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2018 Year in Review


2018 was a year of positive change for Thrive DC. After experiencing a devastating funding cut from the District of Columbia in late 2017, we made some necessary changes in how we deliver our services - changes that I believe will ultimately make us a stronger, more effective organization.

We welcomed a number of new staff who brought innovative ideas and fresh energy to our programming, volunteer management, communications, and fundraising.

We began offering a more formalized array of services for victims of crime - something that affects so many of the people we serve.

Through annual events like the

VIDA Thrive 5k and the CASA Crestwood Tour of Homes we not only

raised over $20,000 but strengthened important partnerships and relationships that will benefit our clients for many years to come.

We expanded our leadership in the community including the Ward One Network of service providers, the Re-Entry Action Network, and the Interagency Council on Homelessness. Taking a leading role with these organizations ensures that Thrive DC - and our clients - have a valued voice in policy and service delivery.

And in November we launched our year-long celebration of our 40th year of serving the greater Washington, DC community. Reaching this milestone is bittersweet, since we prefer that our services

But the fact that we’ve been here for 40 years is testament to the incredible ongoing support from people like you. weren’t needed at all.

We hope you will join us for one or more of the many events and activities planned this year. Stay tuned!

With gratitude,

Alicia Horton Executive Director




140,000+ meals provided

2,000 people served

1,000 people were able to receive mail at Thrive DC

5,000 showers taken

1,200 loads of

21,418 pounds of 

laundry cleaned

fresh food distributed

Community Connections Homeless Women’s Service Provider Network - Thrive DC is the leader of this group that works to address unfairness and imbalance in the service provision targeting homeless women. Most recently this group worked with the city to publish a comprehensive needs assessment that highlighted the unique and under addressed needs of vulnerable women experiencing housing instability.

Interagancy Council on Homelessness – Alicia Horton has been appointed as a Commissioner to sit on the ICH council to support work that will have a positive impact on individuals experiencing homelessness.   

Reentry Action Network – Thrive DC staff sit on the leadership council of Reentry Action Network. Thrive staff worked with the Office of Justice Grants to create and implement a network of reentry service providers that work to insure that justice involved individuals have access to effective, robust programs that are just in their development and implementation.  

The Way Home Campaign - We're proud to be a partner organization for The Way Home Campaign which brings together 98 organizations and over 5,000 people who are passionate about ending and preventing chronic homelessness in DC. 

Ward One Coalition – Thrive DC convenes a quarterly meeting of Ward One service providers to work on issues affecting Ward One community members. Because Ward One is the most diverse community in the city, low income and vulnerable individuals are threatened by a host of unique challenges that the Ward One Coalition works to address. Much of the work of this group is focused on racial injustices experienced by communities of color in the Ward One area.

Victims Assistance Network – Thrive DC also sits as a voting member of the VAN, which works to insure that all victims of crime in the District of Columbia will have the opportunity to access justice as each victim defines it, achieve restoration, and access services in a way that is most comfortable for them.




$50,000+ The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation District of Columbia Department of Employment              Services District of Columbia Office of Victim Services and 

$1,000 - $2,499

In-Kind Support

Alves Family Foundation

Thank you to the following

American Psychological Association Anonymous (2) Kathleen and Edward Beal Marcia Bernbaum

businesses and organizations that contributed more than $1,000 worth of needed items to

   Justice Grants

Luca Bertazzo

keep our clients warm, fed, and

John Edward Fowler Memorial Foundation

Yonah Bromberg Gaber

healthy in 2018:

Helping Children Grow, Inc.

Martha Buckley and Christopher Tracy

Sylarn Foundation United Planning Organization

$25,000 - $49,999

Susan and Dennis Bunder The Carita Foundation Caucus Slavadoreno Empressarial Inc. Christ Church Capitol Hill Catherine Cochran

Anonymous (4) Capital Area Food Bank Cava Grill The District Church

The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation

DC Gurly Show

Documentmyday Production

The Pret Foundation

The Charles Delmar Foundation


Alexander Dewar

Farm to Feast

$10,000 - $24,999 Agua Fund Inc. Altria Companies Employee Community Fund

Amy Freckman Leah Gitter Gives Inc. Steven Groeninger and Stephen Strasser

FreshFARM Markets GMMB GreenLine Real Estate

Naomi and Nehemiah Cohen Foundation

Masha and Eric Hansford

Howard University Resist

Richard E. and Nancy P. Marriott Foundation

Coree and Dave Henderson

I Support the Girls

Wayne and Jo Ann Moore Charitable Foundation

Adriane Horne


William C. Paley Foundation Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLC The Rapoport Family Foundation

April Irwin and Kevin Kuhar The Johnson Family Michael and Nancy Kator Jeremy Kinsell

Mount Ennon Baptist Church Patagonia Phoenix and Rose Pret A Manger

Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament

Thomaz Kulawik

Urban Adventures Companies/VIDA Fitness

Margaret Lawless

VIDA Fitness

Clara B. Lee

Whole Foods

$5,000 - $9,999 Anonymous Michelle and David Baldacci Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW) DC

The Ellen Letourneau Family Benjamin Levy Lucy Mack John Mahshie Masson Family Fund

Crestwood Citizens Association

Lynn Matrisian

The Green Charitable Foundation Inc

Daniel Meloy

Embassy of the United Arab Emirates

Jerri Menzies

Beth and Geoff Glaspie The Corina Higginson Trust Lainoff Family Foundation

David Merrell Catherine and Barry Nestor Julia Neumann Gracy Obuchowicz

Leidos, Inc.

People’s Congregational United Church of Christ

Little River United Church of Christ

Poses Family Foundation

Rachel’s Legacy Fund for Homeless Women

Kate and Aaron Rabinowitz

Rotary Foundation of Washington, DC St Alban’s Parish-Workers of St Albans The Table Church Sidney and Kathryn Taurel World Bank Community Connections Fund

Radha Rangarajan Rock Spring Congregational United Church of Christ Evan Rolfe Rosemary Regis and David Deramus Ankita Ritwik and Sachin Desai Emily Senturia Julie Silvers

$2,500 - $4,999 Altar’d State at Pentagon City American Automobile Association Ben’s Chili Bowl Foundation

Sharmila and Theo Sitther Sally and Francis Smith Sterne Kessler Goldstein Fox PLLC Stonewall Sports and Stonewall DC Dodgeball Tableau Software Matching Gifts Program

Chava Brandris

Katherine Trefz

Jonathan Cogley

The United Church

Dimick Foundation

Andrea and Kenneth Weckstein

Philip L. Graham Fund Bobby Gravitz The Miller & Chevalier Charitable Foundation James Norton Dawn Vermylia


Westmoreland Congregational Church Elizabeth Whalen

*If we missed your name on this list, please accept our apologies and contact us at

David and Christine White

Reade Wilson

so that we can double-

Peter Wolfe

check our records.

World Services LLC



"I have worked in several industries as an RN, and I have never had the opportunity to sit for an

We're sharing stories from two of our Reentry Program participants at Thrive DC.

interview. I get the job through an agency, which shielded me away from being interviewed.

Share with your family, friends, or co-workers. Thank you for supporting us and our clients, we

This is a weakness I have covered up for a long

couldn't do this critical work without you.

time. But an unexpected life situation turned things around for me and I had to start from square one, which is starting an interview process in a new career that I had not done before.

My covered flaw came to light. Then I stumbled

"Re-entry has impacted my life by giving me

across Thrive DC. And with the help of my case

some structure and responsibility before

manager Ms. Yukia [Re-Entry Program Manager],

going back into society all together. It has

I am able to respond to questions that make me

taught me to maintain my money.

uncomfortable during interviews for a job. Thrive DC has helped me learn the dos and At the end of the customer service and life skills

don’ts of interviewing, and learning the

program, I was able to gain confidence with

correct way to write a resume. Miss Yukia

sitting through a job interview without being

[Re-Entry Program Manager] has put a lot of

stuck on questions I can’t answer."

things in a different perspective for me.

I like the way she speaks to us as people in the real world and keeps it real with us even when we don’t want to face it.

I also like how she wants to help us build our self esteem and self worth, and reminds us

Want to receive a story of hope in your email inbox every Monday morning?

that we don’t need to start at the bottom because we are worth more if we apply ourselves."

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VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT What made you interested in volunteering with Thrive DC? I volunteered since I was your age in college. My college had a little literacy program for their staff, so when I was a sophomore in college I started tutoring, one of the gardeners on campus, and I just loved it. And then I have a masters in social work, and I’m not working, and I miss that connection to people and this fits everything I want. Working with people, Ward 1, DC focused. I mostly work with the women in the women’s program but I have also done the employment program, my son and I volunteered for a year in the dinner program before the hours got changed, so it’s just … it feels right. It feels like home to me.

How long have you been with us? I think 2.5 or 3 years

How has your experience been with Thrive DC? I love it. It’s a great place to volunteer!

Is there a moment with a client(s) that has stood out to you?

What has stood out to you the most when volunteering at Thrive?

I don’t feel like there’s a moment, I feel like every day that I come here somebody is happy. Whether it’s the woman who’s super excited that it’s

The relationships between the staff and the clients, you see a lot of love

mashed potatoes for dinner and she gets a big scoop of them. Or last

there. You see a lot of teasing of each other back and forth in a loving way.

week, a man came in he and he had been to four different agencies

You just, I think that what makes Thrive a wonderful place is that the clients

trying to get funding for a pair of glasses. I was at the front desk that

are pretty consistent so because of that consistency people are able to

day and i was able to very quickly fill out a check request and he was

forge relationships and it doesn’t feel transactional, it feels like part of a

just so grateful that it was so painless when he got here. So every day

family and people are just trying to help each other out. It’s just…it’s great,

something happens. With so much negativity in the world, and all of

it’s a great place to be.

these things we can’t control, it’s nice that every day you come here and something, someone, you can make their life or their day just a little bit

What roles have you played as a volunteer?

better. And what might not seem like a big deal to some of us, like new reading glasses, was huge to this guy. Another thing that stands out is

I’ve done a lot. Well my son and I did the dinner program when he was in the

just how embraced my son was when he was a volunteer here. For his

third grade. That’s another thing, Thrive is one of the few places kids can

ninth birthday, we volunteered here the day after, and he wanted to

volunteer starting when they’re 8 years old. So Alistair volunteered for a year,

bring cupcakes in for all of the women in the program. They were all so

every week, after school, but then the funding got cut and the hours changed

sweet to him. So I don’t know, everything stands out.

so he can’t do that anymore because he’s in school from 2-4, but from 4-6 we come once a week. So he and I did the dinner program, I’ve helped out in the employment program, I’ve more frequently been doing the front desk,

hat advice would you give to someone who is interested or just starting to volunteer with us? W

which I like, it’s fast paced. And then the clothing drive, I’ve done a bunch of coat distributions, and through my son’s school. Janney Elementary and Thrive

You can’t be shy. This is not a place for people who need a lot of hand

have had a 20 year relationship so on the Janney end I coordinate the gift

holding. You just have to jump in, introduce yourself to people, ask how

drive for the clients for Christmas and now am the Thrive DC liason from

you can be useful, and get to know people. The staff here are lovely and


wonderful. See how you can be of service that day. You’re here to volunteer your time, well what can you do that day to be helpful?

How was your experience volunteering with the clothing drive? Anything else you’d like to add? It was great. It was a lot of fun, it’s well organized! I was really impressed with how everything flowed, how the development team came together and

I think it’s sad that a place like Thrive is needed, especially in a city as

they had a lot of fun with it and the clients seemed to be pretty happy. It was

wealthy and a country as wealthy as this. I know that Thrive wishes they

just a good experience.

could do more to help people, but the need is so great the supplies are so limited. But, the fact that it is needed and in Ward 1 where so many of

What is the most rewarding moment you have had at Thrive DC?

their services have left, Thrive just does the best they can do. People just don’t seem really stressed out, it seems like every is trying to do the best

Every day you leave feeling like ‘you know what, I hope I helped make

that they can.

someone’s life or their day a little better.’ You get to do that here.



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2018 Year in Review