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Explore The Panormamic Highway... ...enjoy

Mt. Isabel de Torres National Park

Route Guide

RD$ 20.


Puerto Plata

From ocean to mountains, enjoy 30 kms of Pure Nature!


30 km

Navigating with this guide is as easy as B “ABC” C Items in the guide are ordered from A to Q related with marker signs on the highway installed every 2 kms


Gran Parada Camú




Tubagua El Capá



Pedro García

Diseño y Produccion: Tim Hall Asociados /

...from ocean to mountains, enjoy 30 kms of Pure Nature!

located halfway between the D and E highway markers. Turn in at the info kiosk and go up 200 meters to the end.

Take it slowly, have more fun!

From La Cumbre to Gran Parada follow Q to A

From Gran Parada to La Cumbre the Panoramic Highway climbs to 2200 feet above sea level, crossing the Q Septentrional Mountain Range and connecting the north coast with the Cibao Valley. This route is

Tubagua Plantation Eco Village


From Puerto Plata to La Cumbre, follow A to Q for


Arenoso El Llano

La Cumbre

Road Conditions: This

asphalted highway currently has some 50 rough patches of 10 to 70 meters in length. The road is currently being repaved in the direction Santiago Puerto Plata. 4WD is not required; D MENDE any car can RECOM navigate this road except low-clearance vehicles such as sports cars. Our recommendation: you’ll get more out of your sightseeing experience if you drive at 35-45 kph

Highway by the Ministry of Environment


Navigating through Santiago


Puerto Plata La Cumbre Santiago ROUTE GUIDE


spectacular From ocean to mountains: panoramic view of the town of Montellano and the vast sugarcane plantations that surround it, photographed from the Panormamic Route

Montellano edge of Camú River between Puerto Plata International Airport and the Playa the economy of the Caribbean for centuries. However there has not been a harvest VIP Tour of the Panoramic Highway Amber Mines Tour Zipline Adventure Hiking and Cascading Walking the Coffee Trail Horseback Riding Countryside parties, pork roasts, etc



inhabited largely by hotel and tourism personnel. A drive down main street takes you through an authentically ‘non-tourist’ community and past the relics of a more sugary past.


Navigating from Puerto Plata A-

Km 0

The Panoramic Highway begins here, 12 kms east of Puerto Plata. A military post here controls the passage of heavy vehicles, prohibited on this highway. corner stores, bars, bus stop, propane station. Try a taste of Dominican-style charcoal roasted chicken. site of a car accident that took the life of Austrian pop star Falco of Rock Me Amadeus and Der Kommissar fame.


Km 6

Km 4

The residents of Camú enjoy the swimming holes and cascades that feed the Camú River. This area is popular for hiking, horseback riding and off-roading.

comfort in the countryside TUBAGUA PLANTATION ECO LODGE


Km 8

At the : corner stores, street food kiosks, Antonio’s Provision Warehouse and more. At : a comfort station with snacks, meals and ice cold beer, picnic tables. Open daily 8am-8pm



Holistic center offering massage and organic meals.

Km 10


Km 12



Km 18

rustic art...

most abundant and valuable amber deposits in the world, especially of the very rare blue amber.

Kpopular swimming holes and lively community life

Km 20

Immaculada Nursery


exotic VIP Tour of the Panoramic Highway Amber Mines Tour Zipline Adventure Hiking and Cascading Walking the Coffee Trail Horseback Riding Countryside parties, pork roasts, etc



Km 14





Km 16


Km 22

IEGO!” “ALGO PA’L C “Something for the blind man!” he cries when you drive by; your visit will help support the many golden agers who live along the highway...

organic 96:1


Km 24

Pedro García

amber of la cumbre

ABOUT THIS PROJECT at the place where their lifeless corpses were abandoned by military assailants.

Gregorio Luperon Tourist Highway Signage

plantation established in 1926 is today an agricultural school and experimental coffee farm with 17 varieties under study and development. Luperon Tourist Highway as “The Santiago-Puerto Plata Panoramic Route” and promote it as a viable tourism/travel option in the Dominican Republic highway and promote its appeal as “30 kms of Pure Nature!” Inform travelers of the natural and cultural resources of the highway, including the amber mines of La Cumbre, the coffee

LA CUMBRE town hidden in green valleys, criscrossed by pristine rivers and streams; this community may well be the country’s tidiest town. In feed fresh water to the north coast. Organic coffee plantations abound in the mountains, grown organically - not in keeping with any trend, destination for hiking and cycling, its country roads and endless panoramas inhabited by friendly and welcoming people. Local

the heritage of sugar cane in of the Cordillera Septentrional mountain ragne and the culture of rural Dominican life; Promote the organic and natural production of local fruits vegetables and exotic plants Promote the use of renewable materials in the production of artisan products Promote local products such as amber jewelry, rustic furniture and local value-added foods Promote excursions and activities such as hiking, cascading, horseback riding, cycling, zipline, etc. Participation in this multi-faceted project is open to all stakeholders and interested parties.




Toca Amber Factory, propane gas station


Km 26


Km 28


Km 30

Km 31

Navigating from Santiago

At 725 meters altitude, La Cumbre sits on the highest point of the Panoramic Highway, straddling the provincial border between Santiago and Puerto Plata. In this area you can visit the where some of the world’s most precious t! species of blue amber is supermegaminimarke found. National heroes and martyrs of the anti-Trujillo liberation movement, the heroic sisters who stood up to the tyrant dictator are memorialized by a monument


Crossing Santiago

VIP Tour of the Panoramic Highway Amber Mines Tour Zipline Adventure Hiking and Cascading Walking the Coffee Trail Horseback Riding Countryside parties, pork roasts, etc or call 809 696-6932


and the people who sell from their rustic kiosks are friendly. Try:

her excellent local fare and for her Dominican-American fusions. Try her abundant fresh salads, coconut seabass, charcoal grilled meats and personal

in Arenonso, Lajas, Sonador and in La Cumbre... (excellent local cheese), just about anywhere... in Gran Parada...

by reservation only 809 696-6932

For an authentic Dominican meal, try one of the “patio restaurants” operating from private homes where the cooking prior and arrangements are made directly with each provider:


Committee) unites three communities located on the Gregorio Luperon Tourist Highway. It is a non-governmental organization constituted to create frameworks for the development and co-management of ecotourism and cultural resources that promote sustainable development in the region. Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) through the TURISOPP initiative, focused on the development of rural tourism based on public-private sector cooperation in Puerto Plata Province; and coincides with initiatives of US-AID and the Puerto Plata Tourism Cluster to reform Puerto Plata’s identity as a tourism destination. Participation in this multi-faceted project is open to all stakeholders and interested parties.



La Cumbre [P-Q] In a cosy country home surrounded by tropical plants, Carmen keeps house and cooks for her children and husband who works in the amber mines directly across the street. Capacity 6 people, Spanish only. Call Carmen at 829 910-8586

This roadside stop has been an oasis of comfort for years, offering travelers cold beers and other beverages, snacks, ice cream, ample parking, picnic tables, restrooms Open every day.

FOR SALE with splendid views and gardens, 100 square feet living space, located in Tubagua Plantation Eco Village , 18 acres with panoramic ocean views, tltled Locacted between C&D markers

wearable art

La Ruta Panoramica Route Guide  

Download this free route guide which takes you over the panoramic road in the Dominican Republic that crosses the northern mountain range co...

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