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How HealtHy are you?

Find out by taking the CHRISTUS St. Patrick online health assessments to determine your risks for diabetes, cancer or heart attack or just to find out if you’re balancing work and life. Knowing your risks is the first step to a healthier life, so stay proactive. Visit these links or use the QR codes with your smart phone to discover more about your health.

Cancer Risk Assessment: www.christusstpatrick.org/cancerrisk

Diabetes Risk Assessment: www.christusstpatrick.org/diabetesrisk

Cardiac Risk Assessment: www.christusstpatrick.org/cardiacrisk

Work and Life Balance Assessment: www.christusstpatrick.org/workandlife

If you need a physician, call 491-7577 or visit ChristusStPatrick.org.


www.thriveswla.com Thrive Savor the Flavor 524 Dr. Michael DeBakey Drive • Lake Charles, LA 70601

October 2013 Your Partner in Wellness

2013 Partners Make Rouge et Blanc a Huge Success Rouge et Blanc Wine and Food Event is one of the most anticipated events each year in Southwest Louisiana. Now in its eighth year, this sellout event, has increased from 400 attendees to 1,400 and has grown from a one-day event to a full week a delicious food and wine experiences. It’s all thanks to the generosity of this community and our generous corporate supporters. Republic National Distributing Company donates all the wines for the entire tasting and brings in wine experts to share their knowledge. Rouge et Blanc is proud to donate 10 percent of all wine sales to the McNeese Banners Series. Enjoy our 2013 Rouge et Blanc festivities!

Paradise Florist FUERST L A W


Lake Street Liquor

FUERST LAW FIRM 10% of proceeds from the purchase of wine during Rouge et Blanc will go to benefit the McNeese Banners Series.

Liquid Gold

Discovering the world of flavored olive oils October 2013

Just as you have your favorite Cabernet Sauvignons and Chardonnays, you can discover your favorite extra virgin olive oils. Rich, beautiful, and fragrant, olive oil is much like wine -- varied in color, aroma and flavor, and best when paired with specific foods. “There are hundreds of distinct types of olive flavors, from simple trace flavors such as a nice complimentary note of wood, a marginal hint of nut, a taste of lime to more overpowering tastes, such as the fruitiness of fresher olive oils, the excessively sweet tastes of a suave oil or a more tomato-like flavor,” says Melanie McMullen, co-owner of Crave, a new retail boutique opening in October in Lake Charles. “Olive oil can be classified by the richness of its taste, by its country of origin and the methods of pressing and refining. For most purposes, however, it’s easy enough to classify them by the flavor.” When it comes to olive oils, fresher is better, McMullen adds. “Even though there is typically no ‘use by’ date on the bottle, olive oils have a shelf life. It truly is like fruit juice; highly perishable, healthier and more flavorful when consumed fresh.” Olive oil can be drizzled straight on pasta or salad or combined with flavorful vinegars and citrus for a tasty dressing. Strong oils also make good bread dippers. With more than 40 different flavors of olive oils and balsamic vinegars on tap, Crave, which is co-owned by Fran Avery, offers the opportunity for patrons to try fresh products before making a purchase. In addition to these freshly and privately bottled oils and vinegars, Crave also carries fine wines, cheeses, specialty foods, bath products and many other unique gift items. Custom gift baskets will also be available. Additional information about Crave and olive oil is available on their facebook page: www.facebook.com/cravelakecharles, and their website, www.crave-foods.com, will be launched soon.

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The Romantic



We specialize in clothing for moms and daughters

Just back from market | Come and get your game day attire

Fall Fashions

for 2013

Sizes XS-3X.

Hours: Tuesday-Friday 11-7 & Sat 10-5 (337) 433-5220 • 2706 Hodges Street in Lake Charles. 4


Thrive Savor the Flavor

October 2013

Relationship between

Wine and Cheese

Wine and cheese are the consummate pair. They are two of life’s greatest and most luxurious culinary pleasures. If you’re thinking of hosting a wine and cheese party, or if you’re attending a party and want to make sure you make the classiest selections, it’s best to understand which couplings are most compatible. The variety of cheeses is just as complicated as the variety of wines, so for your benefit we’ve whittled it down to the basics. Consider this an introductory course. Once you get the basics down, you can get more advanced and exotic with your choices. For now, however, we’ve taken the complex palate of wine and cheese and considered the texture, acidity and fat of each to make for a good pairing. For our purposes, cheese has been divided into four categories: bloomy, hard, blue and fresh. Where bloomy cheeses are decadent, soft and creamy, hard cheeses are just what they sound like—stiff, sharp, potentially salty, and sometimes aged. Blue cheeses have a blue hue, hence the name, and are typically pungent and salty. Fresh cheese are un-aged, soft and spreadable, usually tangy or mild in taste.

Once you understand where your cheese belongs, you can consider which wines work best. As with any wine-and-food pairing, it’s smart to first consider whether the flavors complement and contrast. Typically, white wines pair better with cheese. To experiment: Take a bite of cheese and consider its flavor. Then take another bite, along with a sip of wine. Pay attention to how the flavors work together. For the most part, Champagnes, Chardonnay, sparkling wines and Pinot Blanc pair best with bloomy cheeses, like brie. Couple your hard cheeses—Gouda, parmesan, cheddar, gruyere— with Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chianti or Zinfandel. For blue cheeses, such as gorgonzola, blue or cambozola, try a port wine or Riesling. Have a plate with fresh cheeses, like ricotta, mozzarella, goat, or feta? Pour a glass of Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc.

T he B re w H ut Monday-Saturday: 9am - 6pm

• Serving the Lake Area’s home-brewing needs since 1995 • Beer kits, wine kits, books, beer bottles, wine bottles, carboys, corks, caps, wine bases, filtering equipment and much more • We now carry 5oz and 10oz hot sauce bottles

439-3160 1705 N. Martin Luther King (Hwy 171)

located inside the Old Town General Store October 2013

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The Art of Pairing Seafood and Wine By Austin Price

Most of us know—if not from a warning, then from unpleasant personal experience—that mixing wines and seafood is tricky business. Conventional wisdom holds that red wines and fish don’t mix (well, except in so much as they stick you with a horribly fishy aftertaste) and that white wines are always a safe bet, but that’s not necessarily true. According to DC Flynnt, a resident master of wine, it doesn’t necessarily matter if the wine you’re drinking is red or white. What matters is how acidic the wine is and how prevalent tannins are in the wine. “Wood is the issue. Barrel-fermented, barrel-matured white wines can have as much or more tannins as any red wine,” warns Flynn. Instead, choose your wines a bit more deliberately. For more delicate dishes such as flounders, mussels, swordfish and crab, stick with lighter wines such as a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, a Chablis, or a German Riesling. Red wine lovers who have a hankering for fattier fish, like salmon and tuna, are best served grabbing a lighter red like a Pinot Noir or a Burgundy. If the fish is exceptionally substantial, say on the level of ahi tuna, you can safely ignore conventional wisdom and venture towards slightly heavier wines, like a medium-bodied Merlot or a new world Chardonnay. Sauces might seem to complicate the selection a bit, but remember that unpleasant irony taste is a matter of acids and tannins. If the sauce is hearty and acidic, as with a tomato sauce, skew towards the same lights you would use for heavier dishes, consider a Loire or Provence rose’. Finally, if in the end you’re still cautious or faced with a table that’s eating a variety of dishes, you might be best off settling on a dry Champagne, which are said to go well with just about everything, especially fried-seafood (which you’re bound to see more than a little of in Southwest Louisiana).

What makes VISTA different?



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October 2013

121 Artisan Bistro A Catered Affair Agave Tamale Big Easy Foods Botsky’s Casa Manana Community Coffee Co. Cookey’s Catering Coushatta Casino Resort Coyote Blues Delta Downs Desserts at L’Auberge Lake Charles Ember Grille and Wine Bar at L’Auberge Lake Charles

Fausto’s Restaurant of Iowa Gray Plantation Harlequin Steaks & Seafood Hokus Pokus Artisan Foods Isle of Capri Izzo’s Illegal Burrito Jag’s Bistro Kajun Sneaux Kinloch Plantation Products Lake Charles Country Club Local Roots Luna Bar & Grill McNeese Dining Powered by Chartwells

Pronia’s Pujo Street Café Reeves Uptown Catering Regatta ShaSha’s Special Touch SweetChic Bakery Boutique Sweets & Treats The Pioneer Club Toga Grill Trailblazin’ Catering Zea Rotisserie & Grill Zeus Greek and Lebanese Café




WINE DOWN (vino 101) Sponsored by Calcasieu Medical Society Foundation Lake Charles Country Club 5:30 pm-Doors open $45 per person – casual attire Call for tickets or more information at 337.4788650

THE PIONEER CLUB The wines of Ste. Michelle Wine Estates will be featured. $85 per person Members call 337-436-2805 for a reservation. Non-Members contact May Gray with Leisure Learning at 337-475-5130

PUJO STREET CAFÉ Wines of Bordeaux 10 am $20 per person Limited seating

October 2013

LA TRUFFE SAUVAGE 7 pm-Hors d’oeurves 7:30 pm-Dinner Wines selected and presented by D.C. Flynt, MW. Menu created by Mohamed Chettouh, C.E.C. Six course presentation. $245 per person Call 337-439-8364 for a reservation.

Thrive Savor the Flavor

Flavor Components and Pairing Pujo Street Café 11 am $30 per person Limited seating ROUGE ET BLANC 2–6 pm SOLD OUT




ses for Corks Your bottle of wine may be empty, but the fun has just begun. Check out some of these great ways you can reuse your corks.

Light a Fire

Hold that Door

Get your fire roaring on the first try with this trick. Fill a jar with natural corks and pour in enough rubbing alcohol to submerge them completely. Close the lid tightly and let the corks soak for two weeks at the least. To light, wrap two corks in crumpled newspaper, place the bundle under your kindling and light with a long-handled lighter. Stand back and enjoy the warmth!

Corks make the perfect inconspicuous door stopper because the springy cork—natural or foam—will grip the door to the floor the same way it seals a bottle. Make your stopper by using a utility knife to carefully slice the cork lengthwise at a diagonal into a wedge.

Make a Mulch Natural cork is resistant to rot and temperature extremes, making it great for retaining water in the garden or your potted plants. Pulverize your corks in your blender (add just a few at a time) so they’re a coarse texture. Save your mulched corks for outdoor use in the spring or add them to the soil of your houseplants now.

Get Crafty The possibility of things you can make with corks are endless. Here are just a few ideas. Backsplash Trivet Plant markers Bulletin board

Join the Migration to Lakeside Wisdom comes with age—and so should better banking. Make the move to Prestige Plus, Lakeside’s new account for our friends and neighbors who have attained the age of 55 or better.

PRESTIGEplus The Lakeside Prestige Account includes: • No monthly service charge • Free online banking with • No charge for corporate bill pay image checks • No minimum balance • Unlimited check writing requirement privileges • Assistance in transferring • Free ATM/debit card and direct deposit and free ATM use nationwide at automatic debits any ATM • Only $50 deposit required to open PLUS these extra benefits:


• Free telephone banking access to a live local banker • 20% discount on available safe deposit boxes • A 10 basis point increase on any certificate of deposit offered by Lakeside Bank

• Overdraft protection available with RediReserve** • Identity theft protection available at $1.99 per month • $3000 accidental death and dismemberment insurance provided*


Find out how great local banking can be—with Prestige Plus from Lakeside.

The way banking should be.

*Optional coverage may be purchased with benefits ranging from $10,000 to $250,000 ** Credit approval required

4735 Nelson Rd., Lake Charles




Thrive Savor the Flavor

474-3766 LakesideBanking.com October 2013

public relations copywriting

graphic design photography

video production

media relations


social media

strategic planning

website development

event planning

corporate communication

ehealthyimage.com 337 312-0972

836 University Dr., Lake Charles

U. S. Chamber Top 100 Small Business SWLA Chamber Small Business of the Year LA Department of Economic Development Regional Small Business of the Year

Gourmet Wine Gift Baskets Largest selection of wine, spirits, beer & cigars in Lake Charles

1915 Country Club Road Lake Charles, LA 70605

337-474-0447 Weekly Wine Tastings Gift Cards Available Customer Reward Cards Artisan Cheeses & Gourmet Items

October 2013

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Taking Hot Dogs to the Next Level

By Austin Price

Make Any Day a

Special Occasion

Naturally Crave is a new specialty food and gift store featuring over 40 premium extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars from around the world. Our unique tasting bar allows you to sample before we bottle your selections to ensure freshness and flavor. We also offer a wide variety of wines, cheeses and fine foods, along with soaps and other artfully crafted gift items. Let us help you create the perfect gift basket to make an unforgettable impression.

Be dazzled by druzy and geode jewelry.

These crystal-covered rocks, available in a rainbow of colors, are harvested from the earth then formed into stunning jewelry pieces. Unearth your treasure today.

Satisfy every taste, with Crave. Fine Jewelers Diamonds

Opening Late October 10

4070 Nelson Road Lake Charles | 478-0770

2801 Ryan Street, Suite 100 l crave-foods.com l



Custom Designs

1705 Maplewood Drive Sulphur | 625-9971


Thrive Savor the Flavor

October 2013 Fine Jewelers

If during your time wandering through the Rouge et Blanc festival you end up in front of the jackalope sign that adorns the oddly named Botsky’s, do not worry: you’re still on the route. Certainly it might seem odd – everything from the sign to the food (what is a hotdog restaurant doing on the route of a wine festival?) is unconventiona—but please, don’t let this dissuade you. Anyone who passes on Botsky’s for its off-beat image or who dismisses it as just another hotdog stand is missing out. Far from the ballpark franks of your youth, the sausages that Botsky’s offers are gourmet fare: from a standard all-beef frank to the much more exotic kobe beef, antelope and alligator flavors, Botsky’s is doing its best to redefine what is commonly mistaken for cheap, throwaway food. It’s not by accident, either. Michael Krajieck, the owner of the store, is intentionally challenging the common idea that hotdogs are mere snack food. While traveling the United States as a touring musician, Michael came to find that just about every major city had its trademark hotdog stands. “The hotdog’s an interesting novelty food,” he explains. “It has all these associations with memories, with summer baseball games; it’s an interesting folkloreish, nostalgic idea that has a strong tie to people’s past.” As interested in people’s psyches as in their appetites, Michael was then inspired to move back to Lake Charles by the promise of a coming economic change, one he really wanted to contribute to. “I really want to change people’s paradigms, how they view these memories and this food, and this hotdog stand seemed the best way to do it.”

If it all sounds a little bit highbrow or unbelievable, please, stop in on your journey through the festival to let Michael and his crew stop those worries. They’re preparing a rare, event-only antelope sausage and wine pairing that promises to do exactly that. For more information, check Botsky’s out at www.facebook.com/Botskys or stop by the shop at 104 Pujo Street in Lake Charles.


Children in Motion a painting collection

like fine wine, should get better with time.

Featuring over 40 watercolor and acrylic paintings by local artist, Nancy Melton

October 18 - January 4

Historic City Hall • 1001 Ryan Street That’s what we believe at the Aesthetic Center. We offer a full range of facial cosmetic treatments and products to help you look beautiful at every age.

In The Eye Clinic Nancy Melton’s original paintings and prints are available for purchase at The Frame House and Gallery, 1640 Ryan Street in Lake Charles. A percentage of all print sales will fund needed medical equipment for the Papua New Guinea Clinic mission.

October 2013


310-1070 • 1717 Oak Park Blvd., Lake Charles

Thrive Savor the Flavor

Medical director:

Dr. Mark Crawford

Facial and Cosmetic Eye Surgery Specialist



Drink Wine Like an Expert There are two universal truths about wine. One, it’s delicious and two, all the different varieties can be overwhelming. When your with good company and a bottle of wine is being shared, magical things can happen so read on to learn how to partake like an expert.

We’ll Protect Your Home from Fall Pests

Cooler days and longer nights are like a welcome at your home for pests. Cockroaches, ants, spider mat rodents, to name a few, s and are the extended darkness of looking for a warm place and fall gives them time to fin way into your home. da Get the shield and protec Exterminating. As the lar t your home with J&J pest control company in gest independently-owned Exterminating. For over Louisiana, you can trust J&J 50 effective pest control, alo years, we’ve provided safe and ser vice. Call us today for ng with exceptional customer a free consultation.

South Regional Tabasco Community Award Winner $28.95 + tax & shipping Order at www.jllc.net

Wholesale & corporate pricing available


Marshes to Mansions Provides an unforgettable and scrumptious journey across South Louisiana, from casual to extravagant and traditional to cutting-edge. All proceeds go directly to funding community projects dedicated to improving the lives of families in Southwest Louisiana.

Learn about our year-round community impact at www.jllc.net.

LAKE CHARLES • 474-7377 DERIDDER • 463-4574 12

Celebrating 80 years of service

Thrive Savor the Flavor

October 2013

STEP 1: Play the Name Game

STEP 2: Experience Everything

White or red, full-bodied or crisp…where do they come up with this stuff and what does it all mean? Here are a few class varieties to know.

Wine is fun so be adventurous and try all the different types.

RED Pinot Noir: Light-bodied, silky Chianti: Dried cherries, spices, earthy Merlot: Approachable, plums, blackberries Cabernet: Ripe, full-bodied WHITE Pinot Grigio: Light, delicate, easy drinking Riesling: Sweetish, flowery, tropical Sauvignon Blanc: Crisp, grapefruit or green apple-like flavor Chardonnay: Full, rich, buttery

October 2013

STEP 3: Know the Answers to These Two Questions: What does dry mean? When someone says a wine is dry, they are referring to the tannic level. Tannins are a natural compound in wine that suck the moisture out of your mouth. In terms of taste, a dry wine is not sweet. How long does wine keep after you open it? Generally, wine is good for two or three days once opened. After five days it’s best to toss it. To maximize the life span, recork the bottle and put it in the fridge. When you’re ready for more, bring it back to the preferred temperature by letting it sit. Even white wines lose flavor if they are consumed at too cold of a temperature.

Thrive Savor the Flavor

STEP 4: Play it Cool If you find yourself in a restaurant and aren’t sure what to order, try these tips. Ask your server what they have that’s dry and crisp or whatever flavor profile you prefer. When you’re offered a taste, put your nose in the glass and smell the wine. If the smell is not appealing pass on it. Give your glass a quick swirl to aerate the wine and bring out the aroma. Smell it again and then take a small taste. If all is well after these steps, give your server a nod. If something is off, let him know.



According to Toastmasters International, the purpose of a toast is to “shine a gentle spotlight and pay tribute to the honored guest or event.” A good toast should offer well wishes, good fortune, long life, health, happiness, wise advice or some other positive message. But saying exactly what you want to say can be a challenge.

Tips for Toasts

Toastmasters offers the following tips on giving a proper toast: •
Begin by introducing yourself — first and last name — and explain how you know the guest of honor. Then give your toast. • Keep your toast brief. Mark Twain said no toast should last longer than a minute. A shorter, well-written toast has a greater impact. • Speak loudly and confidently. Make sure everyone can hear you. • When you’re finished, sit down. Smile and nod to acknowledge any applause or feedback you get, then make sure the spotlight goes back to the guest of honor. 

 The following are some examples of suitable business toasts, according to www.etiquettescholar.com: • May we always be fired with enthusiasm for our work, and never fired enthusiastically by our clients. • To the company we keep profitable. • To work — the easiest device man has invented to escape boredom. • Here’s to work — may we never be without it.

By Lauren Jameson

les, Inc.

ue of Lake Char

The Junior Leag presents

Mistletoe & MMoarskest Holiday

November 20th - 23rd LAKE CHARLES CIVIC CENTER All proceeds benefit community projects sponsored by

The Junior League of Lake Charles, Inc. PREVIEW PARTY

Wed., Nov 20 • 7:00pm - 10:00pm


Thurs., Nov 21 • 11:00am - 1:00pm


Fri., Nov 22 • 5:30pm - 7:30pm

HOLIDAY MARKET GENERAL ADMISSION $8 per person children 8 & under are free | $8 stroller fee Thurs., Nov 21 • 10:00am - 8:00pm Fri., Nov 22 • 10:00am - 8:00pm Sat., Nov 23 • 9:00am - 4:00pm


Sat., Nov 23 • 3 seatings: 8:30am, 10:30am, & 1:30pm (children 1 & under Free)

For more information or to obtain tickets, please call:

(337) 436-4025 or visit www.jllc.net 14


Celebrating 80 years of service Thrive Savor the Flavor

October 2013









Our firm is the largest and one of theEst oldest 1934 law firms in Lake Charles. It provides legal services to individuals and to businesses of every size, in most areas of litigation, and in all kinds of personal and business transactions, including those in industry, healthcare, insurance, construction and real estate. The firm as a whole, and several of its members individually, are listed in The in America, theoldest Louisiana SuperinLawyers. The firm also has licensed Texas attorneys and on staff. OurBest firmLawyers is the largest and oneand of the law firms Lake Charles. It provides legal services to individuals to businesses of every size, in most areas of litigation and in all kinds of personal and business transactions, including

those in industry, healthcare, insurance, construction and real estate. The firm as a whole and several of its members individually

Partnersare listed in The Best Lawyers in America, and the Louisiana Super Lawyers. The firm also has licensed Texas attorneys on staff. Partners











Of Counsel



Counsel Emeritus

Of Counsel














Counsel Emeritus












Thrive Savor the Flavor www.ssvcs.com



Attorney Advertising. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

The Gift of a Fine Wine REDEFINE THE

Nestled into 60 acres of scenic, natural beauty in the historic

heart of Lake Charles, Walnut Grove is a traditional neighborhood development uniquely designed to look and feel as if it naturally evolved over the course of the last century. A variety of home styles that seamlessly blend traditional Louisiana architecture with modern amenities are available in this community that was built for connectivity, with a picturesque town square, wide open walkways, tranquil parks and the convenience of shops and restaurants just a short walk away.

West Sallier Street, Lake Charles www.walnutgrovetnd.com 16


Residential and Commercial Property Available. Call (337) 497-0825. Thrive Savor the Flavor

October 2013

Wine makes an excellent gift for just about any occasion, but unless you’ve shared evenings out with your gift-recipient, it’s hard to tell which variety to slip into the gift bag. The possibilities stretch for miles along the shelves: high-end to low-end prices in varieties of red and wine and from regions across the globe.

If you’re not sure which kind of wine would make the best gift, it’s best to pick one red and one white

that appeals to a more general palate. The budget should depend on the occasion. If you’re picking up a bottle for the hostess of a dinner party, a lower-priced wine should do. If you’re giving it as a wedding gift, you may want to increase your budget.

That being said, one of the best things about giving wine as a gift is that you don’t have to

spend mounds of money to purchase a delectable wine. There are perfectly acceptable wines that cost less than $20 a bottle. There are varieties out there that cost much more—into the hundreds, and even thousands—but those more expensive choices

Refine your taste for wine in a fun, casual atmosphere.

should be reserved for die-hard

Wine expert Nathaniel Allured will provide brief tips on the basics of wine selection and enjoyment while you sample delicious food pairings.

wine enthusiasts; otherwise, your investment is likely to go unnoticed.

Wednesday, October 23 5:30 pm: Champagne social 6 pm: Wining & dining begins

Here’s a few more tips: Locally produced wines often make wonderful, personalized gifts, if

Lake Charles Country Club

you live in an area where wine is

Tickets: $45

produced (even if on a small scale). Otherwise you can turn to traditional

Fabulous Door Prizes.

domestic wines from regions like California, or common imported areas like France, Germany or Italy.

Tickets available online at www.ablacktieaffair.org or at:

If you have no idea what kind of wine

The Wine Store

your recipient likes, think about what

4070 Nelson Road, #100, Lake Charles

you would like as a gift and use that

Healthy Image Marketing

836 University Drive, Lake Charles

as a starting point.

Call (337) 478-8650 for more information.

Still in doubt? Choose one red and

Champagne Sponsor

one white, and go for varieties that tend to appeal to the widest audience, like Pinot Grigio and

Chardonnay Sponsor Pathology Lab Healthy Image Marketing Lake City Printing

Chardonnay, or Shiraz and Merlot. Those tend to pair well with most foods and palates.

Cabernet Sponsors Dunham Price • Iberia Bank • M.B. Rich Jewelry Sanchez Law Firm • Dr. & Mrs. John Stubblefield The Eye Clinic • The Vein Center of Southwest Louisiana West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital • Walnut Grove

Consider the occasion. A sparkling wine or Champagne work well for a celebration, but may not make sense

Zinfandel Sponsors Burglar Alarms • Dollar Electric • David Green Law Firm Robby Guillory & Dr. Maureen Kaough • Rau Financial Group Senator & Mrs. Ronnie Johns • Sanders Pediatric Dentistry Dr. Shondra Smith • Solutions Counseling & EAP Southern Home Health

for a dinner party.

October 2013

Thrive Savor the Flavor



Banners Banners Banners Banners

Engages™ Cultural Season™ Collaborates™ Presents™

McNeese State University brought live performances to

which means

Over 13,000 students

saw a Banners show free of charge last year!

Banners Cultural Season™

Bridgman|Packer Dance Co. The Hit Men Ethel with Robert Mirabal Sam Bush The Alley Cats Harlem String Quartet Sybarite5 Imago Theatre: FROGZ McNeese Jazz Perfect Strangers Lightwire Theatre: Dino Light & Percussion Festival with Joey DeFrancesco Kenya Safari Acrobats Save money by purchasing one of our The Retrieval


Banners Engages™

limited number of memberships today!

All new web site and all new events year round!


Justice is Priceless When it comes to your legal affairs, aggressive representation is crucial. Todd Clemons and Associates, a full-service law firm, provides zealous advocacy with professionalism and integrity. With over 25 years of experience, our primary focus is criminal defense. Additionally, Todd has served as a district judge pro tem as well as a federal and state prosecutor. He has litigated over 50 jury trials with an unparalleled record of success. For unquestionable value and exceptional representation, call the trial lawyers at Todd Clemons and Associates

1740 Ryan Street, Lake Charles • (337) 477-0000 18


Thrive Savor the Flavor

October 2013

October 2013

Thrive Savor the Flavor



enjoy the taste of winning! CALYPSO’S® BUFFET All-you-can-eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.

OTIS & HENRY’S® BAR & GRILL Serving up big portions of all your delicious favorites at unbeatable prices!

TRADEWINDS MARKETPLACE® Short on time? This is the place to grab a quick bite and get back in the action.

LUCKY WINS® Explore flavorful Asian delicacies without ever leaving the casino.

I-10, Exit 27 Lake Charles, LA • 1-800-THE-ISLE (843-4753) • www.isleofcapricasinos.com © 2013 Isle of Capri Casinos, Inc. Must be 21 or older.



Thrive Savor the Flavor

October 2013

Profile for Thrive Magazine

Rouge et Blanc Insert 2013  

2013 Rouge et Blanc Insert

Rouge et Blanc Insert 2013  

2013 Rouge et Blanc Insert

Profile for thrive