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BIRTHED IN THE PAGES OF ASHLEY WOOD’S POPBOT. THEY FACE DEATH FROM STEEL, BUT DO NOT KNOW HOW TO SAY HELLO. TODAY’S PRINCES, TOMORROW’S KINGS. Genetically bred autistic warriors who cannot dress themselves, but can shear off a robot’s head with nary a thought. Youthful looks combined with enemy bloodshed. Alone, even though their brothers number in the millions. Designers of high-end fashion and urban streetwear saw the perfect chance to commercialize their garments by sponsoring these agile and fearless warriors.

BLEAK MISSION HAS GONE MISSING AND IT’S UP TO HIS SON, THE EMO OF ADVENTURE, TOMMY MISSION TO FIND HIM. Recruited by Fighting JC, together they set to destroy the abominations plaguing the world of New Andria by any means necessary. The seemingly immortal Little Shadow lets Tommy call her his girlfriend from time to time before kicking him in the jacobs. Zombs, Robots, Ghosts, Mumbs, and who knows what else roam the streets. Using their fists to give vision to the blind. The Adventure Kartel. The Adventure Continues With You!

ROBOTS ARE THE PREFERRED WEAPON OF CHOICE ON THE BATTLEFIELD. The sole provider of the mechanical armaments on all sides of the conflict, Darwin Rothchild, orchestrates the war from his Moonbase. NOM de Plume and his brethren of unparallelled strength, a cult army known as N.O.M, seek to cleanse the world from Rothchild’s control. N.O.M succeed in destroying the lunar haven. Rothchild survives. The war has evolved, and so must he.

SHE SPREADS HER WINGS AND EVENFALL FELL. HER CHILDREN LAUGHED AND DESCENDED TO PLAY. THE DISCORDIAN SOCIETY HAS NO DEFINITION. Let us share this virtue and begin anew. For a few, asteroids represent the biggest threat to mankind. These few have come together to form T-O-T-E-M to be Earth’s first line of defence. Their mission to investigate and eradicate the interstellar horrors invading our solar system.

A EURO NYMPH WITH A TALENT FOR RETELLING EVERY SORDID TALE SHE EVER LIVED. The World of Isobelle Pascha titillate and stimulate even the most prudent of the prim. Join Isobelle along with her precocious pals Lizbeth Paramour and Miyu as they share more than just adventures with each other.

PARADE WHERE FASHION AND FABLES ENTWINE. WEAVING YARNS OF MISCHIEF, MAYHEM, AND MUSIC. The dramatis personae of Parade are set to steal your heart - well maybe just your delicates. Ashley Wood & friends collaborate to craft together unique stories and distinctly stylish characters. One-off tales of shoe thieves, duos destined for Hell, runway models and more.

BEING THE ADVENTURES OF KITTY, A TALKING ROCK-STAR CAT, HIS MYSTERIOUS BIOMECHANICAL BODYGUARD POPBOT, AND EVERYBODY IN THE UNIVERSE HE’S EVER PISSED OFF. With the invention of the Ion Engine, man is able to traverse the multiverse, but with it came monsters. Time is in continual flux. Dreams and reality intertwine. The world is overtaken by the Mortis, former sex bots set on enslaving the humans who used and abused them. Lady Sham awakens to hunt the devilish Mr Bridger. Andy Warhol clones host chat shows. Sock Puppet Gangsters. Blind Cowboys. Elvis Ronin. And a Punk King who fights steel with flesh.

WE CREATE WORLDS 3A is a toy, publishing and entertainment company founded in 2008 by Kim Fung Wong and Ashley Wood and has become known around the world for its incredibly detailed 1/6th and 1/12th Scale Collectible Figures from Ashley Wood’s Popbot, Tomorrow Kings, World War Robot, Adventure Kartel, Evenfall, String Divers and Isobelle Pascha properties. Over the past eight years, 3A has extended its award-winning design and production techniques towards licensed properties for Valve, Konami’s Metal Gear Solid as well as a series of 1/6th Scale Figures from Bungie’s Destiny franchise. For 2016 and beyond Ashley Wood will be continuing his signature style on the classic Marvel heroes and villains as well as debuting his interpretation of DC’s iconic line-up in the new Steel Age 1/6th Scale series. In addition 3A will also be bringing their collective vision towards the beloved Generation 1 Transformers characters.

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3A - A5 Booklet - Volume 01  

3A - A5 Booklet - Volume 01  

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