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2B THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas is all about family by Kelly Stockwood

but when I went to bed

there before mom and

THS Grade 6

I couldn’t get a wink of

dad, but not before our

It was Christmas Eve

sleep, I was too excited.

aunty. She just sat there

at my aunt’s house. We

I could only imagine all

had a banquet of plump

the new presents that Santa would have delivered for us to open in


juicy turkey, creamy beetrolls, fluffy mashed potatoes and bright orange carrots. It all tasted amaz-

and join her to open presents along with my

the morning. I knew I

other cousins. RIP! RIP! I

would get into to trouble

had the privilege of being

if I went upstairs to take

the first one to open a

a peek, so I stayed in

present from Santa, and

my bed until it was time

to my amazement it was

to unwrap hundreds of Kelly Stockwood

waiting for us to come

new items that I always wanted.

a brand-new, soft, fluffy, Blues Clues pillow. I was


ecstatic to have a new pil-

slowly awakened from

low. It was my absolute

my sleep, I knew it was

favorite present I got that



time to wake mom and

ing as it filled my mouth

year. After everyone had

dad up. My parents

with flavor. My cousin’s,

opened their presents I

waddled with sleepiness

my siblings, and I opened

upstairs, while my both-

a couple of wondrous

er and I zipped around

presents from some of

the corners avoiding any

our generous relatives.

obstacles that we may

And as I slept, I real-

My family and I stayed

come across. Of course

ized that Christmas was

the night at the house,

my brother and I were

all about family.

Jared Notter PCA 5

Danielle Varga THS 4

had taken my pillow to the couch and I fell into a deep slumber.

Wishing you the very best this holiday season.

Josh Kanderka THS 5A

THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010 3B

Peanut butter and jelly is not my thing by Shone Williams PCA Grade 6 During a nine hour road trip to Vernon, B.C., a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is not my thing. I was hoping Nanny (my grandma) would have cheese, crackers and pickles for me when we got there; she knows salty

Shone Williams PCA 6 is better then sweet for me. Once we got there we gave hugs to everyone, that is, Nanny and Grandpa! Except for the cat, Sashabell who didn’t care much for us, they were happy to see us. Sure enough, there were my cheese, crackers and pickles ready for me to come and eat. That night, after

the Christmas Eve service, it was snowing as we got in to the car. Excited thoughts were going through my sister Skye’s head , as well as mine, for we would open our presents that our mom had made us when we arrived home. After we got our pajamas on, we received our presents. They were Build-a-Bear pajamas our mom had made! We ran and put those pink, fleece outfits on our bears. “Skye! There’s the music! We can get up!” I cried. We are only allowed to get up when the music starts on Christmas morning. Rushing out into the living room, Skye and I grabbed our stockings. We pulled out so much stuff I don’t even remember what! But we sure loved all our gifts! Breakfast next! German Apple Pancakes with bacon! Mmmm! Under the Christmas tree lay all our wrapped presents. We opened them next. For an excuse to give us more presents, our Nanny addressed some presents from Sashabell and our dolls! Our great

grandparents and my second cousins came over that day. We played some really hilarious games with them. For instance you get to roll dice and when you get a certain number you get to pick a wrapped present that’s sitting in the circle of people. Then you open the present. When you roll another certain number you can trade with anyone and they have to give up their present even if they don’t want to. I remember my cousin got a paper towel roll and she was a little disappointed but then she found out there was a pack of skittles in the roll part. She kept hiding it under the chair because she wanted to keep it. This was against the rules but funny anyway. Then Christmas was suddenly over. It suddenly ended like all Christmases do. A few days later we left for home. Even though the celebration and festivities were over, the memories are still resting in our hearts giving us happy thoughts to this day.

Jesse Kinniburgh THS 4

Have a Blessed Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year from

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4B THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What a Nice and Beautiful Christmas by Christopher Kozak THS Grade 6B Today was Christmas Eve and the anticipation was building. Tomorrow was Christmas and I couldn’t help but being excited. As I looked around the room I saw stockings, a Christmas tree, and other Christmas decorations. Outside, all the houses

Christopher Kozak THS 6B

were glowing with red and green colors, the voices of carolers filled the houses with cheerful singing. The next morning when I woke up I rushed downstairs. I saw the Christmas tree glowing with the multicolored lights brightly shining. The stockings were full and there were presents under the tree.

I quickly opened up my presents. After I was done I spent most of the day playing with the brand new presents I got this Christmas. That night my family and I all sat down for a

turkey dinner. After we were done and I played with my presents some me I went to bed. As I went to bed that night I thought, what a nice and beautiful Christmas this was. I hope the next one is even better!

Jaxson Lang THS 4

Christmas in Mexico

The Most Amazing Christmas ever by Keara McGhee Beep! Beep! Beep! My alarm clock rang. My eyes filled with joy, it was Christmas morning. My family and I were spending Christmas in Mexico. I shook my sister with excitement yelling as hard as I could, “It’s Christmas morning! Wake up wake up!” I could hear my parent’s quiet, slow steps as they made their way into the living room. “Merry Christmas!” said my parents. My sister and I ran as if we were about to win a million dollars! “Come on let’s open presents!” I said. The glittering tree lit up the whole room. It was an irreplaceable feeling. “YES!” I yelled so loud I almost shook the building! We

got a swimming with the dolphins package for this afternoon. I couldn’t wait until we could swim with the friendliest animals alive. It was definitely the

Keara McGhee THS 6A

best Christmas gift I have ever gotten. As we opened our other gifts, I realized that this was the most amazing Christmas ever. The time spent in Mexico with my family was unforgettable.

Madison Cullum THS 4

George Adams Trucking PH: 403-443-1999

Kelly Stockwood THS 6A

Season’s Greetings from

K&C Enterprises 443-0075

From our family to yours, we wish the best Christmas ever and a Happy Holiday Season

Three Hills

THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010 5B

My first and best Christmas by James Cooper PCA Grade 6 When I was 1 year old, I don’t remember it all, but I think it was my best Christmas. As I got in the car my mom

James Cooper PCA 6

and dad were excited for some reason. “You’re going to love it,” mom said as we got in the car. I was confused. Love what I thought in my little mind. We approached Grandma’s. Oh boy, I thought, as dad pulled me out of the car seat. Okay, so we’re at grandmas! What will

be so different I pondered. But then I noticed something different. There where blue, red, yellow, and purple lights of all colors and shapes! I let out a giggle with a soft and happy smile. As we opened the door Grandma came over to me and gave me a big kiss on the cheek. “WELL, HI THERE!” Grandma said, which kind of scared me as dad passed me over to Grandma like a bag of groceries. When we all got in the house and the adults were talking I was taken away by the smell. I raced on my knees to Grandma and pulled her pant leg and pointed to the source. Grandma laughed, saying, “Not till after supper, then we have to open the presents!” I was only 1 year old but I knew very well what presents were. “Posant,” I

said clapping my hands. By the time we had all finished supper I was half asleep but then came my grandma’s famous apple cherry pie. I, without trouble, woke up and stuffed my face. After that Grandma finally announced, “Presents!” I jumped to my knees and started crawling towards the stairs. “But you mister have to wash your face,” exclaimed Grandma. It was as if she knew I rolled my eyes because she replied, “I know but you can’t go down with a dirty face.” We finally got to open presents. I got three sets of Pajamas, one big case of playtools, and a bunch of other stuff. When I got home mom put me to bed and I slept till 2 the next afternoon. It was my first and best Christmas.

Tyler May THS 5A

Jarod McLeay THS 5A

Nathan Walker PCA 6

THREE HILLS RENTALS & SALES May you have a Very Merry Christmas!

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6B THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A wonderful Christmas filled with presents and joy by Megan Olson THS Grade 6A I woke up and noticed I actually had fallen asleep last night. I ran to my sister’s room and screamed, “Emily it’s Christmas!” but she was not in her room. “She must

This was for sure the best Christmas ever. The first present I opened was wondrous to my eyes. It was a brand-new gray iPod. After I admired my totally awesome new gift, my sisters and I put on our snow gear, and marched outside. We built a giant snowman with wooden arms. After we were freezing, we ran inside, ripped

our snow stuff off, and ran to the table. We had a delicious steaming cup of hot chocolate that I could smell when I walked in. While I was drinking, I realized Christmas was over. This had been a wonderful Christmas filled with presents and joy. I wished that we could celebrate Christmas again the next day.

Lochlynn Park THS 5A

Remembering what Christmas is all about

Megan Olson THS 6A be downstairs trying to sneak a present,” I thought to myself. So I ran downstairs and I found that she was in Riley’s room trying to wake up my youngest sister so we could open presents. “Let’s go wake mom and dad up!” I exclaimed. We ran quickly to our mom and dad’s room and we started jumping excitedly on their bed, “wake up!”we screamed. We jumped off their bed and ran to the wonderful glittering tree.

by Tiana Ward PCA Grade 6 My family and I spend some of our Christmas with my mom’s side of the family who live in Saskatchewan. A few years ago we met in the middle at a hotel in Saskatoon. The hotel room had a kitchen, a big living room, and a bed room. I slept on the hide-a-bed with my two cousins. After we got settled in we went to the pool. It felt like we had the whole pool to ourselves. Then we had gifts and spent time remembering what Christmas is all about!

When most people think of Christmas they think of presents, food and family but I think of Jesus Christ my Lord.

Ron’s Gas & Wash Tiana Ward PCA 6

Jeremy Doolittle THS 5A

Nicholas Kozak THS 6B

HAIRLINES SALON Sandy Bigelow, Owner/Stylist Three Hills, AB

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Wishing you the best this Holiday Season!

THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010 7B

I was in the Bethlehem Walk

by Delene Rashleigh PCA Grade 6 My most memorable Christmas was when I was in the Bethlehem Walk. In the former Home Building Center there wasn’t much heating so it was always cold. I was a street urchin or street rat. Running around stealing things was my

actual lock and the Romans carried the keys. I usually stole from Finest Brass and Jewelry. At this booth, people sold brass, copper, gold, and silver. Usually I stole small wine cups. The Jail was a small room with wooden bars in front of it. The back wall and the two sidewalls were made of wood too. It was warmer in there since it was so small. Usually, at least one of my friends would be there. Once my friend

Gabby was there. I stole something and gave it to her when the Romans came. We were fighting about who did it and finally the Romans put us both in jail! One day everyone in Bethlehem Walk had pizza. I had maybe, four pieces. I think it was the most pizza I ever ate! So this concludes my story of when I was in Bethlehem Walk, so now I must say, The End!

Chase Christie THS 6B

Rico Rico Rico, I screamed! Delene Rashleigh PCA 6 job. If I was caught stealing from the market, then I would be thrown in jail. Only two street urchins were appointed every night, so sometimes I would just chat with other street urchins or I would beg. I couldn’t go near any market without someone looking at me with a scowl on their face or shouting, “Get moving street rat!� Although I got in trouble a lot, I enjoyed it! During the first few nights, on the jail, to lock it, all they had was a chain with a screw in it, so people could easily escape. But the last few nights they had an

by Dylan McDonald PCA Grade 6 “IT’S CHRISTMAS! IT’S CHRISTMAS!� I screamed as I came down the stairs grinning from ear to ear in my boxers. I looked at the tree with a smile on my face. Then I saw it. There in front of me was the biggest present ever and it was for me! I couldn’t believe it! I woke up mom and dad and my brothers. They were mad but then they realized it was Christmas. At the tree we opened our presents but I decided not to open the big box until everyone else had finished opening their presents. Then dad told me to get a move on so first I ripped the tape off; then I ripped the paper off. “What?� I said, as I opened the box and out stepped a dog. All I could do was stare.

I stared, he stared, I stared, he stared. Finally I picked him up. He had the cutest little bark. It went like this, “Woof!� Then he licked my face, “llllliiiiccckkk.�

Dylan McDonald PCA 6 “Rico Rico Rico Rico Rico Rico!� I screamed, “that will be his name.� Well I am all out of paper so I guess this is THE END!!!

Rylan Lammle THS 6A

Adam Viste THS 4

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8B THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I was so excited I could have screamed

by Patrick Buchanan PCA Grade 6 Last Christmas in 2009, I had a strange experience; my family goes to my grandparent’s house every year. I was so excited I could have screamed! All of my cousins were there. It was amazing, especially when I saw a ball shaped present wrapped in rosy, red wrapping paper with MY name on it! Once

the round present that was for me. It was a soccer ball. The last present, after all my cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles had opened theirs, was for my brother David and me. It was somewhat large and had a funny looking shape to it. When we opened it, we discovered that it was an X-BOX 360, a game console that we had been asking for! One of my favorite uncles gave his to us! (I think it was his.)

Right after we got it my cramp immediately went away. When my family got home I didn’t think they had another surprise for us, but they did. In the contest they had entered earlier, we had won a WII, another game console which we had been asking for! There were no more surprises, secret gifts, or anything else to show. That’s the story of my most memorable Christmas ever. (So far)

Adam Luijkx THS 5B

The best Christmas ever! Patrick Buchanan PCA 6 I picked it up I immediately knew what it was… a soccer ball. Before we went to my grandparent’s house my mom and dad had entered a contest to win some prizes, like a Wii or something like that. A few hours later I got a major cramp in my stomach. When we started opening presents I still had a cramp and didn’t want to move anywhere. I was miserable. It was time to open the gifts and I was right about

by Joshua Carlson PCA Grade 6 My most memorable Christmas was when I was 7 in 2006, and I had my relatives over and we were on our sleds getting pulled behind a quad. It was fun. We always do that every year. When we went inside after doing that it was time to open our presents. I got many presents, but my favorite of all was my Game Boy and three games. We all had our favorite presents. When we were done, we eagerly went to have supper. We had turkey, stuffing or dressing and gravy. After that we played with our presents. I played with my Game Boy until it’s battery was dead. After we

were done that, we went to play outside some more. Once inside again, we

Season’s Greetings from Management and Staff of Three Hills IGA PH: 403-443-5022

Joshua Carlson PCA 6 played video games and talked. Then after that we would always have a delicious turkey sandwich. It was the best Christmas ever!

Brett Trentham THS 6B

Benjamin Luijkx THS 6A

Season’s Greetings from Management and Staff of Three Hills IGA PH: 403-443-5022

THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010 9B

I Saw Santa!!

by Daniel Harsch THS Grade 6A Thump! I awoke, startled and afraid, approaching the darkened stairs. With an eerie feeling of someone in the living room with me, I walked into the fire lit room. Surprisingly the thump came from the Christmas tree. With

been born again and smelt a pleasant aroma of cinnamon. As my new eyes took in the bright light, I tasted the sweet taste of icing, dough and cinnamon. As the light adjusted to my eyes I saw the mixed faces of my kin. Then I tuned in and heard the conversation in disbelief, “Daniel,” my Dad said,

“Daniel, you passed out. Can you hear me?” That was probably when I said, “I SAW SANTA.” Unfortunately, I was informed that it wasn’t Santa and drooped to my room. I passed out before the picture could come clear in my head. In the future I hope to be more prepared.

Savanna Montgomery PCA 5

We get to stay in our pajamas the whole day Daniel Harsch THS 6A cautious steps I stalked this predator in the dark. As you can tell, I was scared spit less because of this figure from the mist. Very soon, I drowned in excitement and all went black. As I fell into a blackened sleep, the dark animal stepped silently towards my ever getting colder skin. Darkness crept over me, stars wielded overhead, and I suddenly dreamt of everlasting black. But all was not lost. I felt life in me again. Light came from everywhere and I took my first breath of what seemed to be an hour. I had

Ethan Lowen THS 4

by Chase Christie THS Grade 6B My favorite Christmas was on December 25 2009. Basically the best part about it was that we got to stay in our pajamas and stayed home the whole day instead of getting dressed nice and driving to someone’s house when you’re half asleep. The limit is waking Mom and Dad up at 7:00 am, so the second it hit Cole and I got a cowbell and started pounding and yelling. We waited a few minuets downstairs before doing it again and sure enough they came down so we had AWESOME breakfast and AWESOME present opening, AWESOME huh! We got WII sports resort, DS games and stocking stuff, a laser pointer and gum.

After all the games, with our toys and in our pajamas and then when it got late we watched movies until about

As I near the end of my second year of practice, I would like to say a heartfelt thanks to all who have entrusted me with their bad backs, necks, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles and health in general. It is so rewarding to me every time I hear that I have helped someone. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas, and I look forward to serving you in 2011. Dr. Don Montgomery

Chase Christie THS 6B midnight. So we just put on new pajamas and went to bed. So I had Christmas with my grandma, Cole, mom and dad. And that was about the best Christmas I can remember.

Noemi Krizaic PCA 5

Kirk’s Sheet Metal Products 118-3rd Ave. N. • Three Hills, AB

PH: 443-5911 Happy Holidays!

10B THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We had a blast at the Christmas party by Garett Hagel THS Grade 6B Every one was having a blast at the Christmas party as all the kids were downstairs. Playing mini sticks and watching TV we all were starting to get tired but by the sound of the adults it wasn’t quite 11:00

questions about the thing that you read on the wheel and they have to get the correct answer before the time runs out. After that all the kids went outside on the tramp in the dark which was really really fun, as we were all

going inside we couldn’t find the adults and got scared. The kids went downstairs and all the parents jumped up and yelled HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! The kids were startled but then we all had a drink of lemonade and went home.

I set a Santa trap!

Garett Hagel THS 6B pm. Playing games upstairs the adults made a bigger noise than the kids downstairs. Everything was great and fun. As we all were going upstairs to get a snack the adults were watching the Flames hockey game in the living room while talking about Hollywood so we joined them in there conversation. After a while we all got together and played a game where you passed some sort of wheel around and you ask your teammates

by Alec Good THS Grade 6B On Christmas Eve... I couldn’t wait. So I set out the milk and cookies but I wanted to see the real Santa this year so this time I set out a Santa trap! My parents said that it was a little ridiculous but I said no it isn’t, I think it is the smartest plan ever in smart planned history. So I had to go to bed early because they got mad. The church bells rang and woke me up, I looked at the clock and it said 12:00 so it was morning. I ran to my parent’s bedroom and said “WAKE UP IT IS CHRISTMAS MORNING!” They looked at me and said, “it is only 12:00 in the morning.” Then they went back to sleep, but I woke them up again “technically it is the

morning,” I said. So I ran down to check my Santa Trap. When I got down to the trap, there was only a note. “How can that guy have such huge belly fit into the

Alec Good THS 6B smallest stuff,” I said. Then I sat down, my parents yelled, “because he has magic powers.” Next year I will have to make a better trap.

Evelyn Nelson PCA 6



Jose Duque Wendy Duque

Clayton Wideman PCA 6

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THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010 11B

I like many things about Christmas by Laura McNeely THS Grade 6B I don’t have a favorite Christmas, I loved them all. I do have favorite things about Christmas. When you walk in the door on the last day of school and smelling the piney aroma of the tree and the sweet smell of

Laura McNeely THS 6B baking treats. Seeing Mom leaning over a pot and stirring in who knows what and flavoring it by taste. Christmas morning and waking up earlier than any other day. The excitement of seeing somebody’s reaction when they open the present you gave them. Shaking every new present that appears under the tree to try and guess what it is. Seeing who can get the

roof of the ginger bread house to stay on first without using hot glue. Finally getting the present you’ve been bugging your parents for, for months. Baking bread and ginger bread and going caroling to your

neighbours on Christmas Eve. As you can tell I like many things about Christmas, but the thing I love the most is being with my family on Christmas day.

Sparkles was up the tree by Christina Olver PCA Grade 6 My mom and I had just put up the Christmas tree. We put up every ornament and lights we could find. The tree looked really good, well at least I thought so. Every Christmas we eat strawberry porridge, so my dad and I made some. To make strawberry porridge you have to mix and stir it for about 5 - 8 minutes. Then you leave it overnight. The next morning you add the strawberries and stir it. Then we bury our spoons into the delicious food and savor it, along with all the other goodies on the table. About half an hour later, we heard some noise. The noise was like a shell hitting another shell. We

Nicole Miller THS 5A

Keara McGhee THS 6A

went into the living room. There was my cat Sparkles almost on the top of the tree. My other cat Skunky was sleeping under the tree. About ten of the ornaments had fallen off of the tree with some

Christina Olver PCA 6 lights. So my mom and I had to redecorate the tree. That was my most memorable Christmas ever.

403.443.7447 • 411 Main St.

Alec Good THS 6B

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12B THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The best thing was staying up late by Stephen Brisbin PCA Grade 6 My most memorable Christmas was a couple of years ago. It all started with my dad reading the Christmas story from the book of Luke I think. After that we all started opening presents in turn

of waiting it was game day. Colorado was playing Calgary. Who was I cheering for? The Aves of course. The game went on and it went into a scoreless overtime, then double overtime, then triple overtime! Still the two teams were locked

in battle. With a couple more minutes left in triple OT, the Flames scored. The best part of the whole thing was staying up ‘till about 2:30 am. Thus the story of my most memorable Christmas has been told. Delaney McGhee THS 5A

Keyara Riep THS 4

Stephen Brisbin PCA 6

as usual. I got a couple of things but what I remember most was my dad walking up the stairs with three NHL tickets, one for me and two for my brothers. It was my second game and my little brother’s first. The reason I am writing about my second is because it is more exhilarating. After a month or so

Dylan McDonald PCA 6

Happy Holidays from ALL SITE TRAVEL

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Zachary Hall THS 5B

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THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010 13B

It wasn’t Santa, it was Mom and Dad! by Jonah Haller THS Grade 6A Flump! As I woke I heard another thump. Minutes later, the thumps started again. Thump, Thump, Thump. I, very young at that time, was fearless. I creaked the door open and I heard the T.V. turn on. Since is it was Christmas, like most kids, I assumed that it was Santa Claus. The fact that Santa is watching your T.V. while drinking milk and eating cookies is a bit scary yet

up by presents. Santa had to have been here, but where is he? I quickly searched the whole house with stealth and found no trace. After that, I decided to take one last look upstairs but this time look out all the windows. There was no sign of him.

I felt a big yawn coming and ran to my bedroom to catch it in my pillow to reduce sound. Feeling the soft pillow on my face, urged me to have a good sleep for the last few hours of night. I dreamt of the wonderful presents that Santa had left for me under the tree.

Chase McDonald PCA 5 Aidan Gillespie PCA 5

Jonah Haller THS 6A exciting. I decided that I should wait for a few minutes and just spy on him for that time. When I finally got into place and took a peep, I noticed that it wasn’t Santa it was mom and dad! I couldn’t believe that mom and dad were eating Santa’s milk and cookies. I looked at the tree and saw it lifted

Chloe Atmore PCA 5

From our families to yours, greetings from

REHOBOTH Christian Ministries

Hannah Steffen PCA 6

Three Hills, AB PH: 403-443-7855 Merry Christmas from Management and Staff

14B THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Christmas filled with girly six-year old kind of stuff by Lila McLeod PCA Grade 6 When I was six years old, there was a church to go to. We had church services there and after that Christmas I have never gotten to go to a church service there again. This

Lila McLeod PCA 6

was because the church was closed down one year later. Before we went to a Christmas service we were always able to open a present which somehow always ended up being clothes. We wore our new clothes to the

Christmas Service. When we got there we could hear all the people in the main room singing. There was always a clown at this service who entertained the children while the adults were in the sanctuary listening to the message. I remember that he looked kind of like the McDonalds clown. He picked me and my sister, Rachel, to help him with his tricks, but I could never get how he did them. When the service was done my mom and I went to the main entrance and we bought four photo albums for me and my siblings. It was hand made by a lady from our church. When we had gotten the photo albums we went home and mom and dad each gave us a cinnamon bun with some fruit and a glass of milk

and put us to bed. The next morning we would all jump out of bed and find four Christmas presents each. Being eager to open our presents we would run into my mom and dad’s bedroom and jump on them until they had wakened up completely. Once they were awake they would crawl out of bed and set the table even though it was four o’clock in the morning. My siblings and I weren’t hungry because all we wanted to do was get to the presents. We would beg our parents to let us open the presents until they consented. That Christmas I remember getting all the girly six-year old kind of stuff. After this we would go to our friends’ house and celebrate and sing until two o’clock in the morning.

Patrick Buchanan PCA 6

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Reagan Mueller PCA 6

Reese Doka THS 4

Happy Holiday Season from

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THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010 15B

A tingle of excitement by Talia Rigden PCA Grade 6 That morning I woke up at 6 a.m., ready to go to my grandparents. It was Christmas Eve! Around 9 a.m., we left for Olds in our snowy colored Nissan car. When we arrived, my nose drifted into the kitchen where I spied out a Christmas feast fit for a giant. Within minutes I became bug-eyed. I found the trees. One was upstairs and the other down.

Talia Rigden PCA 6 The sight was beautiful. We went to bed with our bellies outstretched from the glorious feast. I woke up to my little sister jumping on me and shrieking, “IT’S CHRISTMAS!” I eventually got up and walked downstairs from the third level of the three story house. I buried myself with presents

from both trees. The one object I treasured was a dark blue telescope. After that we left for my other grandparents. While we were driving, around 6-7 pm, I was reading with my new flashlight. From out of nowhere came a buck! We swerved so fast I pretty much had a heart attack. About 10 minutes onward we arrived at the house. Finally! As soon as I got

in I saw many gifts with my name on them. But one particular wrapped gift gave me a tingle of excitement. When I came upon the gift I came upon it like a flash of lightning and as soon as the gift was revealed I gasped. It was a PSP along with a stuffed toy snow leopard, a lot of clothing, and a new and cool jewelry box. They were gorgeous. So that concludes my most memorable Christmas.

John McLim PCA 6

Hot chocolate and a movie, we had so much fun by Anna Binnie PCA Grade 6 Three years ago, on the day after Christmas, my sister was sick and had the flu. She had to stay in bed. Cheerily, my friend Hannah and her brother Lyle came over. While her brother retreated with my brother to my brother’s room, we went outside and I showed her my new horse. Then Hannah and I went back inside and found some really slippery boots. We went to the overflowing well and went sliding on the pond that had developed. A few hours later we went back inside, made hot

chocolate, watched a movie, and had leftover Christmas supper. We had so much fun. After supper, Hannah and Lyle went home and we went to our rooms to play with our presents.

Happy Holidays from the Mayor, Council and Staff of the Town of Three Hills Anna Binnie PCA 6

Brandon Stecyk THS 4

Bethany Cullum THS 4



Best Wishes and Happy Holidays from the Staff at


16B THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We could hardly hold in our excitement by Nathania Walker PCA Grade 6 It was a typical morning when I woke up. Outside I saw that our yard was covered with snow and when I pressed my face against the glass I could feel the bitter cold frost embracing the window. Anxiously I ran to my chocolate advent calendar and once I felt the 25th chocolate on my taste buds I was in a period of

Nathania Walker PCA 6

savoring the dark milky chocolate. Thinking about the feast that was to be prepared for tonight I noticed that my brother was up and was knocking on mom and dad’s door to ask if he could watch kid’s channel. As usual I raced to the remote. I grabbed the solid

electronic device and held it proudly. I had already started watching when my brother plopped down on the couch. Underneath us was the basement and dwelling in the basement was a tree with as many presents as I had ever seen. Usually we are allowed to race down stairs and the only thing you would see is Ben and I tearing open presents. But this year was a heart breaker for this year mom and dad decided that since we were getting older we should wait till they came out of their room. So we did………sort of… well we knocked on the door a lot and since the stockings were upstairs we asked if we could open them. After our 2nd knock the loud and clear “YES!” came and once we heard it we ran to the stockings. Ben and I felt the stockings before we opened them. We like to guess what is in them but we had no clue what was in these so we opened them. When we opened them we started to laugh for inside our stockings were big lumps of COAL! But the

funny thing about them was that on the bag that they were in it said in big letters, Licorice Flavored Coal! We laughed so hard that we did not notice that mom and dad had come out of their room and were watching us laugh and to my surprise they were chuckling a bit too. We stopped laughing and went downstairs. When we reached the last step we could hardly hold in our excitement and raced to the tree. When we reached the presents I was amazed at how many there were. Mom and dad really decked out on Christmas presents this year. There were millions! There were more stockings for Ben and I and these ones actually had treats inside. We finished opening them and then we read the Christmas story. This year I actually took the story to heart but I was still excited about all of the presents. We finished the story and we started opening the gifts. It was a great Christmas and it was one to cherish forever.

Patrick Hofman PCA 5

David Zampaga THS 4

Emma Campbell PCA 6A

403.443.5061 1.888.372.8009 email:

812 - 7 Avenue North P.O. Box 777 Three Hills, AB T0M 2A0

•Commercial & Residential •Fire Alarm Systems •Gould Pumps Dealer •Hot Water Heating Controls •Barn Ventilation & Feeding •Telephone & Data Cabling •Lighting

ProDoor Overhead Doors Merry Christmas and have a Happy Holiday from Les and Susan Bruck and family

PH: 443-5874

THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010 17B

Truly memorable

An amazingly awesome Christmas by Rachael Sorensen THS Grade 6B On Christmas Eve…I couldn’t wait till Christmas! So we set out the milk and cookies and put the carrot on top of the car. I was 8 years old. I said goodnight to all my relatives. And off I went! I couldn’t go to sleep but then

Rachael Sorensen THS 6B I finally was able. In the morning my sister woke me up and said “IT’S CHRISTMAS”. So I ran upstairs and saw the milk and cookies were gone. So I knew Santa must have came and there was snow on the ground. So I ran to the living room and I couldn’t believe my eyes. My stocking was filled up and I had a pile of gifts! So I raced downstairs and woke up my parents. They came upstairs with me and they made breakfast.

When breakfast was over we opened presents. My sister’s and I opened our presents. It was truly my most

memorable Christmas ever. We all loved are gifts. It was amazingly awesome. Happy Holidays!

Who will wake up first on Christmas morning? by Taran Harsch THS Grade 6A “No, I’ll wake up before you!” I angrily exclaimed. “Yeah right! You know I can wake up before you.” exclaimed my overly confident brother, Leighton. It was that time of year again, the one that makes all little children act like little angels of Heaven. Ghosts turn into jolly spirits, and something as despicable as getting socks for Christmas couldn’t ruin anyone’s day. But there was only one argument going on right then and there, it was the fight about who will wake up first on Christmas morning. That morning, I realized that I had to beat Leighton. Then all of a sudden, I smelt the wonderful aroma of freshly made bacon, toast, scrambled eggs, and hash browns. I quickly got dressed and went to the kitchen. Then I remembered! I still have to see if Leighton is up. I rushed

Nolan Ferguson THS 4

down the stairs in a panic. What if he did wake up before me? That would be awful. He would rub it in my face for all eternity! But no! I heard a loud snore! Could it be? Yes, it could be! It was Leighton, sound asleep on his bed. That Christmas I realized that I

Taran Harsch THS 6A could beat Leighton at waking up. I hoped we were having ribs so that I could have another contest with him. Christmas is all about family and making memories together.

Deyem Lansink THS 4

Mason Penna THS 6A

Merry Christmas from

Three Hills Home Hardware Building Centre 110-17th Ave NE

18B THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas was the next day - who could sleep?! by Brett Trentham THS Grade 6B It was Christmas Eve on a still night and the excitement was building in the Trentham house, also in the whole town. I was sitting in the basement sipping hot chocolate on the couch watching Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer with my family. After the movie was finished I went to bed trying to fall asleep but CHRISTMAS

Brett Trentham THS 6B WAS THE NEXT DAY WHO COULD SLEEP!!!! I lay in my bed long after midnight hoping that I would fall asleep. Soon enough I was sawing logs and dreaming of all the presents waiting under the lit up tree on Christmas day. The night was long but I woke up with a smile on my face waiting for my sister to come down so we can wake up my brother. Once my parents called us up we couldn’t wait, we ran up the stairs at Mach

5. When I reached the top of the staircase I looked at the tree and saw the bright lights flashing. I then looked down and saw all the presents and saw the stocking’s full of candy and toys. After cleaning up the wrapping paper at our house we

drove down to my grandma and grandpa’s house for a turkey dinner and a good fast ride on the snowmobiles. This was turning out to be my best Christmas ever I can’t wait till next year; I hope it will be just as good or even BETTER!

All in all, it was an interesting present by Emilee Ohlhauser PCA Grade 6 Other kids might write about a solo that they sang in front of a church or about waiting for their parent to say, “You may open your gifts now.” This could be me to, if it hadn’t been for that one Christmas… My uncle used to take my sister, dad and I along with his kids, most of my other cousins and my other uncle to the West Edmonton Water Park for our Christmas present from him. We had a great time going on the slides and swimming or floating on tubes in the wavepool. When we finished, we headed towards McDonalds by going across that BIG bridge with a pirate ship on one side and bumper boats on the other. When we arrived at McDonalds, somebody noticed that one of my

Rachel McLoed PCA 5

cousins, Jackson, was gone! My Dad and two uncles went to look for him. After a while, they came back, my dad with Jackson. Later, my dad said he found him near some rough skater shops, close to the hotel

Emilee Ohlhauser PCA 6 area because he had stayed behind to watch the bumper boats. All in all it was an interesting “present” from my uncle.

Sadie Kientz THS 5B

Three Hills Playschool would like to wish a Happy Holiday to the residents of Three Hills and the Surrounding Area

PH: (403) 443-5003 Monday - Saturday • 8 AM - 6 PM

Kyle Braconnier THS 4

WOODY’S EMBROIDERY & UPHOLSTERY Calvin Fabian • 412 Main St. Three Hills

PH: 403-443-7177

THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010 19B

A Ukrainian tradition of savoury food, Warenica by Gabrielle Penner PCA Grade 6 My most favored Christmas starts out at a small town about an hour

Gabrielle Penner PCA 6 northeast of Calgary. In September my parents were talking about taking a trip to Prince George to see my relatives. I was so excited to think of playing and laughing with my cousins Oh, but what are we going to do with my sister. Thinking of this I began to believe that my parents were not talking about us going. My sister, you see had brain damage. She was three years old. She couldn’t swallow. Several days later I found that we were going. Some months later we

packed up our many things and hit the road. Twelve long hours later we arrived. When we came up the sharp incline of a driveway, my Nana and Papa were waiting to greet us. We headed upstairs to see our cousins. Nobody was there except my aunt. She explained that our cousins had gone out snowboarding. About twenty minutes later we heard a door open and close. We rushed upstairs. There standing in the entryway were our cousins. Greeting each other with hugs and kisses, we headed for the living room. We played Wii for the rest of the day. Next day we went sledding. The hill was really sharp. Successfully, we made a jump. You would go soaring through the air. That night we skated on their outdoor rink. Some days later we hit the ski slopes. Skiing through the slopes for the first time, I found that it was surprisingly easy. So I decided to try snowboarding. My mistake! I couldn’t

even make it up the ski lift. But my cousin coached me. Finally we piled into the car and headed home. Only a few more days till Christmas! I was ecstatic! Gifts were piled high under the tree. The tradition in my family is that every Christmas we have a delicious savory Ukrainian food, Warenica. It is a type of perogy with cottage cheese inside the soft skin. You pour a hot, creamy gravy all over it. Mmmmm. After we ate the hot meal we opened our presents. That night I dreamed of the things I would do with my gifts the next day. That morning I jumped out of bed to go open my stuffed stocking. All too quickly it was time to go. We said our good-byes and headed to the car. We waved until we could no longer see them. Six long hours later we were back home. That was my most memorable Christmas ever.

Shelby Jewell THS 6A

Have a Great Christmas from Dennis, Earl, Ken & Lorne of 3-Hills Auto Sport Ltd.

Wayne Sanderman THS 5A James Krukowski THS 5B

20B THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Since it was Christmas, we had a big, fat breakfast by Joceline Green PCA Grade 6 One unusual Christmas morning, my relatives and I had Christmas in a green house.

It is about when Jesus came into the world. Do you know when Jesus Christ came into the world? That day I also got a Polly Pocket set. When we were done that we went for a walk in the park in Trochu. We saw snow. Then

we went home to play with our gifts we got that CHRISTMAS. Then we scurried outside and played puppies in the snow. We had a lot of fun that Christmas. That was my most favorite Christmas out of all of them.

Christina Olver PCA 6

Had Santa been at my house? Joceline Green PCA 6 Before we ate breakfast, we opened our stockings carefully. We always do that. Then we ate our delicious breakfast. Since it was Christmas we had a big, fat breakfast. After we had finished breakfast we opened the presents that were under the tree. I got some beads that Christmas. My sister Jessika got a Polly Pocket set. My other sister, Johanna, got a set of Littlest Pet Shops. I made my Mom, Dad and brother a gift. It was a poster, but I made them each different posters. After that we read the story of “The Birth of Jesus Christ”.

Eddie Arias THS Grade 6A “Where are my parents?” I thought to myself as I woke up that morning. I looked over at my snoring brothers, they were fast asleep. I thought my dad was in bed, but when I Iooked out the window I noticed that my dad’s car was gone. “My dad must have gone to work,” I said to myself. I quickly ran down the stairs. My nose filled with the smell of delicious crunching bacon, which my mom was making for breakfast. The lights on the Christmas tree looked like the bright sun. I couldn’t wait any longer for my brothers to wake up. So I ran to Daniel and said, “Wake up let’s open our presents!” I couldn’t wait to open my presents. Stomp! “What was that?” I thought that I heard a thump on the roof. “Is that? Could it be Santa and his Reindeer?” I heard another sound com-

ing from the stairs it said, “Ho, ho, ho!” My brother and I were very excited, we opened the door but nobody was there. I went to the roof and there were small tracks in the snow. It must be reindeer footprints. I was a little scared and confused. Had Santa been at my house?

Eddie Arias

PH: (403) 243-4375 •


Merry Christmas to All!

Even though I never saw Santa, it was the best Christmas ever.

Garett Hagel THS 6B

We wish to send Sincere Holiday Greetings from our family to yours from


Jaylin Hebert THS 6B


Happy Holidays from our Staff to our Customers

THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010 21B

Christmas is spending time with your family

I opened my first present, it was indescribable by Kaedann Price THS Grade 6A Sizzle, Sizzle, Sizzle! I woke up to the sound of my dad making bacon, eggs and pancakes. I slowly pulled

chocolate. When every one was done eating we went into the living room that looked like the back of Santa’s sleigh. No one could wait to open presents so we started unwrapping them. The feeling I got when I opened my first pres-

ent was indescribable. It was a Nintendo DS Lite. At the end of the day, we sat down and talked about our Christmas. We realized that the true of meaning of Christmas is spending time with your family.

Tyler Malaka THS 6A

Tiana Ward PCA 6

Kaedann Price THS 6A myself out of bed knowing I had to brush my teeth for school. But then it hit me, “It’s Christmas I don’t need to brush my teeth,” I said as I stumbled downstairs. I could smell the bacon, eggs and pancakes as I entered the kitchen and saw four bed headed girls quickly scarfing down their breakfast. I literally thought they would choke. As I sat down, my dad gave me a hot plate full of bacon, eggs, pancakes and a hot steaming cup of hot chocolate. I wasted no time and dug in to the crispy, crunchy bacon and the warm, soft eggs. The pancakes with the sweet syrup tasted the best along with the tasty hot

The Management and Staff of Three Hills Pharmacy would like to wish our customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! CELL: (403) 443-1185 HOME: (403) 443-5699 Box 533 Three Hills, AB T0M 2A0

Three Hills Pharmacy THREE HILLS 443-5551

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22B THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Emily McNeil THS 5A

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Spirits Hops & Grapes PH: 443-2700 Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas!

Jackie Brown PCA 5

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Come visit us this Holiday Season! Wishing you the very best.

KNEEHILL SOIL SERVICES LTD. Three Hills..... 443-2355 Linden..... 546-4050 Drumheller.... 823-4600

THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010 23B

Like we were at a restaurant

The smell of pancakes filled the room by Emma-Lee Campbell THS Grade 6A Bump, Bump, Bump was all I heard on Christmas morning. I thought my mom had gotten up but when I looked in her room she was still in her bed. I tiptoed into the kitchen to see that my dad was there. I looked at the clock to see that it was 6:30 am and the lights on the tree were

Emma-Lee Campbell THS 6A on. I walked into the living room the lights had lit up the room like a rainbow of colors. I could not see very well but I could see that there was a black bike. When my mom was awake she started to make breakfast the smell of pancakes filled the room like we were at a restaurant on Christmas morning. The sun was finally rising and I could see that the wonderful presents under the tree were saying, “open me, open me!”

The taste of peppermint candy was like a world of peppermint in front of me. Me and my older brother put on our winter gear and ran outside to play in the white glittering snow. When we picked up the snow with out our mittens it felt like

we had frost bite. The cold air made it feel like I was in a freezer for two hours. When we went inside the warm air felt like someone turned the heat up. This truly was the best Christmas ever.

Just my family and I by Jaylin Hebert THS Grade 6B My most memorable Christmas is when it was just my family and I. My memory begins on Christmas Eve. We are getting home from church and my Mom and Dad rush off to do some last minute present wrapping. We invited some of our close friends over to exchange some Christmas presents. After our friends went home we all went to bed. I laid in bed not able to fall asleep, to exited for the morning with the lots of fun thing so close to now. So I quietly walked to the living room to find lots of neatly wrapped colorful presents. I stood there for a moment and headed back to bed. As soon as I knew it my brothers were taking me out to living room to open all

Kaedann Price THS 6A

of the wrapped gifts. We all sat down on the floor unwrapping our wonderful presents that were in our stockings and opening gifts that were under the tree. In the evening we all sat down

Hoff Trailer Sales Otto Hoff (h) 443-2421 (c) 852-8856 Jaylin Hebert THS 6B around the table and had our delicious Christmas dinner. There was juicy turkey, potatoes, and warm jam. That is my most memorable Christmas memory.

Gordon Snell (c) 443-1544 Located 2 1/2 Miles North of Three Hills on Highway 21

Patrick Desrosiers THS 6A

Rory Van Doren THS 5A

Season’s Greetings from From our Family to Yours A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Van Doren Farms

Bert’s Cat Service & Reclamation PH: (403) 443-1000

24B THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010

NORM TAINSH & STAFF wish all of their friends and clients

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CAPITAL Published in Three Hills since 1916

The milk and cookies were all gone! by Aiden Hanger THS Grade 6A When I woke up on Christmas night I heard a jingle and ringing noise. I thought I just heard the big jolly man himself. Quietly, I tip-toed to the awe-inspiring Christmas tree and stared at the presents in gold and silver wrapping paper with large bows. My whole family was sleeping like logs and the house was quiet. I was still searching for that mysterious noise. The

Aiden Hanger THS 6A sound seemed to be coming from outside so I gazed out the window. I was surprised because the ringing and jingle was the next door neighbor making that noise by ringing a bell so his family would wake up. Yes! I had solved the first mystery but how did the newly, never seen before presents get under the Christmas tree? Then I started looking for evidence for the culprit who put the

presents under the Christmas tree. I saw the milk and cookies were all gone! Sizzle, sizzle then I went to my kitchen and saw that my mom was starting to make breakfast bacon and eggs. The aroma must have waked my sister and brother because they came like a pack of wild dogs. Finally, after breakfast we got to open our presents. “Yay!” I exclaimed, “I get to open my pres-


ents now! I can`t wait to see what I got this year.” I picked up a small package wrapped in gold paper. I quickly ripped the package open and saw a bright shiny silver box. It was a brand new Ipod! It was truly the best Christmas ever. I had solved the first mystery and gotten a new Ipod all on the same day.

Like greased lightning, I check my clock by Daniel Thornton THS Grade 6A I was suddenly awakened by the ripping sound of wrapping paper. Like greased lightning I checked my clock, it read 3:37 a.m. Elatedly; I crept downstairs to discover who the perpetrator was. The 107 lbs, 5’2”, 13 year old silhouette reminded me a lot of my brother. Who was this person? It WAS my brother (named Glen) rapidly ripping, tearing, and flailing about…as always. After I realized it was my brother I shouted “Hey! That’s my present you meany!” I went back upstairs into my room to get some sleep. I was woken up this time by my sister, Lilly, who over exaggerates. She shook me violently to wake me up. After she knew I was awake she shouted as loud as she could in my ear “Its Christmas morning you lazy boy, get up and open some presents already.” I smelt the miraculous odor of the mixture of bacon, eggs, and hash browns. So by my instincts I was up and ready in two minutes flat. The taste of our breakfast was

phenomenal. After we finished opening up our presents us kids and Dwayne played our new video games. My favorite present was Dwayne’s Xbox 360 which has already been played on for about five hours. My five person family definitely knew this was the best Christmas ever.

Three Hills Chamber of Commerce would like to wish all of its Members and the Families of Three Hills and Surrounding Area a Happy Holiday Daniel Thornton THS 6A

Isabel McLean THS 4

Sam Kolke THS 5A

2C THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The best Christmas I’ve had in my 10 years of life by Rylan Lammle THS Grade 6A “I have to go to church for two hours on Christmas Eve!” I thought to myself in sadness. It’s not that I mind going to church, it is just that I could be opening my presents in glistening bags and wrapping paper. My whole family was at the church praying and singing songs for the day on which Jesus was born. My sister and I got volunteered to

nose was the fresh pine of the tree in the living room. That night I went to bed and I had the best sleep ever. The next morning my sisters came downstairs to tell me it is time to open our stockings. After the opening of presents we all went outside to play in the sparkling snow.

There was a humongous snow ball fight in my neighborhood. That night I had another great sleep getting ready. That was the best Christmas I have had in my ten years of life. What made it great was that all my relatives were there, and that it was my favorite time of the year.

Jordana Reed PCA 5 Marshall Wilson THS 5A

Rylan Lammle THS 6A take part in a Christmas play at the church with other children our age. After the two hour session at the church, we went home to open our perfect presents. I got several presents but my favorite was that my family was there for the holidays. The food was amazing. The heavenly food we ate was roast beef, mashed potatoes and vegetables. The wonderful aroma left the whole house smelling ideal, but the smell that caught my

Layne Kolke THS 6A

Christ-centered education since 1938

Wishing all of our Teachers, Students and their Families a Happy Holiday

Jade Bosshard PCA 5


Happy Holidays to All Our Valued Customers! 408 Main St. Three Hills PH: 443-7255

THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010 3C

Lila McLeod PCA 6

Maxwell Builders Inc. Don Maxwell (403) 425-0097 (Three Hills Cell) Have a Merry Christmas!

Daevvad Price THS 4

Wishing all a Merry Christmas from Colleen Watson at ACTION ADVERTISING PH: (403) 443-7301

Joshua Carlson PCA 6

Happy Holidays from Shestine at

Eclipse Hair Design 417 Main St, Three Hills PH: 403-443-2729

Dustin Schulz

Anna Binnie PCA 6

Colleen Watson (443-0509) of The volunteers of the Three Hills Area Food Bank Society wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season!

Realty Executives - Apex wishes all a very Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year

Amanda Penner THS 4

May your family be blessed this holiday season. Sincere greetings from the

Kneehill Ministerial Society

Julie Yun THS 5A

Quinn DeBeaudrap THS 6A

From our Families to Yours May Your Holidays Be Safe from

Three Hills RCMP Victim Services Unit

Season’s Greetings from the Staff at RBC Royal Bank 501 Main St., Three Hills

Asher WIlson THS 5A

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year from

Three Hills Books 511 Main St • PH: 443-2689

4C THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Everyone giggled: “Hark, how the bells...” by Riley Gramlich PCA Grade 6 Last year, in 2009, was my most memorable Christmas. I don’t exactly remember everything that happened, but I think it started about a month before Christmas. I was searching for a gift in the attic. For school,

brother and I were always trying to get in the fake jail by the Roman guard. We pretended to steal stuff and try to take the sword from the guard. After we got put in jail about 10 times, he grabbed our shirts and took us out to the entrance where we could have cookies. Since I was bored, I begged my mom to let us go home. Then it was time for the church program. I tried to look my best by wearing a long sleeve shirt and jeans. There were several other people doing something different, such as my sister

and my cousins. When it was my turn to go up, I was so nervous. I started stretching my jaw, not thinking what it would look like. Everyone giggled. I started, “Hark, how the bells…”. Sweating, what seemed like a swimming pool, I searched the crowd, looking at everyone’s expression. At the end of the program, most of the people congratulated me and said I did a great job. When I went home, I went to bed while watching a movie. Definitely, Christmas 2009 was truly a cheerful Christmas.

Griffin Andrews THS 5A

Dinggg! Zooom! Pow! Riley Gramlich PCA 6 we were doing Secret Santa and I had Eugene Choi. After we gave our gifts, we had pop and a 6 foot sub to share among the class. We watched Puppets Christmas. Then we had an auction with fake money. After school was out for Christmas holidays, I decided to sing a song for our church celebration. With about a half a month away from Christmas, I started practicing the song “Carol of the Bells” and I asked my auntie if she would play it on the piano while I sang. She agreed. While I practiced singing on her karaoke machine, she played the tune on the piano. I took a break from singing and went to the Bethlehem Walk with my family and cousins. My

by John Mclim PCA Grade 6 Tick, tock, tick, tock. That was all that could be heard. It was almost eight o’clock. DINGGGGG! It was finally time to get up. Bolting down the hallway I ran into my brothers’ room. I was jumping on them and yelling at them to get out of bed and go upstairs. We soon opened the gifts and everyone got everything they wanted. It was amazing! After that came lunch with turkey buns and gravy. It was really good. We soon settled down and started fiddling with our gifts. ZOOOM! POW! Toys toppled everywhere; it was a massive battle that no one would win. Time passed quickly and soon it was Christmas dinner. As I looked over the gigantic table filled with all sorts of food that would make your mouth

water I felt very hungry for all the great food like turkey, ham, pumpkin pie, and lots of juice. We munched on all that stuff but all that food takes a long time to eat so by the time we were done it was 11:00 pm. I was as tired as a wolf but I didn’t fall asleep yet. Instead I read one of the books I got that year. I then fell asleep.

Three Hills & District Seed Cleaning Plant Ltd. Greg Andrews, Plant Manager Bus: 403-443-5464 Fax: 403-443-5450 Cell: 403-373-0742 email:

John Mclim PCA 6

Matthew Guttridge THS 4

Delene Rashleigh PCA 6


GREAT WEST HOMES 111-17 St. E., Three Hills (Directly South of GasPro)

PH: 443-3625

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THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010 5C

Spending precious time with my family by Jenna Leeder PCA Grade 6 My Mom’s voice rang out, “Kids get the Christmas tree box!” Racing down the stairs, my brother Owen and I grabbed the box and dragged it upstairs. We pulled all the parts of the tree out and read the instructions. I picked up a few parts and put them together one by one. It took

upstairs. Under the tree a load of Christmas presents lay there. Sleeping like there’s no tomorrow the parents had no intentions of getting up any time soon. Sneakily, Owen and I went around shaking the gifts; only the ones for us of course. After waiting about half an hour we heard footsteps. My parent’s bedroom door opened. Tired looking parents walked out to the kitchen. Owen

and I just frowned and asked, “Where are you going?” My mom replied sweetly, “We are going to get some coffee then we will open gifts” Finally they came into the living room where we sat down and opened gifts and laughed together. Later we ate a dinner fit for a king. I loved all the gifts I got but the most special part of that Christmas was spending precious time with my family!

Jasmine Gramlich PCA 5

The biggest Christmas tree I ever saw, and then there was Steav

Jenna Leeder PCA 6 about an hour just to put the base together. When the tree was finally up, it sparkled in our window. The longest month ever went by. Finally Christmas Eve was here. My family ran around doing last minute things. After that we had a small little supper and went to bed. It took me around three hours to fall asleep because I was too excited. The next morning my brother, Owen, and I zoomed

by Evelyn Nelson PCA Grade 6 On Christmas Day my family and I always go to my aunt’s house. Also, we all open our stockings on Christmas Eve. The next day we open our presents. Every year they set up their Christmas tree. It was the biggest Christmas tree I had ever seen. It was so beautiful! The only thing was, they had a feline named Steav. He would always climb the tree and it would almost hit the ground. We had to grab it or else it would break everything. Sometimes we’d get so angry we’d have to let him outside. Most of the time he spent Christmas outside. But, other than Steav almost ruining Christmas, we

all had a wonderful supper. The kids had their own table, so we could be bad and the adults had their table so they could be good. After we fin-

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday from our families to yours

Evelyn Nelson PCA 6 ished eating we all sat around the Christmas tree and played games but the best part of Christmas was spending it with my family.

KOCH FUEL PRODUCTS INC. PH: (403) 443-5770

Lucas Fenton THS 5B

Jenna Leeder PCA 6

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BLB Grain Group Reid Fenton - James Holm PH: 443-2575 (office) Happy Holidays from our families to yours!

6C THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The toys were magnificent, and the food was just perfect by Mason Penna THS Grade 6A “Looks like Santa came to town…” I announced with a noticeable hint of sarcasm as I scoped the colorful area. I knew that Santa was a myth, but I still had

Mason Penna THS 6A the jolly spirit to enjoy the scene. The Christmas tree’s lights were being reflected by the glittering wrapping paper. The shimmering star topped all of the decorations. It was so tranquil and merry, it felt like a holiday special. I new my parents wouldn’t like the idea of me opening the tempting presents that lay before me. I tip toed up the stairs and creaked over to my brother Slater’s door. Complete silence until, “rggggghuf…” his snore

echoed all through the house. Opening the door with as much stealth as possible, but it creaked the slightest bit. I could smell a mustiness floating in the crammed roomed. Then crouching down and with a whispering voice I said, “Hey… Psst… Wake up!” But no answer came. So I stood slowly and “Thump!” I pushed him off the bed and Slater plopped on the floor with a scare. “What was that for?” He complained with an echo that spread all through the house. But he stood without a chance for me to response and marched with anger down the squeaky stairs. As I slowly followed Slater, a sudden aroma of chocolate filled the air as my brother was making a steaming glass of hot coco for himself. “Come on, we need to wake mom and dad!” I replied to his laziness. “Please, Please let me wake up!” Slater replied back. “You’re walking aren’t you?” I asked, but with a sigh he followed me to our parent’s room. I found a broom and twisted with all the strength I could sum-

mon, then I removed the head of the broom and tickled my parents awake. As my dad slouched to the bathroom my mom was pulling the blanket over her head. I knew they would be downstairs very soon. “Mmmmm… Bacon…” My brother said to himself as my stomach grumbled in hunger. The magnificent aroma of bacon and eggs flooded the house. We stormed down the stairs our mom was holding a pan and our dad holding a camera. He always videotaped every Christmas we ever had. “You guys ready for gift time!” My dad said well replacing the camera’s film. My mom walked in with plates of food and gently set them down. “Watch out, they need to cool down.” Our mom warned. “Perfect we may open gifts now.” Our dad replied, but we were already at the tree. We could only hear the sound of tearing as the paper came of the presents. In the end, the toys were magnificent, the food just perfect, and that was the best Christmas ever.

Callie Hanger THS 5A

We wish you the very best this holiday season from

HANGER CONSULTING PH: 443-7242 Three Hills

Kristen Ackerman THS 5A

Aiden Hanger THS 6A

We wish you the very best this holiday season from

HANGER CONSULTING PH: 443-7242 Three Hills

THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010 7C

Biggest presents aren’t always the best by Layne Kolke THS Grade 6A That morning I woke up to the sound of the TV so I got up like it was any average day. Then it hit me… its Christmas! The TV was on because we aren’t allowed to open presents until the whole family gets up so my brothers were watching television in my parent’s room. Eagerly, I jumped out of bed and sprinted down

the Christmas paper. It turned out to be a Harley Davidson T-shirt. My brothers and I were estatic that we finally got to open our presents. A few minutes later, my grandparents arrived. We were so excited to see them. We helped them unload their luggage and take their coats. They brought perogies with

mushroom sauce to add to our wonderful dinner. For our Christmas dinner we had, delightful roast beef with creamy mashed potatoes and grandma’s delicious perogies. That year I learned that relatives are more important than presents and that the biggest presents aren’t always the best.

Laura McNeely THS 6B

Stephen Brisbin PCA 6

Layne Kolke THS 6A the hallway towards the living room. My parents stopped me and sent me to their room to join my brothers. It seemed to take an hour until my parents came to get us and unwrap presents. Finally the whole family gathered by the tree for a picture then we were ready to open our presents I always unwrap the biggest present first so I grab the biggest present and started to unwrap

Wishing you and yours a Safe and Merry Christmas

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Christ-centered education since 1938

Wishing all of our Teachers, Students and their Families a Happy Holiday

Home Place Inspections Merry Christmas from John & Susan

8C THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Many, many brightly colored presents by Curtis Hiebert THS Grade 6A “Good night,” said mom to Carson and me. About two hours later I was half asleep but, Carson was asleep since eight thirty. “Carson?” I whispered to see if he was awake. No

Carson (he looked so cute that day for some reason). “What are you doing?” said Carson. “I heard a weird noise,” I answered to him. We looked at the tree and we saw about thirty more presents then when we went to bed four hours ago. We went back downstairs and fell asleep because we were very drowsy. Early in the morning, both of us woke up. We heard birds, music,

and my parents/grand parents. My brother and I, ran upstairs with all our stamina and saw many many brightly colored presents! Our elders were on the couch, the Christmas music was playing. I thought, “ugh! I need my iPod I can’t stand Elvis!” About ten minutes later we were opening presents. We never did find out what the unusual noise was. My brother Carson, thought it was SANTA!

Jonah Haller THS 6A

Time at Grandma’s was fun

Curtis Hiebert THS 6A answer. I laid back down. I heard a creek in the ceiling (I was in the basement) and ignored it then I heard a creek again. I went upstairs, there was nothing there so I thought it was my grandpa or grandma going to the washroom. A few minutes later I heard a slight crash. It sounded like someone laying something down. Then about five minutes later, I heard a door shut. I quietly went upstairs when I reached the top of the stairs I heard a noise behind me. I looked back and it was

by Liberty Dafoe PCA Grade 6 The year, 2009. It all started when we agreed that we would go to Prince George to see grandma, my mom’s mom. We all got to open our presents early and the next day or so we left for Prince George. We got there really late. After we arrived we ate at Denny’s. Then we went to Grandma’s house. The barking of dogs was annoying. I don’t remember how long we stayed but I do remember some of the things we did. Watching movies at the theater, getting snow supplies and sleds, going sledding in the backyard and

on a hill, trucking with my grandpa, hanging out with grandma and best of all my mom agreed to take home the best dog ever and even when we had to leave real early to go for a ten hour drive, The time at Grandmas was fun.

Liberty Dafoe PCA 6

Ethan Cymbaluk PCA 5

Drew Bayes THS 5B


PH: 443-0949

THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010 9C

I will never forget that Christmas by Shelby Jewell THS Grade 6A As I ran down the hallway, I saw what seemed to be hundreds of Christmas presents gently placed under our glistening

the floor around the tree. We were all so eager to rip open the wrapping paper and see what was hidden in those boxes and containers. It all seemed to go by too fast, it was already dinner time! One by one we dished up our plates, sat down in the place of our choice and ate the delicious meal. The food danced on my taste-buds as

I bit into the turkey, ham, stuffing and mashed potatoes. As all our guests filtered out into their cars, I thought to myself I want every Christmas to be like this, giving and full of love and warmhearted people. I will never forget that Christmas, and I hope that everyone in the world gets that warm feeling of giving.

Amanda Montgomery PCA 5 Matthew Wiebe THS 6A

Shelby Jewell THS 6A Christmas tree. I turned to see mom starting Christmas dinner and the smell of turkey, ham and mashed potatoes filled my nose. My brother woke from the soft sound of Christmas music playing as Elvis sang along to the Christmas tunes. As soon as my sleepy brother woke up enough, we got dressed up in our snow suites and flew out the door into the glistening snow falling from the darkened sky. We watched for a moment as the white snow flakes fell onto the crisp morning snow already packed to the ground. We dove into the soft white snowflakes that had fallen from the sky onto the ground. When we could not feel our toes anymore, we headed inside where all our relatives and loved ones were gathered around the mound of presents covering

508 Main St., Three Hills PH: 443-5521 Let TD Canada Trust Help in Your Future Plans Banking can be this comfortable.

Emilee Ohlhauser PCA 6

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Home Place Inspections Merry Christmas from John & Susan

10C THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A big one stood out to me by Clayton Wideman PCA Grade 6 November 30, 2009…A month ‘til Christmas and the presents were already under the tree. A big one stood out to me. I went to my brother, Matt, and

she sniffed, “I’ve caught the common cold and have canceled the party. Our relatives aren’t coming; your cousins from Medicine Hat weren’t coming anyway.” I thought of the arm chair that we had brought up. “Guess it won’t be used,” I whispered to myself. I soon learned we were opening gifts tomorrow morning. The next

day I got candy, socks, a note pad, and a stuffed animal. Together my brother and I got a Lego set, a Wii remote and a… WAIT...a Wii remote? We don’t have a Wii. WAIT, that means… we finished unwrapping the last present… A Wii!!!! “Told you so, told you so! I knew it! Told you so!!”

Austin Olson THS 4

Daniel Harsch THS 6A

Clayton Wideman PCA 6 his friend, Jeremy. “That’s a Wii, a Wii!” I exclaimed. “Nah, the box is too small,” said Jeremy “Too small,” echoed Matt. A Month Later…It was only four days ‘til Christmas. I COULDN’T WAIT! We were going to have all our relatives over. I COULDN’T WAIT, or did I already say that. We were going to have the BIGGEST party ever! My brother and dad had brought up the big armchair from downstairs. My relatives were coming from all over Alberta! My grandparents on my Dad’s side were coming from Caster; my grandparents from my mom’s side from Gatsby and my cousins from Medicine Hat too. An hour passed, then another. Suddenly my mom called me to my room. When I got there

Barry Reder Realtor APEX

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Megan Olson THS 6A Evan Majore THS 5A

THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010 11C

Seasons’ Greetings from ACME Wishing you all a Happy Holiday from Dennis Kuiken & family of

Timmerman Enterprises PH: 403-546-4381

Happy Holidays from Sharon Rilling & staff at

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Bus: 403-546-0006 Holiday wishes from Miles & Viv Hannah, Muriel, Debbie, John, Corwin, Ed, Bradeon, Cliff, Denise, Patrick, Mark, Don and Matt

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Christmas Message from the Mayor of Acme Christmas is a perfect time to reflect on the important things in life like Family, Friends, Neighbors and the great community that we live in. With the many blessings we receive each and every day, we should all be thankful. On behalf of the Council for the Village of Acme I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe, happy holiday season and our best wishes for a prosperous 2011. W. Bruce McLeod Mayor, Village of Acme

THE CORNER STORE Owners: Sandy & Russell Penner & Staff send Season’s Greetings to you and yours

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12C THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I was in the presence of Santa himself by Patrick Desrosiers THS Grade 6 All was quiet throughout the house. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. I heard a sound not made from a cat so I wondered what it could be. I heard snoring from my parents, and saw my brother in bed. I wondered if it could be

the jolly red man himself but it could not be Santa because he would have been burned from the fire I put up yesterday evening. As I crept out of bed and towards the tree silent as a mouse, I found that the tree was still empty from yesterday. Then I knew the noise was just in my head. My

heart filled with disappointment as I started up the stairs. Then I heard it again but louder than ever. It was coming from the chimney! The fire out (I can’t recall why). I thought it couldn’t be but I saw feet covered in snow dash behind the tree. I stumbled backwards and hit my head

hard on a baseball bat that my bother left out from yesterday. I saw the figure throw a present and in a flash he was gone the fire was restored. I thought it could not be! I was in the presence of Santa himself. As I came awake, I was in my bed. All I can remember was the fire restored and blackness surround-


CARBON T. Reed Agencies 572-3434 Carbon

Liberty Dafoe PCA 6

Patrick Desrosiers THS 6A

Message from the Mayor of Carbon


Best wishes from Val & Terry Reed at

ing me. By now I knew it was all a dream, a figure of my imagination. However, I still wondered, “why was my head so sore?” Dashing down the stairs I saw the present and the bat. Then I knew that the dream was real. Santa had been at my house!

Hoping the Christmas season fills your home with joy, your hearts with love and your life with laughter. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

Holiday Greetings from Morley & Shirley Buyer and staff at

Good N’ Plenty Restaurant

PH: 572-3522 HOLIDAY HOURS: Dec. 24- Closed at 2 PM Reopening at 7 AM, Tues., Dec. 28 Dec. 31- Closed at 6 PM Reopening at 7 AM, Tues., Jan. 4

Mayor Valorie Reed

Michael Ewert PCA 5

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THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010 13C

My spectacular Christmas by Reagan Mueller PCA Grade 6 It was a very cold morning, although it was warm inside. I was waiting for my brother Mitchell and my sister-in-law Chelsea. My mom said we couldn’t have breakfast until my brother and his wife came. It felt like a long time and I was starving. Finally they came to the house and went

upstairs into the kitchen. When I saw them, my voice echoed with joy. “Mitchell, Chelsea! Where were you?” For breakfast we had homemade cinnamon buns. We were enthusiastically opening our presents while giggling and laughing at the same time. What I got for Christmas were two sweaters from my older brother Kolton, a new

pair of earrings, the movie Ice Age3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, and some other fun things. We had a great time. On Boxing Day, my family and I went to North Battleford Saskatchewan. We rode in our awesome gray Dodge truck with an orange streak on it. We were going to my Aunt Cheryl’s place, which is my

mom’s younger sister. Most of my mom’s side was there. When we finally arrived I was so excited! When I was talking to my grandpa he said that he and my grandma had been there for about an hour! Oh well. My family members were happy to see my family and me, too. My parents, and my brothers, and some of my family stayed in some-

body else’s house. I stayed in my aunt’s house with some cousins. Later that “Christmas” most of my family went sledding. It was awesome! Finally we had to leave. When I got home, my dog, Dodge, was very excited to see us. While coming back from North Battleford, I thought of my spectacular Christmas!

Reagan Mueller PCA 6

Holiday Greetings from Trochu Lyle Peterson

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BANK OF MONTREAL TROCHU 222 Main St. Trochu •Ph: 403.442.3822 Lorraine McLean, Commercial Account Manager Janine Kobi, Branch Manager Pat Peterson, Denise Daniels and Reena Kesterke wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year

Message from the Mayor of Trochu Well, it is hard to believe that it is already time to say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. What a great year we have had here in Trochu. This past year has been a year of many accomplishments. Our community has drawn together even closer and we have accomplished more than ever before. We are a very caring and connected community. So, as we celebrate this holiday season, I hope you will continue to spend time with family and friends. Let us use this time to reflect and count our blessings. May I ask you all to remember your neighbours at this time of year, especially the elderly and those who live alone and please make all the newcomers feel at home here in Trochu. Please take time and remember the people that have lost their lives fighting for our freedom. I would also like to extend a special welcome to those who have come home to Trochu to share time with their families and hope that you have a wonderful visit. My very best wishes go to those who are sick at home or in hospital this Christmas and I wish you a speedy recovery. To all who are spending Christmas away from Trochu, I would like to wish you all the best in your travels. From my family and our family of Town Council and your dedicated Town staff, we wish your family all the love and blessings of the season. We look forward with anticipation to another great year in 2011 as Trochu will be celebrating 100th anniversary.

Mayor Barry Kletke

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14C THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I had the time of my life! by Justin Colvin THS Grade 6A “Where is everyone?” I thought as I looked around the almost empty room. The kitchen was blank, the chairs beside me where empty. The little Christmas

tree was at my head, but there were no presents or baggies under it. Had Santa really come? I wondered if he could even make it out here in the middle of the desert. I got out of bed to do my normal routine

when suddenly, I found my presents! They were by the door! That smell, what was it? The steam was rising from the counter. The drip of hot water was splashing into a pot. I got up to see what

was making the wonderful aroma. The smell was the coffee bean; the steam was from the coffee maker. The rooms were cool, but the concrete outside was colder. My blankets were on the floor which made

Seasons’ Greetings from LINDEN Sincere Holiday Wishes from

Sincere Holiday Wishes from Norma Jean & staff at


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it seem like it was colder. In the kitchen, the table seemed to be hot because the sun’s rays were shining straight on it. The street looked inviting as I looked at it through the glass windows. The street was calm, like usual, but there was not one single person out on the street, because in Yuma everyone is up at 7:00 a.m. and at work by 7:30 a.m. and I am usually up at 8:00am. At about 8:30 a.m. my Mom and Aunt woke up and started breakfast. For breakfast we had pancakes, bacon, sausage, back bacon, and for them eggs! The pancakes were golden brown with butter, and maple syrup slathered on top! The sausage and bacon were cooked to perfection, the bacon had the distinct curl and smell that we all know and love. After all that I went to


Justin Colvin THS 6A Then we had an awesome supper and after about eight hours I headed home. I thought I had a very good Christmas. I got to see my family and friends. I had an awesome feast and a lot of fun! This Christmas was one of the best I have had yet!

Message from the Mayor of Linden As we near the celebration of the birth of Jesus and the coming of the New Year, on behalf of Linden’s Council and Staff, I extend wishes for a Joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year. As you gather to spend time with family and friends during this season, remember those who are less fortunate in the world, and our own communities. Give thanks for what we have and the freedoms we enjoy as Canadians. Treasure the moments you spend with each other over the holidays, and throughout the year. Enjoy this festive season, be safe, and have a healthy and happy New Year. Mayor Darwyn Moon, Village of Linden

Greetings from Jim and Penny Schwartzenberger and staff

Linden Agri-Centre Ltd.

Linden Auto Body



Season’s Greetings from Merv & Connie and Staff at

Walbern Agri-Systems

my relatives and had the time of my life! I got to see my cousin who was only one and the rest of the family!

Season’s Greetings from Darin Esau, family & staff

THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010 15C

Dad, leave some for Santa I peeked into the room, I noticed that Santa had lost some weight and I also noticed that he didn’t have a beard. I started to walk into the Christmas room and when I got further in I was shocked at what I saw. It wasn’t Santa it was my dad trying to devour every last

by Quinn deBeaudrap THS Grade 6A Uggghhhh. I can never fall asleep on Christmas Eve because of the upcoming excitement. I crept down the stairs to see if the cookies and milk that I had laid out last night were still there. The house was quiet

crumb of the cookies. I was so angry at my dad. How could he eat the cookies that were meant for Santa? I would have to put out more milk and cookies and hopefully my dad would leave some for Santa this time.

Chocolate and little itty bitty toys by Kyra Vander Kuil THS Grade 6B It was a snowy Christmas Eve I wanted to stay up and wait for Santa Claus but my mom said NO! I was three years old this Christmas. I brushed my teeth and put on my pajamas. I fell in a deep sleep but then my sister came and yelled in my ear CHRISTMAS IS HERE! I threw the covers and ran upstairs. She told me the milk and cookies were gone but were they really. I checked and they were, Santa really came. I saw the presents by the Christmas tree so I secretly opened it up and it was a… PLAY DOUGH FACTORY. I ran upstairs and said to everyone that

Quinn deBeaudrap THS 6A and dark. I quietly walked into the Christmas room, and the first thing that I noticed was the beautiful lights glistening. I heard crunch, crunch, gulp, gulp. “It might be Santa eating the cookies and drinking the milk! This is great I get to meet Santa!” I thought that this was a once in a lifetime chance and it happened to me. As

Hayley Mortenson-Zeigler THS 4

Santa gave me a play dough factory. I wanted to open more gifts up but Mom said we have to have breakfast.

Kyra Vander Kuil THS 6B

We had pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs. We finished and we opened up our stockings I got chocolate and little itty bitty toys. This was the best Christmas Ever!!!

Jamey Coles PCA 5

Alexander McDougald THS 4

Wishing you joy as you celebrate Christ’s Birth this Christmas.

Three Hills Fire Chief Art Creasser and all the

Volunteer Firefighters ND

Contact Us: 210-2 Street N. Three Hills AB T0M 2A0 Office Hours: Mon. to Fri. 8-12, 1-5 Phone: (403) 443-2601 • Fax: (403) 443-2699 Email:

wish you a Safe Holiday Season and the Best in the New Year

16C THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We had tricked him!

by Nicholas Kozak THS Grade 6B It will be hard to write a story on my most memorable Christmas without lying or exaggerating like some others, but this story is entirely true to my memory. My brother, my cousin and I were having a sleepover on Christmas Eve. All three of us were nine. It was very very late and we heard thumping sounds from the

Nicholas Kozak THS 6B stairs. Alas our sleeping bags were by the Christmas tree, and we heard the figure fill in our stockings. We realized it was our dad, and before we knew it, he was upstairs. Christopher (my brother, and you should read his story later…..), and Jonathan (my cousin) immediately raced to the stockings. I hesitated, and didn’t go to the stockings for a few minutes. Later, our dad came down again. He knelt

down beside us and felt us to see if we were awake. We had tricked him! Finally he brought down the presents. We stayed still as a bone as he stuffed the tree. When he

went up, it was past midnight and we were tired. With a small feeling of victory, we looked at the presents, and at last, had a good night sleep!

It turns out, this Christmas was better than last by Matthew Wiebe THS Grade 6A “Katie, can I wake up Courtney?!” I asked my older sister. “You could as long as you don’t wake mom and dad in the process,” Katie replied. ZOOM! I bolted to Courtney’s room and started to call her name and shake her a little bit. After she woke up, we snuck down to the Christmas tree and started to shake the presents and see whose presents were whose. But then I heard rustling from up stairs, then a crash that sounded like pots hitting each other. “Who do you think is up there?” questioned Courtney. “I’ll try to sneak up to see whose there.” I said sacredly. After I checked the living room I looked in the kitchen and I saw dad making one of his delicious, juicy bacon and egg omelet. But it did not overcome the smell of home-

made cookies. Not long later my mom got up and that’s when I went and gave her a big hug for all of the presents. I was so thankful for what I received. It felt good because she was wearing her

Ellie Koch PCA 5

Dr. Justin Kerr, B.Sc., D.D.S. Matthew Wiebe THS 6A fuzzy PJ’s. After we opened the presents, I hoped that next year it would be just as good. I thought that this Christmas wouldn’t be as good as last year, but it turns out that it was better.

James Cooper PCA 6

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

GoldenAcres honey products ltd.

Family Dentistry 111-2nd Avenue South, Three Hills

PH: (403) 443-5820 FAX: (403) 443-5850 “We Cater To Cowards”

Dyllan Gustafson THS 5A

THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010 17C

Wake Up! It’s Christmas!

by Ben Luijkx 6A THS Grade 6A “WAKE UP!� my siblings chorused, “It’s CHRISTMAS!� I opened my eyes instantly. It was already light out and my overeager brother and sister were staring at me. I got out of bed and raced them down the stairs. Our cat, Jake scrambled out of the way as our pounding feet hit the main floor. Mom and Dad came out of their room, looking tired and disoriented.

The filling smell of breakfast wafted into the living room, and we followed it like a train on train tracks. Crispy bacon, succulent eggs and buttery toast were piled up on the table in addition to mouth watering orange juice and chocolate milk. My brother went over to the mantle and got our stockings and we opened them while we ate our delectable breakfast and watched Jake scramble

around with the wrapping paper. It was as dark as charcoal outside, and the fire warmed our backs as we watched Christmas specials of our favorite cartoons. I remembered how happy my siblings had been as they opened their presents, and how happy that made me. I silently vowed to myself that there would be more moments like these in my life.

Ewan Murtagh THS 5A

Seth Jensen THS 4

Season’s Greetings and Happy Holidays from

Greg Orme of GTSI Ben Luijkx THS 6A “Wait,� Mom mumbled, “Let me get my camera.� We looked at the tree drowning in colorfully decorative boxes, sparkling bags and odd shaped carefully wrapped packages. Dad went into the kitchen and started making the coffee and bacon and eggs. Mom got some pictures of us deciding which present to open first, and we dived in. Within minutes the neighbors probably could have heard the excited shouts of kids as they got the presents they’ve always dreamed of. Jake pranced and tumbled around in the wrapping paper, fighting the battle of cats versus wrapping paper.

May you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Promotional Products & Corporate Wear

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18C THE CAPITAL, Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas was great

by Hannah Steffen PCA Grade 6 It was Christmas Eve. The Steffens were acting out the nativity scene. “And they presented him with gifts of gold and of

Hannah Steffen PCA 6

incense and of myrrh,” finished dad. “OK, we’re done, let’s get to bed,” said mom. “Don’t forget to put out cookies and eggnog for Santa.” said Nathan as he got in to bed, “I won’t” said mom softly. “Good night,” said Alex and Hannah to mom in harmony. Everyone in the house

went to bed. Not a creature stirred except for Meatball the hamster. Hannah was the first to get up. She looked at the clock which read 7:30 AM. She sprang from her bed and woke Alex and Nathan. They all started upstairs to wake up their parents. They weren’t too happy at this, but they didn’t want to upset the kids so they sleepily moaned, “Make us some coffee, then we’ll get out of bed.” So the kids ran to the kitchen, and gathered together the coffee machine, coffee beans, and water. They went to work and when the aromatic coffee was ready their parents got out of bed like they said they would. Getting the camera, they sat in the living room and watched the kids fight to get to the tree. Alex, being the stron-

gest, got there first and started opening her stocking. She received makeup, clothes, books, and a lot more. Next came Hannah who got beef jerky, stuffed animals, books, and a lot more. Following her came Nathan. He got fishing hooks, sun glasses, books and a lot more. Christmas was great! We got everything we wanted from little toy cars to big video cameras. Several hours were passed playing with our toys. By that time it was time for dinner. My dad was the most excited. It was delicious. There was turkey with gravy, cranberries, potatoes and stuffing too. For dessert we had pumpkin pie and tarts. For the rest of the evening we sat around the Christmas tree and sang Christmas carols.

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That Christmas, we all had a wonderful time

Tyler Malaka THS 6A

by Tyler Malaka THS Grade 6A “I wonder if Santa is real,” I asked my brother Jason. All of a sudden I heard a big loud “THUMP.” My brother said that it was probably my dad out in the garage but I didn’t believe him so I scurried outside in my

pajamas to see if there was anything on the roof, but of course I came in very, very disappointed since I didn’t see Santa. The very next day I was so excited that I woke up at six in the morning to look at the presents and guess what they were. When I arrived in

the living I found my parents looking tired. They had been up since early in the morning. I had to wait until my siblings woke up to open presents. It seemed to take forever for them to trudge out of their rooms. After we all open our presents and cleaned up we went to my aunt’s house for

Christmas dinner which took all day. At my aunt’s house I had to play some Christmas songs on the piano which was embarrassing. Once we got home at about nine o’clock at night we all sat down in the living room and talked about how good our day was. We

watched a Christmas movie that was almost two hours long. Once the movie had finished, we said goodnight to each other and went to our separate beds. That Christmas, we all had a wonderful time. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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A Trampoline! A wonderful Christmas! by Jefferson Munchinsky PCA Grade 6 When I woke up one morning I remembered it

Jefferson Munchinsky PCA 6

was the last day of school; the end of the school year “reward”. I jumped out of my bed, did my chores, ate my breakfast, did the rest of my chores, then packed a lunch, and ran to school. The day passed quickly. When my brothers and I came home my Mom and Dad said we could open our present from them. Bringing us into the washroom they said to look around. After a few minutes we spotted through the window a trampoline… A TRAMPOLINE!!!! My

brothers and I ran outside, our parents right on our tails. Excitedly I jumped on it! It was huge! It was our first Christmas present and tomorrow we would leave. Sleeping was almost impossible. In four hours I would get up and eat. At five o’clock my family and I would leave for Abbotsford, B.C. I could not wait. When we finally left, I was so excited I could hardly stay in my seat. Slowly, the eleven hours passed. The last ten minute stretch was a restless time. When we got to the house we quickly ran to the door. Hugging my grandparents, I looked in the house and saw the Christmas tree, shining as bright as ever. It would be a wonderful Christmas. The days passed quickly. Soon it was Christmas Eve. It was my birthday. Waking up I realized this and I jumped out of my bed and ran upstairs. My family was waiting for me and inside the kitchen I saw my Mom

and my Oma (Grandma) cooking breakfast. In time we ate eggs, toast, bacon, sausage, and orange juice. Yum! After a few hours, I got to open my presents, the first one was a poster and some candy. Finally I got to the last present… a violin! I could not believe it. That day I spent lots of time with my cousins and brothers. It was a great day. When I went to bed, I could hardly fall asleep and when I woke up the next morning I realized one thing, it was Christmas! I looked at my family and they were still sleeping. In half an hour they woke up and we went upstairs to see my Oma cooking breakfast. It smelled delicious. Soon we ate. When we opened our presents I was surprised to get heelies. It was a wonderful Christmas. Our trip home was a sad time. I missed my Grandparents already but I still looked forward to getting home.

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Three Hills Capital Christmas 2010  

Three Hills Capital Christmas 2010