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from the line of Semi’s that were passing got under the dress and lifted it above her waist. “Wow, what a rush,” she shouted then began giggling. Ashley was fighting to get the dress back down and under control. The truckers were giving Ashley their approval by filling the air with blasts of their air horns. Ashley, heading back to Victor while holding her dress at the sides with her hands was smiling as Victor began screaming. “Took you long enough to get the dress down. Makes one wonder if the show wasn’t planned.” “Victor you can’t believe that my dress blowing up was planned. I was pacing to try and calm my nerves. We were talking and making progress with our problems when the tire blew. That pissed me off so I took a stroll. I didn’t want to take my anger out on you since you had no control over what happened. “I say it was an Omen. We are heading home.” Victor barked. “Vic you don’t believe in Omens. I know Omens when I witness one. Trust me what just happened was only a tire blowing out. Happens to a lot of people every day. We should be thankful it blew during the day and we weren’t traveling at a high rate of speed.” “You may be right, but we are still headed back home after Triple ‘A’ gets here.” Victor said as he was glaring at Ashley with his hands on his hips and added. “See if you can resist from putting on another show while we are broken down.” The veins in Ashley’s temple became visible as she clinched the material of her dress in her fist. She was breathing deep and counting to ten in her head. She made it to six before letting loose. “You asshole, let me demonstrate the difference from and a freak incident and a show.” Ashley snapped as she was stepping behind the BMW and closer to traffic. Once she unclenched her fist she placed her hands on top of her head. The dress began to rise again. With the sunflower pattern cotton material floating in the breeze she began dancing, spinning and gyrating. The air horns mixed with the ones from cars sounded like a symphony as they admired Ashley’s provocative moves while revealing her tanned athletic lower body to the drivers. Victor was dashing to Ashley shouting. “You know you are not wearing panties right.” “That I do and thank you for noticing. You used to like it when I left them at home.” She said while continuing to dance and twirl. “Come on Ash cover yourself and get away from traffic. Sorry about the remark about it being planned.” Victor pleaded. Ashley was working the dress back down while the two were walking back to the wall as Ashley barked. “Victor we have no home. We live with your mom.” Victor with his arms crossed leaned against the wall as Ashley opened the passenger’s side of the car. She was removing a cigar from her purse as she continued. “We were married one year when you suggested I sell my house, which I did. We were going to use that mon-

ey to build a bigger one that we could start a family in. I also agreed with your plan to move in with your mom till we found a spot to build or a house that we liked. Vic that was two fucking years ago. We have looked at a total of four houses and one plot of land in that time.” Ashley squatted down to get out of the breeze and the sudden gust of winds the traffic was causing. She was lighting her cigar as Victor barked. “You know I don’t like you smoking, especially cigars.” “Smoking a cigar calms my nerves.” She said as she stood back up puffing making the tip of the smoke glow. “Vic you forget, I have options in life but chose to marry you. Four years ago I was a high paid fashion model. I could be found in print and walking the runways of Paris, New York and Los Angeles. I can return to the modeling field tomorrow with one phone call. The hundred thousand dollar car you like to drive around town and show off, my name is on the title, not yours. ” Ashley snapped as she took a drag from the cigar. The smoke was rolling from her mouth as she continued. “Since I bought the car with the money earned from my modeling career before we got married there is no court in the land that will give it to you in a divorce.” Ashley paused as she blew smoke straight up in the air before lighting back in to Victor. “I may add the court won’t give you a dime of the money from the sale of my house that was purchased before our marriage. With all that said, if I was you I would stop fucking with me about returning back to your mom’s house.” Ashley once again stopped while pulling in smoke of the cigar. Smoke was flowing from her nose as she said. “Why? Simple. I have the option to leave your ass leaned against that wall and wave by as I drive off.” “Ok Ash… I get it…you have the money. Calm down and enjoy your smoke. I have been under a lot stress lately. Mom is pulling me one way and you the other. She is old and needs me since dad died in the horrible car accident. I can’t leave her all alone.” “Your mom is not old, she isn’t even fifty yet and has done well for herself. She holds your father’s death over your head to get you to do what she wants you to do. After all he was on his way to get you out of jail after a Halloween prank went bad.” Ashley said then took a deep drag from the cigar while looking at Victor shaking her head. “Let me ask you. What twenty three year old man, goes trick - or – treating dressed as the blue power ranger, gets mad when he is run off a porch, then takes a shit in the man’s front yard.” “I use to attend a lot of Comic-cons and have several costumes. My friends and I decided it would be funny if we went trick-or-treating.” “Comic-cons are OK. That’s where we met. But hell Vic you didn’t stop there. You placed your feces in a paper bag, placed it on the man’s front porch and lit it. After you rang the doorbell you didn’t even run. A kid of five, dressed as a princess opened the door and began stomping on the bag. She suffered burns on both legs. Did you not see all the security signs in the yard?” Ashley inquired as she was tapping the ashes from the

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