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Photo by Fiona Hicks / Terrapin Beer Co.

experience the customer has with what the customer pays.” Herron predicts that because of the new law, Georgia tasting rooms will go from eight or nine beer varieties to more than 20, something that is common at breweries in other states. The new law is also positive for the breweries. Under the tour system, Georgia beer companies make 2.5 times less profit than out of state breweries. “We’re less able to compete out of state because of this system, we literally just make less money,” Herron said. “The new system will boost business, boost jobs and boost investment in the market.” Both Terrapin and Creature Comforts have big plans for the new law, one they expect to grow their businesses exponentially. Creature Comforts is spending $50,000 to update its tasting room to be better suited for the new law. Terrapin is planning to increase its hours of operations, in addition to hosting a variety of new events. One event, called Friday Night Pints, will feature food trucks and live music, and customers will be able to purchase up to 24 12-ounce cans to take home, just in time for Saturday football games in Athens. “We’re very excited for the change. It’s an opportunity for brewers to interact with the customer on a new level. It’s new territory for us,” Stalvey said. “So, come out and buy a beer, or three, or twelve -- you can do that now.”

The Terrapin Beer Co. has big plans for the new craft beer laws. In addition to staying open later, the brewery has plans to be a tailgater’s onestop-shop, with beer and food from local food trucks.

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