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escaped her lips. Fuck I can’t believe I forgot the date. The sad part grandma reminded me of it. We got to get back to the hotel. The question is how do I get Vic to do that. She leaned down and removed her dress from the floorboard and was putting it on as she said. “Vic we have traveled passed the halfway point. The hotel is back the other way about thirty miles. We need to go there and check in. We’ll come by the diner tomorrow.” “Why we only got about three more hours of driving?” Victor inquired as he placed the car in drive. “We have had so much sex tonight we need showers and some sleep. I know we have been napping but we need some good shut eye in a bed. I think it’s too late to be on these back roads.” The road became curvy as it began to descend from the ridge the tunnel was bored through. After fifteen minutes of turning left then right and back left the road straightened out. The diner with its neon lights came into full view. “That has to be the coolest diner I have ever seen. Look at that it is sitting on an old set of tracks. We have worked up an appetite, what do you say we stop and grab a bite?” With her arms crossed and staring out the passenger window tears started flowing down her checks as Ashley answered. “I would rather not. Please make a U-turn and let’s get to the hotel.” “Look sorry about the tickets, I’ll handle them when we return home and see if there is something I can do to keep them off my record.” Victor said as the diner was getting closer. Ashley reached over to the center dashboard and turned the radio down as she said. “Vic it’s not about the tickets. This is something that is bigger than the both of us.” “Ash why are you crying and shaking.” Victor inquired. “I have got us in a mess by not keeping up with the time.” She whimpered. “Now I am confused. When we left you said we didn’t need to worry about time.” Victor said his brow furrowed. “I know what I said but now I realized I was wrong. I really don’t know what to say or how to explain it. Please turn around, I’m feeling sick.” Ashley said while wiping her face with the back of her hand. “We have discussed a lot and made great progress in our relationship. Let’s talk about this now, before it becomes a bigger issue. I have seen you upset but this is more than that.” Victor said. Ashley turned to Victor as the gravel began crunching under the tires of the car and said. “Why are you pulling in? I told you I didn’t want to eat here. Look there is not one car in the parking lot. That is a sure sign of that the food sucks.” “Ah come on, let’s at least get a cup of coffee and sandwich while we discuss what’s bothering you. Plus you’re getting sick because we haven’t eaten in eight hours. After that if you feel like it, you can take over driving since you know where we are. You can also

make the call whether we continue on or head to the hotel.” Victor said as he placed the car in park. Ashly was unbuckling her seatbelt while staring at the clock in the car. “Tell you what, you run in and grab two cups of coffee and a couple of sandwich’s to go. That will give you a chance to stretch your legs. I’ll walk around out here and do the same and be behind the wheel when you return.” “Why get the food to go?” Victor inquired. “Like you said, I know where we are, we must get back across the train tunnel or the tracks heading to grandma’s house before the Spirit Train comes through. We will never make the crossing before it is blocked. The fastest route out of here is over the tunnel. ” Ashley said as she exited the car and began stretching looking up at the full moon. Victor with his crossed arms laying on top of the car said. “Don’t start that voodoo talk now that were are back in the Bayou. I take it we have a train coming through at what time?” “Damn it Vic it’s not voodoo, just trust me for once. The train is called the Spirit Train for a reason and today is a special day. Run in and get the sandwiches and coffee, get back out here so we can get the hell out of here.” Ashley snapped. “I do trust you Ash, but you didn’t tell me what time the train comes through.” “At three am, the peak of the witching hour.” Ashley stated then let out a sigh. “I thought this had nothing to do with voodoo.” Victor said with a smirk. “Vic, please, do as I ask.” Ashley pleaded. “I take it this train has a lot of cars, so it takes sometime to pass, or maybe stops to switch tracks and blocks the crossing for an hour or so. We counter that by eating inside and hang out till four, then depart. Problem solved.” “No Vic, you don’t understand and we are wasting time.” Ashley shouted as she was tapping her watch then added. “I’ll be pulling out of here no later than two forty five…with or without you. That way I can be safely across the overpass with time to spare.” “Whatever Ashley. Let me ask you a question. If you are so scared of this Spirit Train why didn’t we come through Texas as I suggested?” Ashley was crying and stomping her feet as she was yelling at Victor. “Once again Vic, we are wasting valuable time. It doesn’t matter if we traveled through Texas or Arkansas. Both routes would have lead us here. There is only one way to grandmas and that is coming through the dead zone, then crossing the tracks in to voodoo country. Please hurry.” Ashley pleaded. Victor threw up his arms as he was heading to the diner as Ashley jogged around to the driver’s side. Before getting in she continued jogging in place keeping her eye on the time. With only a couple of minutes left before she wanted to depart she got in the car. With her seat belt buckled and the car running she checked the time and shouted. “Damn it Vic, I don’t want to leave you…but I don’t want to die either.” She

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