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supply chain

9 million lbs

plastic waste generated in Port-au-Prince


unemployment rate in Haiti


number of Haitians that live on $1.25 a day or less

per month Central Intellegance Agency

Independant Waste Audit

Thread started with a simple concept - if we treat waste as a resource to provide dignified, sustainable jobs, we create a better environment. And a better world. We found the solution in an unlikely place. In Haiti, 9 million pounds of recyclable plastic are burned or buried every month.

Office of the Secretary-General’s Special Advisor

Over the last 2 years, Thread built an infrastructure from Ground to GoodTM to add value to an underutilized resource, provide employment opportunities, and buildd economies.

The process begins in Haiti... step 1

step 2

Over 1,300 Haitians participate in the Ramase Lajan program (founded by Executives Without Borders), collect plastic, and earn cash for their effort.

step 3

Collectors sell plastic to 26 Ramase Lajan collection centers across the country. Sponsored by a non-profit, each center is and owned and operated by Haitians.

Ramase Lajan center owners and individual collectors transport and sell sorted recyclables at Haitian-owned and operated Haiti Recycling in Port-au-Prince.

step 4

step 5

step 6

Haiti Recycling purchases, bales and stores the bottles in preparation for the production line.

The production line washes and shreds the bottles into a raw material called 'flake.'

Flake is packaged into large super sacks and sent to the United States.

... and continues in the USA step 7

step 8

U.S.-based production facilities melt and extrude the flake into fiber, spin yarn, and weave it into fabric.

Powered by ThreadTM partners gain access to Thread's Ground to GoodTM platform, which tracks & share a good's social, financial, and environmental impact.

Fabric is sold to Powered by ThreadTM customers to be cut and sewn into consumer products.

Bags, garments, or accessories Powered By ThreadTM are more than a good - they represent good.




pounds of Haitian waste processed into a valuable raw material and exported to U.S.

people provided with income or employment opportunities in Haiti*

Haitians benefiting from job training and professional development

* Includes supplemental income earned by individual collectors and full or part-time employment




miles eliminated from typical supply chain, compared to Asian sourcing or manufacturing, per trip.

fewer kg of CO2 emissions released due to transportation, compared to Asian sourcing

revenue generated by Haitian businesses through this supply chain

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