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The discovery of the hanging gardens of babylon

by graham Rantanen

Tim was whistling as the plane landed in Baghdad. It was a hot summer day in Baghdad. Tim got his bags and walked off the plane with his dad. Tim was a brave little boy, only 11 years old. He liked taking hikes and whistling for fun.

When Tim got to his rental house he unpacked his bags and sat down. “Dad, what can kids do in Iraq?” Tim asked his dad. “You can take a walk in the desert,” His dad suggested. “Ok.” Tim said back. He packed a bag with a camera, map, and a candy bar. He walked out the door of the rental house and shut it behind him.


Tim took out the map and started walking to the first oasis. He was getting tired because he was walking through miles of sand. He still trudged on, determined to get there. He took a big bite of his candy bar and walked on. Then, all the sudden it was dark outside he checked his watch and it read 9:00.

Tim was brave so he did not panic he made a little shelter in the sand and fell asleep. When he woke up he looked at his watch and it read 7:45. He realized that he went the wrong way in the darkness and was now really lost. Tim saw a goat in the distance and called it over to him. The goat tried to ram Tim but he was strong and quick so he easily out ran the goat which he named Billy.

Tim walked over large dunes after dunes until he fell down. He looked up and saw the biggest dune ever. He decided to climb up it because he might be able to see a little village from the top of the dune. But instead he saw a huge ziggurat. He was so excited that he fell backward off the dune.

Despite his exhaustion, Tim practically ran up the huge dune. He sprinted toward the ziggurat. When he got to it he realized that it was not only a ziggurat but the Hanging Gardens of Babylon! He took out his camera and took a picture. .

Tim’s excitement started to fade as he realized that he was still lost. Then he remembered that he saw an oasis from the dune so he walked over in the direction of the oasis. He stopped to take a big bite of his candy bar and and kept walking and saw his dad under a palm tree by the water. His dad jumped up and they gave each other a hug and were just happy to be together again.

When the long plane ride back to New York City was over Tim had to go back to school. He put on his backpack and walked to school. He walked into his first class which was history. Tim’s teacher said, ”Today we are going to learn about the myth of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, class.” Tim raised his hand in the air.

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The discovery of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon  

a boy finds the Hanging Gardens of Babylon