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MEDIA ISSUES Who are you notifying?



 Call 911

 Assume everyone knows what’s happening

 Call Craig Hockenberry/Lisa Whiteley  Determine 3 key talking points  Share the some information with your staff and appropriate district personnel  Alert parents/guardians  Ask for help! Lisa W. has templates for emergency situations that she is more than happy to share

 Call the media  Post private details and personal information  Send something to parents without cc-Lisa W.  Automatically share on social media  Go on camera unless cleared by Mr. Hockenberry  Go off script  Give ‘exclusives’ to stories



 Share details and information with Lisa W.

 Call the media, call Lisa W. instead

 Ask for assistance with photos, social media posts, onsite presence when media comes

 Post private details and personal information. Make sure you have authorization to use the information

 Share on social media if you have a school-based account for your organization, class, team, etc.

 Disrupt class/student learning (the media’s deadline is NOT our deadline)

EXAMPLES Positive Stories

Negative Stories

 Winner of a contest

 Bomb threat

 Student awards

 Fire in the building

 Student projects

 Staff member quits midyear

 Athletic accomplishments  Good report card (find district’s talking points and stick with them)

 Student/Staff death

 Bad report card (find district’s talking points and stick with them)




 Spell Check

 Post at the exact same time/day each week

 Tag other companies, organizations, school pages, etc.  Share positive news  Speak as the unit/building/school/organization not as a principal, coach, etc.  Change the timing of posts  Include FB usage terms on your page (located under About)  Turn off the ability for others to post directly to your page  Post several times a week

 Debate/argue with followers  Delete comments (unless violating our policy, in which case you need to take a screen shot first)  Create a fake person to use as a login for your page (violation of FB terms of usage)  Respond on behalf of TRLSD unless given permission to do so  Comment/post to a personal account during work hours

Facebook Quick Tips  Check your analytics: who are your followers? when are they watching you?  Follow your sponsors, business partners and other schools  Complete your About section with your mission and other key information  Consider contests, games, and polls to keep your followers engaged  Schedule your posts to save you time  What are the things you click and like on FB? Do your posts reflect that?

Facebook Dos and Don’ts for posting photos/videos ALWAYS


 Use an image (or two) with your postingA video is even better

 Use watermarked/copyrighted images (Google images are acceptable)

 Use clear, in-focus pictures when possible (don’t let that keep you from posting student photos though)

 Post inappropriate photos

 Change your FB cover frequently

 Tag students or parents (let them do that with one another)

 Check the “do not photo” list quarterly

 Give photo credit when possible  Consider cropping photos  Consider what’s best; group/individual  Put ‘sneak peek’ videos out before events  Ensure your recording device is set to high resolution

 Video when possible

 Use students’ last names

 Post the same student over and over from one class or team, while avoiding others  Favor particular students due to their parents’ relationship with the district/community  Post longer than 2 minute videos

Facebook Tips: Events  Create an engaging, informational title

 Include all specifics  Use start/end times  Tag the location (if FB page exists)  Include an event header  Post updates in the event as it gets closer  Link to registration form under the tickets available area  Share the event to the page by going to invite ► share on a page

 Don’t just post as a status update, it will get lost on your wall  Use the poll feature to get followers and attendees excited  Plan future posts for the event on your page using the scheduling tool

Why Facebook?  Over 1.7 billion users  Parents are spending 1 hour 40 minutes a day, on average, checking Facebook  Social Media is the 3rd most used source for news  2nd most effective community engagement (behind website)  1 out of 3 community members use Facebook  It helps meet the needs for today’s short attention spans and immediate gratification wants

 People are already using it, they just have to hit “like” to see your targeted information  If you don’t tell your story, someone else will  The opportunities are greater than the risks  Provides a way to stay quickly in touch with your investors  It’s user friendly

TRLSD Facebook analytics/information There’s power in social media *Numbers based on a 7 day window in September 2016

10,283 people reached 10,145 post engagements 23 posts


 Be creative

 Tweet content you also posted to FB (there are apps available that will do this for you)  Tag relevant followers  Follow business partners and others who follow you  Retweet important/interesting information  Quote retweet to add your own spin on tweet

 Use relevant hashtags  Schedule tweets  Include images (you may have to reduce file size)

MOBILE APP Why is it so important and what does it offer?

MOBILE APP  Pulls information and calendar details from website  Has a directory of staff  Announcements/Updates can be pushed out for followers of individual buildings or all district options to receive alerts  Documents can be found (menus, forms, etc.)  Push notifications can be scheduled

 Share photos/tips  School calendars are shared  Quick links are available for different departments  Links to useful resources (PayPams, Progress Book)


TRLSD Communication protocols & social media savvy  
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