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tyle &Beauty S 6 Teen Guide to Killer Spring Style 8 Nail Trends 10 Waxing the City

Wining &Dining 12 The Plaid Pig Café 8 Zoodling

Regular Features 35 SWLA By the Numbers 42 Who’s News 74 Happenings 82 Solutions for Life! 83 McNeese Corral


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Places &Faces 16 – 34 Cover Story: 3 0 - T H R I V I N GH I 36 On the Tourist’s Map S O M E T 38 Erin Entrada Kelly wins Newbery Medal 39 Taja V. Simpson 40 National Volunteer Week oney &Career M 44 Smart Moves for Your Tax Return 46 May the Workforce Be With You HR Conference 48 Protect Your Brand in the Workplace


Home &Family Homebuyer’s 50 – 62 Special Section: Handbook 64 – 69 Special Feature: NEWCOMER’S GUIDE 70 Easy Ways to Go Green 71 The Little Gym 72 Celebrate Screen-Free Week

Mind &Body

76 Decoding Your Doctor’s Language 78 What to Expect From a Personal Trainer 80 Gilette Named Director of Tennis at Gray Plantation

78 Managing Editor


Thrive is designed for people focused on living a happy, healthy life, one that is balanced, full of energy and contentment. Thrive readers want to make the most of every day and to be successful in all areas of their lives – family, health, home and career. 4

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April 2018

Thrive April 2018 Issue  

Thrive's April 2018 Issue

Thrive April 2018 Issue  

Thrive's April 2018 Issue