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The Accidental find By: Austin Miller

The accidental find. by: Austin Miller Once there was a young boy named Billy. Billy and the rest of his family were stuck home for summer vacation. But one day his dad came home from work and announced to his family that he got a Summer bonus and he got them tickets to Iraq. Billy’s mom however was not so sure because she hasn’t been out of the country.

Billy’s mom was frantically packing for the last minute trip. Billy was so excited. He had never been on such a big family trip. Billy’s little brother Fredrick was asleep. Nobody would be sure how he would take it.

3.Billy was excited for everything except the long plane ride. If there was one thing he hated more, it was long car or plane ride. Billy couldn’t stop moving in his seat until an arab man yelled at him. The plane food tasted like stale, well stale everything! After having lunch in the airport they signed up for a tour group. They waited about 20 minutes, and finally there tour man came by and brought them to their tour bus.

Billy and Fredrick were both “bored to death.”so each of them kept tugging at their Mom’s shirt saying “Mom! Mom! Mom!” until their mom finally answered “WHAT, WHAT DO YOU WANT!?” and then Billy and Fred told her how the bus smells like camel sweat, and old people. So after a while the bus finally stopped. And Billy and Fredrick bolted from the back of the bus to the front in only a few seconds!

They both jumped on the ground and took 2 big whiffs of fresh air. Then Billy quickly got up and started running, Fredrick didn’t know where nor did Billy but he just wanted to get away. Fredrick caught up,when he found billy sliding on his shoes down a cliff. He found so many mounds of dirt that kind of looked like a wall formed by bricks.

“ But listen Fredrick Jordan this is OUR secret, no telling mom!” said Billy sternly “ Fine.” replied Fredrick.

Billy & Fredrick kept prying at one brick until it finally it flew out into the air. “WHOA FREDDY!” said Billy “Don’t CALL ME THAT.” replied Fredrick “ Fine, but my teacher told me all about this so called Hanging Gardens of babylon!”said Billy” And I think this is it!”

So then they both went back up the hill and through the ditches and ended up in the smelly bus. Billy ended keeping the brick, it was the kind of thing that was dry and sharp and if your hair touched it, it would get caught. So then they went back to the airport and flew back to Minnesota.

The accidental find -Austin  

Billy and his brother Fredrick have an extroadinary find

The accidental find -Austin  

Billy and his brother Fredrick have an extroadinary find