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“I should. There is over fifty years of police work between you and your dad, God bless his soul.” Harriett said. “That there is mom,” Tony said as he disappeared through the bedroom door. “Tony, I’m going to take Bonkers back out since we will be locked in the rest of the evening.” “That is a good idea since there is a lot of activity out there but make sure you lock up tight when you get back in. I’ll honk when I leave the scene to remind you.” *** Harriett and Bonkers had stayed out till Tony departed from the scene. Harriet waved as Tony honked the horn and waved back. Once she entered the house she locked the dead bolt and was putting the chain in place as her nostrils filled with fresh popped popcorn. Bonkers took off toward the kitchen, her nails clicking as she was dancing on the linoleum covered floor. Harriet, with her panic button in her hand, joined Bonkers and checked the back door. The chain was in place, the alarm had not sounded so she was sure no one had entered the house from the lake. “Hate to disappoint you girl but there is no popcorn,” Harriet said as she inhaled, pulling the aroma deep into her nose. “I’ll admit it does smell good.” Harriet and Bonkers were returning to the living room as the lights went off then right back on. A cool breeze blew through the house making Harriet shiver as she stopped in her tracks. Harriet spotted a bowl full of popcorn and a coke sitting on the table next to George’s chair. Bonkers took off running and laid in the floor in front of the chair. Harriet remained still, watching the popcorn that was slowly disappearing. She let out a slight gasp and was taking a step back as the pop floated from the table, moved over the chair, tilted, then was returning to the table. She watched as Bonkers rolled over on her back, her legs kicking as if someone was rubbing her stomach. Harriet spoke up “Spirit, I know not to fear you as Bonkers is not barking and enjoying your presence. Please make yourself known by name.” A voice came from the chair “I’m thankful you are not frightened as that was not my intent. I’m George Landrum from across the street. Your husband Isaac met me at deaths door and walked me to the other side. He said you could help put my soul at rest.” “Tony is on the case, he will find out who murdered you and Daisy.” Harriet explained as she took a seat on the couch. The popcorn bowl floated over to Harriet “Please have some.” Harriet retrieved a handful of popcorn. Once the bowl was floating back to the table, George said “I have faith in Tony, but I want peace and justice sooner rather than later. My killer will be at the funeral, putting on a show.” “I don’t understand… Were your killers two men?” Harriet asked then placed some popcorn in her mouth. “They were a part of it but the killer was Eleonore.”

George said, his voice cracking. The popcorn came spewing from her mouth as Harriett shouted “What! You must be mistaken.” “I was there Harriet, it was definitely Eleonore who cut my throat.” George explained. “I never suspected the two of you had any problems.” Harriet said as she was cleaning up the popcorn Bonkers had not eaten from the hardwood floor. “We only fought about those two kids of hers. You did know they were my step children? My loins would never produce such lazy offspring. Anyway, they wanted to borrow more money to start yet another business. I had already financed three adventures for those two that fell through. Heck Harriett, they were about to bankrupt us when I put my foot down.” “I did not know that…wait they cut my grass before I was able to get the lawn service under contract. That’s how I recognized them when they came to the door tonight.” Harriett said. “They came here?” George asked as a handful of popcorn disappeared from the bowl. “They did.” Harriett told George of the encounter earlier as the chair began rocking back and forth. She informed George that Tony had retrieved the security tapes that recorded the two. “That figures, they were both so drunk and high the idiots went to the wrong house first. That’s how much sense they got. I shouldn’t have opened the door for them myself.” “I feel responsible, if I had let them in maybe they wouldn’t have harmed Daisy and you and all of this could have been prevented.” Harriet said before taking another hand of popcorn. “Don’t blame yourself, if it had not happened tonight, it would be another night; plus they could have harmed you. Hey, I’m happy and away from her and those two. Now it’s just me and Daisy. Isaac is watching her while I’m visiting you.” “Well it is a comforting thought knowing you are happy and Daisy is with you. I however don’t understand how I can help you.” “I had suspected for a long time those two were behind the break-ins around here. Eleonore was feeding them the information of who was in town shopping or on vacation. That’s the reason we were never robbed and she had informed them about the security Tony had installed here.” “So they left this house alone also.” Harriett said. “That they did. I however expected they were coming in our house when we weren’t there and taking money and my gold coins from our safe. When I would confront Eleonore about it she would claim I was imagining things and the safe count was correct.” “That was awful of her. But once again, how can I help?” “Oh yeah, back to that. I installed tiny pen cameras in the spare bedroom where the safe is and in the living room. The detectives will never find them if they don’t know to look for them. I need you to lead Tony

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