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Noah’s Ark Uncovered! By Jonah Viroslav

1. “ahh” Noah sighs as the plane takes off. “Next stop Iran.” "Hey kid" said a voice that sounded familiar. Then Noah looked up and saw a tall lady in a blue suit with wings attached to it. "I'm Teresa," she said happily "You must be Noah," Noah nodded. "Well I'm the fight attendant and I'm supposed to look after you for the plane ride." "Ok." Noah said feeling embarrassed. "Ask me if you need anything," Teresa said "See you soon."

This made Noah feel more relaxed because he had somebody watching after him. “Finally,” Noah said with a sigh of relief. “I can relax and fall asleep.” he said yawning.

2.Noah was awakened by a loud BOOM! coming from the inside of the plane. Then, after a few seconds, it went away. Noah was confused and still tired so he just laid back and pretended to act like nothing ever happened. A couple minutes later, Noah started to hear low murmuring coming from the front of the plane and then the murmuring grew to shouting and then there was more exploding and then Teresa come running down the aisle and with a raspy coughing voice she said “ We have blown an engine!” she exclaimed “ We are going to have to emergency land in Turkey!” And then everything went blank.

3. CRASH!! The plane landed right into a forest and impaled itself on the trees. The ceiling of the plane let down oxygen masks. The flight attendants slowly walked down the aisle and asked “Is everyone alright,� in a raspy voice and then they opened the emergency exits and everybody slid out and off the plane.

4. “Ugh,” Noah sighed covered in dust and starting to sweat, “That was peaceful.” Noah was hungry and he needed water. “I’m going to go look for food and a good water resource,” Noah said to the rest of the passengers “ Find me if you find something” Then Noah walked into the forest nervously. He traveled through the forest for hours in search of food. Eventually, Noah found a river with clear water that was glistening in the hot sun. The water looked perfect. Noah couldn’t resist diving in. So he took off and jumped into the water.

5.“Ahh” exclaimed Noah as he dove into the water. The water felt wonderful. Noah spent hours swimming around in the river. “Ow!” Noah said as he suddenly hit something big. He didn't know what it was so he ignored it and kept swimming. But while he was swimming, he saw more pieces of the thing wedged into the sand. Noah started to get nervous so he came up to the surface,cleared his eyes, and saw the biggest wooden ship he had ever seen right above his head.

6.The ship was dark, covered in moss, and it had pictures of animals and an old guy carved into the base of it. On the side, it had a rusty old ladder leading up to the top. Noah wanted to go check it out so he slowly climbed up the creaky ladder, stopped at the top, and said “Wow� as he looked at one of the most intriguing sites he had ever seen before.

7.There was bones everywhere. They were on the ground and some were even stuck into the walls. Noah walked around. He saw a full skeleton of a zebra in one corner and a skull that looked like it might have come from an elephant. Then he saw writing on the walls that said “This is Noahs Ark.� and next to it was a human skeleton. That was it for Noah so he climbed down, jumped into the water, and swam to the shore.

8.When Noah got on to the shore, he realized that he had no place to go and that he was starving. He looked around and he saw a bush of berries. He walked over and ate as much as he could until he was full. He decided to camp out overnight. He gathered some leaves and made himself a pillow, Before laying down, closed his eyes, and fell asleep.

9. Noah woke up to the sound of an engine blaring. He got up and decided to look for the area where the sound was coming from. After a few minutes, Noah walked into a dry open plain surrounded by trees. He looked around and in the distance there was a huge plane with a roaring engine ready to take off.

10. Ahhh! Noah sighed as he sat back in his as the plane took off. Now he could finally see his grandfather and tell him everything about his amazing trip.

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Noah's Ark Uncovered By Jonah Viroslav  

Noah's Ark

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