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cigar. When Victor didn’t reply she continued. “The video from the home owner’s security camera’s captured the whole episode. With that information and the fact you removed your mask while taking a dump made it easy for the cops to track down a six foot two inch blue power ranger.” Ashley said. Ashley dropped the cigar to the pavement. She was twisting the sole of her sandal on it making sure it was out as she stated. “That dumb ass shit cost your mom her husband and a pile of money. She had to cover the medical expenses for the little girl, your court cost and fines along with your probation fees every month.” The Triple ‘A’ service truck with the yellow lights flashing was pulling up behind the BMW as Victor said. “We will talk about this later, Ash. Right now we need to get back on the road.” “So we are continuing our planned trip.” She inquired as she was walking beside Victor to meet the driver of the service truck. “I guess so since I don’t have a choice.” Victor barked. “You’ve got a choice. I’ll take you back to your mom’s, get your shit out of my car and be on my way. What about that choice?” “That’s OK together we will continue. I think we both let the tire get to us. Well that is if you don’t mind?” Victor said as the driver was getting out of the truck. “I would like that. I think once we are back on the road and calm, we will hopefully pick up where we left off, before the tire blew.” Victor was nodding as he took Ashley’s hand as the driver approached the two. *** Victor and Ashley had not said much to one another, but had been civil since the tire had been replaced. Victor was doing what he loved which was driving. He had the powder blue BMW M760i in the wind. The needle of the speedometer was hanging around a hundred and ten miles per hour. A beautiful full moon had replaced the ball fire as the darkness of night arrived. Ashley checked the GPS, they were about fifty miles from the Oklahoma Arkansas state line. She unbuckled her seat built and lifted her bottom from the seat as she grabbed the hem of her dress. With both hands she pulled the garment over her head and tossed it in the floorboard. Victor looked over and smiled. “You remembered my request. You know your dress blowing up by accident earlier got me as horny as hell. I think that’s what made me so angry. I wanted to take you but couldn’t. Seeing you naked now has me aching again.” “But you could have. That’s the reason all I wore was a sundress.” Ashley said as she picked the dressed up from the floor and put it back on.” “What did I say wrong?” “Nothing at all Vic.” Ashley said. A big smile spread across her face as she began patting Victor on the thigh and added. “We are still in Oklahoma so turn on the blinker and ease to the emergency lane.”

Victor did as Ashley wished. With the car in position Ashley turned on the emergency flashers then exited the car. She motioned for Victor to crawl out her side so he wouldn’t open the door into the traffic that was light but moving at a high rate of speed. She maneuvered Victor and sat him down on the concrete wall of the interstate. “Are you erect,” she asked?” Victor nodded as Ashley said. “I guess if I had let you on this earlier we may not have gotten into that awful argument.” Ashley leaned down and unzipped Victor’s shorts. She was removing his erection as she said. “Sex with you calms me better than smoking a cigar.” Ashley turned around and raised the back off her sundress as she began to sit down. Victor was guiding his member as Ashley continued to lower herself. Victor moaned and Ashley hissed as he entered her. Over the next eight hours Victor and Ashley repeated this process in Arkansas and Louisiana. There was no wall in Arkansas so they opened the passenger’s back and front doors. Ashley with a floor mat from the car on the rough asphalt got to her knees. Her upper body was resting in the car seat as Victor took her from behind. When the two reached Louisiana they were on a two lane with no emergency shoulder. Victor set the cruise control, then pushed the seat all the way back. Ashley facing the windshield crawled over in Victors lap. Once they made sure she could reach the brake pedal Ashely grabbed the steering wheel tight as Victor penetrated her. The car was filled with moans as they drove down the road at a steady fifty five miles an hour. When one or the other were not napping after the switch from driver to passenger, they were having productive conversation in between the playful stops. The only glitch in the night were the two speeding tickets Victor received. The first was before they had made it out of Oklahoma after the first sexual encounter. The second in Arkansas, that stop was a close call for Ashley. She was pleasing herself after the quickie on the expressway as Victor drove and watched. The faster Ashley’s fingers moved the faster Victor drove. She was almost there where the flashing lights and siren of the state trooper’s squad car filled the interior of the BMW. Ashley managed to get off and get her dress back on before the trooper got to the window. Neither of the two were convinced the trooper didn’t get an eye full. Midnight was almost three hours in their rearview mirror. Ashley was sleeping as Victor slowed the car as he was crossing over a stone tunnel. The area below the overpass was glowing with many colors. The lights appeared to be coming from neon lights. “Ash, wake up,” Victor said as he nudged her arm. “What is it Vic, my time to drive.” She said as she began to stretch. “No not yet, can you tell me what is causing that glow,” He inquired as he stopped the car and pointed. “That’s an old train dining car. This over pass spans an old train tunnel, the tracks have been long removed. They turned that car into a diner for…” Ashley leaned back over and was rubbing her eyes as a gasp

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