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el from Bob as a ping from the grave reached her ears along with the pattering of dirt. Susie the right ring finger on Bob’s shaking hands was free of his Masons ring. After the service TJ was driving Susie along with Bob and Nancy back to Bobs. Susie turned looking at Bob and asked. “Did you toss your Mason’s ring in Uncle Dino’s grave?” “Sis that I did, but it wasn’t mine. I wanted to throw it as hard as I could and scream, I would rather have you than the damn ring! I figured putting it in the dirt was more subtle.” “I don’t understand are you mad at Uncle Dino or the Masons? Hell if it hadn’t been for them Uncle Dino would not have had a word said about him or a decent burial.” Susie stated. Bob bent over holding his head in his hands sobbing. Nancy began rubbing him across his back as she explained. “No he is not mad at the lodge or Uncle Dino. Grief over took him and I’m suspecting he thought his actions would help him with the hurt.” “Sorry but I don’t understand,” Susie stated. “Your Uncle Dino had told Beatrice that once he passed that Bob was to have the ring. She had the undertaker remove it and give to Bob.” “I get it. Please thank the lodge for us.” Susie said. Bob was nodding as Nancy said. “The lodge was going to play taps on the bag pipes but Beatrice said that Uncle Dino wanted no music, which is bullshit.” “Damn straight it is Nan. Uncle Dino believed in making a joyful noise to the Lord. At least now I know why there were no hymns sung. What a bitch! I watched her, she shed not one tear.” Susie said as she was wiping away tears. “You noticed that also. I started to walk up and slap her silly to see if that would bring a tear to her eye.” Nancy snapped as Bob was raising his head. “I know Uncle Dino and Ralph didn’t get along, but Uncle Dino has kept his ass fed for all these years so he could have at least made an appearance.” Bob said then took a deep breath letting his head fall back on the seat. “I’m going to give that asshole a piece of my mind when I see him.” Susie snapped. “Well here is your chance,” TJ said as he was slowing the car. Susie turned to see Ralph standing in the road beside a fire truck. He was dressed in a suit and tie and was being looked over by a first responder. TJ stopped the car, all four got out. TJ looked at the smoldering metal in the ditch that was being sprayed by a strong steady stream of water. Ralph was quick stepping toward Bob as he said. “Sorry I missed the services, but your uncle is trying to kill me from the grave.” Ralph stopped in front of Susie, Bob and Nancy along with TJ. “No I don’t think so, if that was his intention you would be in the burning Thunder Bird.” TJ said. “Look, as soon as I backed the Thunder Bird out of the drive it stalled. I got out to see what was wrong

and must have forgot to put it in park as the car began to roll. I tried to get back in to stop it, but the door was jammed. The next thing I know the car rolled in the ditch and fucking exploded. I call that a narrow escape of death.” “TJ is correct, if Uncle Dino wanted you dead, you would be dead. Maybe he only wanted to destroy the car.” Susie said. “Yeah, so you couldn’t have it.” Bob barked. “Tell me Ralph, what time was this?” Susie asked. “About 9:40,” Ralph answered while glaring at Bob. Once again the goose bumps began to rise on Susie skin, starting at her neck and spreading over her body. Her vision was blurring as she shivered. Susie. She be began swaying back and forth as the air filled with squealing tires. Nancy turned toward the screeching and shouted. “That bitch Beatrice just almost hit your car TJ. I’m sure she’s own her way to Ralph.” As Beatrice was grabbing Ralph, Susie fell against TJ while wrapping her arms around his neck. “I need to get to the car before I pass out right here in the road.” She whispered. “What’s wrong, you are whiter than normal and trembling?” TJ inquired. “I’ll explain later, right now I need to get to my pills and lay down.” Susie whispered. TJ looked at Nancy as he continued holding Susie up. “Nan can you get the back door open, Susie is not feeling well.” Nancy was jogging to the rear door as Bob got on the other side of Susie helping TJ get her to the car. Over his shoulder he shouted back to Beatrice. “We need to get Susie home…I’ll call later and check on you and Ralph.” Once Susie was comfortable laying in the back seat, Bob and Nancy slid in the front with TJ. Later that evening after a long nap Susie joined the others who were in the living room. “Good evening, we saved you some dinner. Would you like me to heat it up for you?” Nancy inquired as she was rising from a chair. “Not right now Nan, but thank you for saving me some.” Susie said as she sat down beside TJ who was on the couch. “I guess I should explain why I almost passed out and needed a valium to calm down.” “Only if you think it will help you put it behind you so it doesn’t happen again.” TJ said as he took her hand. “I think it will and plus it explains what happened to the Thunder Bird.” Susie said. “This I got to hear?” Bob said as he slid to the edge of his seat. “I believe the sky darkened when Uncle Dino left the grave and the sun returned once he was back in the grave.” She paused and squeezed TJ’s hand as she watched the confusion spread across the faces of Bob and Nancy. “Hold up; before you call the guys with the straight-jackets, let me explain.” Susie cleared her throat and began describing the events she witnessed at the grave of Dino. She added the times the

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