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A Word from the Founder Hello everyone and thank you all for reading the Halloween Edition of The Corral. This Halloween edition is a special edition in two ways. This is the first edition of the magazine and it is the first holiday edition. We issued a sample edition to test the waters so to speak. The data from that edition has been analyzed. The readership numbers for that edition of The Corral was not as high as I would like them to have been. However those numbers are not disappointing by no means. What is disappointing is the lack of participation from the independent writing community. The Corral was not designed to gain exposure for the staff of The Corral. The Corral’s goal for each issue of the magazine is for the pages of the online magazine to be filled with the writings of Independent authors/writers. That is not happening at this time. The Corral was developed for the independent writer. The online magazine features poems, short stories and flash fiction writings of the independent author. Unlike other online and print magazines which only focus on one genre, The Corral accepts and publishes all genres including Erotica. The books we review are written by independent authors. We interview independent authors, feature them in an author’s spotlight, and list the works of independent

authors in what we call Books from the Barn. I can understand if the lack of participation was because The Corral charged a fee for these services, but we don’t it’s all free. We had an independent photographer scheduled to be featured in the winter edition due out in January 2020. I moved that feature to this edition as I’m not sure there will be a winter edition. We are getting more requests from independent musicians, photographers, and artists than we are independent writers. Maybe we should change our focus to that group of independents instead of focusing on the writer. I will evaluate the numbers for this publication in December and see where we are on submissions. I will make a decision then if we move forward, hang it up or refocus our attention. I urge all independent writers of any skill level to visit our website, https://thunderhorsecorral.com/ and enter a contest and/or make a submission. Inquire about being featured in a spotlight, have your book reviewed and/or have the book featured in the Books from the Barn feature. Joseph Clay Founder

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