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Abandoned Road - Joey Edwards

Visual Writing Contest "Abandon Road" honorable mentions: Johnny Bravo, Over Yonder, Texas. - Wilma Flintstone, Bedrock, Utah. - Betty Boop, Star Shinning, California. - Johnny Quest, Ocean Deep, Florida. - Samurai Jack, Sword Bearing, Ohio.

Joey Edwards from Fixin’, Georgia

Abandoned Road by Joey Edwards

Jack could hear the teeth of his girlfriend Sue chattering as he watched her rubbing her arms with her hands. He too had had chills flooding his body from the cold and dampness of the forest. Jack continued watching Sue as she was surveying the area. Jack was getting angrier as Sue, unlike Jack, was showing no signs of being frightened by their situation.

The screams of agony from deep within the forest reached Jack’s ears once again. The hair on his neck began standing on end as the compass, falling from Jack’s shaking hands, plopped to the ground. Jack covered his ears as tears filled is eyes while he was going to his knees. Trembling he looked up at Sue.

She was staring down the abandoned road they had stumbled upon several hours back. She pointed towards a bend that was a hundred yards ahead of them. “Jack, get a grip, this was all your idea so stop acting like a scared child. Now come on, we need to see what’s around the bend.” She shouted.

The screams were fading as Jack was reaching for the compass as he said. “I only planned this get away to put a stop to your bitching and constant nagging about how I ignore you...I see that didn’t work.” Jack said as he was getting back to his feet. Looking down at the compass he added. “Neither of us planned on getting lost.” Jack looked over at Sue who was staring at him patting her foot on the soft dirt of the abandoned road. “You are just as scared as I am so don’t stand there with your arms crossed trying to pretend you are not.”

“Since I have been replaced by your fitness instructor every night of the week I guess I may need to remind you, I’m a woman.” She barked.

“Not going there Sue and besides what in the hell does that have to do with anything.”

“Well since the screams that are filling the forest are coming from men I figure I have nothing to be afraid of.” Sue said as she started walking while adding, “Let’s get to the bend.”

The mist was getting lower and thicker the closer they got to the curve in the road. Sue’s laughter filled the air causing Jack to stop and turn. “Have you lost your...”

Before Jack could complete his question a charging Sue with her shoulder lowered rammed in to Jack’s chest. The force of her impact drove the air from his lungs as he was propelled through the thick mist.

Sue turned and began jogging back down the road dusting her hands as the forest filled with Jack’s screams. She was smiling as a Jeep was slowly approaching her. From the rolled down window of the vehicle a voice echoed.

“Perfect plan Sis, the Fraternity of Man-eaters will take it from here. Come on lets go get a beer.”