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The Joy of Halloween by by Wanda Wanda Davis Davis

The moon is full and the bats are out… Jack–O-Lanterns are glowing lighting the night. Zombies and other monsters, Dracula, Frankenstein and Werewolves are walking about... Giving all who see them a freight. A witch flies from tree to tree on her broom… As a black cat laps her milk. Ghost and goblins are floating around in a room… As a spider spins it web made of silk. There is so much to do like bobbing for apples in a tub… Or a haunted house to walk through. Do you dare to give the crystal ball a rub…? Or go on a graveyard hayride just for two. The adults get in on the fun at the costume party held by the church… There you will find Batman and Cat Woman enjoying warm cider with pumpkin spice. A game of twister is under way between Elvira, a Mummy, Batgirl and Lurch… Harley Quinn was in charge of the spinner and for once is playing nice. Sitting on bales of hay around a campfire listening to spooky tales… From the woods an owl hoots and a scream is heard. From nowhere a Raven appears on the bale… Now being scared would be absurd. Door bells ring… Adults responded to greet As young voice’s sing… Trick - or – Treat!

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The Corral - Online Magazine Issue: 1 Edition: Halloween 2019