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What Damn Day Is It - Nina Turnipseed

What Damn Day Is It by Nina Turnipseed

I was slumped in the corner of the elevator, by the control panel as it began the journey upward to the twenty first floor. Through blood shot eyes and heavy eye lids I scanned the compartment, I was the only passenger. With the passing of every floor the dinging of the bell shot through my already pounding head. I was about to cover my ears to silence the annoying sound when my private carriage slowed and came to stop. The light from the bright fluorescents in the foyer filled the elevator as the doors opened.

Staggering across the metal threshold I felt I was forgetting something, but what I couldn’t recall. I quickly turned facing the elevator, the doors closing. “Fuck my bag and briefcase” I shouted.

Moving like a big cat going after dinner I sprang toward the closing doors, hoping to stop them. This cat didn’t land on all fours. After tripping over my own feet I was heading to the floor like a six foot spruce that had been chopped down. I was rotating my body hoping to avoid a face first landing and breaking my nose. The elevator bounced as I crashed to the floor, a thud echoed filling the car. The impact forced the air from my lungs as the closing doors bounced off my legs. I knew I couldn’t get to my feet, gather my thoughts and my luggage and escape this mechanical death trap. I pulled my legs in as the doors were making their third attempt to close. The elevator lunged and began moving as I made it to my feet. Taking deep breaths to refill my lungs with oxygen I checked the red numbers above the door as they flashed. The numbers were decreasing with every loud fucking ding. I pushed the button for the floor two down from what was displayed, hoping to stop the descent. The elevator jarred to a stop, the doors opened, luckily to an empty foyer. I focused my eyes and pushed twenty-one again.

Once the doors opened again I flung my briefcase and bag out into the foyer, then I stumbled out. I shot the mechanical device a bird over my shoulder before gathering my belongings. I was still breathing hard as I began staggering toward a glass office front that I prayed was mine. Once there I checked the name on the glass wall to make sure I wasn’t about to walk into someone else’s establishment.

Sonny Rutherford Private Investigator

“Yep that’s me,” I muttered as I let the bags fall from my hands to the floor. I pushed the door then pulled but to no avail, I shook the door hard, the glass wall began rattling and shaking. “Fuck the doors are locked,” I shouted while I let go of the chrome bar and fished my keys from my pocket. I looked down at the key ring. Thank God there was only six I thought. I knew in my condition this task of trying one key then another was going to be tedious which in return would piss me off. I began to ponder if I had the energy to shatter the fucking glass and walked on in. I decided against that and began eliminating the keys that I knew wouldn’t open the door. I slid the key to my car and motorcycle to the end of the ring leaving me with four. I stared at the keys while trying to deduct which one would fit. Since I couldn’t remember ever being locked out of my office before I chose the key that looked like it had the least wear. I inserted the key in the slot. Taking a deep breath and holding it I turned the key. The pop and clank of steel dead bolt echoed as it slid from the door to the jam. With my keys back in my pocket I grabbed my bags as I turned my back to the door. Once I felt the bar in the small of my back I thrust my body against the door.

I fell into the waiting area, like a man who had one too many I was struggling to keep my balance. I weaved and bobbed till I fell against the reception counter. I planted myself there. Looking around for some type of light switch I thought, where the hell is Linda? Running my fingers through my hair I began pondering, sorting out time zones and that fucking International Date Line. Hell maybe its Saturday or even Sunday, shit maybe the sun is setting instead of rising, whatever I’m here now, and there is a couch in my office. I decide in my confusion it was best to relock the door before heading to the office. I was digging in my pocket to retrieve the keys as I made my way back to the entry.

Once in the familiar surroundings of my office I laid my briefcase on top of my desk and tossed my bag in my private bath. I was unsure of the day but one thing I knew for certain was what I needed. I headed straight for the wet bar located behind my desk. I hit the brew button on the coffee maker instead of the liquor bottle. With the blue light glowing I took a deep breath as the magic java began brewing. Being the impatient person I am I grabbed my coffee cup. With the other hand I pulled the pot while putting the cup under the flowing black liquid. Switching the two back out I flopped down in my high back leather desk chair. With my feet on the desk I was sipping the coffee while sorting out the recent events.

I refilled the cup, once back in my chair, using the coaster on my desk, I placed the cup down after taking a couple of sips. The latches of the briefcase popped as they sprang open. The elevator ride this morning or night had kicked my ass. The office being locked had added to the stress that had started with a trip to Bangkok.

Don’t get me wrong the trip over the pond was a profitable one, both for my pocket and society.

The case was a nice change, for the kind of money I was paid I usually wound up getting my hands dirty, but not in this one. The client had contacted me three weeks ago about the case. He gave me the particulars and information. I could see and hear the determination in his voice, this man was going to avenge the kidnapping, rape, and murder of his only daughter no matter the cost or penalty. My mission was a simple one; all I had to do was find the scum bag, the client would handle the rest. The costs of my services were insignificant to him. He never blinked an eye at my one hundred thousand dollar fee plus expenses, with half down before I started. The money was in my off shore account an hour after he left my office.

I took another sip of the coffee as I was pulling the newspaper, which I picked up before boarding the plane to leave Bangkok from my briefcase. I placed the coffee down and unfolded the paper, the headline caught my eye.

Suspected Child Pornographer and head of Bangkok’s Human Trafficking Ring Bleeds to Death Hanging from Temple Roof.

Yep I had done my job and my client had done his part as promised. I continued glancing over the article while sipping on my coffee. The first couple of lines let me know how ruthless a pissed off dad can be. The victim’s penis had been removed and he had been castrated. Once the tape was removed all three body parts were found lodged in his throat and mouth. The cause of death; two puncture wounds were discovered in the Carotid Artery about the size of a knitting needle. The witness accounts were stranger. They all reported seeing two men on the roof. They varied in the descriptions. Some say it was a big hulk like man dressed in all black, others swear it was a Ninja, a few described the killer as having a ghost white face and thin maybe a vampire.

I laid the paper to the side and removed my laptop from my briefcase. I placed it on my desk and as it was booting up I poured myself another cup of Joe. Back at my desk I keyed the information in that would give me access to my off shore bank account. The second half of my fee had been deposited. All that was left was to bill my client for the expenses. I began removing receipts that that I had not yet placed in the expense folder along with the folder. With them scattered on my desk I began double checking and getting them all organized for Linda, so she could handle the task.

The expenses were done and in the center drawer of the desk, the briefcase was stowed away in the closet beside the bar. My feet were back on the desk as I was working on my third cup of coffee. I knew once this cup was down I knew what would follow.

With the cup empty I headed to the bar. I dumped what coffee was left in the pot and turned the maker off. After washing the cup and pot I put them away. I was headed to the bath to grab my bag as the stomach began to rumble. I quickly stowed it the closet with the briefcase and returned to the throne for my morning constitutional just in time.

With the small room filled with a stench that even I found repulsive, I flipped the switch, turning on the exhaust fan. After washing my hands I filled the sink with cold water. I took a deep breath and planted my face in the water, shaking my head side to side. I came up for air, Damn that shit is cold, but between it and the coffee the fog is lifting. I thought as I repeated the process. Back up for air again I pushed the rod down to release the water from the basin then reached for a towel. I dried my hair and let the towel hit the floor as I froze.

The last of the fog that was clouding my mind cleared up in a hurry as my heart began to race. I stood listening, there was music now mixed in with the gurgling of water and the hum of the exhaust fan. The draining of the sink was complete as I shut off the fan. The music was still faint but was clear, it was coming from the office. I eased the vanity drawer open, removing the .45 I kept in there. Staying low and using caution I eased the door open enough for me to see who was in my office. Immediately I knew what day of the week it was.

Bent over my desk was Linda, my assistant, business partner, and lover. The more she reached across the desk the higher her light brown skirt inched up. Linda was now revealing her large cotton white buttocks. The light was reflecting off the emerald that was set into the base of her stainless steel butt plug. “Butt Plug Monday, starts off hurting like hell, but pays off in the end,” I whispered to myself as I was replacing the .45. Making as little sound as possible I made my way back to the door that was still ajar. I was smiling as Linda’s head was bobbing to the music that was blasting from earbuds. She had the volume jacked up allowing the music to spill into the room. Linda was still leaning over the desk spraying the furthest edge of it with polish. Once she began rubbing the polish in Linda’s ass began to jiggle. This made the butt plug vanish and then reappear, like the emerald was winking at me.

I was becoming aroused at her movements and had already removed my pants to give my Johnson room to grow as I continued watching. Linda shifted and toyed with her plug trying to get it comfortable once she finished with the desk. Walking away from the desk Linda stopped as a smile came across her face while she began to shiver. With the smile still on her face she began walking toward the couch, there she picked up a package. While strolling back across the room she stopped again and flopped down in the chair across from the desk. Linda began grinding her hips in the seat as she tossed her head back. Linda was licking her lips and exploring her body with her hands as the parcel fell to the floor. After a few minutes she sprang to her feet and retrieved the package. Linda began shaking the parcel as she took strides toward the bar, once there she sat the package down. With a twirl and a few more dance moves she stopped at the desk, staring at it. She shook her head as she removed the dust cloth from her pocket. Linda reached over to get a smudge off the shiny top.

I seized the opportunity; with the music blaring she did not hear me when I came up behind her. With one hand I forced her beautiful face down on the desk, with the other I pulled the plug out and waited till the gape closed. Once it had become taunt again, I entered. Linda was well lubricated from the gel she used on the plug. With each stroke I could feel the ridges and warmth of her chute pulling me in deeper. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head up.

“Sonny, you are back, hit it big boy, it has been almost three weeks since you have rode me hard. Make me scream.”

I got faster and deeper. I was about to explode when I pulled out. Waiting for the forbidden entry to close I picked up the plug from the desk. Once it did I gave the gem a firm push spreading it apart again. After holding pressure, the emerald studded plug began inching back inside causing Linda to moan.

I dashed to the bathroom and washed my Johnson down and like a bullet returned. Linda was swaying her ass from side to side as I ran my hands up between her thighs. Her juices were hot and coating both of them. I knew it would be no problem spreading her flower. I placed my tool in position and inched my way in. The wetness, warmth and tightness of her flower almost brought me to my knees as I began thrusting in and out of her, as I thought. Slow down big boy, regroup, we don’t want to be a minute man here. I changed plans. Instead of drilling her deep I switched to short strokes. I was penetrating three inches at the max and rocking my hips from side to side. I continued this until Linda insisted I give it all to her.

“Sonny, I want to feel your head in my guts and the girth stretch me till it feels like you are tearing me apart. Come on Sonny I know you can do it. Fuck me hard, make it hurt Sonny, make it hurt!” She screamed as she was thrusting her hips towards me.

That was my cue. With deep rapid strokes I was giving her all I had and knew I had her on the verge when she began pounding the desk with her closed fist. Linda began bucking hard driving me and the plug deeper. I grabbed a hand full of ass with each hand and began grunting as I picked up speed. The moans became gasps and screams as she began beating the desk with more force as her body went in to convulsions. I heard a pop then felt something hit me just below my navel, I looked down. The force of her orgasm had ejected the plug. With weak knees and trembling hands I managed to reinsert the plug without losing rhythm.

“Come on, I want to feel the power of your explosion, blow my head off with it.” Linda shouted. I was a blur as the eruption built, with a scream I sowed my seed in her flower. After a few more pumps I slapped her ass as I pulled out. I stood up and backed away giving her some room.

Linda slowly straightened up, her legs wobbling as she took three steps and eased herself on to the soft blue carpet that covered the floor.

“What’s wrong babe?” I asked breathing heavy. “Legs give out, I can understand that, hell my thighs are shaking so bad I may fall in the floor myself.”

“You and that salami you got hanging between your legs always make my legs weak after a good fucking.” She said as she began rubbing her thighs. “I think the rest may be from the way I was bent over the desk, cutting off the blood flow to them, they are asleep,” she said with a smile.

“I see,” I said as I extended my hand down to her. Once on her knees I noticed my fertilizer oozing from the freshly tilled garden. She must have felt it also as she let go of my hand.

She cupped her hands and placed them between her legs. “Oh yes a creamy after sex treat,” she purred as she licked her lips.

I was smiling as I was heading to the bath to clean up and get my pants. “I’ll bring you a warm wet cloth from the bath.”

“Thank you, I can tell from this load you didn’t get your cock banged in Bangkok.”

“You know I only bang you, no one else can handle it,” I said.

Once I returned Linda’s brown eyes were gleaming as she was pouring the milky fluid from her hand onto her extended tongue, while rubbing her bud with her other hand. With furious speed her fingers began working her garden till she began shaking all over. Linda swallowed deep and continued licking her hand as a loud moan escaped her lips as she purred. “Sonny I’m about to cum again, hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all babe,” I said as I stood watching her please herself with the fingers of one hand while rubbing her bud with the other. The sound of her fingers moving in out of her wetness was making me hard again. I could tell by her face she was close and didn’t need me interrupting by exposing my excitement.

Linda tossed her head back as she cried out. “Two on a Monday, fuck yeah.” Her legs began shaking as they opened and closed around her hand till her body was no longer quivering. She removed her fingers from her body and put them in her mouth licking them clean.

My eyes grew wide as Linda lunged toward me ripping my pants down, my Johnson shot out, bouncing as it became free. She engulfed it in her warm mouth and pulled it deep down her throat. My head tilted back as she began giving me oral.

I didn’t last long, losing it as fast as a teen seeing his first naked woman up close. With each shooting spew Linda swallowed deep. As my erection died she released her mighty suction. Licking her lips Linda reached up and took the towel. She was wiping the saliva from her chin as she was getting to her feet. “That was mighty tasty, as soon as I get done in the powder room I’ll unlock the doors and we’ll get this Monday started.

I winked as I was asking, “Honey I now know its Monday, but what time is it?”

“While you were away we moved the clocks back an hour, it’s just now seven.” Linda said as she closed the door to the bathroom.

“Damn on top of everything else the time changed also. That explains why I thought Linda was late.” I said under by breath as I was headed to the bar, this time for celebratory Scotch.