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March 31, 2012 / American Legion Post 127 / Buford GA / 12 Noon - Until

Bike Show

Southern Soul Set To Hot Pin-Up & Tattoo Rock The Bash Contest

Biker Games

Sell Your Wheels For Free!


Car & Bike Show

At the Vidalia Regional Airport Saturday April 28 2012

ive One of the F Don’t-Miss Festivals .S.! Across the U -MSNBC

April 26-29

Show Schedule - Registration from 9AM-2PM - $10 Registration - Pre-register at - Awards to be announced at 4PM

Prize Categories - Professionally Judge show by - Celebrity Car and Bike Builders - Classes include all makes & models - $100 to Best of Show!!!

Sponsors Be There!

Matthew Dial Editor Brian Whitcomb Sales/Marketing Reverand Andy

Editor /Contributor

Ed Selby Photographer

From The Editor >>> THIS MONTH >>> Riding Season is here! Ok I know we may get our traditional March cold snaps here and there, but Daytona Bike week has arrived, buzz is already in the air about bike nights and here in Georgia, we have some of the areas best annual events kicking off including Killer Creek Harley Davidsons annual Saint Patricks Day Party on Saturday March 17 at the dealership. We are also pleased to be hosting our 2nd Annual Biker Bash at the American Legion in Buford on Saturday March 31. Staying true to our mission of sup-

James Campbell porting the over all Georgia motor head scene, we have been honAuto Tech

ored by how much the Georgia music and car scenes have embraced Grease Inc Magazine. In Jeremy Johnson support of that we are contiuing to Motorcycle Tech bring you more and more information about that part of the culture as it relates to all of our motor head friends, and we truely encourage Chris Carr our readers to check out the unique Motorcycle Ex- businesses we have promoted here in our magazine and on our perience station Radio!

Ned Williams ABATE of GA Grease Inc Magazine is published monthly by Biker101 Media Group / Dial Marketing Group LLC. All rights reserved. Grease Inc. Magazine is a registered trademark of Biker101 Media Group / Dial Marketing Group, LLC. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is strictly prohibited. Photographs submitted for publication are sent @ owner’s risk. We are not responsible for spelling errors or omissions.


Finaly, after literally years of trying to get the programing right, on March 17th our new classifieds website will go live creating a new home on the internet where Gear Heads of all descriptions can connect to buy and sell Motorcycles, hot rods, rat rods and collectables! This site will be i free to use for individuals for now, so go set up your free account and start selling! Have a Great March! - Matthew Dial CONTACT US 678-642-2973

Dream cars - another one I wish I had kept! by: Michael Theis of www.

“Papa” John, the pizza guy, gave me an idea for a series of articles about the cars that got away. John Schnatter sold his gold-and-black 1971 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 for $2,800 in 1983. The money helped save his father’s tavern in Jeffersonville, Ind., and he used the rest to start what would become a worldwide famous pizza business. John missed his beloved Camaro and spent years searching for it. He created a website to broaden his search, held promotional appearances, and eventually offered a reward to whoever found it. It turns out he didn’t have to leave Kentucky - his car only changed hands twice and he was able to buy it back! Most of us don’t have the resources of Papa John, but we can write a story about how and why we let our cars go. We can even find out if the car still exists and where it might be. I ask you to submit these stories about the

vehicles you wish you had kept. I’ll start with the worst trade I ever made involving a car. I guess you had to be there because it seemed to make sense at the time. I had a car that wouldn’t sell and I needed an expensive computer for my job. I found a fellow that would trade and he was all too willing. The computer is long gone and the car is in a collector’s garage (not mine). It was a British Racing Green 1967 MGB GT Special. For a few years in the early 1980s it was my daily driver and contrary to many others’ experiences, it was a very reliable car. I’m not a great mechanic, but I did most of the work and tune-ups myself. I drove it all over the Northeast US with two daughters and it never once broke down. I’m a rather tall man and it had great leg room, though getting in and out was

Search “wheels events” at

like putting on an overcoat. I had previously owned several beat up MGB roadsters when I was just out of college and had fallen in love with the GT early on. The fixed-roof MGB GT was introduced in October 1965 and export to the US ceased in 1974. The MGB GT was a Pininfarina designed hatchback body. The Special was a promotional version, importing only 1000 to the US with a special plaque and mine had air conditioning which I never used. The rear bench seat was very small and of limited use for adults or older children; however, I was able to rig a very suitable child safety seat for my youngest daughter. They had more luggage space than in the roadsters. The third door lifted high and getting stuff in was really easy. The engine and gearbox were the same as those in the roadster. In fact, it was the same car mostly, although the MGB GT did have different suspension springs and anti-roll bars. Acceleration of the GT was slightly slower than that of the roadster as it weighted a bit more, but handling improved due to better weight distribution. It cruised comforatbly at 85 and would go easily over 100! Rust was a problem with the cars - I had to put a certain amount of bondo on mine, but I kept up a good appearance with new paint jobs every two years. It was not a Concours car but it looked real nice. The interior was all leather and the chrome wire wheel were authentic knock off hubs. It would be a great local show car and fun for rallies - if I only hadn’t traded it! Tell us about the one that got away. What car do you wish you had kept?



11000 ALPHARETTA HWY. ROSWELL, GA 30076 770-992-5688

Big Sandy & The Fly-Rite Boys

they’ve grown in popularity and stature - finding themselves as one of the most well-respected modern rockabilly bands. When asked if it’s the band’s goal to stick close to their traditional roots, Sandy says that’s not something they focus on when writing and recording. “I think our approach to the music and the sound we get is mostly a result of the music that I grew up listening to and have always played. Other bands and musiby Reverend Andy Hawley cians sometimes have different musical backgrounds than we do and their take on things reflects They’re one of the premiere practitioners of Amerithat. I don’t really feel like I’m can roots rock and they play it as if they were there on a mission to preserve traditional sounds, even when it began. When you ask Big Sandy about the though that might be the end result. I just want to band’s music he says, “I think of us as just a rock make MUSIC and I have to stick with what I know and roll band - a rock and roll band that’s letting the because, well, it’s what I know. It’s better for me to roots show.” Music has been an inspiration to him all leave the Neo or Psycho end of things to those that his life, beginning with an early fascination of Elvis know those genres and are good at playing it.” Presley. Big Sandy’s quest to find out more about Not everything has been peaches and cream for the King of Rock and Roll led him to find out what Big Sandy as he admits his battle with the bottle inspired Elvis, “which in turn led me on a search to has been his biggest challenge. “It’s a fine line to try to find some of the records that might have been walk. I know that it has been responsible for helpin his collection. In elementary school, I spent hours ing me come up with what I think are some of my in the local library reading up on music history with better songs over the years - and some of my more special attention to the different genres of music that inspired stage performances - but it’s also cost me led to the development of rock and roll.” a lot over the years.” But his strong personal convicThese hours spent listening to the origins of tions help keep him grounded when life throws those rock music would take him to another world and inevitable curve balls. Family also plays a large daydreams of being the person on stage singing role in keeping him “well-balanced, grounded and these songs. By the time he hit his teenage years motivated.” the Stray Cats burst onto the scene. Along with Like any of us, the right situation and location are The Blasters, The Rockin’ Rebels, and the guy who needed to get motivated. Sitting at a bar nursing a had the biggest influence on Big Sandy’s quest to drink and soaking up other people’s conversations is become a musician, James Intveld, he found himself a great source of musical inspiration for Big Sandy. surrounded by music that had survived the last thirty He’ll get inspired at odd moments and it never hurts years. to have a guitar nearby to help translate what he’s hearing into an actual written piece. Taking those For over 20 years, Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys words to paper, then to instrument, and finally to rehave been keeping the music of their rockabilly cord is always an exciting and rewarding process for founding fathers alive, while keeping things fresh! Big Sandy. It doesn’t stop there because as he tells me, “There is nothing at all like playing a song off of your latest record and watching people in the crowd By the time he started the Fly-Rite Boys in ‘88, Big sing along to it. THAT is the greatest feeling.” Sandy had already been in several rockabilly bands, This doesn’t stop at recording with his Fly-Rite but they hadn’t quite clicked up until that point. They Boys. If you haven’t already, you should do yourself had been working day jobs on top of gigging, but a favor and pick up Los Straitjackets’ 2007 “Rock it was when their first LP was released in ‘89 and En Español, Vol. 1” featuring Big Sandy. Having a reviewed in the British rock magazine “Now Dig chance to work with Cesar Rosas, who produced the This” that the transformation from Robert Williams to record, was a thrill for the musician. Growing up in Big Sandy was complete and he realized music was LA created a love and respect for Los Lobos, “so I what he wanted to do with his life. felt very fortunate to find myself working with Cesar The music these guys have created since then has at his home studio.” translated into several albums full of excited joyful Their subsequent tour was a blast for Big Sandy. music filled with an infectious quality causing your “There’s not as much pressure for me when I’m out toes to tap and your hips to shimmy. The years have on the road with them, mainly because it’s not my been good to Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys as

band and I don’t have the responsibilities that go postponed when tragedy struck bassist Jeff West. along with that. I can cut loose more and tap into He sustained injuries to his arm and hand, which a different kind of performance that I don’t get to resulted in some necessary surgery. This put the explore with my own band.” He’s talked with Los bassist out of commission for eight months, but the Straitjackets about getting together again for Vol. 2 band continued to tour with their pal Kevin Stewart and it looks as if there’s a very good chance of that filling in. The new material wasn’t touched until they happening again in the future. were sure Jeff was ready to rejoin the band onstage His love of music doesn’t stop with what you hear and in the studio. Now that he’s back with the band, him play onstage each night. Age, experience, and they’ve got a couple of things in the works. exposure to a wide variety of music over the years “Now that [Jeff] is back, he and I have been writing has taught him there are plenty of great tunes to new songs and hope to record early next year. catch. “A lot of people that I’ve talked to on the road Before that, though, it looks like we’re going to do seem to have the impression that I’m only into the an all acoustic album and revisit some of our older kind of music that I myself have played over the material, but with acoustic arrangements.” years and that I’m only a fan of bands with a ‘tradiOne of the true stand-out songs in the Big Sandy tional’ approach. That isn’t the case at all. I might arsenal is “Power of the 45.” The song is a call to have been a bit that way when I first started, but I arms to all listeners to get their toes tappin’ as well was a teenage kid then, but I’m a forty-something as a roll call for the band’s major influences. It shows year old man now.” the respect the group has for the music they both However, the popular music scene isn’t something listen to and create. As Big Sandy put it, the song that takes a place in Big Sandy’s life. He stopped is, “both a tribute to some of the musicians whose paying attention to what was considered popular and records inspired me growing up and a salute to that the latest hip trends back in the 90’s. His opinion is magical process of laying a diamond tipped needle that, “Popular culture, in general, has gone to shit into a vinyl groove and having such joyful noises that and most of come pouring the new music out.” Names coming out mentioned in these days is a the song include direct reflection Junior Parker, of that.” He’s Janis Martin, not alone in Ronnie Dawson, this when you Glen Glenn, Little consider the Esther, Chuck low quality Berry and Etta music most James. “I think large record with this album labels pump we’ve gotten to out in order to the point where get a mediocre we fully and hit while hunmore accurately dreds of quality represent the full bands remain spectrum of what independent we were listening and “undiscovto when all of us ered.” He also were growing up,” sees problems Big Sandy says in the ‘billy scene, but offers a potential solutions. when asked about “Turntable Matinee.” “Power of “I think that if all of us in the rockabilly/psychobilly/ the 45” is his personal shout out to the musicians roots world banded together, we might really be able that moved him in his younger days. Some of them, GaonHwy 20 Buford, to make some noise and have4982 an impact a much includingGA Glen30518 Glenn and Johnny Powers, have bebigger scale.” come friends in recent years. One name mentioned, (770) 945-3312 One of the bands on his radar, which he recomRonnie Dawson, has a special place for Sandy. mends we try to catch, is Eilen - a young “Ronnie Dawson was in there because he is, was, lady based out of Boston with her band. “She’s a and always will be a huge inspiration as a performer great songwriter, has a fantastic voice and drinks and as a human being.” home-brewed liquor out of a fruit jar. The whole band Keep a look out in 2012, it looks like a big year for does actually and I thought that I was bad with the Big Sandy and His Fly-Rite Boys with their tour tequila.” He was so blown away by her performance already full-steam ahead and the possibility of a new that he’s set it a goal to get her band back touring album! again with the Fly-Rite Boys. Big Sandy and His Fly-Rite Boys have plans to put out a new album, but recording the album was

Prepare for the Spring Riding Season Bike Week Specials! Basic Service $165-$200 Discounted Rates on all other Services

Your Two Wheel Adventure Who Rides & Why? Why do you ride?" That question is a mainstay in the classes I teach. I'm always curious as to what motivates people to take up motorcycle riding. I also ask that question to the folks I meet at the races and you would be surprised at the responses and diversity of the reasons. The answers often times reflect not only the persons' current life circumstances, but also their past experiences, as well.

Now my racing buddies are a separate beast entirely! You need a PhD in Behavioral Psychology to understand these folks. They'll spend, literally, thousands of dollars on a motorcycle, will travel all over the country, and risk their life & limb to win a $3.00 trophy!

Here are some of the more common reasons I hear, pick the one that fits you the best:

I need to get a license! I want to meet girls! I want to meet boys! My husband told me I had to do this! My boss made me do this! I’ve always wanted to ride! I want to do something that will relax me! Gas prices! My friends ride! I want to be cool!

Motorcycles and the characters who ride them - you have to love 'em regardless of their reason (or lack thereof)

There's always a motorcycle that'll fit your category or will match your reason for riding - depending on, of course, your age group. If you want to meet girls and you're under 30, then I recommend you buy a sport-bike. If you want to meet boys and you're over 30, I recommend buying a Harley Get a scooter if you want to save money on gasoline. Spending time with my students has really given me insight into their lives - I have met thousands of really awesome folks and I continue to be intrigued by their motives for riding. Chris Carr is a leading motorcycle trainer, world class motorcycle racer & the host of Two Wheel Adventures on Garage Radio.

ork -

aint & Body W P d l i u B Project ty Quali Price VerssCeasmpbell By -Jame

Paint and body work bring up some of the biggest question marks when it comes to fixing up your ride. There are so many options and possibilities available it can be very confusing! Recently on television, I’ve seen advertisements claiming that you can paint a whole car for only $299! Do you think that a $299 paint job will: 1) Hold up over time? 2) Meet the quality and expectation levels for your ride? 3) Be the personal expression that only paint can provide? I own and operate a custom shop on the south side of Atlanta and I know merely the cost of the liquid involved in a paint job (the paint itself, hardeners, reducers, and clears), far exceed $299.00! Not to mention sand-paper, tape, and any other prep products (body filler, primers, sealers). Body shop labor ranges from $42 to $125 per hour, depending on the type of repairs being made. Think about it like this, do you really want someone working on your ride that can provide all the materials and labor to complete a “quality paint job” for only $299? With regard to paint and body, you get what you pay for! Let’s take a look at a couple of different types of paint. First, you have the base coat/clear coat - this type paint is what I recommend for metallics, pearls, candies and any other paint that has BLING! The base goes down first followed by several coats of clear. The

One thing to note, single stage can also be polished out to a mirror-like finish. Not to mention, both types of base coat/clear coat and single stage paint options can be done in the ever popular suede or satin type finishes. Body repair needs to be thought of this way: The body work under the paint is what makes the paint look good! Paint hides nothing, so if the body work is not up to par, the paint will tell in the end. Bondo does not replace metal - bondo is for minor dents and dings - nothing more! Remember, metal replaces metal. That’s It! Until next month, I’m James Campbell

clear can be polished out to a mirror like finish, if you desire. Second, you have “single stage” if you’re going solid color or just a plain “no bling at all” -type paint job

James Campbell is a master builder and host of The V8 Lounge on Radio


Installing a Zippers Chain Drive By -Jeremy Johnson

This is a lengthy process, so I'm going to leave out the torque specifications. Before you get started, I recommend always having a manual for consulting about any process that we cover. Some of the bolts we'll be working with can be different lengths, you don’t want to confuse where they go, so draw a diagram. This chain drive conversion is a great way to clean up your bike and add on a chrome chain. It will also allow a wider tire to be installed if that’s the look you're going after. Zippers is also able to adjust your gearing with different combinations to raise or lower your cruising RPMs. Zippers always offers high performance parts and they have out standing quality. This kit was absolutely perfect and I didn’t have to re-measure or re-cut anything. We're doing this kit on a modified FXR - a really race-y bike - where the motor produces a lot of speed making the bike scream, "GO FASTER!" Let's get started on the swap! Step 1, secure the bike and raise the rear wheel off the ground to remove it. You need to remove the axle then let the tire down. Remove the axle spacers and slide the drive belt off the pulley. Now secure the rear brake caliper off to the side where you won't cause any damage. Now we can pull the rear wheel off. Step 2, start removing the primary drive. The primary consist of a few steps itself. Remember, when it comes to the job it all depends on your bike and how it comes apart. With forward controls on this bike I didn’t have to remove them at all so I went straight into the primary cover, which is easily removed. Look under the bike - there will be a small drain plug near the rear of the primary cover. Remove that plug and start letting the fluid out. While the fluid is draining start taking all the cover bolts out. Step 3, with the primary cover removed, loosen the clutch cable adjustment and allow some slack in the cable. Now remove the adjuster screw in the clutch basket with your snap ring pliers. Remove the primary chain adjusting nut. On a side note, there are several special sockets I use for this job along with my primay locking tool - it’s good to have these tools if you plan on working on your bike. Remove the compensator, sprocket nut, and the clutch basket retaining nut . Slide the drive assembly off - be careful because this bad boy is a little heavy.

mend you take a few minutes and clean everything. Reassembling is easy. Start by sliding the new sprocket on the main shaft of the transmission. Make sure you use red Loctite on the main shaft when installing the main shaft nut. Use blue Loctite in the retaining allen screw. Start replacing all the inner primary (with the lock tabs) - I use blue Loctite on all bolts under a half inch. Now replace the starter bolts and reinstall the jack shaft. Start replacing the primary drive set-up clutch basket and the compensator. Here you want to use red Loctite. Adjust the chain, then reinstall the clutch adjusting screw and snap-ring. Adjust the cable and reinstall the primary cover - always use new gaskets when doing this kind of work. Step 5, Remove the rear pulley from the wheel, then install the spacer that comes with the kit and the sprocket. This kit should come with new bolts to secure the sprocket - use them and put red Loctite on because you don’t need these bolts coming out at a bad time. Now you can reinstall the rear wheel and torque everything down. Make sure you pump the rear brake a few times after assembly so they work on the first ride. Now you're ready for the chain! Chain installation is tricky, so put the transmission in neutral and start feeding the chain in. With the chain in, wrap it around the rear sprocket and mark what you need to cut off. Remove the chain and cut it with the chain-saw. Replace the chain and install the master-link. Tighten everything up to proper specification and go for a ride! Great kit - it was super-easy to install and after the test ride it felt even better. It looks like race bike and the performance was great. There weren't any vibration issues from the chain. I'm ready to test any part that is produced by Zipper - go check them out and see what they have for you!

Step 4, remove the starter bolts, the starter jackshaft, and all of the inner-primary retaining bolts and lock tabs - don’t confuse these! They are all different lengths, so make a chart or diagram. Slide the inner-primary off. Remove the lock screw and retainer so you can remove the For more great tips from Jeremy Johnson drive sprocket nut and pulley. I recom tune into the Chop House exclusivly on


More R www.g agDolls at reasein



Photography: Ed Selby





Mr Charlies Bike Show and Party March 3 Conyers Presented by Stone Mountain Harley-Davidson. This party features raffles, a Bike Show, music & much more! Merchandise will be available on site. Free Concert! Kids are welcome! 900 Dogwood Drive / 770-979-7999 FREE FREE FREE Swap Meet March 3 - 4 Warm Springs Free swap meet in the Xtreme Rider Parking lot. Bring your tables, chair and your stuff and sell it all. You can even bring the bike you have for sale! Call for reservations/60 Main Street/ Contact: Dan / 706-655-2463 Justin Perkins Benefit Poker Run March 3 Carrollton Hosted by Defiant Crew MC. Justin, diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer needs our help. Register 10am at Southern Steel, Departs 11:30./ 151 Minden Place/ Contact: Half Sac /404-456-9494 The Bike Blessing March 3 Lithia Springs Harley-Davidson of Atlanta is hosting a Bike Blessing open to all faiths & riders. The event will feature a Scenic Ride, open to all Faiths, Ride begins at 11am! 501 Thornton Rd / Rene Durham/ hdatl@hdatlanta. com/ 770-944-1340

KCHD-U Basic Rider Course March 8 - 11 Roswell Learn to ride or want brush up on your basic riding skills! Join us for the Basic Rider Course in partnership with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation in Alpharetta. This is a license waiver class. Cost is $300 per person. Class times: Thursday 6:30-8:30pm at KCHD; Friday 6-9pm at KCHD; Saturday 8am-5pm at MSF and Sunday 8am-2pm at MSF and 2-5pm at KCHD./11480 Alpharetta Hwy /Mandi Harris mharris@ 770-777-1000 71st Annual Daytona Bike Week March 9 - 18 Daytona Beach Best known as “Bike Week,”Daytona, Florida’s warm breezes welcome the motorcycle community. Famous biker venues like Main Street’s Boothill Saloon, Iron Horse Saloon, Cabbage Patch, Gilly’s Pub 44, Destination Daytona ,Broken Spoke Saloon, and Froggys are only part of the huge biker party. See You there! This Is How We Do It Technician Demonstration March 10 - 10am. Roswell Come see how the Killer Creek PhD Certified technicians work in this hands-on question and answer session held on the showroom floor. Free. Topic: Baseline Dyno Run. We will put one customer’s bike on the dyno each hour 10am-3pm. Email to register for one of the spots. First come, first served. Sales TBA. How To demonstration held the second Saturday of each month./ 11480 Alpharetta Hwy Georgia /Contact: 770-777-1000 2nd Annual Biker Safety Clinic March 10 -10a-3pm Conyers Mountain Motorsports. Free/open to public./ 899 Iris Drive/ Contact: Alicia Jones/ 678-851-5755 This Is How We Do It Technician Demonstration

March 10 -10am Roswell

Come see how our PhD Certified technicians work in this hands-on question & answer session held on the

showroom floor. Free. Topic: Baseline Dyno Run. We will put one customer’s bike on the dyno each hour 10am-3pm. Email to register for one of the spots. 11480 Alpharetta Hwy Georgia / 770-777-1000 2nd Annual Biker Safety Clinic

March 10 Conyers

10a-3pm Mountain Motorsports. Free/open to public./ 899 Iris Drive/ Contact: Alicia Jones/ 678-851-5755 Ride before you buy it Demo Day

$5 person +$5 Park FeeJoy Guiney 770-806-1341 Atlanta Journal Constitution International Auto Show MARCH 14-18 ATLANTA At the Georgia World Congress Center -770-916-1741 FCFSA Relay For Life Car Show MARCH 17 - 11am-3pm CUMMING At the Board of Education Building 1120 Dahlonega Hwy/ Lynn Gilder: 770 561-8740

March 11 - 12:30- 4:30pm Roswell

Come to Killer Creek Harley-Davidson and demo a new 2012 Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Pre-Registration isuggested./ 11480 Alpharetta Hwy/ Mandi Harris/ 770-777-1000

4th Annual Southern Pines Car & Truck Show MARCH 17 – 8AM-3PM DUBLIN At S-P Recreation Center/ Will Gay. (706) 551-2730 or Dan Jones, (473)277-3660,

Ford Owners Association’s Annual Chili Challenge MARCH 11 - 1-5pm, WINDER At Fort Yargo Sate Park Shelter B. Open to All Cars,

4th Annual Spring Tiger Run Car Show MARCH 17 – IOAM-4PM FAYETTEV1LLE At Fayette County High School- (770) 402-3447

8th Anniversary pARTY Saturday April 28TH-sUNDAY APRIL 29TH

Sunday from Noon to 4pm

Saturday from Noon till 5 pm

Tattoo Best Ladies Tattoo Best Mens ut Mans Beer G iggest B Contest Hulla Hoop




60 Main St. (Lil Sturgis St.) • Warm Springs, GA

Run For The Irish

20th Annual Macon HOG Bike Show

Event features a scenic ride through the North Georgia Mountains, an After Party, and Much More! Ride begins at North Point Church./4350 North Point Parkway Georgia/ 770-315-3774

Galleria Mall. Open to all bikes & trikes. Pre-register $20 per bike/ $25 at door. Bike set-up Thursday after 8:00 at mall’s rear entrance./ 2922 Watson Boulevard Contact:

Killer Creek Harley-Davidson’s St. Patrick’s Day Party

2nd Annual Masonic Home Run

March 17 Alpharetta

March 17 10am-5pm Roswell

Dust off your shamrocks! Live music, good food & cold beverages, sales, give-aways, and more! Free!. Wear any Killer Creek H-D St. Patrick’s Day shirt & chose a prize from the Leprechaun’s Hat. Ride-in Bike Show: register 10am-3pm, $20, awards around 4:30pm, 1st and 2nd place trophies and People’s Choice trophies around 4:30pm. / 11480 Alpharetta Hwy / Mandi Harris 770-777-1000 10th Annual Cherry Blossom Run

March 17 -Depart 11am Locust Grove

Ride to Macon’s Cherry Blossom Festival. Register 9am at The Grove Bar & Grill, Bikes park on exhibit lawn at Festival. Event T-shirts & patches. $10 rider/$5 passenger. Benefits ABATE of Georgia Dist. 6./ 4681 Bill Gardner Pkwy /Paul Ker/ 404-925-4268 Get Lucky at Earl Small’s Harley-Davidson

March 17 - 9am Marietta

Free biker breakfast provided by Waffle House, . Meet our sexy Leprechans! First 250 get a free “I GOT LUCKY” bag! 15% off all H-D Licensed Merchandise you can stuff in it. 993 South Cobb Dr./ 770-919-0000 Killer Creek Harley-Davidson’s Women’s Only Garage Party

March 22 - 7-9pm Roswell

Learn how to pick up a motorcycle and how to TCLOCK a bike before riding, learn the latest trends in rider fashion and much more. Snacks and adult beverages will be served. Pre-registration preferred. Free! Call for info r./ 11480 Alpharetta Hwy / Mandi Harris / 770-777-1000

March 23 - 25 Centerville

March 24 Cartersville

Register 7:30am at H-D of Cartersville Departs 9am. $35 bike/$5 passenger (includes t-shirt). Lunch served. Benefits Masonic Home of Georgia./2281 Highway 411 NE Georgia /Contact: Alan Lane or Jimmy Tilley - 770-548-5828 or 678-986-6743 2nd Annual In The Line Of Duty Ride March 24 - Register 8:30-11am


Honors Doraville Police Detective Shane Wilson, End of Watch 11/14/11 struck head-on by a drunk driver. Proceeds go to Detective Shane Wilson Memorial Fund. $20 bike/Hot Rod. at Doraville GM Assembly Plant, Ends at Hooters of Conyers. Gun Raffle, Door Prizes,Music /Scott at 706-200-6700 or - 4060 Motors Industrial Way Camp Dream Ride

March 24 Dallas

The event will feature a Poker Ride for Camp Dream, a summer camp for physically and mentally challenged kids. It’s the place where disabilities disappear! Raffle prizes, trophies for tbest & worst hands; tshirts for first 150 registered.! 4009 Johns Road /Valarie Dunn / 770-633-2920 16th Annual Cherry Blossom Mustang & Ford Show MARCH 24- 8AM-4PM MACON Flag al Central City Park., Austin Davis or Andrew Fahsholz -478-390-2986 . 12* Annual Hamby Top 50 Car & Bike Show MARCH 24-9am-3pm PERRY, GA, in support of the Wounded Warrior Project at Hamby Chevrolet. 1-75 Exit 135-Keith Kindle. (478) 662-1206

“Insurance Insight” with Steve Murrin, The Original Biker Lawyer. March 28 7-9pm Roswell Come to Killer Creek Harley-Davidson and Steve will discuss information relating to uninsured and under insured motorists and how to protect yourself with your coverage. Everyone welcome, riders and nonriders. Free admission. Snacks and beverages will be provided. Killer Creek Harley-Davidson is located at 11480 Alpharetta Highway, FMI call 770.777.1000 KCHD-U Basic Rider Course

March 29 - 31 Roswell:

Join us for the Basic Rider Course in partnership with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. This is a license waiver class. Cost is $300 per person. Class times: Thursday 6:30-8:30pm at KCHD; Friday 6-9pm at KCHD; Sat 8am-5pm at MSF / Sun 8am-2pm at MSF and 2-5pm at KCHD. 11480 Alpharetta Hwy / Mandi Harris/ / 770-7771000 HHRC Swap Meet & Bike Show March 30 - 31 - 9am-5pm


Next to Waffle House on Hwy 515. Divisions include factory, custom, bobber, cafe & restoration. 1st & 2nd place prizes per class & peoples choice. Benefits Fannin Co Empty Stocking & Fannin Co Heat Assistance Program. $5 Bike Corral, $15 Vendors 15x20 booth. Bike show 1pm. / Rachel or Ken 706-6322854 or 706-946-7883 Iron Horses for the Armed Forces

March 31 Alpharetta

Poker Run hosted by Sons of Justice LEMC & Healing For Heroes. $20 rider/$5 passenger. $5 off all public safety. Healing for Heroes provides service dogs to soldiers with ailments such as PDSD/ 3070 Windward Plaza Georgia / sonsofjusticelemc@ Southern Speed Festival March 31 Nicholls: DMP Motorsports Park. Gates open 10am Sat. Live music, Battle of the Bands, BBQ & Chili Cookoff, Swap Meet & Trade Show. Abate D15 Membership Drive. Ms. Southern Diva Competition.1560 Ronnie

Walker Rd Georgia /Contact: 810-545-7223 North GA Twins MC Spring Fling March 31 Bethlehem: Open to the public, gates open at noon, food and beverages available, “The DJ” Bill Hill in the afternoon, Ratz in the Attic perform in the evening. 4th Annual Ride to Remember Casey March 31 - Departs 11:30 Austell: Proceeds to benefit Cure Childhood Cancer. Registration begins 9am at American Legion Post 216; . $20/Rider, $10/passenger. First 100 get a t-shirt & ride pin. Live music by Jumbo Deluxe, food, drinks, raffles, and 50/50 Address: 3914 Ewing Road / Contact Dave /dcallaway68@hotmail.comSaturday, Blessing of the Bikes March 31 -11am Roswell Sponsored by Steve Murrin, the Original Biker Lawyer. Ride to Killer Creek Harley-Davidson and Join us as Native American, Cleto (Humkoodra) Montelongo, blesses our bikes for a safe riding season. Reverend Allen Boyd will also lead a non-denominational prayer. All ages and bikes welcome. Free admission. Killer Creek Harley-Davidson is located at 11480 Alpharetta Highway / 770.777.1000 AHS Open Car Show MARCH 31- IOAM Douglasville at Joe’s Crab Shack. 2868 Chapel Hill Road./ Larry. (770) 861-3702, or Greg. (678) 596-1468 4” Semi-Annual Bug-A-Rama MARCH 31- 10AM-3PM LAGRANGE All Volkswagen Show at LaGrange Mall on Lafayette Parkway.Mary Davenport (706) 668-7731 Annual Spring Pony Roundup MARCH 31- 8AM-4PM LAWRENCEWLLE At Mustangs Unlimited.. Info: David Osborn. (770) 586-0338


Big D’s BBQ Located right on the corner of GA 400 and Hwy 53 are some big shoes to fill with all the traffic from both locals and tourists, but Big Dʼs BBQ not only fills them, they can outfit the entire group!! By now, I think most have come to see that I am a huge fan of BBQ if it is done correctly, that is. I have to say that this month I have found 2 of the BEST BBQ places in Georgia and Big Dʼs is one that not only awesome, but convenient too!!

6566 Hwy 53/ Dawsonville, GA 30534 706-216-6706 / They left the best for last with the Pork “Brownie” pulled from that day long smoked butt, hand picked including all the rub flavors. Hands down, sweet, tender and awesome goodness!! Not only does Big Dʼs serve a great BBQ, but their breakfast menu calls my name for a return trip in the near future to check out the Man vs. Pancake, 5# of fluffy from scratch pancakes and maple syrup with a side of bacon or sausage. Or how about the Homemade “Cat Head” Biscuits or a good old fashion bowl of grits, gravy and biscuits and egg & cheese. Trust me when I say I will be back soon. This is the perfectstopping point during the Moonshine Festival in October. So either plan it out to go by before or after, but make it a point to stop in this road stop that maybe have been overlooked. Once you have tried it, youʼll be back!!!

Whether you are heading up to the mountains or coming back from a day long excursion, you have to stop in to Big Dʼs BBQ. I was able to try the St. Louis Style Ribs with all 3 variations of sauce including Memphis style, a sweet hot experience, South Carolina Mustard and a traditional North Carolina Vinegar. Then I dove straight into the house-made Hush Puppies and Fried Green Beans with a spicy Ranch dipping sauce.

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Tune in Sundays at 12 noon till 1 Great insight on local foods, trends and how to’s

Biker Chef “Big Boy”a.k.a. Brian Whitcomb, FMP, CCC





3/10 3/27 In Drowning SPECIALS Back Black O N R Creek POKER COVE STARTS 3/17 3/31 AT 3PM Riff Full Raff Frontal





5466 Mcever Rd / Flowery Branch, GA 30542 / 770.965.4242

JUST FUNNY Judi and Gayle were at an auto show. There they saw a hot-rod with a jacked up rear. “Judi, why is the back end higher than the front?” Gayle asked. “Don’t you know ANYTHING?” Judi sighed exasperated. “If you’ve got the back up, then you’re always going downhill!”

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Club Famous Always Something Going On!

Thursday - Friday March 8- 9 First Round of The Battle of The Bands Sponsored By CMG/Nashville,

VisionWay and Colt Records. These Nashville record companies are excepting three genres - Bluegrass(Americana), Country and Southern Rock. Three giveaways of a 4 song recording contract and a Professional Video to the winner of each category. More info:http://

Saturday March 17th Saint Patties Day Celebration. 12 bands, Wet Tee Shirt Contest

with $100.00 first place and conciliatory second and third place prizes.Beer and drink special’s, Ying Ling light beer promotions. No cover Free Live Music all day and Night. Soylent Red, Six to the Wheels, Traitor, Bye Bye Love, Dukes of Glenn, Taxidermy, Maya Neida, Stoni Taylor, Basement Banshees, Rise again, Under the Hood, Crystal Skull 13

Thursday and Friday March 22 and 23 Round 2 of the Battle of The Bands 2947 N Druid Hills Rd NE Atlanta, GA 30329 (404) 633-3555


NADAguides Powersports CONNECT is an online application that gives users instant access to pricing and vehicle information for model years 1998 through present day, the company says. gs. Vehicles included in the application are motorcycles, sidecars, trailers, sport and utility ATVs, snowmobiles and personal watercraft. Vehicle pricing and data is updated regularly. www.



TRAXXION DY NAMICS FULFILLS PRO MISE! With an investment over $1 Million Dollars in ONLY American Made machinery, products, and services, Max and the folks Over at Traxxion Dynamics are Staying true to their commitment to BuyAmeican whenever they possibly can, and are pleased to announce their grand repopening ! Their newly rennovated impressive facility is a completely overhauled and retooled State-of-theArt CNC Machine Center!!! They will be open from 10-4 On March 10th for tours where you’ll be able to see up-close how our machines manufacture the World’s Finest Suspension Components and how our staff builds Championship Winning products right here IN THE USA as well as how Traxxion is setting new standards for supporting our country and our environment. BONUS!!! The Vesrah Suzuki AMA Pro Roadracing Team will have one of their 18-wheelers on display with their full hospitality setup. Team Riders will be present for autographs, and Crew will have bikes on display, and will be available answer tech questions. Come meet the Team and wish them luck as they continue on to Daytona to have another successful season!!!

261 Rope Mill Pkwy, Suite 3, Woodstock, GA 30188

Grease Inc. Magazine of Georgia - March 2012  
Grease Inc. Magazine of Georgia - March 2012  

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