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Noah’s Ark Adventure 

By Sam

One day in New York City, a boy named Taylor was sitting at his desk in history class twirling a pencil around his finger. It seemed almost like he wasn’t there, almost like a dream, but he wasn’t dreaming, he was daydreaming. “Blah, Blah Noah’s Ark” he said to himself as he drifted to half-sleep. No, he never went to sleep, but he came close. The reason he never went to sleep fully was mostly because his history teacher gave kids double detention for sleeping during class. Plus the teacher who does detention makes you write a story about what you did. Then he calls your parents and exaggerates the whole story.

That night he lay awake thinking about his trip to Turkey that is coming up. He heard that the wreck of Noah’s ark is up in the Araart Mountains. He dreamed about being Noah and coming off the ark. This happened again...and again...and again.

Eventually when he went on the trip he was just plain bored. It was just museum after museum about the mountains, rivers, and grassy marshes with lots of trees. He felt more like exploring these regions rather than learning about them. “Booooooring!� he said to himself frequently.

Then Taylor went on a hike up the Ararat Mountains that changed his life. At first he didn’t like the idea at all. It seemed dumb to him. It was actually until about halfway through the hike when he was just too bored for words.

“Come on, how long is this trail?” he asked. “We’re only halfway through it” replied his dad annoyed about the question. “Yeah” said his sister Emily. “This trail feels like forever” Taylor mumbled to himself quietly.

Quickly he thought of something. “I’m going back” he said to his parents before running away to avoid their saying no. Half way on his way back down the trail, he tripped over a giant 2-foot tall boulder and came hurtling down to the ground. At first he felt a sharp pain in his leg, then no feeling at all. He went to rest on the rock that caused the injury.

Slowly he pulled up his pant leg to examine the wound. When he finally saw it he almost fainted. His knee had a 3 inch wide cut on it. Not to mention it was deep too. He was guessing he was going to need stitches. So to wash off the blood he slowly lowered his leg into a nearby river.

It seemed to help him feel better. Suddenly he felt himself slipping in the water. He tried to pull himself up but it was useless. He was going to fall in. At first this didn’t seem too bad, then he realized how deep the water was. Apparently he had ran down a narrow path onto a tropical island and the water around it was infested with all kinds of dangerous fish. Plus Taylor couldn’t swim. “Help!,” he screamed “Help”.

He thought he would die. He almost did actually, that was until he fainted and his body landed in a almost box like ship. When he came too he panicked, he didn’t know where he was. He realized quickly though, based on the description in the Jewish Bible, that this box like structure was Noah’s Ark.

It was very detailed in the Bible that this was almost like a giant box. When Taylor finally found out what this was he quickly looked around the ship. He found lots of animal food, some books, some clothes, and finally a dead giraffe skeleton. He could tell this had been here for ages. Then suddenly he heard a submarine.

He looked out the window and saw Emily and his Dad, but as he did, a bunch of water from the chamber he landed in came pouring in. He instantly ran to the exit, not even thinking about the submarine. As he left he noticed a different way out. this way seemed closer so he tried it. He ran through the hallways quickly.

Eventually he found a way up and out of the Ark. This one even went out onto the island. Only when he got off his parents were crying. “Where have you been?” they all cried out at once. “I don’t want to talk about it” he replied. As he walked away he saw the great ark sink into the water.

Epilogue The next few days at school were rough. It was hard not telling anyone about his discovery. He had to tell somebody. “Maybe even the whole class” he said to himself. Later that same day he did something very risky. During the lesson on Noah’s Ark, he raised his hand and when called on said, “I found the ark”. “Stop joking” said his teacher in disbelief. “I’m not!” he said. His teacher still didn’t believed him and said “be quiet”. So much for a happy ending.

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Noah's Ark Adventure  

A boy and his magical trip to Turkey.