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Parental Advisory: The following short story falls in the genre of Erotica.

The Spirit Train Nina Turnipseed

Victor and Ashley were jarred awake at 4am by Victor’s mom pounding on their bedroom door. Victor who was supposed to have the day off, flip the covers back and got to his feet. He was stumbling to the door while rubbing his eyes as Ashley pulled the covers over her head. Ashley gritted her teeth as the conversation between Victor and his mom progressed. She rolled over, her face to the wall and slapped the mattress as she heard Victor agree to work for his mother down at the bakery she owned. She knew we had plans to leave this morning to start our vacation. But no she has decided she needs the day off instead. She slapped the pillow under her head as the thoughts continued. Pisses me off that Victor didn’t remind her of our plans and refuse…but no he just agreed without hesitation. Victor not returning to bed as he needed to be at the bakery by four forty five began getting ready. Ashley sat up in the bed pulling the sheet up to her neck as she said. “Vic, we were going to depart around six am, now we won’t be out of here till six pm if we are lucky.” “I know Ash, but you heard, she feels she needs to go to psychiatrist today as she is feeling anxious and nervous.” Victor said as he was pulling on his pants. While

reaching in the closet for a shirt he inquired. “How long did you say the trip was?” “Around twelve hours,” Ashley stated as she rolled from the bed and began walking to Victor like she was walking a runway. Standing in front of him she was helping him with his tie as she said “Leave the BMW here, I’ll get it gassed up, then packed and be ready to leave when you get home.” “I don’t suppose you would consider leaving in the morning and travel as you are now.” Victor said as he popped Ashley’s bare bottom. Why so your mom could do the same thing in the morning as she did this morning, Ashley thought, but said. “I would rather leave tonight. The way I figure it we’ll take our time, enjoy the scenery and talk, something we don’t do a lot of these days without an audience. As for as traveling in the nude, I’ll see what I can do.” The two were kissing as the banging filled the room followed by the voice of Victor’s mom. “Victor, are you ready yet? Don’t want to keep the employees from clocking in on time because you haven’t arrived to open up.” Ashley stomped her foot on the plush carpet, turned

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