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conference games either,” he says. “We lost in Boulder, but it was a lot of fun. Otherwise, it’s a lot of the same places.” Of course, that changes Sept. 9 when the Bulldogs make the trek to South Bend, Indiana, and a showdown with the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame, just the second time these two college-football powerhouses have met (and nobody on either side needs to be reminded of the first time). “I’m excited about going there,” says Pittman. “If you’re a college football fan, that’s one of those trips you dream your whole life about taking. And most people don’t get to go and play there. That’s a huge trip for us.” Pittman and his wife Kimberly plan to travel to Chicago, where they’ll take in a Cubs game against the Milwaukee Brewers at Wrigley Field on Friday, go to Notre Dame on Saturday and then return home Sunday. There could be a change in plans, however, as the Atlanta Falcons are scheduled to play the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field on Sunday. “I had booked the airfare before the NFL schedule came out and we’re leaving earlier in the morning on Sunday,” he says. “If I can get my airfare changed without being robbed blind, we might stick around for the Falcons.” South Bend aside, there are but two cities Pittman is focused on this season – Jacksonville and Atlanta. The Bulldogs will play Georgia Tech in Atlanta on Nov. 25 but the Bulldog Nation hopes to be back in town the next weekend for the SEC Championship game. It’s safe to say that what

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happens on Oct. 28 in Jacksonville will no doubt play a role in Georgia’s travel plans.

Showdown In Jacksonville And no matter the time of year, the Bulldogs’ fortunes on Florida’s First Coast are always a topic rife for discussion. After years of basically having their way at the Gator Bowl (now known as EverBank Field), the last 27 years have not been kind as the Bulldogs have won but six times there. Pittman is among those amendable to a home-and-home situation with the Gators, but he also thinks the time may not yet be right. “My first year in Jacksonville was 1997 and we went down there and whooped them and I thought, ‘This is awesome,” says Pittman. “But it hasn’t been that great since… I’m not a huge fan of going there…I’m not one of those folks that screams about going home and home, although I think it would be better for Georgia if they did. “But the competitor in me doesn’t want to complain about it while we’re losing. Maybe they can get a little streak and then change it up, although you’ve got to be careful what you wish for, because then you have to go to Gainesville every other year.” And in the heat of summer, before any college team has played a single down, optimism is abounding when

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