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and headed back to bed as Victor shouted “On my way now Mom. I’ll be on time.” *** Ashley still fuming about the events of the morning was determined to keep her temper in check. She desperately needed this to be a pleasurable trip for her and Victor. The two were about to merge on the expressway from the on ramp when Ashley began reassuring Victor that she was not angry for the late start. “I actually think leaving at this time is advantageous to us. The sun will be setting in a couple of hours making it cooler, don’t have to worry about traffic once we get through this rush hour and I can get into your preferred travel attire.” Ashley said as she reached over and began rubbing Victor’s thigh as she whispered. “Plus once the sunsets we can take breaks, and get crazy under the stars.” Victor never looked over at Ashley as he snapped. “I think it would have been better if we had stayed home and left out in the morning. There is no way we can make up the lost time.” Ashley was placing some papers above the sun visor as she said. “Grandma has been notified not to be expecting us till tomorrow afternoon. Since making up twelve hours is impossible we are free to do what we want for the next twelve. That’s the beauty of it Vic.” “I must say you have a great outlook about it. That does relieve some the stress from me.” Victor said still keeping his eyes on the bumper to bumper traffic ahead of him. “Oh my dear Vic there is more. I know we are having problems and have talked of divorce. That doesn’t change the fact that I love you. I wanted to do something special for you…for us. Why? Because I know after working all day you are tired but still agreed to leave today. That meant a lot to me and tells me there is still hope for us, which warms my heart.” “I’m not really looking for a divorce, I think my problem is I don’t know what I’m looking for. I mean I know I want to be with you, but after that I’m lost. Maybe I should go see moms psychiatrist, what do you think.” Victor inquired as the traffic began moving somewhat better. “May not be a bad idea. You and her both are taking the unexpected death of your father bad. Tell you what, I’ll also go and see if he can help me with my mood swings and anger issues.” Ashley said. “Really, you would do that?” “Of course, I want us back to the way we were in the first year of our marriage.” Ashley said. “I know the last two years have been a living hell for both of us. I’m relieved yet shocked that you are admitting that you have issues also and it’s not all my fault. I say we check in to doing just that when we get back.” “Agreed. Now I have a couple of surprises for you. One the owner of the strip mall grandma has her herb shop in passed away. The family put it up for sale and I bought it.”

“What?” “Yep, now we have rental income coming in along with my commissions from reprints and interest from my savings. Plus, if we decide to move there you could start your own bakery, the sleepy little town needs one. Owning the space cuts down on overhead.” “Oh you got that right. Hell Mom’s rent takes around forty two percent of her gross. That’s the reason I help out for a little of nothing.” Victor explained as he took Ashley‘s hand in his then asked. “What other surprises you got?” “I made reservations for us at the half way mark of the trip. We can get some sleep or… make wild passionate love, getting as loud as we want without worrying about your mom hearing us. That would be great wouldn’t it?” “That it would. I’ve been excited since I left you naked this morning. However for now I suggest we share driving duties and drive straight through. After all we do plan on taking breaks on the backroads remember.” “I do and can’t wait to feel the breeze of the night blowing over my nude body as you are pressed up against it pleasing me.” Ashley was shivering and licking her lips as she pictured the actions she just described. She shook her head to clear the visual then said. “Tell you what, let’s go with your plan. We can use the hotel as a backup if we get to the point we can no longer drive safely.” Victor was nodding as a thump – thump – thump came from underneath the car as it began to shake and pull hard to the right. “Fuck I can’t believe it…a damn flat tire.” Victor shouted as he pounded the steering wheel of the BMW M760i as he slowed. With the blinker on Victor began cutting across traffic to reach the emergency lane of the expressway. “Calm down Vic, remember we are not on a time schedule.” Ashley said as she was opening the glove box. She pulled the leather BMW manual that contained the numbers she would need. With it in her lap she inquired. “You want to call Triple A or BMW roadside service?” “Both, whoever can get here the fastest gets the job.” Victor barked. The car was safely in the emergency lane of the expressway. Triple A had the best response time by fifteen minutes and was on their way. That was the good news, the bad was that with the high traffic volume of rush hour they were forty five minutes to an hour away. Victor and Ashley were out of the car and standing in between the wall and the BMW. Ashley began pacing back and forth, shouting so she can be heard. “Vic, Nothing seems to be going right today, tomorrow will be better I’m sure of it…I can feel it deep down in my soul.” She said while stopping at the rear of the car. “I certainly hope so. Maybe this is an Omen telling us we need to head back home after the tire gets replaced. We are only an hour away.” Victor said. With her thin sundress flapping in the wind from the traffic she was heading back to Victor. A gust of wind

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