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ENTERTAINMENT/ TALENT/ SCENE READERSHIP 18-30 years of age 40% of Chico’s population.

TARGET MARKET Joe and Jane Thread are involved, but perhaps uninformed residents of Northern California. Educated, active, busy, and philanthropic. Fashionable, social, and guilty of claiming “there’s nothing to do” on a Friday night.

MISSION STATEMENT The mission of THREAD is to showcase and develop talent in Northern California through a network of venues, artists, entertainers, and entrepreneurs. Additionally, serves as a social calendar for the community with up-to-date listings of events, reminders, and ticket providers. PRODUCT Thread Magazine is an online publication connecting communities by common threads of interests and events. Articles feature local talent with an emphasis on Entertaiment, entrepreneurship, performing and non-performing arts, as well as discovered and undiscovered places, people, and stories. In addition, serves as a local ticket provider to connect entertainment vendors to an expanding online market.

COMPETITION Printed publications include Synthesis, Chico News & Review, The Orion, Get Fit, and Upstate Business Journal.

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DIFFERENTIATION Kinetic advertisement space engages read • Free online subscription and RSS feed. ers with images, sound, and motion. • Affordable advertising starting at $158. Real data of readership provided as quar • Continuous advertising through thread- terly results analysis to advertisers. archives. Online readership remains consistent dur • Interactive advertising links thread ing seasonal fluctuations in Chico’s popula to sponsored websites. tion. A percentage of each convenience charge at THREAD’S Ticket Spool is given back to support local school programs and chart ENTERTAINMENT/TALENT/SCENE able causes. 633 Orange St. #5 Chico, CA 95928 (530)424-8624




Dining Guide 6 month advertisement

Standard Listing, $250.00 • Name of Business • Like or Dislike Rating  Business Address  Telephone Number  Link to Website Classic Listing, $500.00 • Name of Business • Like or Dislike Rating • Business Address • Telephone Number • Link to Website  Logo  Google map and directions  4 images (outside, inside, 2 dishes) Premiere Listing, $1000.00 • Name of Business • Like or Dislike Rating • Business Address • Telephone Number • Link to Website • Logo • Google map and directions  pdf menu  15 second kinetic ad  6 images (outside, inside, 4 dishes)  Coupon code


633 Orange St. #5 Chico, CA 95928 (530)424-8624


(1) Issue $540 $280 $195 $158


(3) Issues $504 $245 $158 $137

(6) Issues (12) Issues $432 $396 $173 $158 $137 $122 $122 $86

$895 $324

$648 $288

Banner Full Page

$648 $288

Half Page


ADVERTISING DESIGN Page There is no charge for basic advertising design and production. Illustration and photography services are available at an additional charge. Ad development for other publications and purposes are available at our in-house rate of $35/hour. ELECTRONIC GUIDELINES All ads smaller than a full page must be measured to their exact dimensions. If ads are being submitted electronically please send them to our design department at, Advertisement sizes PAYMENT TERMS Full Page Payment in advance is required until a 11” tall by 8.5” wide signed credit application has been approved. 1/2 Page Vertical All credit-approved advertising bills are 8.5” tall by 5.5” wide due within 30 days. There is a 1.5% late 1/2 Page Horizontal charge after 30 days. One and three month 5.5” tall by 8.5” wide contracts are due upon point of sale. 1/4 Page Six and twelve month contracts will 5.5” tall by 5.5” Wide require a three month deposit to secure ad position. Monthly payments will be made 1/5 (Banner) Page Vertical for the remaining 3 or 9 month balance. 11.5” tall by 2” wide All advertisers receiving frequency discounts 1/5 (Banner) Page Horizontal must have signed agreements. Rates may be 2” tall by 11.5” wide increased on 30 days notice. \\ If a contract is cancelled prior to fulfillment, a rate adjustment billing will occur. A rate ENTERTAINMENT/TALENT/SCENE adjustment is a recalculation of all 633 Orange St. #5 advertising back to the earned rate according Chico, CA 95928 to the terms of this rate card. A rate (530)424-8624 adjustment will not occur if a new, upgraded contract is signed. Ad sizes and copy may be changed without affecting contract rates.


Advertisement, Option II YOU GROW—WE GROW OPTION $100.00 per month ($120 half-page, $135 full-page) ➢ Click Through Fee: .50c each ➢ Page View Fee: .50c per 100 monthly visits ➢ Fee’s capped at 10% over what option I price would be for 1 month. **The benefit this option is that minimal risk allows you to grow as we grow. The more exposure we bring to your company through increased subscriptions and page visits allows you to get more value for your advertisement campaign.

EXAMPLE: Quarter-Page Ad $100.00 monthly fee .50c fee per click-thru $15.00 (30 clicks) .50c fee per 100 site views $5.00 (1,000 page views) Total Monthly Bill $120.00


633 Orange St. #5 Chico, CA 95928 (530)424-8624


ENTERTAINMENT/ TALENT/ SCENE MEDIA & DESIGN SERVICES WEB DEVELOPMENT: Thread Media Group offers custom and template design for your business or group. We can customize a fresh look on an old website or start from scratch with a completely Flash based website. *All of our sites are hosted for a low monthly rate of 19.95 or annually at $200.00. **Updates or changes to your site that do not include reconstruction or re-design that exceed your monthly allowed per package will be billed at $35.00 per hour.


Our basic package includes a registered domain address, custom 5-page website with Flash Graphics/Animation. 1 free monthly update.


DELUXE Everything the basic package offers with 5 more page options, a google analytics report monthly, Basic Key word optimization (SEO) and custom photography to add to your site. 2 Free Monthly updates.


PREMEIRE Combine the options of our Basic and our Deluxe packages and add 5 minutes worth of High Definition Video Production to supplement your business. Additional video time available at an hourly rate of $120.00.


BRANDING: We offer high quality graphic design services including Logo Design, brand identity, merchandising, Clothing Design and more. Logo Design: Print Design: Tagging/Packaging Design:

$250.00 $35.00/hr. Call for Quote


633 Orange St. #5 Chico, CA 95928 (530)424-8624

MARKETING & CONSULTING: Thread Media Group offers a well rounded spectrum of services to help you meet or exceed your business’s marketing goals. Through various consultants and specialists in a diverse group of markets, Thread Media Group can put a solution together for your business needs. MODEL MARKETING: TMG has a network of area models both men and women to assist in promoting your company. Uses for our models range from photo shoots for products, Promotional exposure, Downtown Guerilla Marketing Tactics and more. Having an event and want models to support your venue and your production? We can arrange the finest quality models to assist in your marketing needs. *(Prices Subject to event, purpose and duties) VIDEO PRODUCTION: Our Videographers shoot with the latest in HD Camera’s and Audio Production. All specialized in post-production editing, 3D motion graphics and more. For most jobs our prices for HD video production will range from $175 to $200 per hour. Per project pricing available after initial consultation. NETWORK MARKETING & OTHER SERVICES: All services are subject to approval and pricing will vary depending on the scope of each job. Initial consultations are always free. • • • • • • •

Social Networking Print Video Photo Marketing Campaign (i.e. slogan) Brand Identity Advertisement


633 Orange St. #5 Chico, CA 95928 (530)424-8624

Thread Rate Card  

A listing of services and prices from Thread!

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