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Live. FREE. Forever. NOW. Afterhours. ENJOY. Responsibly.

Redefining purity in the aural rush of neon sound, nightlife, and the raw electric soul of the insomniac, coining the term -- AUTOROCK -- The movement that our generation deserves. City, Charlie, Special K, and Looch make up the highly sought after mythical aural drink‌ AFTERHOURS. One part, Special K - an ambiently experimental hardcore ingredient that lays the foundation of this mix as the Producer, DJ, and Vocalist for the Afterhours. Measured to taste with the West Coast styling and Southern drawl of Charlie - Tenacious Rockstar with a Rapstar flow. A hint of calculated bitter grittiness delivered by the City vermouth. And topped off with an electrical absinthe psychedelic, yet smooth, flavor, that only Looch delivers. One hell-uva drink... Enjoy the Nightlife. Enjoy Us. Enjoy Responsibly. Cheers.

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One Sheet: AfterHours  

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