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FOREWORD New Life Medical and Educational Trust (NLMET) actively participates in the task of reshaping and empowering the lives of people affected by poverty in our cities. It was founded in 1982 in response to the overwhelming need and with a clear aim to help meet the Housing, Employment, Education and Healthcare needs in our city of Mumbai. India today is the world’s largest democracy, the fourth largest economy and the largest English speaking nation in the world. However, alongside this emerging new nation lies within its embrace a nation of marginalized people. I came to Mumbai in 1949 as a homeless orphan aged 18. Living in the lonely gutters of Mumbai’s streets, I taught myself to read and write, found meaningful employment and went on to co-found New Life Fellowship. New Life has grown to a church in Mumbai with over 50,000 members and actively supports the work of NLMET. I passionately believe, India’s street children have the capacity to be the future leaders of the nation. Dr S Joseph President and Founder New Life Medical and Educational Trust

MUMBAI CITY Mumbai, which was previously known as Bombay is the commercial capital of India. It is also the state capital of Maharashtra. Mumbai is a teeming cosmopolitan city with around 18 million people. There are 17,450 slum communities in Mumbai. A slum is an overcrowded area of a city in which the housing, sanitation, education and basic amenities is typically in very bad condition. HIV/AIDS is a growing social/medical crisis in the slums. As facilities in the slums are very limited and sanitation is poor, women have to be creative to wash and dry their clothes. Water is only supplied at certain times during the day, usually in the early hours of the morning. Women have to be organised and either store water for the day’s work or finish the majority of their work when the water comes to their homes. There are around 5.6 million children currently living in the slums of Mumbai.

STREET CHILDREN Around 100,000 children in Mumbai alone are homeless and living on the streets. Many of them live and work on the street and lack access to a route out of their poverty. They still have a dream. Statistics reveal that India has 17 million child labourers, the highest in the world. Mumbai alone has an estimated 60,000 children between 5 - 14 years in domestic work and 80,000 between 14 - 18 years according to the National Sample Survey.

NEW LIFE FELLOWSHIP IN MUMBAI Our key objectives are educating children from the slum areas in the city, providing the children with one nutritious meal per day, teaching children hygiene and providing them with a bridging education that assists them gain entry into the mainstream schools.

SUPPORT CLASSES School drop out rates are very high for those slum children who are fortunate enough to be in mainstream education. In order to help reduce the drop out rate we provide support classes that tutor the children after school hours. This facilitates them remaining in education.

NUTRITIOUS MEALS Mid-day meals are provided to the children that attend our programs. They are taught to eat with a spoon and are given a different meal each day. A dietician is consulted in order to provide the children with nutritious healthy meals. For many of them this would be their only meal of the day.

MEDICAL ASSISTANCE 5,470 children currently attend our programs across Mumbai. Many of them require medical intervention which their family are unable to fund. We seek to help them obtain the necessary funding and treatment. Three year old Faisal attends the Balwaadi at Bandra East. He shares his little home with four generations. His great grandmother, grandmother, mum & dad, uncle & aunt and their children all live in the little home. Young Faisal has a condition where his heart is pumping all the bad blood into his system. He needs an operation so only the good blood will circulate.

AIDS/HIV AWARENESS & TESTING India today oscillates with South Africa as the nation with the highest number of HIV positive people. AIDS/HIV is especially prevalent in the slum areas and is an area of growing concern. In February 2009, Zindagi Samaaj together with World Vision organised a camp to raise awareness of AIDS/HIV. Many people presented and consented to get tested.

SOME OF OUR SUCCESS STORIES Agnel Jones & his brother Cristo Jonty started off at New Life Education School. Agnel is completing his Engineering Degree and wants to do his MBA. Christo is in the first year of a diploma in Telecommunications & Video Engineering and is keen to finish with a degree specialising in Telecommuniciations. Both boys are pictured with their Mum and sister. R.D.Minila Praiselin & her sister R.D.Jenila Gospelin both studied for three years at New Life Education School in Dharavi. Jenila is now studying commerce and wants to complete her MBA. She is keen to work in the banking sector. Minila is going to start her commerce degree next year and also wants to complete her MBA. She is keen to pursue marketing.

MORE SUCCESS STORIES Prathiba and her sister Maria Renuka also started at New Life Education School in Dharavi. Prathiba is currently studying towards a Diploma in Education. She wants to be a teacher. Maria is studying Science and is in her second year of junior college. Her goal is to work as a homeopathic doctor. These young adults are a fantastic testimony to the powerful influence of a great school. Each young adult spoke with great fondness of their early education at New Life Education School.

Vision 20-20

Mumbai is a city with 18 million people. 70% of whom live in 17,450 slum communities. Our Vision 20:20 is to serve 100,000 children across the city by establishing 10 children’s centres in each of the 100 postal codes. Each centre would serve 100 children. We currently serve 5,450 children across the city of Mumbai. We believe every child is special and with the right support, has the ability to achieve their individual potential. The children of Mumbai need our support and belief in their intrinsic worth. Thank you for your partnership with us in making change happen. Naomi Joseph Hendricks

New Life Medical and educational trust CTS 1721, Opp.Eskay Club, New Link Road, Eksar, Borivili (W), Mumbai 400091 Maharashtra, India Phone: +91-22- 28980335/0315 Email:

New Life In The Slums Of Mumbai  
New Life In The Slums Of Mumbai  

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