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Daniel writes ... The aim, the ache and the Allelujah Through Faith Missions is an organisation created to do what it says on the label. We are called to evangelise and to endeavour to bring people to Christ. There are pastoral sides of this mission and we well know of the Society of Contemporary Evangelists and the education of many people, but our main task is to bring the Gospel of Christ to the nation. In Ephesians 3, Paul spells out very clearly what the AIM of our task is. Verse 8 tells us to preach to the Gentiles 'the unsearcheable riches of Christ'. We preach His incarnation, His deity, His miracles, His death and resurrection. As an old preacher once said, ‘those sermons most filled with Christ are most likely to convert’. Another old preacher said, 'I delight to speak well of His Name.' I too echo these sentiments. It is a truly remarkable experience to preach Christ particularly to those who don't know Him and for many centuries now, England has never been so ignorant of Him. So for all of us, let us speak of Christ plainly and effectively. That is the aim of our charge. Secondly, Paul mentions the ACHE of mission. In various parts of his letters, he speaks about being 'deserted, ignored, persecuted, lonely and at times, unbearably crushed'. The Gospel cost Jesus Christ His life and for those of us involved in this modern age of preaching the Gospel too, we cannot do it without these aches and pains. Paul speaks in Ephesians 3 of how God's grace is all that he needs. See verse 2, verse 8 and verse 12. Then he mentions the 'ALLELUJAH' of mission. I'm convinced, more than I've ever been, that these missions work and

the splendour of God invests them and covers them and we, despite the aches, go on from glory to glory. So Paul speaks here in the same passage that remarkable saying in verse 10, that through the church, the 'manifold wisdom of God is made known to the principalities and powers.' Notice that it is through the church that the manifold wisdom of God is known. That involves all of us, not just those of us who go out to do mission, but those who pray for it, those who give to it, those who feed people in it etc. The word 'manifold' itself is a special greek word called 'polypolupekos' which is a reference to the garden of many colours and different varieties of plants, or it can refer to a tapestry, with its many threads, colours and patterns. And this is the wonder for us all, that every Christian can be involved in declaring Christ and notice, it says, that this is not just aimed at mankind, but to the principalities and powers in heavenly places. So when Christ is proclaimed, it has a cosmic invisible effect. We've often spoken of

‘pushing back the darkness’ and that is what Paul is referring to in some senses here. What marvellous opportunities are given us and our mission stretches out in front of us. Please pray. Please give. Please come with us. And finally ... On a domestic note, we have not moved yet, but we are hoping to sometime in April. Thank you for your many prayers. As soon as we are settled, we will make it known, hopefully in the next newsletter. We are right in the middle of a transitory stage now, but lastly, let me thank all those who wrote to me and the many who came to our Thanksgiving Day on the 21 Nov. We had a houseful. Different people came throughout the day and God was praised for all His wonderful provision in the past and there was rejoicing in where He is leading us to. So, my dears, ever onwards and ever upwards and may I add a little P.S.something I've thought for years, but have never done – would you please remember Through Faith Missions in your will, if at all possible? Yours with affection in our Lord Jesus,

Daniel H. Cozens The Cozens family: (L to R) Kate, Beth, Daniel, Gillie, Ben and Mary

2010 – team members still needed for the following missions! 15-23 May Bicester villages I 5-13 June Aylsham, Norfolk 18 Sep – 10 Oct Walk Saint David 20-28 Nov Bicester villages II

2 teams in 2 centres 2-3 teams Potentially a large Walk mission 2 teams in 2 centres


What gets you out of bed in the morning? What makes you tick? What makes your day worthwhile? What makes you any different to the people in your road, your workplace or in the queue in front of you at the supermarket? Maybe you are beginning to wonder if there is any difference – or even whether there should be. I would venture to say that there should be a world of difference.

L K SA T DAV Back in the 6th century a Celtic monk was taking the IN Gospel of Christ to pagan tribes across Wales, England and northern France, planting churches and founding monasteries in many places where he went. Such was his influence that he was made Archbishop of Wales. Although of royal blood he lived a simple life and encouraged others to do the same. His name? David, who became Saint David, Dewi Sant, the patron saint of Wales.

This article began with a service in the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Structured around Luke chapter 24 its key words were: “You are witnesses of these things”. What things? Three things come out powerfully. Firstly Jesus wanted them to know that they were witnesses to world-changing events. Forget the inauguration of President Obama. Forget the Berlin Wall coming down. Forget even the release of Nelson Mandela. A man died, was seen to be dead, and yet now He lives. This was news indeed! It reversed every human expectation – born, live, die by adding … live again. It is news – and hope – of the first importance … The second thing we need to see is how “these things” can transform people. Jesus' followers were a mess at this point – mourning (understandably), fearful and going nowhere. Yet, within weeks, we see that this hope of a Risen Saviour made them willing to even put their lives on the line. That threat can seem remote to us in the UK but Christians in many parts of the world still make that choice today; embrace Jesus Christ and risk loss of family, even loss of life. Why do it? Because such a hope gives boldness that nothing can touch. Thirdly my talk was in the context of mission preparation. Really that's the point at the end of the day, isn't it? “You are witnesses,” said Jesus. When He rose again He chose people and personally entrusted them with this message – not to keep but to share. They got it 100%, turning the world upside down with a wave of mission. What went wrong? Evangelism seems a fringe concern of the Church at times, not quite “kosher”. Many Christians instead seem to obey (out of context) Jesus' command, “See that you tell no one”! Easter is a reminder to us that the gospel is huge news and must be shared; it is the only true and lasting hope. Have you got it? Then share it with someone today!


Jonathan writes ... Following the feet in ancient time ...






John writes ... Living hope

The great man of God lends his name to this autumn's Walk mission, covering western Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion. Fifteen centuries after him lesser known saints will be following his footsteps and his example on Taith Dewi Sant, Walk Saint David. The mission may need as many as 400 team members over the course of the three weeks, 17 September – 10 October. Will you be amongst them? Most of the church leaders across the mission area were visited at the end of last year, responsible for 339 churches. As one of them said to me, “For the last 20 years we've been praying for a mission opportunity like this.” The churches signing up range from small, Welsh-speaking chapels to bustling town-centre churches in places such as Aberystwyth, Haverfordwest, Milford Haven, Pembroke, Tenby and all hamlets, villages and towns between.

Meet Prayer for Walk Saint David A prayer walk along sections of the coastal footpath is taking place 25-30 April. All are welcome to join, with accommodation available in the Courthouse, a retreat centre in the heart of St. Davids. Ring or email the TFM office for more details.

John Hibberd, Minister of Missions, is married to Sue and they have 2 children, Sarah and Rachel. He is keen on running, music and Indian food. John writes: Sue is a Teaching Assistant in the village school and handles SCE admin. In our church she leads Monday night club for younger children. Sarah, who assists her, is doing a National Diploma in Childcare and Early Years and now applying to university. Rachel, currently doing GCSEs, has just been on a school trip to California! She takes Grade 8 piano soon and plays in worship group (with Sarah; flute). I passed Grade 5 piano.

Maasai Mission January 2011 Rev David Rhodes from Sheffield will be leading a team to work somewhere in Maasailand in January 2011. If you are interested please contact John Hibberd via the office or David Rhodes. David's e-mail: Sue Hibberd with Sarah and Rachel

Walk Saint David has all the hallmarks of the Walk missions, inspired by Matthew chapter 10: mission outside church walls, TFM teams working with local churches, dependent upon the power of God and therefore upon prayer. 'And that's very exciting' says Rob James, Executive Chair of Evangelical Alliance Wales. 'Most people seemed to have walked away from church. This is a fabulous chance to make a move towards them!' Rob is one of those on the Walk Saint David Task Force, the organising group made up of church leaders from across the mission area and chaired by the Rector of St. Michael's in Aberystwyth, Canon Stuart Bell. “This initiative has grabbed the imagination of church leaders across south west Wales and a sense of expectation is rising amongst us”, says Stuart. “We feel that Walk Saint David is of God and will have a significant effect on the whole area.” The momentum behind the mission appears to be growing. Whilst attendance at the first briefing morning in Tenby was small, others in Aberystwyth and Haverfordwest have drawn in really good numbers, and at the time of writing it looks like an equally encouraging picture for the March briefing in Cardigan.

But mission of this kind is new to so many churches and time for preparation is short. Therefore, we value your prayers for ... v All the churches God is calling to join Walk Saint David to sign up. v For the Mission Preparers working with them to help everyone make the most of this evangelistic opportunity. v For all the team members we need, especially from the Welsh churches themselves so that we have enough Welsh-speakers in the teams. v For the visits being made by Daniel around the mission area (22 - 26 April), as well as those of Roger (especially in Pembroke and Aberystwyth), John and Jonathan. This part of Wales has a great history of God doing works of revival. In some places though – according to church leaders there we have met - it doesn't have a great present. May Walk Saint David be a part of God's plan to change that and to bring His life to all.

the Missioners ... Jonathan Mortimer, Associate Minister of Missions, is married to Ruthli who is Austrian and they have 2 daughters, Joanna and Rebecca. He is a keen sportsman, representing local clubs in both running and table tennis. Jonathan writes: “January weather underlined the major genetic differences in our household – snowfall cut off everyone on our 1,000-acre country estate where we rent a cottage, everyone that is except those with Austrian genes. They got up early every day to enthusiastically ski to work, to school or Crawley station 5 miles away. Since the thaw I've been on the road to Wales, Oxford and Stoke where missions are happening later this year, sometimes going via Nottingham where Joanna is studying French and English, and staving off student debt with two part-time jobs. Rebecca hopes to join her there to study medicine just as Walk Saint David will be starting. That will be a season of change for Ruthli and myself, left alone at home for the first time in 20 years. It will take some getting used to.“

Roger and Jill Murphy with Carol and Chris

Roger Murphy is our Associate Evangelist and is married to Jill. They have 2 grown up children. Roger writes: “I have personally now recovered from a hernia operation in late October, but it took time to get back to full fitness – must be my age!! We had a great time over Christmas and the New Year as my daughter Carol, Andy and our grandsons Thomas and Matthew came back for a holiday from New Zealand. We were joined by our son, Chris and wife Abbi. Chris finishes his youth and community degree at Moorlands this summer and may be off to Canada as a youth worker with Young Life!” Roger is a keen sports fan especially playing and watching football (Chelsea Fan) and enjoys reading and walking. Jonathan and Ruthli Mortimer with Joanna and Rebecca

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Roger writes ... Since the last newsletter I have led 5 missions across Northern Ireland in both town and rural situations, in Saintfield, Cranagill Methodist Circuit, St Mark's Portadown, Lisburn Methodist and St Paul's, Lisburn. All have been very fruitful with many of all ages responding to the Gospel, averaging around 100 per week thus affecting the communities through the network of families and friends. The follow-up has been generally good with many going on with their faith. A few encouragements: • Good numbers of dads and lads giving their lives to Christ, and a lot of men responding at events. • Increasing number of teenagers coming to Christ and lovely to hear some share their stories in public at the final services. • A man received healing from a severely severed arm accident. • Having the privilege of leading many to Christ personally including a teenage lad, and a lady who was rejuvenated in her appearance and outlook on life. • Meeting people around who report that their sister is going on with the Lord, and also a lady who came to faith now heads up the Sunday School, and a man who was on the outside of the church at the mission is now a church warden! • A lady with a tripod was healed and shared her story in church a week after a mission. • New initiatives being set up as a result of the outreach, on estates, in schools, and events like messy church. I have been speaking on average around 40 times per week at these missions and we have seen some good crowds, and we have team members join us for many events to share their stories of faith. I have also been involved in planning a mission in Stratford, East London with Peter Adams entitled 'The Ultimate Goal' to coincide with the beginning of the World Cup in June (5-13). We have had two training weekends and have got a team of 12 visitors alongside local folk from 15 local churches. At the last weekend in February we had 70 of us out on the doors and streets with the surveys, and later in the pubs. We look forward to some missions in England now as the Northern Ireland missions come to an end for a while and we have teams joining us in the Bicester villages, Stratford East London, and Walk Saint David in Wales.

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Thanks again for your support and prayers and as you can see above, they really do make a difference.

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Out with the old – In with the new


Work started in February to convert the Coton Men's Institute into new offices for TFM. Hopefully as you read this we will be in the process of actually moving in. We are very grateful to Dave Cooke whose building skills will have transformed a derelict

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building into useful premises, restoring some of its glory of past days as a feature in the village.

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