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London - Birmingham - Manchester - New York City - Amsterdam

“Beyond the Deal was able to put theory into practice, relating it directly to specific business issues. They provided an excellent training course and ongoing support.” Kevin Sankar, E.ON Energy Services

“The small group on the course enabled an open and interactive discussion, well facilitated by Carlos, on what is often an area of M&A that is sometimes not focused on sufficiently during the process”. Phil Dolphin, Finance Director of Coil Coatings in AkzoNobel

“Well presented, relevant and presented by somebody with real experience” Lorna Evans, Exploration Logistics

DELIVERING SUCCESSFUL ACQUISITION INTEGRATION 2011/2012 London - Birmingham - Manchester - New York City - Amsterdam

M&A is back, but the fragile economy provides both opportunity and risk for the potential acquirer.

In times of economic uncertainty, leaders

arrive on time, on budget, and where

recognise that mergers and acquisitions

they expected, with reduced risk of

can help businesses outperform their

unexpected or unmanageable problems

peers and stay one step ahead of the

along the way.

competition. M&A outcomes however continue to vary enormously, with roughly

Successful integration is the key that unlocks M&A potential.

half of all deals still failing to deliver the financial value or strategic benefits intended. While most underperforming acquisitions will eventually settle, such deals




timescales and operating costs, cause significant disruption to management and staff, and in many cases continue to erode profitability for years beyond closing.

Effective planning and execution of integration is the key that unlocks

“Clearly experts in their field” Andrew Goody, Bibby Financial Services Ltd.

Today’s market conditions mean that

the potential of your new acquisition,

getting integration right is even more

turning it into the reality of high business

important, both for businesses and their


leaders. Even during the ‘good times’

profit. It has a direct, immediate impact

of the M&A boom of the 1990s, 47%

on the bottom line, accelerates deal

- almost half – of CEOs in acquiring

benefits, retains customers, key talent

businesses were replaced by their Boards

and strategic capability, and lifts EBITDA

within five years of deal announcement.

and market value.








reward successfully-executed inorganic

Businesses that outperform their peers

growth, they will also punish signs of

excel in M&A; those that excel in M&A

business inertia or distraction. Acquirers




focussed, efficient, and at minimum cost,

broader scope and impacts, set out the

risk and disruption to their businesses

right course for integration, and start

– as a source of real competitive

the journey well are more than likely to








DELIVERING SUCCESSFUL ACQUISITION INTEGRATION 2011/2012 London - Birmingham - Manchester - New York City - Amsterdam

Selecting The Best Targets Pre-deal: What kinds of acquisitions should we be making, and why? Are the proposed benefits of the deal realistic and achievable?

Our one-day training course will help you address the following questions:

Is this deal in the best interests of our business long-term, and at the right price? Why has my last acquisition not delivered to expectations, and what can I do to improve the situation next time? Over and above being a good strategic fit, is the target business - and its leadership – really going to be able to deliver beyond integration?

Preparing The Businesses For Integration Pre-close: What objectives and priorities will need to be set to achieve my acquisition goals post-close? How should the combined business look, feel, and operate once the deal is done? How should integration be structured and planned to realise the ultimate acquisition objectives while minimising cost, risk and disruption to the on-going business? How will integration costs, benefits and risks impact my P&L and balance sheet over the next few years? How do I prepare my own business and the leadership team so that they are capable of managing integration and the new, larger business?

Integrating To Retain Value & Deliver Benefits Post-close: How can we be ready for Day 1 and the first few steps post-close? How can integration be delivered and managed alongside business as usual? How important will culture and communications be to the success of this deal, and what should I do about it? How do I retain and motivate people within both businesses during the difficult changes ahead? How do I build strong management teams across the deal divide? How can I be sure integration is delivering the goods with minimum disruption to operations? How can I make course corrections quickly to address unexpected problems? How should I address specific issues such as branding, headcount reduction, relocation, IT and HR? How do we make the most of our experience of past deals; and how can we learn to do it better for ourselves in the future?

DELIVERING SUCCESSFUL ACQUISITION INTEGRATION 2011/2012 London - Birmingham - Manchester - New York City - Amsterdam

Things You Will Take Away From This Training Course: 1. Practical approaches and techniques to ensure your acquisition strategy, target

This course is targeted at people delivering acquisition benefits or leading integration. CEOs and MDs, Finance Directors/ CFOs, Directors and Managers of Strategy, M&A and Business Development, HR Directors & Managers, and other functional leaders involved in leading acquisition and integration.

assessment and due diligence considers, and is informed by, subsequent integration; 2. An understanding of what makes integrations successful, and guidance on how to implement this in your own acquisition; 3. Approaches to developing a post-close business model and end-to-end integration plan that supports your acquisition strategy, business case and targets (strategic, financial, commercial and operational); 4. Ways to structure and manage your integration to deliver results quickly while minimising risk and disruption to your day-to-day business; 5. Specific considerations for HR, IT, Communications and other areas especially important to successful integration; 6. Practical advice on how to identify and address leadership, cultural and other people issues early.

Additional Benefits Of Attending: Provides a fresh, objective perspective to your current integration approach and challenges; Confirms key priorities and ‘must do’s’ for the future; Answers specific questions relating to an upcoming integration; Injects best practice thinking, tools and techniques into your integration; Gives business leaders an opportunity to reflect and discuss their own experiences; group learning in a secure environment; Begins the process of planning for your next acquisition and integration. Attendees will also take home a copy of all presentation materials, including a set of checklists to help guide your planning and preparation for integration.

“Experienced, knowledgeable, open-minded, very professional and organised, but very operational and accessible, Beyond the Deal were key to our success. I would be delighted to work with them again.”

Finance Director, Lisi Group

“Beyond the Deal helped codify one of our key sources of advantage. They delivered an excellent process and product, leaving us with a guide that is the culmination of 10 years of ground-breaking M&A activity within the mining sector and a valuable toolkit that Xstrata can benefit from in the future.” Thras Moraitis, Executive General Manager of Group Strategy and Corporate Affairs, Xstrata

DELIVERING SUCCESSFUL ACQUISITION INTEGRATION 2011/2012 London - Birmingham - Manchester - New York City - Amsterdam

Integration Specialists Helping Clients Make M&a Work:

Our aim is to help improve the performance and success of M&A across sectors and geographies.

We do this by delivering practical and useable advice, guidance and support that managers can adapt, adopt, and immediately apply back in their own businesses. Our team are themselves practitioners in the field, regularly helping the largest businesses across sectors and around the world. We deliver professional in-depth training courses on integration best practice approaches, tools and techniques, all of which come directly from our own experiences, supported by Beyond the Deal research, benchmarking and case studies. This commercial experience enables our presenters to address common issues that acquirers face when working towards successful acquisition and integration.

Course Presenter: Carlos Keener

Carlos is an M&A integration expert, with over fifteen years of integration, business restructuring and improvement, and project management experience. He advises businesses on corporate and acquisition strategies, design of post-deal operating models, operational performance reviews, and delivery of major business integration, restructuring and improvement. Past clients have spanned most sectors and geographies, and include GlaxoSmithKline, Tata-Corus, EMI, Marks & Spencer, Colgate Palmolive, and E.On; as well as numerous mid-market and smaller businesses. Carlos regularly speaks at industry and executive events in the UK and Continental Europe on acquisition and integration topics.

Course Presenter: Lynda Farmer

Lynda is a specialist in communications, change management, and engagement of leadership teams and employees during restructuring programmes. Her corporate experience includes roles as Head of Internal Communications at Wolseley, Mars, and London Underground; and Global Divisional Director at Motorola. Her consulting support of businesses such as British Airways, Barclays, Xstrata, Kimberly-Clark, WHSmith, Halifax, and Sainsbury’s has revolved around development and management of communications strategies, development of integration best practice, and interim management of communications teams.

Course Presenter: Colin Hopkins

Colin is an integration specialist with over 10 years of international experience in the IT and Telecoms sector, and former Integration Director at British Telecommunications. Working in highly-complex programme environments operating across multiple geographies across the globe, Colin’s strong collaborative style, technical competence in execution, and understanding of strategy has consistently delivered enhanced post-merger business performance. For Colin, integration success is strongly linked to the ability to cross the divide from strategy to execution, a skill he brings to all his work with clients.

Course Presenter: Adam Tyner

Adam has ten years of experience in general management and consulting in organisational strategy and design. He has supported M&A integration, cultural alignment and restructuring initiatives across multiple sectors, helping firms such as Pfizer, Wyeth, Morgan Stanley, and Tata-Corus. As a general manager, he led business units through a variety of situations including start-up, rapid profit improvement, entry into new geographies, turnaround, and restructuring, and he brings this operational and general management perspective to his client work. Adam is a graduate of Harvard University, and holds an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.

Course Presenter: Barbara Vrdlovec

Barbara is experienced in organisational design and delivery of new business models following acquisition or restructuring. Fluent in English, German, Italian and French, her over 10 years of experience in management consulting and line management has covered most sectors and geographies across the globe, and includes organisations such as Mondi, Toshiba, Nokia Siemens Networks and Erste Bank. A strong advocate of Stephen Covey and his focus on an individuals’ contribution to business and personal success, Barbara understands the complex interplay of people, processes, systems, culture, structure and governance; and how to align them post-acquisition to accelerate delivery of acquisition goals and high business performance. Before joining the Beyond the Deal team Barbara worked for Accenture and Austrian Airlines. She holds a degree from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and a CEMS Master‘s Degree in International Management.

DELIVERING SUCCESSFUL ACQUISITION INTEGRATION 2011/2012 London - Birmingham - Manchester - New York City - Amsterdam

Part I: Connecting The Dots Pre-deal

Session Agenda

Developing an Acquisition and Integration Strategy Setting and Measuring Integration Objectives Target Assessment and Integration Due Diligence

“The course was full of comprehensive knowledge and the sharing of materials and experiences in a confidential environment. For a senior M&A practitioner the structure of the day provides an insightful opportunity to update your global capability and to reflect on processes that you could integrate into your established “toolkit”. For anyone new to M&A or who is still developing their career in this area the day provides a unique learning experience. All attendees leave with materials including templates that can be immediately applied in their organisation. Carlos and Lynda have complementary skills. Their approach to limiting each course to a small number of delegates allows for a more enriching day”.

Financial Modelling for Integration, Implications for Target Valuation Assessing Leadership Teams and Target Culture Cooling Deal Momentum: Assessing and Managing Risks Pre-Deal

Part II: Planning And Preparing For Integration Operating Model Design & Operational Restructuring Planning & Structuring Integration Programmes Selecting an Integration Manager & Team Preparing Management for Integration Preparing for Day 1

Part III: Managing Integration Conducting Integration Programmes – Measurement, Reporting & Governance Selecting and Retaining the right people to manage the business post-close Retaining Performance and Value: Challenges to your business in the first 100 days Internal and External Communications during Integration Understanding & Aligning Cultures Post-Deal Integrating Core Processes, Structures and Systems Cross-border Integrations Understanding and Managing Integration Risk Transition to ‘business as usual’, measuring acquisition and integration success

Part IV: Consolidating Learnings From The Day Summary of key lessons/review of integration checklists Facilitated small group discussions of specific integration topics of interest Action Planning

Sheila Coyle, Chief Executive Officer, Sheila Coyle Associates Limited

DELIVERING SUCCESSFUL ACQUISITION INTEGRATION 2011/2012 London - Birmingham - Manchester - New York City - Amsterdam Date



25 MAY 2011


Date: Time: Venue: Cost:

Wed 25 May 2011 9:00am - 5:00pm Greener House, 66-68 Haymarket, Lodon, SW1Y 4RF £570

21 SEPT 2011


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Wed 21 Sept 2011 9:00am - 5:00pm TBC £570

6 DEC 2011


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Tues 6 Dec 2011 9:00am - 5:00pm 3 Devonshire Street W1W 5DT Early Booking Rate £474 - £570 After Oct 5th

23 February 2012


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Wed 14 March 2012 9:00am - 5:00pm TBC £570

14 March 2012


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Wed 14 March 2012 9:00am - 5:00pm TBC Early Booking Rate £474 - £570 After Jan 13th

19 April 2012


Date: Time: Venue: Cost:

Thur 19 April 2012 9:00am - 5:00pm TBC £570

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A One Day Training Course 2011/2012

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Beyond The Deal Training Brochure 2011

Beyond The Deal Training Brochure 2011  

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