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TABLE OF CONTENTS | 2020 Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches association P.O. Box 7100 University Station Provo, UT 84602 Phone: (801) 375-9400 Email: info@cscca.org Dr. Chuck Stiggins, Executive Director Becky Stiggins, Associate Executive Director Andee Weeks, CEU Coordinator Laekyn Pham, Certification Coordinator McKenna Williams, Membership Coordinator & Financial Manager

Former CSCCa presidents Rob Oviatt, Chuck Stiggins and Jeff Madden (pictured from left to right) cut the cake at the CSCCa’s 10th Anniversary Celebration. A decade later, the CSCCa is stronger than ever.

Megan Lethbridge, Exhibitor Coordinator


From The Desk Of Dr. Chuck Stiggins, CSCCa Executive Director

Foundations Of The Strength & Conditioning Profession 12

Strong Foundations Profile: Ethan Reeve, Current CSCCa President Making Real Connections

14 Strong Foundations Profile: Stacey Torman, Current CSCCa Vice President Shining Together

16 Strong Foundations Profile: Jeff Madden, CSCCa President (2009-2016) Adding Value, One Step At A Time

18 Strong Foundations Profile: Rob Oviatt, CSCCa President (2004-2009) No Guarantees, Just A Vision And Good People

20 Strong Foundations Profile: Mike Clark, CSCCa President (2001-2004) With All Due Respect

22 Strong Foundations Profile: Dr. Chuck Stiggins, CSCCa President (2000-2001)

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A Home For The Strength And Conditioning Coach

24 CSCCa Milestones A look back at the major accomplishments and pivotal moments in the 20-year history of the CSCCa.

26 2020 Master Strength & Conditioning Coach Inductees Introducing the coaches who have earned the MSCC title of distinction from the CSCCa in 2020.


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CSCCa Leadership

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From The Desk Of

Dr. Chuck Stiggins

By Dr. Chuck Stiggins, Executive Director, CSCCa

What a year 2020 has been! Due to COVID-19 most of you were forced away from your colleges and universities as well as your athletes. The CSCCa, in turn, was forced to cancel the 2020 CSCCa National Conference and postpone the organization’s 20th Anniversary Celebration until next year. As an alternative to the 2020 CSCCa National Conference in Orlando, we were able to offer a Virtual 2020 CSCCa National Conference option, which included speaker presentations as well as some Q&A sessions with the speakers. We sincerely hope that those of you who registered for the Virtual National Conference are enjoying the presentations and finding the information provided to be extremely beneficial and helpful to you in your job as a strength and conditioning coach. The annual CSCCa Female Strength Coaches’ Meeting was able to be held as usual through Zoom. Isn’t technology wonderful? Many thanks to Gatorade for sponsoring the event, PLAE for hosting it and Stacey Torman for pulling everything together! As we look forward to next year’s conference, I can promise you that all activities, gifts and events from the 2020 National Conference are being pushed to 2021 and that this upcoming conference will be even better than the celebration originally planned. The 2021 CSCCa National Conference and 20th Anniversary Celebration will truly be a historic event, and we sincerely hope that you will join us in Fort Worth, Texas, to help us celebrate this special moment in time. Since this is our 20th Anniversary Commemorative Magazine I would like to take the opportunity to review our most significant accomplishments over the past 12 months. The CSCCa/NSCA Joint Consensus Document: Safe Return to Training Following Inactivity was published in the June 2019 issue of the NSCA’s Strength & Conditioning Journal. This landmark document provides best practices guidelines for transition periods — a time identified as especially high risk for student-athletes. CSCCa Board of Directors Member Don Decker led this committee and developed two important safety protocols. Dr. Tony Caterisano, a member of the CSCCa Written Certification Committee, directed a second group of educators who completed a review of the scientific literature to provide support and documentation for the protocols and helped develop the document. This document offers specific procedures for strength and conditioning coaches to follow to safely and appropriately adjust volume, load and intensity for various groups of athletes. Formulas are provided that can be applied to individual programs without stifling the creativity and expertise of the strength and conditioning coach. Safe, evidence-based boundaries have been established to prevent the athlete from experiencing too much, too soon while giving the strength and conditioning coach latitude regarding how to keep the program variables within a safe training zone for all athletes. These specific joint recommendations work hand-in-hand with the NCAA’s 2019 interassociation

document designed to prevent catastrophic injury and death in college student athletes — a goal we ALL share. The 2020 Virtual CSCCa National Conference includes a presentation by Coach Decker regarding the implementation of the protocols. Attendees are provided with written materials that are extremely helpful for incorporating the guidelines into their own strength and conditioning programs. In keeping with the CSCCa’s continued focus on athlete health and safety and the prevention of deaths and injuries during strength and conditioning sessions, another milestone was achieved with the incorporation of a Health and Safety CEU course on the CSCCa website regarding exertionrelated health concerns as related to strength and conditioning programming and implementation. While many of the areas covered are primarily handled by the sports medicine staff, it is extremely important that strength and conditioning coaches have a basic, working knowledge of the following: • Concussion • Exertional Rhabdomyolysis • Exertional Heat Illness • Respiratory Illness

• Cardiovascular Illness • Sickle Cell Trait

• Emergency Action Plans (EAP)

The application of the guidelines and information presented in the CSCCa/NSCA Joint Consensus Document is also part of the course. As part of the CEU course requirement, every SCCC certificant is required to pass a 35-question multiple choice quiz with a minimum score of 80 percent (28 out of 35) once during each 3-year CEU cycle. Upon obtaining a passing score, 3 CEUs will automatically be applied to the individual’s account, and the health and safety requirement will be marked as fulfilled for the current CEU cycle for all SCCC certificants. All CSCCa member coaches — whether or not they are SCCC certified, are encouraged to complete the quiz and to review the recommended study materials. Another major accomplishment this past year was the publication of the CSCCa textbook: The Professional’s Guide to Strength & Conditioning. This textbook is obviously a great study tool for SCCC candidates, but it is also a beneficial resource and reference for all strength and conditioning coaches as well as a valuable asset to any exercise science/ strength and conditioning course curriculum. As we hit this major milestone of our 20-year anniversary, this provides a great opportunity for reflection and celebration regarding how far we have come as an organization and as a profession, as well as excitement and anticipation regarding our continued progression as we enter a new decade. Our future is bright!

8 | Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches association | CSCCa.org | CSCCaMonthly.com


ETHAN REEVE Current CSCCa President

Making Real Connections Ethan Reeve, pictured front row center

Ethan Reeve cherishes the pioneer days of the CSCCa. No one truly knew just how successful the fledgling organization would be back in the early 2000s, but there were indicators even then that something special was on the horizon. Some of those indicators, like the establishment of the Master Strength and Conditioning Coach title of distinction or the rigorous certification process, became apparent as the organization grew and matured, gaining national recognition and furthering the profession like never before. Other indicators were so subtle, you’d easily miss them. Yet, they were absolutely critical to long term success. “The most fun about those pioneer days was that strength coaches actually got together,” Reeve says. “We’d go out for drinks or have dinner, and it was a way for us to connect and share ideas.” See, right there, in a turn of phrase seemingly more steeped in nostalgia than substance, the current CSCCa President gives an enormous clue as to the secret of the organization’s success. Did you catch it? “To connect,” he says. Reeve would be the first to tell you of the importance of all the CSCCa’s banner accomplishments – and there have been many. But when pressed to share the single most important factor in their success, he can’t help but return to one principle over and over again. Athletic performance coaching is a people business. It’s about making real connections with people. That applies to coaches in their day-to-day interactions with sport coaches and athletes, and doubly so for the association representing them on all fronts over the last two decades. “You have to make a connection with your athletes,” Reeve says. “Observe and see where they are and have a vision for where you want them to go, and hopefully you get them to see that same vision. “It’s the connection from one human being to another that will hopefully help to make a difference in their lives.” Much has changed since the pioneer days, to be sure. Before the CSCCa began, Reeve worked at Ohio University with one graduate assistant, overseeing training for over 600 athletes.

Within about a year of the CSCCa’s inaugural meeting, he took the head strength and conditioning job at Wake Forest University, where he coached for 16 years. “When I got to Wake Forest it was me and two other assistants and I thought I was in heaven,” Reeve jokes. “We had about 450 athletes.” Today, there are about a dozen full-time strength and conditioning coaches for the Demon Deacons. It’s hard to imagine this explosion of opportunity being possible without Reeve’s efforts locally, and of course, the CSCCa advocating for the profession nationally. While Reeve celebrates the strides the profession has made in the last 20 years, he laments the loss of that fundamental connection that comes from working with a small team of strength and conditioning coaches. “In some ways we’ve lost that family environment,” he says. With big-money revenue and even bigger competitive drive yielding increased staff sizes and budgets for technology and equipment at universities across the country, Reeve hopes coaches will continue to remember their No. 1 priority — the student-athletes. “Every sport is important and every kid is important,” Reeve says. “I don’t ever get into who the starters are. I don’t even want to know. When they walk in the room, they get my attention.” When coaches forge strong connections with their studentathletes, every other aspect of the athletic program, from recruiting to facility management, becomes easier. Ultimately, the same can be said for the CSCCa and the profession as a whole. For Reeve personally, who’s been coaching since 1985, the student-athletes remain the reason why he continues to strive for excellence. “I still love getting on the platforms, being in the trenches and coaching the kids up,” Reeve says. “What you do in that workout and what you do in those running drills, how you teach and how you motivate, it’s still the most important thing that we can do.”

12 | Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches association | CSCCa.org | CSCCaMonthly.com


STACEY TORMAN Current CSCCa Vice President

Shining Together Stacey Torman, pictured center

Stacey Torman wanted the respect that comes with being a Master Strength and Conditioning Coach (MSCC). When the current CSCCa Vice President approached CSCCa Executive Director Dr. Chuck Stiggins more than 15 years ago about being the organization’s first to hold the MSCC distinction as a female, she admits it was more about a personal goal, gaining some credibility and spotlight within her own athletic program, than a desire to be a role model. “Initially it was more selfish than anything else,” Torman says. “But then, more and more, it became evident that Chuck and Becky [Stiggins] cared about us as people and professionals, and that’s driven me to, with as much as they give, I just want to give back as much, if not more.” Much like the organization she has so faithfully devoted herself to over the years, Torman has grown so much since then, giving back in innumerable ways beyond being named the first female MSCC in 2004. That position in the history books, as well as her current leadership role, remind her how fortunate she has been to be a part of the CSCCa family. “It’s taking all those differences that everybody has and pulling them together for a common goal,” Torman says. “Our common goal is to provide strength and conditioning coaches with a voice and a place to be together, learn together and make this profession the best that it can be.” For coaches trying to navigate the treacherous waters of a young profession, the CSCCa stands as a beacon of light, set on a hill, for every coach who is serious about being a strength and conditioning professional to rely on for peerless guidance, even amidst the most harrowing storms.

As a perfect example of this, Torman helped to organize a virtual meeting for the 2020 CSCCa Annual Female Strength Coaches’ Breakfast, an event that is always a highlight every year at the CSCCa National Conference. When the storm that is COVID-19 dashed the hopes of coaches assembling together in person, Torman set up an alternative to fill the need for unity. “The first year we held the Female Strength Coaches’ Breakfast, we had maybe 10-15 people,” Torman remembers. “Having that camaraderie, we built on it the next year and the year after that. It’s just important to see someone that you remember and then be able to talk with them throughout the year.” Thoughtful, timely steps, like holding the breakfast via Zoom, continue to serve the profession as it navigates an unprecedented year, weathering a set of circumstances beyond anyone’s control. The guiding light of the CSCCa has continued to be well kept, and the darker the circumstances, the brighter it shines. As one might expect, the MSCCs have continued to be the association’s primary stewards of this awesome responsibility, going far beyond their roles as board members, commission leaders or examination administrators. They continue to serve the profession as so much more — as inspired visionaries, seasoned mentors, wise advisors and true friends to any coach who might be struggling. “The Master Coaches, we always tell the younger coaches to stop us in the hallway and ask us questions,” Torman says. “We aren’t above anybody else. We’re normal people with the same struggles that you have. And I’ve always felt like I’m just part of the team.”

14 | Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches association | CSCCa.org | CSCCaMonthly.com


JEFF MADDEN CSCCa President 2009-2016

Adding Value, One Step At A Time Jeff Madden, pictured second from the left

Jeff Madden was surprised to see Dr. Chuck Stiggins and his wife Becky. Yet, back in 2000, through the window of his somewhat gaudy office at the University of Texas, there they were, waving to him from the floor of his weight room. “I said to myself, that looks like the BYU coach,” Madden remembers with a chuckle. Inside the office, Stiggins’ pitch to Madden was simple, yet compelling. They believed that full-time strength and conditioning coaches were deserving of recognition, respect and fair wages and asked for Madden’s help in forming an organization of their own. “He did a great job of presenting it,” Madden remembers. “He said, ‘I know you’re doing well here at Texas, but there are coaches out here making $12,000 [annually].” The longtime-Longhorn coach could hardly believe what he was hearing, and immediately jumped on board to serve on the original CSCCa Board of Directors. His leadership, including his time as president from 2009-2016, has helped add value to strength and conditioning coaches everywhere, and in far more meaningful ways than just their salary. Since the CSCCa was founded, Madden says every year the organization has emphasized making young strength and conditioning coaches feel welcome, and encouraging them to add their voice to the conversation. Over time, this approach has yielded more and more value by adding a wealth of new ideas from coaches with vastly different backgrounds and perspectives. “I had my first job at 21, and now 37 years later, I’m one of the old guys. Now I’m a senior advisor. I’m getting old,”

Madden says with a laugh. “I’ve sat in the meetings with athletic directors, on different councils, on the President’s Council on Minority Affairs. I’ve been blessed to be a part of many things that enhanced our athletic programs.” Madden stands with scores of other CSCCa member coaches across the country who have been leading the charge on making athletics better, not just for themselves, or their sport – but for athletes everywhere. Their process is simple, but requires diversity, inclusion and a lack of ego. For Madden, the steps that lead to better coaches, athletes and athletics as a whole remain the same. Form committees. Talk about new ideas. Bring new concepts forward. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Lend an ear and open mind to someone who differs from you. Perhaps this approach won’t make you a coach who revolutionizes programming for generations to come. Maybe there won’t be a paradigm shift because of your research or philosophy. But every step along the way helps to make the path for others easier to traverse — and that means something. In the end, regardless of what coaches do to further the profession, Madden encourages them to keep their focus on the task at hand of maximizing athletic performance within their athletes. There is no simpler step that can be taken by the individual coach or the CSCCa as a whole that will have a more positive impact. “Little things make a big difference, but we can never forget that the hard work needs to be done,” Madden says. “The athletes have to be ready for competition and if they aren’t, it will show when you play a good team.”

16 | Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches association | CSCCa.org | CSCCaMonthly.com


ROB OVIATT CSCCa President 2004–2009

No Guarantees, Just Vision And Good People Rob Oviatt, pictured far right

If an athletic director wanted to hire a strength and conditioning coach around the turn of the millennium, and the coach told them they were certified by the CSCCa, the coach would have been met with a really puzzled look. In 1999, the CSCCa wasn’t a leader in strength and conditioning. It wasn’t an ally and advocate for full-time collegiate strength and conditioning coaches everywhere. It wasn’t a superior choice for athletic performance coaching certification. It didn’t, in fact, exist. Rob Oviatt, CSCCa President from 2004-2009, doesn’t take this reality for granted. As one of the founding members of the organization, he knows that despite what it may seem like today, the CSCCa had to beat extremely long odds to become the gold standard in the profession that it is today. “In the early years, there was no guarantee that it would succeed at all,” Oviatt says. “There were a bunch of us who wanted to see it succeed and had a vision for something better for our profession.” The vision, Oviatt will be first to tell you, started with Dr. Chuck Stiggins, who organized the small group of founding members into a team that would change the profession, and as a result, all of college athletics, forever. As good leaders tend to do, his vision quickly spread to the others, and they were unified in making that vision become a reality. But how does a small group of individuals, even with the clearest of pictures about what they are trying to achieve, find success among an ocean of challenges, pitfalls and setbacks? “Like any organization, you’re only as good as the people in it,” Oviatt says. “We were very fortunate to have some great leadership and some very passionate strength coaches who love this profession and wanted to see if they could do anything to make it better.” From the founding board, to the newest member today, the strength of the CSCCa has been and will continue to be its members. No genius idea or can’t-miss marketing strategy

could ever carry an organization to such heights — at least, not when the stakes are about so much more than the bottom line. To be great in this business, the coaching business, takes a lot of people who are driven by a love for their athletes and a desire to give of themselves selflessly. These are the values, Oviatt says, that set CSCCa members apart. “It’s always been a struggle in a lot of ways, but a struggle that everyone embraced because they were doing it for the right reasons,” he says. The loyalty CSCCa members have to one another, the friendships they have forged, the humility and sense of teamwork they display, the mutual trust and respect they regularly demonstrate for one another — these are the reasons why the CSCCa has continued to move the profession forward for the last two decades. What’s even more amazing, the members of this unique organization do it all with limited opportunities to interact and see each other face-to-face. Such is the special bond they share. Such is the passion they have for giving the best to their student-athletes. “Ninety-five percent of the strength and conditioning coaches in this country don’t see each other except after certain competitions or at the conference,” Oviatt says. “When you get to the conference and you haven’t seen someone in a year, it’s always amazing how things pick up like you haven’t even been apart.” For Oviatt personally, he knows the profession is everchanging, but says the organization stands ready to evolve with the profession to serve the needs of coaches everywhere. The vision hasn’t changed, and while the faces and names of the membership certainly have, their character and spirit continue to show unlimited potential for what’s still to come. “I wouldn’t trade it for anything,” Oviatt says. “It’s turned out to be just an outstanding organization, and in my opinion, it gets better every year.”

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MIKE CLARK CSCCa President 2001–2004

With All Due Respect Mike Clark, pictured center

Mike Clark well remembers the early days. He remembers the hopeful uncertainty of daring to start a new organization specifically for full-time collegiate strength and conditioning coaches. He remembers the feeling of donning the Master Strength and Conditioning Coach jacket for the first time. He even remembers that fateful hot air balloon ride over Park City, Utah, in July of 2000, resulting in a bumpy landing, as well as a pair of split pants for one unlucky original CSCCa board member. Clark served as CSCCa President during the pivotal years of 2001 to 2004, and as he recalls, the balloon landing wasn’t the only early turbulence the organization withstood. During the implementation of the practical exam protocol, for example, Clark remembers coaches having some strong opinions about what was the best way forward — opinions that weren’t always easy to unify. “I wouldn’t say heated, but there were some very tense discussions,” Clark says. “I think that’s still present today. I hope it’s still as strong as it was back then.” Of course, CSCCa leadership eventually did find consensus on the practical exam protocol, which has changed precious little over the lifetime of the organization and remains one of Clark’s proudest accomplishments. But perhaps even more impressive is the spirit and attitude of humility and respect that led to this landmark accomplishment, and many others just like it. It’s a common punchline for the worst insults to be notso-cleverly disguised with the preemptive phrase, “With all due respect.” Essentially, when one hears this phrase, what follows is usually neither pleasant nor productive. In the case of the leaders who formed the foundations of the CSCCa, all due respect was not a punchline, as they were brave enough to speak their minds with unpopular

opinions, yet humble enough to listen to the views of the other board members with an open mind. The respect and humility they showed still serves as an example for how young strength and conditioning coaches should strive to move forward together. The fruits of their labor was an organization with both unyielding core principles and a structure that lends itself to constant evolution. “There were a few sparks flying and iron really does sharpen iron,” Clark says. “But that’s okay, it was done in a very judicious and respectful way, and we all became better because of it. “You never find a compromise from a weak person. You never find consideration from a very weak person. Everyone there had the ability to listen, and to compromise, and to take someone else’s opinion and to value it.” Even in those first meetings back in Park City, there was no celebration of unanimous agreement going on behind closed doors. Clark describes discussions comprised much more of hard work and the utmost attention to detail. “Those meetings were long and grueling.” he says. “We would lock ourselves in a room for eight, nine, ten hours a day. “We were trying to be so thorough and discuss every aspect of what might come up. We wanted to make the association bulletproof, so to speak, so that it could stand the test of time.” And stand the test of time, it has. Twenty years and countless equally careful deliberations later, the mutual respect of the top collegiate strength and conditioning coaches in the country has yielded an association that has earned all of the respect an organization of its caliber is due. Even more importantly, the CSCCa has elevated the level of respect for its member coaches, and the profession as a whole, on a massive scale.

20 | Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches association | CSCCa.org | CSCCaMonthly.com


DR. CHUCK STIGGINS CSCCa Founder and First President

A Home For The Strength And Conditioning Coach Dr. Chuck Stiggins, pictured second from the right

Twenty years. What an accomplishment. It would be impressive enough to build an organization from nothing and survive for two decades, but the CSCCa has not only survived, it has thrived, growing and improving year over year. For founder, inaugural president and current Executive Director Dr. Chuck Stiggins, the true measure of the association’s success aligns with the ultimate goal of the founding members — to create a home for full-time collegiate strength and conditioning coaches that meets their unique needs. After 20 years of doing precisely that, with no one else even trailing as a distant second, the CSCCa has accomplished its goal. “This organization was built by strength and conditioning coaches, for strength and conditioning coaches,” Stiggins says. “In the last 20 years, the strength and conditioning coach has gone from the cellar to the very top of the heap.” The truth behind those words can be witnessed within athletic programs everywhere. When the CSCCa was founded, the strength and conditioning coach was on the verge of being swept under the purview of other departments. Now, some of the most influential head sport coaches choose their strength and conditioning coach before filling any other role on staff. This is due in no small part to the three-pronged certification approach of the CSCCa, which imbues its member coaches with tremendous value. The internship program gives coaches an opportunity to gain invaluable experience under the watchful eye of a certified mentor. The written exam forces coaches to demonstrate their understanding of the science of athletic performance, and the practical exam challenges them to show they can apply it in a real world environment. Fuse these elements together under the guidance of the Master Strength and Conditioning Coach (MSCC), and CSCCa member coaches exemplify the consummate professional.

“We knew we needed to bridge the gap between the weight room and the classroom,” Stiggins says. “Establishing our SCCC certification was huge, but the Master Strength and Conditioning Coach is the best of the best. Our veterans not only teach practical lessons to young coaches, they teach them all of the intangibles of the business.” Few people on this earth could lay claim to the sort of transformative influence Dr. Chuck Stiggins and his wife Becky have had on the strength and conditioning coaching profession. With nothing more than a vision of what could be, they pulled a team of coaches together with countless phone calls, emails and campus visits, and set out on this 20-year mission to educate, unify and earn respect for the profession. They will be the first to admit how absolutely critical the support of the MSCCs has been over the years. From the original board of directors to the current board, Stiggins describes them as “great men and women” and “true professionals” who have been the backbone of the association since the beginning. Together, all of their efforts have resulted in an organization like no other for coaches to call their own. Education remains a priority, the members stay unified in their common goal while also becoming more diverse and nuanced in their background and experiences, and the respect for what it means to be a strength and conditioning coach has never been higher. “Everything we’ve done within this organization is to make a better life for the strength and conditioning coaches and their families,” Stiggins says. “We want to make sure that every one of us is treated exactly the same, as first-class citizens. “This profession and this organization, there aren’t words to describe it. I love it with all my heart and my soul. I’m grateful to have had this opportunity to help people and move the profession forward.”

22 | Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches association | CSCCa.org | CSCCaMonthly.com


May, 2000 First Meeting at Circus Circus Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada July, 2000 Ten Original Board Members Meet in Salt Lake City, Utah; Dr. Chuck Stiggins Elected to Serve as First CSCCa President; Organizational Meetings Held in Park City, Utah

2002 Practical Exam First Administered 2nd CSCCa Annual National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah

July 23, 2000 Official Launch of CSCCa

2000 2000 Board Members Began Developing 3- Part Certification Program 1. Practicum Internship Program (Booklet) 2. Scientific Written Exam 3. The Practical/ Oral Exam Written Certification Committee Organized to Develop the Written Scientific Exam


2002 2001 Written Exam Developed and Administered Inaugural CSCCa Annual National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah

2005 MSCC Ring Offered John Stucky Award Implemented



2004 Stacey Torman Becomes First Female MSCC

2007 Legends in the Field Award Established



2006 Membership Expands to Include Professional Strength and Conditioning Coaches

Unveiling of the MSCC Seal Induction of First MSCC Class 640 Hour Practicum/ Internship Program Implemented

Named the Certification: “Strength and Conditioning Coach Certified” and Developed SCCC Seal Developed the “Master Strength and Conditioning Coach” Title of Distinction MSCC Ring Conceptualized CSCCa Website Launched

24 | Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches association | CSCCa.org | CSCCaMonthly.com

January, 2009 Don Decker, MSCC and Scott Bennett, MSCC Speak Before NCAA Safety In Football Taskforce Committee

2008 2008 CSCCa Annual National Conference Moves to Nashville, Tenn.




Vol. 1, No. 1





Vol. 2, No. 1

May 2016

May 2017



May 2018

Vol. 4, No. 1


2011 Accreditation Preparation for SCCC Certification Begins

Kathy Crowe-Wagner, MSCC Director of Strength and Conditioning, University of Texas-Arlington

5. Education Board

10-Year Anniversary Celebration at Annual National Conference in Orlando, Florida

CSCCa National Conference Guide And Member Directory_2017_Singles.indd 1


2018 CSCCa NATIONAL CONFERENCE GUIDE | pg 20–34 4/12/17 8:28 PM

Computerized Testing for the Written Portion of the SCCC Exam Implemented

6. CEU Program

2010 First CSCCa Position Statement Implemented: Drug Position Statement

4/11/16 12:09 AM

Inaugural National Conference Guide and Member Directory Published

4. Practical Exam Committee


Joey Batson, MSCC, Director of Strength & Conditioning, Clemson University

CSCCa_Guide_Directory_2018_Singles.indd 1

4/10/18 7:46 PM

CSCCa_Guide_Directory_2019_Singles.indd 1

4/9/19 8:14 PM

2016 CSCCa partners with Three Cycle Media to Launch CSCCa Magazine, the Official National Conference Guide and Membership Directory of the CSCCa, and the CSCCa Monthly Email Newsletter

3. Certification Commission

CSCCa Facebook Account Created


MINDSET — Kansas City, Missouri —

2. Policies and Procedures Manual

CSCCa Position Statement: Staff-to-Athlete Ratio Recommendations


Walt Disney World Coronado Springs Convention Center Buena Vista, Florida

1. SCCC Candidate Handbook



Scott Sinclair, MSCC Director of Strength & Conditioning University of Georgia


2016 CSCCA NATIONAL CONFERENCE GUIDE | pg 18–35 CSCCa National Conference Guide And Member Directory_2016_SinglePages 1

Certification Documents, Committees, and Programs Developed:





Featuring Ethan Reeve, MSCC

CSCCa President & Assistant Director of Athletics/ Sports Performance, Wake Forest University

May 2019

2013 Hammer Strength Partners with the CSCCa to Create the All American Athlete Award


2012 MF Athletic/Perform Better Partners with the CSCCa to Create the Lance Vermeil Scholarship Award

CSCCa Position Statement: Sickle Cell Trait in the Athlete



2014 NCCA Accreditation for SCCC Certification Awarded Developed Performance Team Model Committee Recommendations CSCCa Twitter Account Created

2018 CSCCa Joins CREP and SCCC Certificants Become Part of USREPS Directory Eleiko Partners with the CSCCa to Add a Second Recipient (Female) of the Lance Vermeil Scholarship Award

2017 2017 Gatorade, a Founding Partner and Platinum Level Sponsor, Partners with the CSCCa to Create The Gatorade CSCCa Young Achievement Award


2019 June, 2019 The CSCCa/NSCA Joint Consensus Document: Safe Return to Training Following Inactivity, Is Published 2019 Health and Safety CEU Requirement Implemented November, 2019 The CSCCa Textbook, The Professional’s Guide to Strength and Conditioning, Is Published

Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches association | CSCCa.org | CSCCaMonthly.com | 25

2020 MSCC INDUCTEES Master Strength & Conditioning Coach (MSCC) | Class of 2020



Began Coaching: 2005

Began Coaching: 2002

Certifications: SCCC, CSCS, USAW-1

Certifications: SCCC, CSCS

Education: B.S. in Exercise Science, Bloomsburg University, M.S. in Sports Management, SUNY Cortland

Education: B.S. in Recreation and Leisure Studies with Emphasis in Health and Wellness, Missouri State University

Has Worked With: Football, men’s basketball, women’s basketball, wrestling, softball, baseball, track & field, field hockey, women’s rowing, men’s tennis.

Has Worked With: Football, baseball, softball, tennis, golf and women’s field hockey.

Current Position: Associate Director of Athletics for Strength and Conditioning at Cornell University

Current Position: Senior Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at Texas Christian University



Began Coaching: 2003

Began Coaching: 1994

Certifications: SCCC, CSCS, USAW-1

Certifications: SCCC, USAW-1

Education: B.S. in Kinesiology – Health Promotion and Fitness, University of Texas at Austin, M.Ed., Prairie View A&M

Education: B.S. in Criminal Justice, Marshall University

Has Worked With: Football, men’s basketball, soccer, track & field, baseball, lacrosse, field hockey, tennis, volleyball, golf, softball, cheer

Has Worked With: Football, baseball, softball, lacrosse, field hockey, basketball, volleyball, track & field and golf. Current Position: Director of Strength and Conditioning at University of Southern Mississippi

Current Position: Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning at Ohio State University



Began Coaching: 1988

Began Coaching: 1999

Certifications: SCCC, CSCS, NASM P.E.S. and C.E.S., Gray Institute CAFS and FSST, FMS Level 1 and YBT RPR Level 1 and 2, YMCA Strength Coach and Physical Fitness Specialist

Certifications: SCCC, CSCS

Education: B.S. in Health and Fitness, Springfield College, M.S., Physical Education, University of Rhode Island Has Worked With: Football, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, track & field, swimming, wrestling, and Olympic sports.

Education: B.S. in Kinesiology, James Madison University, M.S. in Exercise Science, University of Mississippi Has Worked With: Football, basketball, soccer, women’s volleyball, women’s tennis, swimming & diving, track & field, wrestling, women’s field hockey and baseball. Current Position: Director of Strength and Conditioning at the Virginia Military Institute

Current Position: Strength and Conditioning Coach at Saint John’s University



Began Coaching: 2006

Began Coaching: 2007

Certifications: SCCC, USAW-1

Certifications: SCCC

Education: B.S. in Business Administration, Oklahoma State University

Education: B.S. in Business Economics and Human Biology, Brown University, M.S. in Administration, Central Michigan University

Has Worked With: Football, men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s tennis and men’s and women’s golf. Current Position: Director of Football Strength and Conditioning at the University of South Florida

Has Worked With: Oversees all 42 varsity sports at Harvard, and works with several sports including football, basketball, women’s ice hockey, volleyball, men’s tennis, golf, water polo and wresting. Current Position: Director of Strength and Conditioning at Harvard University

26 | Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches association | CSCCa.org | CSCCaMonthly.com

2020 MSCC INDUCTEES Master Strength & Conditioning Coach (MSCC) | Class of 2020



Began Coaching: 2002

Began Coaching: 2001

Certifications: SCCC, CSCS, USAW-1

Certifications: SCCC, CSCS, CSNC

Education: B.S. in Interdisciplinary Social Science, Michigan State University, M.B.A., Tiffin University, Ph.D. in Education of Sports Management, United States Sports Academy

Education: B.S. in Communication and M.S. in Management, University of Alabama

Has Worked With: Football, tennis, basketball, women’s volleyball, soccer, track & field, cross country, baseball, softball, and cheer.

Has Worked With: Football. Current Position: Senior Assistant S&C Coach at Clemson University

Current Position: Associate Head Strength and Conditioning Coach/Director of Player Enrichment at Michigan State University



Began Coaching: 2005

Began Coaching: 2004

Certifications: SCCC, CSCS

Certifications: SCCC

Education: B.S. in Kinesiology, University of North Texas, 2002, M.Ed. in Sports Science and Nutrition, University of Texas, 2005

Education: B.S. in Business Administration, Kansas State University, M.S. in Athletic Administration, Northwest Missouri State University

Has Worked With: Women’s basketball, baseball, swimming & diving, women’s tennis, softball, football, and men’s golf.

Has Worked With: Football, baseball, volleyball, women’s basketball, women’s soccer, women’s swimming, golf, tennis and track & field.

Current Position: Director of Athletics Performance for Women’s Basketball at Baylor University

Current Position: Strength and Conditioning Assistant at Oklahoma State University

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28 | Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches association | CSCCa.org | CSCCaMonthly.com

2020 MSCC INDUCTEES Master Strength & Conditioning Coach (MSCC) | Class of 2020



Began Coaching: 1993

Began Coaching: 2004


Certifications: SCCC, CSCS

Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts, B.A. in Art History, M.S. in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Sports Psychology, Indiana University Has Worked With: Soccer, women’s basketball, women’s volleyball, tennis, swimming, track & field, cross country, rowing, gymnastics and softball. Current Position: Director of Strength and Conditioning for Olympic Sports at the University of Georgia

Education: B.A. in Physical Education, Lindenwood University, Masters in Sports Administration, Belmont University Has Worked With: Basketball, soccer, tennis, swimming, cross country, track & field, golf, baseball, softball and volleyball. Current Position: Director of Sports Performance at the University of Missouri-St. Louis



Began Coaching: 2006

Began Coaching: 2001

Certifications: SCCC

Certifications: SCCC, CSCS

Education: B.S., Exercise Specialist, Hofstra University, Master of Liberal Studies, Stony Brook University

Education: B.A. in Physical Education, Lee University, M.S. in Health and Physical Education, Virginia Tech University

Has Worked With: Baseball, basketball, cross country, field hockey, football, golf, lacrosse, rowing, soccer, softball, swimming & diving, tennis, track & field and women’s volleyball.

Has Worked With: All Olympic sports, football and basketball. Current Position: Lecturer, Radford University

Current Position: Retired

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Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches association | CSCCa.org | CSCCaMonthly.com | 29

2020 MSCC INDUCTEES Master Strength & Conditioning Coach (MSCC) | Class of 2020



Began Coaching: 2002

Began Coaching: 1990

Certifications: SCCC, CSCS, USAW-1, RPR-1

Certifications: SCCC

Education: B.S. in Health Fitness, Central Michigan University, M.S. in Kinesiology, Michigan State University

Education: Bachelor’s, University of Rochester, Master’s in Applied Physiology, Columbia University

Has Worked With: Baseball, softball, volleyball, soccer, women’s tennis, women’s gymnastics, women’s track & field, women’s cross country, women’s rowing, field hockey, swimming & diving, women’s water polo and women’s golf.

Has Worked With: All 31 teams at Columbia, including football, baseball, basketball, tennis, swimming & diving and wrestling. Current Position: Director of Strength and Conditioning at Columbia University

Current Position: Director of Strength and Conditioning/Olympic Sports at Michigan State University



Began Coaching: 2001

Began Coaching: 2006

Certifications: SCCC, CSCS, USAW-1, USATF-1

Certifications: SCCC, CSCS, TPI-Level 3

Education: B.S. in Sports Science, University of Central Missouri

Education: B.S. Sports Management, West Virginia University; M.S. Exercise Physiology, West Chester University

Has Worked With: Football, basketball, softball, baseball, cross country, track & field, soccer, volleyball, lacrosse, field hockey, swimming & diving and water polo.

Has Worked With: Basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, soccer, baseball, softball, track & field, field hockey, swimming & diving and golf.

Current Position: Director of Strength and Conditioning at East Central University (Oklahoma)

Current Position: Assistant Athletic Director of Olympic Sports Performance at Temple University



Began Coaching: 2005

Began Coaching: 2008

Certifications: SCCC

Certifications: SCCC, FMS, USA Powerlifting, RPR-1

Education: B.A. in Sports Administration, New Mexico Highlands University

Education: B.S. in Sport Management and M.S. in Physical Education, Winthrop University

Has Worked With: Football, track & field.

Has Worked With: Softball, women’s basketball, women’s soccer, golf, track & field, women’s tennis and football.

Current Position: Performance Consultant

Current Position: Director Of Olympic Sports for Speed, Strength and Conditioning at Coastal Carolina University

JOHN PATRICK Began Coaching: 1999 Certifications: SCCC, CSCS, RSCC*D, TSAC-F, USAW-1, FMS-1 Education: B.S. in Exercise Science, Mount Union College, M.S. in Kinesiology, Georgia Southern University Has Worked With: Football, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, swimming &diving, tennis, golf, rowing, rifle, track & field, cross country and cheer. Current Position: Associate Director of Sports Performance for Olympic Sports at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte

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Board Of Directors

Ethan Reeve The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga CSCCa President

Executive Director

Stacey Torman University of Alabama, Birmingham CSCCa Vice President

Ed Ellis University of Arkansas

Mickey Marotti Ohio State University

Ken Mannie Michigan State University

Chris Doyle University of Iowa

Joey Batson Clemson University

Nate Moe South Dakota State University

Rob Glass Oklahoma State University

Kathy Wagner University of Texas at Arlington

Education Board

Dr. Chuck Stiggins Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches association (CSCCa)

Dr. Thomas Nesser, Ph.D. Education Board Chairman Indiana State University

Brent Wilson, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.C.C. University of Utah

Julian Bailes, M.D. University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine

Rob Oviatt

Ron Courson, ATC, PT, NREMT-I, CSCS University of Georgia

Dr. Chuck Stiggins, Ed. D. Exercise Science Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches association

Jeffery Willardson, Ph.D. Montana State University Billings

Dr. Declan AJ Connolly, Ph.D. University of Vermont

George M. Rodgers, III, M.D., Ph.D. University of Utah Health Sciences Center

Jed Weber, M.D. Specialty Neurology Laser Spine Institute

Certification Commission

Special Advisors

Jeff Madden

Don Decker New Mexico State University

E.J. “Doc” Kreis

Al Johnson

Scott Swanson, MSCC Certification Commission Chair US Military Academy

Larry Greenlee, MSCC Certification Commission Vice Chair Clemson University

Michelle Diltz, MSCC James Lathrop, MSCC Secretary Illinois State University University of Alabama

Jami Clinton, MSCC University of Texas at Dallas

Tanna Burge, SCCC Texas A&M University

Lynn Gilbert, Public Member Certified Public Accountant

Dr. Robert Wilson Montana State University

Dr. Paul House Oklahoma Christian University

Dr. Chuck Ruot Hardin Simmons University

Montgomery Gibson, MSCC Cleveland Browns

Daniel Roose Virginia Commonwealth University

Michael Doscher, MSCC Valdosta State University

Written Exam Committee

Dr. Pat Eisenman University of Utah

Dr. Brent Feland Brigham Young University

Dr. Michael Waller Arkansas Tech University

Dr. Mike Iosia Lee University

Dr. Jeff Godin Fitchburg State University

Dr. Tony Caterisano Furman University

Dr. Jason Miller Oklahoma City University

Dr. Beau Greer Sacred Heart University

Dr. Tyler Williams Samford University

Dr. John P. Wagle Kansas City Royals

Dr. Christopher Taber Sacred Heart University

Dr. Timothy Piper Western Illinois University

Dr. Christopher Bellon LaGrange College

Dr. Kristen Ouellette Springfield College

Dr. Eric Sobolewski Furman University

Dr. Andreas Stamatis SUNY Plattsburgh

Corliss Fingers, MSCC Bethune-Cookman University

Bill Maxwell, MSCC University of Iowa

David VanDyke, MSCC Rutgers University

Practical Exam Committee

Darren Edgington, MSCC John Stephanski, MSCC Vanderbilt University University of Western Kentucky

Kelly Powers University of Cincinnati

Bennie Wylie, MSCC University of Oklahoma

Scott Sinclair, MSCC University of Georgia

Matthew Jennings, MSCC Scott Brincks, MSCC Xavier University University of Richmond

Angeline Michael Schweigert, Brambley-Moyer, MSCC MSCC Princeton University Northwestern University

Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches association | CSCCa.org | CSCCaMonthly.com | 31

2020 CSCCA | Exhibitor Recognition

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2020 CSCCA | Exhibitor Recognition

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2020 CSCCa Anniversary Edition & Member Directory  

2020 CSCCa Anniversary Edition & Member Directory