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to those cameras. Once he pulls the memory card, he will see the two boys kill Daisy, tie me to a chair, then Eleonore kill me once she returns, carrying no bags I might add. Harriet opened the drawer of the table the lamp was on and removed a writing tablet along with a pen. George began explaining where the cameras were. He also wanted Harriet to fill Tony in on the arguments, missing money, and coins. Once George, was done the popcorn was gone and the soda can empty. Bonkers began to whine as the chair stopped rocking and the room began to warm up. Harriet remained seated as she stared at the notes while asking Bonkers

“How are we going to get Tony this info without him knowing I have been talking to ghosts again?” She looked up from the notes as Bonkers was pacing back and forth in front of the sofa. Harriett shouted, “That’s it Bonkers! I will tell Tony that I remember where I saw the two young men before and that made me recall the last conversation I had with George. Let’s see…we will make it last week when we ran into him as I was walking you and he was walking Daisy. Once he finds the cameras the case will be solved.”

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