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1. The plane had just touched down in the city of Baghdad and Fiasco was very excited. The minute Fiasco got off the plane he went to go claim his bags and then got a cab. The whole reason that Fiasco was in Baghdad was to go see his family.

2. When the cab finally came to a stop Fiasco knew he was at his family’s house. Fiasco said “hello, I have been aching to see you” and then sat down and talked to his parents about how his life in america was. Then went to sleep knowing he had a big day planned ahead of him come morning.

3. The next morning Fiasco woke up very early and took a walk in the hot weather. On the way back from his walk he saw something in the distant desert so he ran out to it. But Fiasco was very disappointed to see that it was just a small oasis.

4. So Fiasco sat on the blazing hot desert sand while drinking the fresh crystal clear water from the water pool. When Fiasco realized that there was a path of faded footsteps engraved in the sand. So he decided to follow them

5. The path of footsteps led him to an amazing palace by the shore side. Fiasco was mesmerized by the site of the palace it was the hanging gardens of Babylon. Fiasco started walking around the hanging gardens. Then he walked into the magnificent palace.

6. There were many rooms and balconies with dead plants on the ground. Then Fiasco walked into a different room and found a set of gold and silver vases and cups. After walking through all the rooms and balconies. Fiasco started to walk out of the palace.

7. He found a little hole in the ground with something in it. So Fiasco decided to look inside of the hole. He got his grip on something. Struggling to pull it out he finally pulled it out of the hole it was a clay tablet written cuneiform. Fiasco immediately ran back to his home yelling “Father Mother�.

8. After running for a very long time he finally reached his house and told his family all about it. He explained how at first he took a walk in the morning and then saw something in the distance but it turned out to just be an oasis. Then he found a trail of footprints in the sand and followed them to find the ancient hanging gardens of Babylon and an ancient clay tablet written in cuneiform. After the telling of his great adventure Fiascos parents were amazed by what they had just heard. Then they exclaimed “can you take us there?�

THE END Found Pictures on google images Link:

Finding the Hanging Gardens of Babylon-Pagon  

A boy finds the Hanging Gardens of Babylon