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the software for each office.” In the office, Better Day successfully removes the computer as an unwelcome participant in the patient-doctor relationship through the use of medical speech recognition technology, which allows for passive, automated documentation. “Doctors can stop typing during exams,” says Dr. Ragusa. “They can spend more time with their patients and listen to what they are saying, eyeballto-eyeball. This is critical to a patient encounter – it has been undermined by technology and that has to change.” Better Day’s technology also helps patients engage with their doctors in a more meaningful way both in and out of the office. “Over 95 percent of a person’s health is managed by them, outside of

a medical office setting,” explains Dr. Ragusa. “They take their medications, test their glucose levels, follow a diet plan, exercise and more – often with the help of smart phone apps, online programs and home health devices. With Better Day, we are able to give this data a home at your doctor’s office and use it to improve your care. It’s a modern twist on an old-fashioned house call, giving doctors muchneeded real-time insight into how a patient’s daily lives could be affecting their heath.” A pilot test of Better Day at Dr. Keith DeSonier’s ENT practice in Lake Charles is nearing completion. “We wanted our first implementation to be in single office,” says Dr. Ragusa. “It’s been a great success and we are ready to move to the beta phase of our testing with Imperial Health in Lake Charles. By the

end of the year, our plan is to be marketing Better Day across the country.” “When we first started working on this, our goal was to find a way to get medical technology and computers to understand how people work, rather than the other way around,” says Dr. Ragusa. “After all, healthcare is about people – both doctors and patients. Technology and EHR systems should help create stronger connections between them, not put up new types of barriers. We weren’t sure exactly how we would do it or what the end product would be exactly, but I was committed to remaining focused on this objective, and I feel we’re accomplishing that.”

What Local Doctors are Saying about Better Day™

Additional Noteworthy VoiceHIT Insights

Keith Desonier, MD ENT Specialist, ENT Associates I’m very proud to have my office serve as the pilot study site for the implementation of Better Day. I’ve watched the Ragusa brothers grow up; their mom was my office manager. Before Peter went to medical school, we had many conversations about the direction of healthcare and what regulations and paperwork were doing to the industry. Healthcare is personal, but computers depersonalize it. This software changes all that. I’ve never seen anything like it. The voice recognition is programmed to work with the way I talk. It’s important to understand that it’s not a dictation device or an audio recording. The technology is designed to recognize content and context, specific to the way I practice. It’s amazingly efficient. I’m extremely pleased with how it is working in my office and how we are able to customize it for my specialty. Physicians and their patients are going to love how Better Day changes the patient/doctor dynamic in a very positive way.

CEO Dr. Peter Ragusa, MD, MPH was in the first class of high school graduates to receive the Louisiana TOPS award.

John Noble MD Orthopaedic Surgeon, Center for Orthopaedics Board Member, VoiceHIT The technology in Better Day™ is truly revolutionary, and has the potential to make direct patient care truly direct. It removes the computer as a barrier to care because now we can focus more on the actual examination. We are now able to listen to what our patients are saying, without worrying about whether we will remember hours later doing our clinical documentation exactly what they said or what code applies to their symptoms. We can function in “real time” and be present in the moment with each patient, knowing that an accurate record of the exam will exist, independent of my memory at the end of the day. I believe this technology will dramatically improve our efficiency and the efficiency of our entire practice. Simply put, Better Day™ allows doctors to give patients more time and better care.

VoiceHIT has benefited tremendously from Louisiana’s probusiness incentives, receiving start-up investment support through the state’s Angel Investor and Digital Media Tax Credit programs and as part of the BioInnovation business incubator in New Orleans. The company was selected to participate in the Idea Village’s 2012 IDEAxcelerator, an intensive, six-month business accelerator for 15-20 high-growth ventures in New Orleans. VoiceHIT was one of five early-stage companies that made the cut for High Stakes Pitch Night, held in conjunction with the Baton Rouge Entrepreneurship Week in November 2012. This pitch led to a private meeting with multiple potential investors. Both Peter and Rand Ragusa were named on the 2012 Silicon Bayou 100, a list of innovative technology executives in Louisiana. VoiceHIT was chosen as one of 15 companies in the country to present at the mHealth Summit’s Mobile Venture Fair in Washington, D.C. in December 2012, an event that connects emerging businesses with potential investors.





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