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proach the stoop as she said “Good guard dog Bonkers, we do have visitors.” Bonkers continued barking as Harriet was focused on the monitor. Once the two men in dark hoodies reached the porch, Harriett said “Bonkers I’ve seen these two somewhere, but not sure where… I think it’s safe to go to the door.” Harriet was heading to the door when she felt an invisible force pulling her back. She halted her advance as the room chilled and filled with Isaac’s voice “Harriet, I sense trouble. Don’t unlock the door and call Tony.” Harriet always listened to Isaac in these situations as he was the best at sniffing out danger. She nodded her head as she was removing her phone from the apron pocket. She called Tony as she made her way back to the monitor. While waiting on him to answer, she noticed the two men running from the porch. Bonkers stopped barking and came running toward the sofa. The fawn colored pug hopped up next to Harriet as she said “That’s strange, they didn’t knock or ring the doorbell Bonkers. Maybe they were at the wrong house?” Harriet was petting the dog when Tony answered the phone. She explained the events to him and the dress of the two gentleman. He informed his mother that she was probably right, they were at the wrong house and there was nothing to worry about. He then let her know that he would see if a car was in the area that can ride through the cul-de-sac, just in case. Harriet in haste began clearing the coffee table in case Tony decided to stop by himself. With Bonkers at her heels she was put away the candles, crystal ball, and tarot cards. The last thing to complete the task of removing all evidence of the séance was to get the cushions out of the floor, back on the sofa and in the chair. Once that was done, she and Bonkers settled down to an old western that was showing on TV. As a gun fight broke out, Bonkers got to her feet and started barking “Calm down vicious guard dog, it’s only on TV.” Once Bonkers hit the floor, the barking became constant as she was running for the door. Harriet glanced toward the door noticing the flashing blue and red lights coming around the living room curtains. “Alexa, turn on the front porch light.” Harriet said then looked down at the monitor. Two patrol cars and an ambulance were at the Landrum’s. Their cottage was directly across Bluewater Lane from Harriet’s. “Bonkers, either Tony over reacted or something has happened to either George or Eleonore.” Harriet froze and covered her face as she gasped then squealed “Oh no another break-in…one of the two got hurt.” Harriet’s hands were shaking as she was retrieving the leash from the hook by the door. She was snapping the leash to the collar of Bonkers as she added “Come on, let’s get out there and see what we can find out or if we can be of any help to Eleonore or George. We will be safe with all the patrolmen around.” Eleonore and Bonkers were at the edge of the yard. Bonkers was doing her business as Harriet was looking across the street. The paramedics were removing a

stretcher from the house. The body was covered with a blood soaked white sheet. Eleonore was close behind the stretcher. Her face was red, her hands covered in blood as her voice filled the night air “They robbed us and killed my George! They killed my George!” Harriet bowed her head as her eyes teared up. She didn’t care much for Eleonore but George and Isaac were good friends. After Isaac’s death, George helped Harriet get a lawn care service and helped her pick out a new car when the old Ford stopped running. George was also a good listener and Harriet would bend his ear when they would meet walking the dogs. Harriet’s head popped up as she said “Bonkers, maybe we can help take care of Daisy, George’s dog. You and her seem to get along.” Harriet and Bonkers were watching as the stretcher was being loaded in the ambulance. With the stretcher inside, they helped Eleonore in and slammed the door shut. The ambulance sped off as Harriett and Bonkers headed across the lane; Tony was doing the same. “Mom that’s far enough, you don’t need to see anymore. Come on, let me get you back in the house. I have some questions for you.” “Ok Tony, but Daisy can’t be left alone overnight in that mess, let me bring her home with me and Bonkers.” “Mom, whoever is responsible for this horrendous murder killed the dog also.” “Oh,” Harriet said once again tearing up as she, Tony, and Bonkers headed up the walk. With Harriet and Bonkers on the sofa, Tony sat down in the chair his dad always used. “Mom, you said that you may have recognized the two men that showed up at your door tonight. Have you yet to recall where you have seen them?” “You think they killed George and Daisy?” “Mom, you know that I can’t discuss that with you. Let’s just say that Eleonore swears she saw two men running toward the lake when she arrived home from the store and found George.” “I know I have seen them, but I still can’t remember where, maybe they have cut the yard before.” “That’s great Mom, I’ll check with your lawn service in the morning. You got anymore tapes I can put in the security recorder? I’ll take the tape that has their faces on it with me.” “Yes son I do, they are under the cabinet that the recorder sets on.” Harriett replied. Tony stood up and walked over to his mom. He bent down and kissed her on the forehead. He was patting Bonkers as he said “I love you and need to get back to work. Once I leave, make sure all the doors are locked and chained and you have your panic button with you.” “I love you too and be safe tonight. I’m sure I will be OK, I have Bonkers and plus you all will be in the area most of the night.” Harriett said as she rose to her feet. “You know us well.” Tony said as he headed to the spare bedroom where the security equipment was kept.

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