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Giving tender attention. Listening with compassion. Helping with kindness.

Visitors and  volunteers  at  the  Street  Hope  RV  

October 2013   Dear  Street  Hope  Supporters,      There  is  a  hint  of  autumn  in  the  air.    Soon  the  warm,  dry  evenings  of   summer  will  be  a  memory  and  the  cool  dampness  of  fall  will  prevail.        We  will  close   the  RV  windows  and  door  to  provide  our  visitors    a  warm,  dry  refuge.      Those  that   have  been  gathering  outside  this  summer  will  huddle  in  the  entrance  way  of  the   church  across  the  street.    They  will  come  to  our  door  for  homemade  soup,  hot   chocolate  or  a  sandwich,  and  if  there  is  room,  join  us  in  the  RV  to  receive  the   hospitality  we  offer.       Perspective on Vulnerability One evening in the RV we were having a conversation about vulnerability. It was interesting hearing the different perspectives presented - thoughts that so obviously came out of life experience. One man took some time to write down the following about vulnerability: Facing a gauntlet is being vulnerable to the environment. Facing depression means having a vulnerable situation in life. Facing an addiction is a vulnerability which is hard to overcome. Being homeless represents a vulnerable situation as well. Being a prostitute and being open to abuse is being vulnerable. Old people are lonely and are also vulnerable. Vulnerability is also a window to get strength from God. Vulnerability is part of a relationship. Openness is a sign of vulnerability. As we allow ourselves to be vulnerable with a person, we risk rejection. Empathy is key in understanding the heart of a person. ~Name withheld  

Introducing Des Des is the volunteer who has been involved with Streethope the longest. He started working with Threshold Evangelist, Rick Sandberg, twenty years ago when they literally walked the streets, engaging people in conversation. Des learned about generosity and kindness from his mother who fed homeless men in the 1930’s. He saw how ironic life could be when, after the war, he met veterans at college who went from being hobos in the ’30’s, to heroes in WWII. He sees Streethope visitors today as victims of circumstance, and humbly shares with them out of the abundance he has received. Who Do We Serve? Our visitors are a very diverse group, each with their own circumstance and story. They are predominantly male but a quarter to a third of them are female. They range in age from their 20’s to retirement age. Some are unable to manage for themselves, and others are under employed, between jobs or lonely. Regardless of their deportment or status, we greet them all with respect and hearts open to what they bring to Streethope.


Des on  the  right,  visiHng  with  one  of  our  guests

Our Prayers • We thank God for your prayers and the support we receive from you, our faithful patrons. • We seek wisdom and compassion as we respond to the complex needs of specific visitors and are humbled when all we can do is pray with them. This perhaps being the greatest gift we can give.   • Our ministry has reached the limit of our ability to meet the worldly needs of our guests. We pray for discernment and flexibility as we respond to the growth in the number of people visiting Street Hope and ask that you pray for more volunteers to join us. • We pray that our guests will experience Grace, trusting that they are held in God’s love, through all circumstances.

Street Hope remains dependent on generous partners like yourself. Online donations can be made through CanadaHelps and PayPal. There is a link on our website ( which allows you to make a one time donation or set up scheduled on-going donations. OR Send a cheque/money order to Threshold Ministries made out to “Street Hope Victoria”. Thank you!

Street Hope  Contact  Informa9on      T.      250-­‐418-­‐0065          E.           W.    Address:    4113  Quadra  Street,  Victoria,  BC  V8X  1K9

Street Hope Victoria October 2013 Newsletter  
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