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L ES M ATT HEW’S B RISTOL October 29th – November 12th 2011

Although Bristol born and bred I have spent much of my life painting cities around the world and when Peter Slade at Alexander Gallery first suggested an exhibition with a Bristol emphasis my initial reaction was one of surprise. I had never done a single city exhibition before and for some reason even when the thought had fleetingly passed through my mind in the past it had never occurred to me that if I were to do one it would be of Bristol. However as I wandered around Bristol with my sketch book and discussed the idea further with Peter, I realized a celebration of my home city was a challenging and very exciting prospect, and partly a trip down memory lane, reminding me of the times I climbed the Cabot Tower, admired the extraordinary Art Nouveau façade of the Edward Everard building and walked up and down Christmas Steps. There are naturally several paintings in this exhibition of Bristol docks. When I was at school I used to draw in these docks all the time; it was a working port in those days and to me it still is the natural hub of the city. Many of the buildings and boats that excited me all those years ago are still there and painting it now has brought it all back to me. Other parts of the city that I loved and that inspired me were College Green and The Norman Arch. As a pupil at Bristol Cathedral School I walked through the latter six days a week for seven years. Playing rugby against Clifton College introduced me to that wonderful collection of buildings which I never tire of painting. This exhibition also includes some other cities; in particular New York still remains a passion and it has been so exciting producing a small group of three-dimensional pieces with the young designer Lorcan Reed who is based in the ‘city that never sleeps’. Finally back to Bristol and, in particular, the city’s Brunel heritage. My father, who was an engineer, was a huge admirer of Brunels Bristol legacy. So am I and it has been so rewarding to reflect some of that history in the painting I have called Brunels Bristol. These paintings have been a delight and pleasure to paint; I hope they give you just as much enjoyment.

Chicago Blue 28” x 20” The Edward Everad Building 16” x 6”

Cover: The Balmoral, Bristol Docks 12” x 47”

The Chrysler Building 20” x 8”

St Nicholas Market 12” x 16”

College Green 18” x 24”

Christmas Steps 20” x 16”

At The Base Of Christmas Steps 12” x 12”

Bristol Harbourside Festival 8” x 14”

Autumn in the Avon Gorge 16” x 47”

Brunel’s Bristol 19” x 32”

Cabot Tower 30” x 3” Clifton College 12” x 32”

Alexander Gallery Les Matthews Exhibition  

Alexander Gallery Les Matthews Exhibition