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was half way up the incline with only eight minutes left to clear the zone. Ashley knew if she was going to make it she must drive faster. She pressed down on the accelerator. When the needle was hovering around eighty, she held it there. Ashley checked the clock she had six minutes left. The car was kicking up gravel as Ashley took the next two corners, but she managed to keep control of the car. “I need more speed,” she shout as she once again eased down on the gas pedal. The needle jumped to ninety plus as she went in to the turn. The car wobbled coming out of the corner and entered the next turn, the last one. Coming out of the corner the car began fish tailing then spinning around in the road. She was fighting to get the car under control before running it in a ditch or worse down the embankment. Her hands were sweating and her heart felt like it was coming out of her chest as the car came to a rest, pointed in the wrong direction. She glanced at the clock, three minutes to get the car turned and across the over bridge. The tires were smoking as she spun the car around. Ashley was

lined up like a plane ready to take off. She slammed her foot down, lighting up the tires again. The car shot forward and reached sixty in no time. She was headed across the train tunnel as the smoke from engine number 666 was rising from underneath it. She looked down it was three twenty eight as she reached the other side. She slid the car to a stop. Hopping out she dashed to the rear of the car, making sure no part of her body entered the dead zone. She was in tears and shaking while staring down at the diner. A loud clank rose from the area. The diner lunged back as engine 666 coupled with it. The whistle of the Grim Reaper Express pierced the night air at three thirty sharp. The train began to move forward. The neon signs of the diner that caught Victor’s eyes flickered several times then went dark. The smoke from the engine engulfed the diner as the train entered the tunnel, but never exited the other side.

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