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New Owners. New Attitude!

Stone Mountain Harley-Davidson is a dealership that is proud to be selling Harley-Davidson motorcycles. They carry a complete line of authentic Harley-Davidson motorcycles and accessories. You’ll also find one of the largest parts and service departments in the region. These things have developed and flourished under the leadership of Joe Adams. Adams, is no stranger to the world of Harley-Davidson having spent the last eight years representing multiple Harley dealerships in the region. At the urging of his long-time friend and mentor, mark Hulsey, Joe took the next step in his career and sought his own dealership. He didn’t do this alone, along with his partner Jason Dyer, they were crowned with Stone Mountain Harley-Davidson. Dyer is not only Adams’ partner, but he also owns and operates GM Extreme Power Sports and Extreme Boats. Having spent years on a motorcycle, the experience he brought to the table helped secure acquiring the dealership. The dealership has been profitable since day one. In fact, the

latest report shows they’re listed 3rd out of all Harley-Davidson dealerships in the entire Southeast. Part of the reason behind this is they’ve been able to recapture old customers. “We’re here to do what the public want’s us to do”, says Adams. He’s lost count how many old customers have come by to shake his hand and to thank him for revitalizing the location.

taught his employees how to have fun and enjoy themselves. He relates a story from his first days taking over the dealership. “When we came in here the sales people were pushing the bikes out on the showroom floor. The first thing I do is hop on a motorcycle and fire it up right on the showroom. All these heads turned toward me as I rode it on out of here!”

Adams is focused on putting more focus on the experience and the customer service. he wants to make the customer realize their business is appreciated at Stone Mountain, even if it’s a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time buyer. Employees are encouraged to avoid falling into the trap of being an “order taker.” Instead, they go above and beyond to let customers know their experience is valued.

Some goals Adams has in mind include remaining one of the top dealerships in the region. He plans to accomplish this by showing his employees management is there to support them as they ensure customers’ needs are met. He’s getting the entire backside of the lot paved in order to put together a state certified course. This course will also be utilized for concerts and parties giving bikers a place to hang out and enjoy themselves.

The staff is constantly working on improving all aspects of the dealership. From in store stock, to technicians, and overall the entire experience. The toughest part has been getting back to the basics and encouraging the employees to break out from the norm. Since day one, Joe has

When you step foot on site at Stone Mountain Harley-Davidson you’re going to get an experience hard to find elsewhere. It’s guaranteed, from the parking







Hello, Rat Rods! By Mike Thiess of

Most folks have become very comfortable with the rat rod phenomenon. But for those new to the idea, a rat rod is a style of custom car or truck, that in most cases, imitates (or perhaps exaggerates) the early hot rods of the mid 20th century. While there are many re-creations and period correct restorations of the traditional hot rod from that era, rat rods are the rough edged, scrappy country cousins. Fans argue the rat rod is made for driving and hanging out with friends and are not fancy or highly finished on purpose. Instead, a rat rod is an “unfinished” street rod that is intentionally left a bit “ratty” around the edges. Many are left with rust, flat black or gray paint but


today’s rat rods come in all shapes, sizes and colors. While rat rods are a tribute to the early hot rods that we all love, the “originals” have often become ultra-expensive, untouchable, and used largely for show pieces. rat rods are meant to be driven and are just cool, rough and tumble, partially finished rides that catch people off guard. Some say that rats are not for wimps. Many are down right hard to drive with no power steering, doors that do not open, brakes that just barely function - you get the picture. Most rat rods appear “unfinished” (whether they actually are or not), with just the bare essentials needed to be driven. Sometimes the customization will include using spare parts, or parts from another car altogether. Yet, most will have very finished even pristine engines and drive trains. Rat rods come in all flavors and recipes: roadsters, t-buckets, coupes, sedans, pickups, buses, VWs, and newer cars are being converted into very cool rats. While this is a truly American trend, many European and Asian makes have become unique and unusual examples. It’s wonderful how the rat is so hard to define, difficult to categorize, and yet it is something you always can identify when you see one. Rat rod fans are often concerned that their rides will not be accepted in car shows, but they are much more often welcomed with special classes and trophies being set up for them. They’re welcome at the car shows as much as they are welcome on American streets as performance art and examples of creativity and personal engineering. They are the new “hard rock” music on the scene. Clearly, the rat rod is made to be driven hard, yet there is something else going on here. They are the visualization of the idea of function over form. The rat rod is truly a new modern art.






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11000 ALPHARETTA HWY. ROSWELL, GA 30076 770-992-5688

a tough question man.

King Sickabilly By: Rev Andy Hawley:

He goes by many names, Dave, Sasquatch, or King Sickabilly. Call him what you will, King Sickabilly is one of the hardest working men in the modern underground scene. Constantly touring or keeping busy at home, the man has faced struggle and strife only to overcome adversity and create a name for himself. Now touring with his latest creation, The Full Moon Boys, he’s stripped down his sound and brought out his acoustic guitar for a more raw and open sound. It’s serious songwriting from years life on the road and inner turmoil fueled on cold beer and roasted chicken. He thrives on telling the truth through his stripped down formula of hollowbody madness, sadness and spirit. Andy Hawley: The first thing I want to ask is where did you come up with “Sasquatch?” King Sickabilly: I have answered this question many times and I still don’t know how to explain it. It started as a cruel high school nickname. I was bigger than most kids and had long dread locks. I was always slightly (at least) different and kids are mean little bastards. I later learned the Native meaning to the word and being of Sasquatch. I really grabbed onto it and related to the fierce, magical, yet peaceful beast. He’s smarter than any human and can shape-shift into different forms to move about and around and away from danger. Only a true heart and a true soul can really get to know a real Sasquatch. He can see through you with his 3rd eye. So, tell the truth to yourself before you try to sell it onto someone else. AH: I’ve seen you go off on people who call the band rockabilly or psychobilly. In your mind, what describes the band’s sound? KS: I try to call it Rock and Roll. I hate pigeon-holing. I value the fact that I listen to everything from Jim Croce to Slayer to Dean Martin to Johnny Paycheck to Muddy Waters to Zappa to W.A.S.P. to Johnny Horton to... etc. I dubbed myself as SICK-A-BILLY to explain that I am aimed to try and give you a SICK and aggressive performance to my best ability and that I dig roots music from both sides of the tracks. Damn, that’s


AH: the w KS: my s abilly my p Tops othe my s Hort etc. it’s th fash scen

AH: I don’t know if it was me or if I stole it from someone, but I love calling you “the angriest man in rock ‘n’ roll.” What makes you so damn angry? What fuels the fire? KS: I’ve heard it in different forms. I think you first dubbed me as this though. I’ve also been called the Lenny Bruce of Rockabilly. Hah! What fuels my anger? Turn on the damn radio and then turn on your TV and then take a walk downtown. you’ll be angry too. Stupidity is so contagious that it’s now sold as art. You can’t put perfume on a pig... it’ll ruin the taste of the BBQ! AH: Can you discuss your incorporating the plight of Native Americans in your songs (Hot N’ Faster/Storming The Gates). KS: I am a mutt and proud. Italian/Sicilian, Portuguese, Irish and Cherokee. I am proud of all of the blood running through my veins... but, the Native in me has been the most inner intensity that I’ve felt since I was a kid. When I was very young, my grandmother would have me and my cousins dress up like Pilgrims and Indians on Thanksgiving Day... I would CRY and have a bitch-fit whenever they made me wear that stupid Pilgrim hat. I have pictures someplace of me all pissed off and another pic of me finally wearing a feather head-dress and holding a pumpkin, smiling. Why would it have bothered me back then? I always hated what the white man did to the red man... all for greed and because of their creed. Now look at us! We are fucked. Also, Columbus was NOT the first to discover this land. The Natives were already here... he thought he was in India, thus calling the Natives: “Indians”. Does nothing sound wrong with that?!?!? THIS is what we teach the children in school? They stole the land from the Natives who STRICTLY believed that NOBODY owns the land. They were tricked and killed and enslaved and raped and now we have what we have today. Does that answer the question, a little? Urrrrg, grunt, growwwwl!

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AH: What goes through your mind when you hear the word “rockabilly”? KS: Really? You want the truth? I cringe. I get sick to my stomach. There are only a few real and good rockabilly bands around these days in the underground... my pals from Hillbilly Casino, Psycho Devilles, Chop Tops... a few others... not many. It’s regurgitated crap otherwise. IF I am going to put some rockabilly on my stereo, I will listen to real deal shit like, Johnny Horton and Johnny Cash and even Deke Dickerson, etc. The problem isn’t even with the music so much, it’s the fact that the scene has turned into a stuck-up fashion show in most scenes. Listen, the underground scene is small and we need unity. That goes for ALL “Billy’’ and “Roots” bands and scenes these days. Don’t lock people out, bring them in. Teach some of these slobs how to comb their hair instead of making fun of them while you stand in the back of the room with your cool duds. AH: What’s your song writing process like? KS: That kind of info will cost ya at least $500. (laughs) No, seriously, I don’t know. Most songs come to me by accident. Sometimes a riff or two will stick in my head as I visualize it and then try to find it on my guitar and sometimes a few lines of lyrics will pop in my head as if the song was already in existence. I get my songs directly from The Channel or I’ll scrap them until they prove to me to be genuine or at very least haunting. If it’s stuck in my head, then it’ll stick in the fans heads. AH: When you’re on stage it’s as if you become possessed berating the audience, breaking things, and doing things to shock the crowd. What goes through your mind when you step on stage? Is performing a release for you? (I ask because off stage you seem real easy going and laid back.) KS: As I step onto the stage I am thinking, “Holy shit, this is what I do? This is my job? I hope they like me. I hope I don’t suck. I hope they can hear my lyrics, I hope the drummer plays this shit correctly. I hope

I don’t die tonight. I hope I get paid so I can make it to the next show. I hope girls flash their boobs at me when I am looking this time.” I am a very peaceful person. Onstage I am under attack by MANY demons and I am aiming to get them all with my guitar and my words. I want to hurt the Demons. I want them to leave all the folks in the crowd alone, so they can have happy lives after they walk away from my show. Performing is sort of a release for me. It is very draining and it HURTS. It hurts bad. I do it because I have to. I have no choice. Here I am. AH: A lot of your music is anti-establishment, or it at least says “Open your fucking eyes and look at what’s happening around you!” What do you think about today’s state of being in the US? We’re under lockdown, we’re a pussified politically correct society, and the “hate speech police” are always telling us to watch what we say. KS: Dude, you just answered the question with itself. I will slightly elaborate because I like what you said in the question... ummm, we are fucked. Welcome to 1984. STOP watching American Idol and don’t talk to me about what’s going on in the world of “Reality” shows... I will make you feel small and stupid and I will make you stop liking me... because deep down inside, you know I am right about your empty need for garbage false-entertainment. FUCK YOU, Kim Kardashian! Oh, and PLEASE stop saying “TGIF” and “LOL”. Make up something original or at very least say, “HAHA”. It’s not as much of a cookie-cutter way of expressing yourselves. OH, if you EVER tell me that you are, “OTFLMAO” I will spit in your face. STOP IT! Create a new you. One that thinks for themselves. Just like I do. Be nice AND fierce. Don’t let your peers control who you are. AH: What keeps you going when facing the worst? KS: Knowing that there is another song around the corner that will heal me and that I have amazing family and friends and fans that always pick me up on my way down. Thank you all. I love you even when I am telling you to suck it from the stage. I love you all that much. AH: Any words of wisdom or thoughts you want to voice? KS: I am VERY blessed and cursed at the same time. I will never quit trying to make timeless music. Only time will tell if my songs are real or not. I know they are, but each person, including myself, has different tolerances and ways of absorbing another persons pain or views. We are all stubborn and stupid. We make mistakes because that is what life is. The only way to grow is to always admit that you OWN your mistakes. Until then, you’ll be lost. I’d also like to quote Ernest Tubb: “Be good to your neighbors and you’ll have a better neighbor”.

There is always something going on at the Lodge! Check our website often for current events!

uch.. O Aaraham ! w o W .. h u Pirovzbakht by Tamie Landreth

Aaraham Pirovzbakht is not a name easily pronounced, but he’s easily recognized by his unique piercing style. Originally born in New Orleans and now a resident of Atlanta, Aaraham has been working at Psycho Tattoo for just over two years now. He is very grateful to have the opportunity to be surrounded by leaders in the tattoo and piercing community, and his

passion for creativity and love of piercing keep him on top of his game. He’s spent much of his time in the industry coming up with original one-of-a-kind piercings and dermal implants. Aaraham got into the piercing scene at seventeen when he began working at a tattoo parlor cleaning up and apprenticing for artists and piercers.

His focus has always been on piercing and has been consumed with it for the last seven years. When not piercing, Aaraham is taking care of his family and brand new baby boy because family is everything to this young piercer. His love for family and friends shows through all of his tattoos with reflections of family members, friends, and loved ones lost all over his body. His art is what drives Aaraham to exceed some of the top piercers around who have years more experience under their belt. Whether your’re looking at getting your tongue pierced or taking a more artistic approach to body modification Aaraham should be the first name on your list.


Jennifer Illing 2012 Biker Bash Ragdoll Winner with Brian Whitcomb of More pictures from the bash at

Genki Noodles and Sushi

Buckhead, The Prado and Virginia Highlands

When I think of sushi, there’s only one place in Atlanta that comes to mind and that’s Genki Noodle and Sushi. Since 1996, I remember Genki opening their doors at the Buckhead location. At that time, I was conveniently working nearby and was a regular patron. Since then, owner, Reid M. Zeising, has opened 2 more locations, the Prado, on Roswell Road, and in Virginia Highland, at 1040 North Highland Avenue. Each location has their own variations and specialties based on their home neighborhood, and every guest will transcend to a fantastic place where the sushi, noodle bowls and Genki’s specialties are highlights of every visit. Some of the local favorites are the Genki Tuna, a 7oz. tuna filet, flash fried topped with Sriracha and Japanese mayo, served with house made ponzu sauce. I would also recommend the Dynamite Roll! A delicious serving of chopped tuna, salmon and yellowtail with cucumber, tomato and scallions topped with red tobiko and a sweet and spicy chili sauce. Although Genki is very well know for their sushi specialties, the traditional noodle bowls are exceptional! The Unatama Don consists of grilled freshwater eel with sweet scrambled egg, onions, scallions, red ginger and shredded nori, served over white or brown rice. Even those fixated on getting their fix of sushi should try this fantastic diThe Virginia Highland location is featuring “Genki Hour”, which runs from 4PM-6PM and Late Night Bites from 10PM till close. Tokyo Tuesdays offer great deals on sushi while Wednesdays offer bottles of wine beginning at $12. Friday and Saturdays after 10PM you can fade into the night with their wide range of drink specials and special menu with LIVE music. If you’re looking for sushi, you’ve found the right metro Atlanta house. Genki offers some of the most relaxed dining locations for any occasion. Come in and check them out. Note: Mention Garage71 and receive a special discount off your check at the Virginia Highland location!


Tune in Sundays at 12 noon till 1 Great insight on local foods, trends and how to’s Biker Chef “Big Boy”a.k.a. Brian Whitcomb, FMP, CCC


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7th Annual Southeast Victory Rally Helen

Party in the mountains at one of the largest Victory motorcycle rallies in the country! Enjoy some of the best riding in the country and party at night with other Victory Motorcycle enthusiasts. Vendors, bands, games, food and good friends make this one of the best motorcycle rallies of the year! All of the proceeds go directly to the Camp Southern Ground Charity / info: Michael Snyder

1st Annual Benefit Ride & Poker Run for National Cervical Cancer Coalition Dallas

Registration begins 9:30am at The Cove Bar & Grill, departs 11am. $20/rider, $10/passenger. Pre-registration on Friday, 6-7:30pm and Saturday 8:30am - 9:15am, $15/$20. Bike Show- $10 entry fee, winner gets a trophy. 50/50, raffles, cash prize for best poker hand and much more! T-Shirt for 1st 100 registered! / 4009 Johns Road / Info: Bylinda

2 Silent Partners for the Kids 5th Annual Ride to Hillside Children’s Hospital Buford Starts/ends at Famous Joes. Register 7-9:30am/Departs 9:45am. $25 per bike includes T-shirt, food & venue. $10 Bike Show Entry. 3-7:30pm Bike/Car Show. Peoples Choice Prizes, Music, etc / 3290 Hamilton Road Contact info: 678-617-9340


Rain Refr Pits, open Satu on W

Greg Street & John Chucky Estes Poker Tournament Morrow:

Pre-register NOW at Harley-Davidson of Clayton County. Bonus chips will be given to Registered Poker players with purchases of $50 or more on June 2nd before 2pm / 1384 Southlake Pkwy/ Info: John Estes 404-567-2650

Hard Times Poker Run Bogart

Sponsored by ABATE D5N. Buy up to 5 hands/person, $5/hand. We will also have a $5 option to buy a 6th card to trash your worst card. 50% goes to the winning hand/ 50% goes to D5N. This will be a 100+ mile poker run that ends in Helen. LBO by 10am from Cycle World of Athens./ 4225 Atlanta Hwy Contact iJoe 770-921-5238

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Men’s Rider Contest Mountain Creek H-D June 1 - 30 Dalton

Throughout the month of June Mountain Creek H-D is having a men’s rider contest. All you have to do is check in with the service department on or after June 1st and then check in by end of day on June 30th with your miles. The man with the most miles accrued during the month will receive a gift certificate from Mountain Creek H-D! 1001 Market St Contact 706-370-7433


Atlanta Ride For Kids Alpharetta

Benefits the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Ride begins at North Point Mall. $35 (but the more money you raise, the more premiums you earn.) This ride will loop back to the starting point. There will be a lunch, Celebration of Life program, Awards and Much More!Address: 1000 North Point Circle Contact info: 800-253-6530

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Mountain Harley-Davidson Grand Re-Opening Conyers

New Owners - New Attitude. Music by Hotrod Walt and the Psycho Devilles. Pin-up Girl Contest, Vendors and more. Address: 900 Dogwood Dr. Contact info: Rob Feller 770-979-7999



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Milledgeville Thunder Summer Rally Milledgeville

Rain or Shine! The event will feature Live Music, Food, Refreshments, Bike Games, Bike Contests, Burn Out Pits, Parades, Vendors, and Much More! Officially opens Friday 12-noon. Friday-Sunday: $40/person. Saturday-Sunday: $30/person. Early entry is available on Wed or Thurs. for an additional $10 per night. Prices include camping & re-entry armband. Hwy 441

9-17 Laconia Motorcycle Week Laconia, NH

Hundreds of thousands of riders have been making a yearly pilgrimage to New Hampshire since 1916. Laconia Motorcycle Week offers an unmatched riding and rally experience. Only in New Hampshire can you “Ride to the Sky” up the highest peak in the northeast (Mount Washington 6,288ft), or travel along the seacoast, and roll into the famous Weirs Beach Lobster Pound or Patio Garden Restaurant at the Winnipesaukee Marketplace as the sun goes down to enjoy food, drinks and live music. Check out the famous Lakeside Avenue that will be packed with music, vendors, build-offs and contests to keep you busy day and night.

9 This Is How We Do It Technician Demonstration Roswell

Come to Killer Creek Harley-Davidson Come see how our PhD Certified technicians work in this hands-on question and answer session held on the showroom floor. Free./ 11480 Alpharetta Hwy/ Info: Mandi Harris 770-777-1000

3rd Annual Cory’s Crusade Poker Run Dallas:

Cory is a young man battling Juvenile Huntington’s Disease, Monies raised help his family pay for his medical needs. Register noon at The Cove. $20 bike/$5 passenger (includes 1 t-shirt). Prizes for best/worst hands. Music by Tragic Souls/ 4009 Johns Rd. Info: Stacey Sargent 404-725-8589

Statham Memorial Poker Run Statham

Sponsored by American Legion Riders Post 163. $15 bike/$5 rider/$5 extra hand. Register 9am/FBO 10am/

LBI 1pm. Contact info:

10 Braves Ride ‘n’ Rally June 10 Atlanta:

Benefits American Diabetes Assoc. $35 includes VIP Blue Lot Parking (2 bikes per spot), your seat, and ride around the field. Mail orders due by June 4th.

14-16 GWRRA GA District Wing Fling Dillard

“The Rumble in the Jungle.” HOST HOTEL: The Dillard House, 800-541-0671. Rally Pins Guaranteed to the first 250 fully registered participants only!Address: 768 Franklin Street Georgia Contact info:

16-17 Cruisin’ Cars on The Mountain & Poker Run Pine Mountain

Rockin & Rollin Weekend. Classic & Muscle Cars, Poker Run, Unique Vendors, Shoppers Scramble, etc. Address: 8804 Hamilton Rd Georgia Contact info: 706-663-4329

16 Pancake Breakfast at Mountain Creek H-D Dalton:

Pancake Breakfast at Mountain Creek H-D. 9am-11am. Come fill your bellies at Mountain Creek Harley-Davidson. The Master Chefs at The Creek are whipping up their awesome pancakes! Admission is free. Address: 1001 Market St info: 706-370-7433

North Georgia Twins MC Summer Party

Bethlehem: North Georgia Twins MC Summer Party. Gates open at noon, Food and beverages available, Free Camping, Tattooing, “The DJ” Bill Hill in the afternoon, Live music in the evening - TBA.


Cycle World of Athens Open House Party Athens

Ms. Cycle World Model Search, Stunt Shows, BBQ, Big Don Band.Address: 4225 Atlanta Hwy info: Mike Newell 706-548-3300

Killer Creek Harley-Davidson’s Rock ‘N Rumble Night Roswell

From 5-9pm. Live music, food, beverages, vendors and more. Free admission. In-Store Silent Auction. Address: 11480 Alpharetta Hwy Contact info: Mandi Harris 770-777-1000


Ride for the Girls Loganville

Register 10am at American Tavern. $25 rider/$10 passenger includes lunch & t-shirt. Auction, vendors. Address: 630 Athens Hwy Contact info: 678-656-9956

20 WOW Motorcycle 2012 Rider Education Seminar Marietta

Starts 7pm. Dove Motorcycle Training presented by Jeanne Vicario. Jeanne talks about being a trainer, racer and rider in the motorcycle industry for 20+ years. First time riders/ladies encouraged to attend. Light snacks served 6:30pm. Please RSVP. 770-424-8804

21-24 KCHD-U Basic Rider Course Roswell

Join us for the KCHD-U Basic Rider Course in partnership with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation in Alpharetta. This is a license waiver class. Cost $300 per person. Class times: Thursday 6:30-8:30pm at KCHD; Friday 6-9pm at KCHD; Saturday 8am-5pm at MSF and Sunday 8am-2pm at MSF and 2-5pm at KCHD./11480 Alpharetta Hwy info: 770-777-1000


June Jam at Mountain Creek HarleyDavidson Dalton 7pm-9pm. It will be sure to cool you down from that summer heat! Live music, Cold Drinks, and much more. FREE./1001 Market St / info: 706-370-7433

Rock N Ride 2012 Roswell

Benefits the Grady Foundation and Gold Shield Foundation. Registration & pre-ride party 11am-2pm at Killer Creek H-D with music and food available from Killer Creek HOG Chapter. Departs 2pm for the Ultimate Party on Peachtree in front of Hard Rock Cafe downtown Atlanta. 11480 Alpharetta Hwy. info: Mandi Harris 770-777-1000

29-30 Harley-Davidson of Macon 65th Anniversary Macon:

Guided rides, vendors, music, and 1st Friday Bike Show Downtown. Sun. after party at Allman Bros. Big House Museum w/BBQ, beer and band / info: Jerry Green 478-474-3344

30 Frazier’s Harley-Davidson Demo Day Buford

Last Sat of each month. Come ride a new 2012 model Address: 4699 Friendship Rd Contact i770-945-6011

3rd Annual Ride For Recovery Ellijay

Benefits Appalachian Drug Court & Family Drug Court. Register 8am at Lions Club, departs 10am. $25 Rider (includes t-shirt)$5 Passengers. Music by Set Free, Dirt Road Disciples & Sanctified. 1729 S. Main St. info: Tammy or Mary 706-537-7675 or 706-273-0321

Harley’s Heroes Disabled American Veteran’s Mobile Service Office

Roswell Killer Creek Harley-Davidson. 10am-4pm. Veterans can learn about programs they are eligible for through the DAV/MSO./11480 Alpharetta Hwy info: Mandi Harris 770-777-1000


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them off 1/4 of a turn each in rotation, until all four fasteners are removed. 9) At this point, remove the spring collar, diaphragm spring, and pressure plate. 10) Carefully remove the first friction disc, then steel as to not damage the lands, and so on

1) Before any wet clutch replacement job, soak your new friction discs in proper primary chaincase lubricant 24 hours prior to installation. Remove them an hour or so before the job to drain off excess fluid. 2) ALWAYS remove the battery ground to prevent accidental start up when working in the primary chaincase. 3) Drain the primary fluid. 4) Using a 3/16” allen, remove the 1/4-20 fasteners from the outer primary cover. 5) At this point it may be necessary to gently tap the cover with a rubber mallet to remove it. 6) Loosen the clutch cable adjuster lock nut and run the adjuster in clockwise until the adjuster is completely collapsed. 7) Loosen the 11/16” locknut from the clutch adjuster screw, and using a 1/4” allen, remove the adjuster screw from the pressure plate. 8) Bend back the lock tabs from all four fasteners and with a 5/8” wrench or socket back

until the entire clutch pack has been removed. 11) If you intend on re-using the steel discs, carefully inspect them for excess wear, and using a flat plate, check them for warpage. The steels should be discarded if they are pitted, burned, warped, or cupped. 12) On this particular model, the clutch pack begins with a steel disc due to a shoulder machined on the clutch hub. In this case, the first steel leaves a gap between it and the outward surface of the clutch basket for cooling purposes. For all practical purposes this disc replaces the clutch basket outward surface and is the first friction surface. Note: In general, clutch packs begin and end with friction discs. 13) Next insert the first friction disc, then steel, and so on until each disc is replaced. Note: Steel discs in any clutch pack are stamped leaving a sharp edge on one side, so take care


to ensure that these sharp edges face inward on each disc on any clutch job. 14) After installing the last friction disc, align the pressure plate, diaphragm spring, spring collar, and locking tabs. Run the four fasteners in until finger tight. 15) Using 5/8” wrench or socket, tighten the fasteners 1/4 turn at a time in a rotation until bottomed out. Once bottomed out, turn an additional 1/4 turn and bend lock tabs over flats using a small hammer and a brass drift. 16) Re-install the clutch adjuster screw into the pressure plate running it in until lightly seated, then backing it back off 3/4 of a turn and tightening the lock nut. 17) At this point, thoroughly clean the gasket surfaces with brake clean and apply a very thin coat of Hylomar or flexible gasket sealer to both gasket surfaces. 18) Hang a new primary gasket on the inner surface using the two alignment dowels, a couple short pieces of 1/4-20 all thread can also be useful in hanging the gasket in place. Install the outer cover and torque all fasteners to 120 In/Lbs. 19) After replacing your primary drain plug, remove the inspection cover, and fill with 26 oz of correct primary fluid. You may also remove the derby cover and fill until the fluid level is just touching the bottom of the diaphragm spring. Re-install and torque the inspection cover bolts to 120 In/Lbs, the torque specs are the the same, 120 In/Lbs, for the derby cover bolts as well. 20) At this point the only thing left to do is adjust the clutch cable free play. Do this by backing the adjuster out (making the housing longer) until there is 1/16” to 1/8” of free play between the housing ferule and the clutch perch.

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In an effort to pay homage to classic DIY Cafe Racer culture, as much of the original 1968 donor bike was used as possible while modifying the remaining elements for a hand-hewn and “factorylike” look and feel. Herm and Jason’s desire with the Brass Cafe was to produce what could have been a factory concept bike from the 60’s were Honda tailoring their efforts towards rich tones and style rooted in Cafe Racer culture. The tank for example, is an original item that was cut on both sides and the top with new hand-made pieces being grafted in creating a look similar to that of the stock Honda with a little Dime City flair. The fuel cap is a hand forged item and the brass vent line is a completely functional item. The rear frame section was modified, braced and

finished off with DCC’s signature rear steel loop. The finishing touch being their “Wasp” rear tail section. Crafted by hand and sculpted from potting foam and then transfered to fiberglass, the design compliments the width, height and lines of not only the tank, but the complete bike for a rolling look and feel that adds to the element of visual movement seen even when the bike is sitting still on the side stand. A thin pad that acts as cushion offers roughly the same amount of comfort found in 50’s and 60’s Cafe Racers. None. Keeping true to the rich and deep scheme many items were blasted and powdercoated gloss black including the wheels and forks which were finished off with stainless steel spokes, brass nipples and original hubs which have been re-worked with

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Dime City signature vents found on both the front and rear. Hand finished by file, the vents allow the brakes to breath under heavy load while complimenting the entire scheme of the bike with it’s brass and black tones. The finishing element, nickel plated hubs for a slightly muted tone so’s not to overtake the wheels themselves.

Racer look and sound.

From a performance perspective no expense was spared. A completely rebuilt CB450 engine now boasts approximately 505cc’s of power through an overbore kit, custom cams, worked intake and exhaust and a set of Mikuni carburetors of course, finished off with hand spun brass velocity stacks. The exhaust system consists of original equipment headers grafted to new upswept sections mated to original Norton style mufflers for that iconic Cafe

All in all the vision behind The Brass Cafe is one of purity, both in style and heritage. Dime City will pursued classic forms in metal working, paying respect to the builders of the 50’s and 60’s and what they stood for...while simultaneously hoping to inspire a renewed interest in the motorcycle as the ultimate expression of form and function.

And as for chasing the TON, that illusive mark of speed, the Brass Cafe will not only exceed the ton it will pull the front wheel of the ground affording the rider a full-on wheelie should he feel bold enough to crack the throttle and snap the clutch.

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Your Starting Guide To Pinstriping by Charlie Tyre

Friends, the brushes I prefer to use for pinstriping are long bristled brown or grey squirrel hair with a wooden handle shaped like a sword or dagger. There

You’ll need mineral spirits for thinner and also to clean your brush when you’re done. Get a pallet for working the paint into the brush prior to striping, this step is called “palleting your brush.” If you get desperate, you can tear out a magazine page when there’s no more room left to work your brush or change colors. Dip your brush into the paint then drag it onto the pallet, moving the brush back and forth, dip the brush into the thinner and drag it through the paint on your pallet - back and forth. This mixes the paint and thinner so your paint will work better on your stripes. If you leave the paint too thick the brush will skip and drag. Leave it too thin and the paint will run. I find about seven or eight back and forth pulls and pushes should be enough, if not do more. Once these are mixed in your brush you’re ready to pinstripe. You will need a surface to stripe on, a practice board such as poster board, a mirror, a pane of glass, or anything you won't get in trouble for putting paint on will do!

are brushes you can buy with synthetic bristles, but I prefer the squirrel hair bristles from Mack Brush Company, Kafka, Grumbacher, and Langnickel. Clean your brush with thinner before using. To get your brush into the proper shape, the tip might have to be trimmed slightly. There are other modifications that can be done to brushes that we’ll get into at a later date. Now for the paint, we’ll be using 1-Shot sign lettering alkyd enamel for the ease of which it can be applied. If you did your homework, you’ll see that this paint has been the mainstay for several decades. There are many stock colors available allowing you to use as is or mix to create any custom color.

There are 10 basic strokes you need to practice. If you practice making these strokes daily they will become easier to do and your lines will become consistent. Do stroke number one as many times as you can on one row, then on the next row do stroke number two, and continue on. Try to start and stop the ends of each stroke evenly across the rows. If it’s easier, draw each stroke before pinstriping it, keeping them even. Keep the rows consistently spaced, shaped, even thickness, and using the tip will help make clean lines - that’s what you are after! As you become more familiar with the art, you’ll want to begin acquiring an assortment of brush sizes, such as 000 for thin lines 1/32- 1/8, the 00 for 1/8 -1/4, the 0 for 1/8 - 5/16, and the list goes on. If you have any questions please send me an email and don’t forget to friend me on Facebook to see more artwork.

June 28, 29, 30 -July 1st Crown Plaza Hotel 6345 Powers Ferry Road Atlanta, Ga 30339 For Hotel Reservations, Call 1-800-972-2404 More Information and Presale Tickets at: Visit us at www.facebook. com/AtlantaTattooExpo In its 16th year, Atlanta Tattoo Expo is the Southeast’s premier event celebrating the tattoo lifestyle. Open to public all three days, enjoy live tattooing by 100 world famous artists, tattoo and bikini contests, live music, unique merchandise, food, parties and much more.

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Grease Inc Magazine June 2012  

Georgia based Motor Head and Lifestyle Magazine

Grease Inc Magazine June 2012  

Georgia based Motor Head and Lifestyle Magazine