neighborhood is generally a calming and peaceful way to workout. Jump rope Jumping rope can be a good workout. It works every muscle in the body and helps with your agility. Jumping rope can be the perfect warm up or the workout of choice for people who just want to maintain an even body shape. Hula hoop Hula hoops are a good way to keep your torso lean. It mainly focuses on your stomach muscles, and if you get a weighted hoop, it’s an even bigger workout. Ping pong It’s a fun game that the majority of people play with their friends, but if you’re competitive, it’s wonderful. You move around a lot more than you think you do, and it helps keep you stay fit in an easy way. So for those who are athletically challenged, pick an activity off of this list and get started.

tiger times dec. 14, 2011


17 Martial arts ability dubs sophomore as ‘Bruce Josh Klein staff writer Sophomore Austin Roberts is a little out of the ordinary. When the eclectic diver isn’t competing at swim meets, he is crushing his opponents at Ju Jitsu. Last year when Austin sparred with the 2011 graduate Jason Fore, he held his ground. “He was a senior, and I was a freshman,” Austin said. “I just kept going, and it was pretty equal, and that is how I got [the nickname] Bruce Lee.” The competitive side of him stemmed from Taekwondo. “I got involved with Taekwondo because I liked fighting movies,” Austin said. “I started Sophomore Austin Roberts competes in Ju competing from TaeJitsu, giving him the nickname Bruce Lee. kwondo.” photo by alex garner Austin competes in various martial arts tournament and has even won a few. “There are a few weight classes. For every match you win, you go up in the bracket,” Austin said. “I have come in first a few times.” In a small competition at his Taekwondo school, Austin had his first interesting moment fighting. “My pants fell down!“ Austin said. “I was trying to tie my Gi pants and I forgot and then they fell down. Thankfully, I was wearing gym shorts underneath.” So when a small Asian boy called Bruce Lee is walking down the hallway, just part the seas and let him pass. “If it wasn’t against the rules, I’d like to Judo throw some people into a wall!”

social media


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the se of Someone posted that? Some of our favorite tweets from popular Twitter sites #Thatawkwardmomentwhen..... you realize Kim Kardashian’s failed marriage could have paid for your college tuition for 2,690 years #Thatawkwardmomentwhen..... you see the price tag and walk away DVR didn’t record Mean Girls... #whitegirlproblems

#Thatawkwardmomentwhen..... A toilet overflows in a I hate how I’ll never get to be on Oprah.... house that’s not yours #whitegirlproblems #90’skidswillrememberwhen... Ferbies were cool, now they are just creepy #90’skidswillrememberwhen... your favorite Lip Smackers melting in the minivan was your biggest problem #90’skidswillrememberwhen... giving the bunny ears in a photo was the equivalant of photo bombing


Mary Claire Boudreaux entertainment editor “That is so stupid, Facebook can’t be beat.” That was what I said before I looked at it, judging an app by its icon. I touched the little birdie on my iPhone, not knowing that this would become my new addiction, my new homework obstacle, the reason I never got any sleep. I was once a Facebook addict, now I have moved on to greener pastures. When Facebook became inappropriate I quickly switched social networks. #whitegirlproblems, #thingsthatlastlongerthankimsmarrige, #totalfratmove, #thatawkwardmomentwhen, #winning, #hoodmemories #youknowyoura90skidwhen, all pulled me in. At the time, I didn’t really understand the purpose of the hashtags. If there even is a reason it would be to categorize your tweets, but other that the only reason to use hashtags is to look cool for putting a number sign in front of a lot of funny words without spaces. The other thing I really like about Twitter is

#thingsyoushouldstopdoingwhenyou’re30... waiting for your acceptance letter for Hogwarts

the fal

l of

#thingsyoushouldstopdoingwhenyou’re30... stop wearing mini skirts, and stop wearing Hollister #thingsyoushouldstopdoingwhenyou’re30... stop changing your relationship status on facebook everyday


of Facebook... “I thought all the pictures were disgusting and that is not what Facebook is meant for. I didn’t want to take the time to learn about Twitter, so since the pictures have cooled down, I am sticking with Facebook.” Blaire Barlow, 12

WHAT DO YOU THINK? I thought the pictures on Facebook were very obsene, and the reason it was spreading was because people were clicking on it which makes me question the morality of people. I like Twitter better because you can’t comment on what people say and not many people post constantly. Logan Porter, 11

is Twitter better...

the fact that you don’t have to follow someone that follows you. On Facebook, when someone friends you, your status is shown on their newsfeed and theirs on yours, but on twitter, it doesn’t have to work like that. Someone can follow you and see your tweets on their timelines but you don’t have to look at theirs. All in all, Twitter is better. It’s less about drama, showing off and whiny statuses, and more about friends and humor. Follow us @THSStudentMedia!

John David Goins news editor First Day: Login to Facebook. BAM! First thing I see on my news feed is a naked girl. #ThatAwkwardMomentWhen everyone thinks you’re looking at porn. I remove the photo as quickly as possible, hoping I wouldn’t see something so risque again, but realize everyone is posting about these photos, complaining it appeared on their walls as well. What has this world come to... Trying to get that picture out of my mind, I completely ignore it and log out. Next day, photos get worse and Facebook has given a new meaning to “meeting new people.” And on top of that, religion is now being brought in. Disgusting is an understatement. Worst of all, my closest friends are the ones commenting and “liking” these photos. The following day, I overheard many conversations about the photos. I learned the my friends hadn’t been the ones posting and commenting on them, even though Facebook made it seem as though they were. Knowing that my friends weren’t the ones encouraging

the photos gave me some relief, but knowing that my profile could be spammed as well was an unsettling thought. Next thing I know, I see people posting links to their Twitter accounts. The decline of Facebook increases as more “follow me @...” posts pop up. I, of course, make one as well, hoping to escape these crude and unusual pictures. I think, ’Who would do such a thing? Who would post photos a naked Jesus with another naked Jesus? Who would post photos of a naked Santa sitting on a naked Jesus?’ Almost everywhere I looked, there was a different picture of a pornographic person in an awkward position. For obvious reasons the photos can’t be described in full details, But who would do such a thing? After much thought my guess is that it’s probably just some kid with no friends and this is his way of crying out for attention. Then again, it could be some Facebook terrorist who enjoys making people sick to the stomach. Or maybe people from twitter trying to persuade others their social network is “better” or even more appropriate. Nevertheless, more and more people are getting Twitters and Facebook’s popularity is spiraling downwards to a complete and total flush. Hopefully soon, it will have all blown over and people will start coming back, but until then, follow me on Twitter @JD_keeponGoins.



tiger times dec. 14, 2011

Classic Christmas movies to watch over break A Charlie Brown Christmas

This is a perfect movie for anyone who enjoys things that are adorable. After watching Charlie Brown’s quest to find the true meaning of Christmas, watching the antics that go into producing the infamous Christmas Pageant (run entirely by children), and hearing the sound of sweet, innocent Linus’ voice, you will want to hang out with witty youngsters and buy multiple puppies. Plus, the whole gang’s here: Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Schroeder, Patty, Pigpen, and Snoopy. And while it’s traditionally viewed as a movie for kids and preteens, the underlying meaning of the film is what makes it understandable to continue to watch it year after year, even while in high school.

A Christmas Story

This is the Christmas classic. This film made parents’ warnings catchy with the phrase “You’ll shoot your eye out!” repeated several times throughout the movie. Everyone can relate to young Ralphie, who simply wants a Red Ryder 200-shot Carbine Action Range Model Air rifle and doesn’t understand why his parents (and everyone else it seems) don’t want him to have one. This movie not only details Ralphie’s want for the aforementioned rifle, it also gives us insight into his hilarious family and friends, who

are willing to do just about anything for a dare. It also happens to offer great interior decorating advice with its infamous lamp in the shape of a woman’s leg.

Miracle on 34th Street (1994 version)

A timeless tale of finding something to have faith in, Miracle on 34th Street is a movie that warms your heart and makes you want to drink hot chocolate. The movie outlines six-year-old Susan’s Christmas season. She doesn’t believe in Santa anymore, but after meeting the ever mysterious Kris Kringle, and helping him through his court trial, she not only starts to believe in Christmas, but the power of believing as well. This movie warms your heart, and is the only Christmas movie able to make me cry.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys

This classic movie details the origin and rise to fame of the most famous reindeer of them all, Rudolph. The film uses a lot of its knowledge of the song “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” to provide much of its basis. Unlike the song, Rudolph befriends an elf aspiring to be a dentist and a prospector, and together, they discover an island of misfit toys. Oh, and they find the Abominable Snowman. Intrigued?

It’s a Wonderful Life

This movie is more than a great

Christmas movie, it’s also inspirational and heart-felt. Granted, it does take a while to build up to George Bailey’s attempt at suicide, but it’s all worth it. The movie takes you through his life from his marriage to his struggles with Mr. Potter to what seems to be the inevitable downfall of his business. But before George tries to kill himself, his guardian angel jumps in (literally) and shows him what life would be like in Bedford Falls if he had never been born. George realizes how his life has affected everyone around him, and when he falls back into his life, he finds that it truly is wonderful.

hears a noise on his roof on Christmas Eve and goes to check it out. He calls out to a man on his roof and, startled by Scott’s shouts, he accidentally falls off the roof. When Scott goes to help the man, he finds only a red suit and instructions to put on the suit if the person wearing it has gotten into an accident. Allen puts the suit on and becomes the man that fell of the roof: Santa Claus. Through his change, Scott redeems his reputation with his ex-wife and her new husband, but more importantly, he becomes closer to his son and shows him that Santa Claus is really real.

A Muppet Christmas Carol

Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas (original)

This movie is a Muppet twist on a classic Christmas story, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. This is one of my favorite Muppet movies, not to mention one of my favorite Christmas movies. The Great Gonzo acts as Charles Dickens and narrates through out the movie. Along with his companion, Rizzo the Rat, Gonzo follows the mean-spirited Ebenezer Scrooge, played by Michael Caine, during the night of Christmas Eve as Scrooge is visited by three spirits: the ghost of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. These three spirits show Scrooge what has become of his life through years past and what is to come if things continue as they are. Scrooge realizes that Christmas is a joyous season meant to be spent with friends and family and finds his Christmas spirit. And I mean, come on, it’s THE Muppets.

The Santa Claus

This movie starts out a little disturbing as Scott Calvin, played by Tim Allen,

Dr. Seuss’ vision of How the Grinch Stole Christmas comes alive in the 1966 cartoon short. The Grinch, a mean old hermit, decides to ruin Christmas for the happy, cheerful Whos of Whoville. He hatches a plan to dress as Santa on Christmas Eve, go into the village and get rid of every trace of Christmas in Whoville in hopes of causing the Whos to have a horrible Christmas. But fortunately his plan fails, and even after stealing all the gifts and decorations of Christmas, the Grinch couldn’t steal the Whos’ Christmas spirit. This makes him realize that Christmas isn’t about materials, but is instead about the people you spend it with. compiled by Mackenzie Phillips and Sydney Schoen/staff writers

Holiday movies to watch with an older crowd In order to escape actually interacting with your relatives this holiday season, you’ll probably end up spending quite a bit of time in front of the TV screen. After a while, you’re bound to get tired of watching endless ABC Family Christmas specials and staring into the cold, dead eyes of those terrifying little claymation figures. Finding an entertaining Christmas movie can be difficult, mainly because most of them seem to be aimed firmly at the 6-10 demographic. Luckily, a fair amount of more mature and less headache-inducing Christmas movies do exist, and Little Cousins Bobby and Sally aren’t the only ones who can enjoy the cinematic offerings this holiday season. Here are some nice films to try: :

Joyeux Noel (2005)

On Christmas Eve in 1914, as World War I raged, a group of British, German and French soldiers put aside their differences and celebrated the Yuletide together. It may sound cheesy and Hollywood-esque, but it really happened, and, of course, a story this

heartwarming just HAD to get a film adaptation. Parts of the film are in French and German, but don’t let a few subtitles scare you.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989)

It’s the Christmas-themed installment of the National Lampoon franchise, in which a ridiculously square Midwestern businessmen, played by Chevy Chase, attempts to pass an enjoyable holiday season with his extended family and fails outrageously, which is something that I’m sure we all can relate to.

Scrooged (1988)

I cannot fathom how anyone could ever not love Bill Murray. That’s like not loving ice cream, or worse, not loving AMERICA. In Scrooged, Murray plays a modernized version of Charles Dickens. Like the book upon which it is based, this film can be a little saccharine and clichéd at times, but that’s okay because it makes up for it by being


Die Hard (1988)

Ah, Die Hard. It sparked an extremely lucrative action franchise and is the perfect holiday film if Christmas at your house is less about celebrating peace and goodwill and more about Bruce Willis shooting a bunch of vaguely European terrorists. The film itself revolves around what is perhaps the most fight sequence-rife Christmas party in the history of forever, and while it might not exactly get you in the holiday spirit, it is certainly entertaining. So instead of subjecting yourself to yet ANOTHER screening of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, skip the stewing melancholy and familial resentment that invariably comes with unwilling Christmas fraternization and spend your holiday season holed up with a mug of hot chocolate and one of these films. compiled by Abigail O’Gorman/staff writer



Nutcracker The

Texarkana’s annual production of The Nutcracker was held Dec. 3-5 in the Perot Theater. This year, several students from Texas High had the opportunity to be a part of this ballet. The dancers in the production spent hours preparing for their big performance, and their hard work and dedication showed as they danced in front of a crowd of hundreds.

tiger times dec. 14, 2011



1 Sophomore Lindsey Gore dances the Sugar Plum Fairy, one of the leading roles in the production. 2 Freshman Laura Rochelle dances the part of the Russian dancer. 3 Freshman Catherine Thomas dances in the Waltz of the Flowers. 3





4 Junior Kate Deese graces the stage as a Dewdrop soloist. 5 Senior Annie Garrett dances in the Waltz of the Flowers. 6 Sophomore Lydia Walker smiles as she dances to the part of Mother Ginger.

Participating in The Nutcracker from Texas High were Laura Rochelle, Madeline Hunley, Katherine Doan, Holland Humphrey, Riley Madlock, Lydia Walker, Kate Deese, Lindsey Gore, Kristen Hall and Rachel Qualls. photos by ruth arnold

Texas High Tiger TImes Dec 14 2012  

Dec. 14, 2012, edition of the Texas High School Tiger Times newspaper